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  • krishmunn
    03-29 07:16 PM

    Anyone can give some input on this ?

    I have approved H1b renewal and my wife went to India and got h4 visa based on my approval, I have not stamped yet,

    since my wife already got the visa stamped, do you think I need to verify for PIMS ?
    or it should have been already verified .

    Any idea?


    How do you verify for PIMS ? I am guessing you are saying that you plan to verify it before going for stamping. I am looking for an answer on how to verify PIMS on your own before going for stamping

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  • viveksri
    06-19 12:46 PM
    p7810456, makemygc ,

    I really don�t know which letter/word in the title of thread makes you think about �VISA BULLETIN�. Moreover USCIS is not the one that issue Monthly Visa Bulletin.

    Anyway I have changed the title.


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  • apahilaj
    09-20 07:43 AM
    Are both of these I-140s on the same labor cert?

    Whats the RFE about?

    What does your lawyer say? Ignoring the RFE does not seem right, at minimum you should contact USCIS and explain the situation to them.

    thanks for responding.

    Yes, both these 140s are on the same labor certification.

    I haven't received the actual RFE yet, just received an email from CRIS indicating that they need additional information.

    I am going to contact my lawyer today and will find out what he thinks we should do. I completely agree with you, I should inform USCIS as well about the situation. I just don't know if situations like these are normal or not?

    Do you have any other suggestion? Thanks again!

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  • nik.patelc
    04-08 01:08 PM
    How long it take (in terms day) to receive actual RFE mail notice after LUD status update online about RFE?


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  • newbie2020
    03-27 11:26 AM
    ASk her to apply for a H4 Visa at local consulate in India. and when she comes to US use the H4 visa papers .....

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  • humsuplou
    11-17 11:46 AM
    Thank you all for the advice and inputs!!


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  • willIWill
    10-29 05:30 PM
    I agree with you both on the points raised, but what particularly interested me was the stat below and also given that 'the labour market traditionally lags behind any wider economic recovery'.

    " However, the number of people still on jobless aid after an initial week of benefits slid by 148,000 to 5.8 million in the week ended October 17. It was the lowest reading since March, hinting at some stability in the job market."

    Bottomline is we are not in a L or U pattern( prolonged stagnation). Also given that the last quarter traditionally has a stronger retail growth due to the Holiday season, Whether it is a V or W shaped recovery is what remains to be seen.

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  • s416504
    02-18 08:29 AM
    DELTA say Goodbye To Mileage Expiration

    Effective January 1, 2011, Delta has eliminated mileage expiration policy so you can earn and redeem miles without worrying if and when your miles will expire.

    What's Ahead with SkyMiles (

    Can you please specify process to donate miles. I have 21,000 miles with Delta that will expire soon and I don't intend to use it.


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  • ddeka
    02-14 03:24 PM
    I have filed my H1B extension on November as my H1B is expiring on 23rd Feb.
    I haven't got my approval yet. I have currently EAD and my I140 approved.
    My question is if I don't get my approval on or before 23rd Feb what will happen to my status?
    My Lawyer said once you filed you have 140 days (or 160 days forgot) for approval meaning even if it does not get approved on or before I will be on H1B till I complete 140 days from date of filling. Otherwise I will be on EAD status.
    Please advise.

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  • chintu25
    12-13 03:18 PM

    Guys u do not need to disclose the new members name or anything . Just mention the handle of the person . All IVians will whole heartedly welcome the new members

    just say I GOT (Put handle here)


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  • seeking_GC
    07-02 09:52 AM
    but fedex wont deliver to a PO Box right?where shd we send it in that case?

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  • gc_in_30_yrs
    07-27 06:07 PM
    BumbleBee, Thank you for your reply.

    I am afraid to talk to any prospective employers as I do not have a copy of I-140 with me. I have a copy of I-140 Approval letter, but it specifies; this copy should not be used as a proof of valid document for official purposes.


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  • bathuzp
    12-05 04:18 PM
    Hi everyone,

    I applied for my I-131, I-765 and I-485 together under EB-2 category on the 13th of September 2010. I got approval letters for both I-131 and I-765 by the 9th of November 2010. My wife and I also received our EAD cards and travel documents. But today I got another set of receipts for both I-765 and I-131 with rfe for photographs. The receipts number are different in both the previous and new receipts and the new ones are showing up in pending state on the USCIS website.

    Please let me know what can be the reason I got these duplicate receipts and what should be the next steps.

    Thank you all in advance,

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  • pcs
    04-29 01:07 PM
    You have to withdraw old LC while filing the PERM hence prepartion can be parallel. It is better for you to file PERM ( you get it in 50 days or earlier) & get 140 ( 2 months after LC) & therefater apply for 3 years H! B extn.

    You will not have to go through H1B circus, if you & others support IV & atleast generate $$ which is really driving our effort other than core members.

    Best of luck


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  • AjP
    June 5th, 2005, 08:25 PM
    Hello everyone, finally got my camera on Saturday, unfortunately didn't have much time to take pictures during weekend. But I posted 8 shots which catch my attention and will be really appreciated your opinion, critique, suggestions.

    I'm not as pro as many of you, but feel free to critique anyway you want too.

    I didn't want to post all 8 pictures here, so here is the link to my albums. (

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!

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  • Blog Feeds
    05-16 07:50 AM
    Here we go again. When Obama's Democratic Party controlled the House and Senate, Congress failed to pass an immigration bill that would have provided a path to Residency and later Citizenship for some illegal immigrants who entered America as children. The DREAM Act died in the Senate in December due to a Republican filibuster.

    With Republicans now controlling the House and holding a stronger minority in the Senate, the chances for any comprehensive immigration reform are considered non-existent.

    Obama travels to Texas on Tuesday to make the case that his administration has worked hard to secure the border and the time has come for Congress to deal with the 10.8 million people already in the U.S. illegally.

    He will also argue that those who care about this issue need to step up pressure on Congress to act, a point he has made privately in a string of meetings with business executives, evangelical leaders and Hispanic celebrities.

    Many activists blame the White House for not making the issue more of a priority, and Tuesday's speech is an effort, in part, to shift attention to Republicans who are blocking action.

    Many Republicans and some Democrats oppose the measures Mr. Obama favors that would create a path to citizenship for some people who entered the country illegally, saying it would reward law-breaking. Opponents also say not enough has been done to secure the border with Mexico. The White House says it has put more "boots on the ground" along the southwest border than ever before and has cracked down on employers who hire undocumented workers.

    The administration has also deported a record number of illegal immigrants, a point that has angered Hispanic activists. Federal officials say deportations of illegal immigrants hit a record 392,000 in fiscal year 2010.

    Hoping to push through the political stalemate, Mr. Obama has held private meetings to discuss immigration with political figures such as New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, business leaders such as John Engler, president of the Business Roundtable; and religious leaders such as Leith Anderson, president of the National Association of Evangelicals.

    Read more.... ( od=googlenews_wsj)

    More... (


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  • deardar
    04-20 11:33 AM
    I already have 3 yr approval Notice with me.
    Would it not be enuf for me to transfer my H1 to a new company ?

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  • roseball
    11-12 01:34 AM
    The only impact will be that you will lose your earlier PD (if 140 gets approved).......Also, it could cause you issues with H1 extensions if you are in 6th year of your H1 and are re-starting the GC process....Note that your LC/I-140 must be filed or should be pending for 365 days or your I-140 must be approved in order to get H1 extensions beyond the 6 year term....

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  • vishwak
    02-24 10:09 AM
    Get some nice Attroney and you need to get Education Evalution properly.

    It should clearly show your credentials etc.

    04-13 06:25 AM
    That sounds good to me...
    Thank you for the information....

    09-19 06:16 PM
    My company has just changed the rules. From now they are unwilling to pay the costs incurred in the visa extensions for the spouse.
    Is this legal? Does anyone have any links etc that I can pass on to HR if this is illegal. Thanks.

    Under the law, the employer is only obligated to pay the training fee, i.e. $750 or $1500. The rest of the fee including the H-4 fee can be paid by the employer or the employee.

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