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  • gparr
    June 5th, 2005, 11:17 AM
    This rose bloom stood out so well against the foliage background, that I thought I'd try a little different composition in which the main subject is a small part of the frame. Does this composition work or does it need to be cropped?

    20D, Sigma EX 105 macro, 1/160 sec., f/2.8, ISO 200

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  • cdeneo
    04-06 08:38 PM
    Bumping this thread up...

    I would appreciate if an attorney on this forum could please chime in on this query. Thanks!

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  • rameshvaid
    04-03 09:05 PM
    I also mailed the letter but no response from anyone.


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  • hebbar77
    03-15 02:07 PM
    my 485 was filed abt 1.5 years back. 140 has been approved for more than 8 months too.
    So now if I want to change my job
    Using EAD , I know that job duties have to be similar.

    How about on H1b transfer? Does the job duties similar requirement hold good?
    Also anyone changing job on H1b , if ex-employer withdraws I-140, what kind of RFE does it generate?

    Thanks much!


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  • sbmallik
    12-27 03:10 PM
    I will fell more comfortable if the experience letter mentions the last day as 5/17/2009. Otherwise I will simply mention it as April 2009. This way the continuous employment criteria will be met.

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  • thankgod
    05-13 09:39 AM
    I am in the same boat, so can we use PD and I-140 from employer A even through my employment and H1B are not with Employer for a few months?

    Green card application sis always for future employment.

    Happily you can use your 140 and Priority date. No problem.Everything is under control.


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  • drirshad
    06-30 02:52 PM
    Hey can we sue these law firms who have spread the rumors, I could not sleep all night yesterday. Think about those who have not submitted the paperwork to their lawyer yet ....

    I saw immigration law (Matthew Oh) & Murthy publizing these rumors. Even Shusterman could have done the same he is one of the top immg attorneys but I feel just to make us already suffering souls file before the holiday these firms has run some water down our drain ....

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  • vennella
    06-18 02:34 PM
    My husband's employer filed for green card under EB-1 (OR). I-140 got approved, I-485 is pending. I already did my fingerprinting. My husband's is scheduled for next week. We did not get EAD or AP yet.

    Meanwhile I need to travel to Europe on business. I have a valid H-1 to re-enter US. Would my AP get approved before I return to US? If so, can I still enter with my valid H-1? My husband is planning to delay his biometrics until I get back. Are there any problems with this plan? Please advise


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  • guyfromsg
    09-16 10:04 AM
    This plea is for people who are still undecided about the rally and have lot of friends in the same situation. If there is a group of friends in the same situation it only takes one brave soul to make a decision and every one will jump in. We all seen this in trivial matters like going for vacation, movies etc..

    I see the problem is in taking the first step and others will jump right in immediately. So if your friends look up for you to make the decision, please be a leader and do it now. You will not only make a difference in their life and their life as well.

    Can you take that elusive first step?????. People in and around DC area it's only a day trip. Atlanta/NC/SC folks, not too late. Please PM either me or ramus.

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  • GC20??
    07-30 02:33 PM

    I took an infopass appt for EAD pending more than 90 days. Both my EAD and my wife's EAD is pending for more than 90 days. Should I take 2 different appointments or can we both go in the same appointment.

    I was successful in getting information for me and my wife in the same appointment twice. But to be safe I will book another appointment. If the IO had a bad day he/she may reject to give infomation on your wife's case :)


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  • sandeep_1
    07-19 02:21 PM
    oh my! It is really painful to see that you have been waiting this long.. Based on your priority date, you should be current next month. Good luck.

    My husband was approved in August 2008 and I am still waiting after infopass, etc, etc...

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  • TheOneAndOnly
    04-16 09:27 PM
    DOH! LOL!


    there we go...


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  • sd1020
    02-26 02:10 PM
    I am on F1 visa. I enrolled in one of the university. I don't attend university in person. I do attend classes online from another state. My question is that I am resident of which state ?? Will I be automatically resident of state where exactly my university is ? I know it is mandatory to attend classes in person on F1. Can you please advise ? How is residency considered ?

    Thank you very much.

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  • dalishi
    09-04 04:39 PM
    thank you so much!! I appreciate your help :)


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  • abbeyk
    07-22 09:37 AM
    My H1 is due for extension this year end.
    Valid period of H1 remaining is 1 1/2 year since extension

    I understand that H1 extension has to go through the rigorous procedure nowadays.
    It needs client letter stating that project will last for 1 year.
    Getting such letter is not possible.

    So having I140 approved makes thing easy for H1 extension? Or same process for h1 extension is followed

    Please reply


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  • peekay
    12-17 02:23 PM
    pmat, thanks very much.


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  • needhelp!
    10-10 05:26 PM
    please go home and check your email.. :)

    PS:BharatPremi, I sent you a PM

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  • eadguru
    10-30 08:21 PM
    Query on Advance Payrol. Send Clear Copies of Passports and I 94 Cards.
    Question? Does I need to send all I 94 Cards of each H1B and all copies of passports with all pages.

    I appreciate your suggestions..

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  • wandmaker
    02-17 06:18 PM
    I was initially issued pp for 5 years in India. Last year in '08 when it was expiring, i sent application for renewal of passport (NY Consulate) based on my EAD. However, instead of renewing it for another 5 years they renewed it for 1 year only. When I called the office, they said that they receive tons of pp's lon EAD which can be renewed for a year only.

    Did anybody face this same problem? Can I apply for new passport based on I-485 receipt and would they issue passport for another 5 or 10 years?

    Thanks in advance

    In this economy you need to generate good revenue - this is a good revenue for Indian missions'.

    BTW, As far as I heard from Indian Consular Officer in Chicago - Indian Mission has a right to issue a 1 year passport, if (1) Your previous passport had < 10 yr validity or (2) you are on a temporary visa (like visiting or tourist) trying to renew it in overseas or (3) you have not stayed outside India continuously for 3 years.

    07-08 05:52 PM
    In case anyone needs to reimburse some of the medical costs from the insurance co, following are the HIPAA procedure codes.

    Testing / Lab HIV-1 and HIV-2 86703
    Testing / Lab Syphilis test (RPR) 86592
    Preventive Care PPD (tuberculosis) intra-dermal skin test 85680
    Preventive Care MMR immunization (subcutaneous) 90707
    Preventive Care Varicella immunization 90716
    Preventive Care TD immunization (Tetanus) 90718

    Are u a doctor?

    11-07 11:21 PM

    I was current starting Sept 1 and did not get my GC till Oct second week. However, during the first week of Oct., I wrote a detailed letter to Secy. Napolitano and also to the Ombudsman. I got my GC subsequently. Yesterday, someone from USCIS called me and said that he was calling in response to my letter to Secy. Napolitano. He congratulated me on my GC and asked me if everything had gone OK and if he could close my letter out. Just thought that this information might help someone who is stuck in the queue of being current, but not getting a GC. Please file 7001 form with Ombudsman and contact Secy Napolitano if you are in this situation.

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