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  • kanshul
    12-28 09:11 AM
    I would strongly recommend getting her on L1 /L2 or H1 / H4. How? I am not sure and depends on your situation. If she is on F1 she may have problems as F1 is strictly a non immigrant visa and she clearly has immigration intent.

    Also, unless something as unusual as in July 2007 happens, there is a slim chance for you to file her 485.

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  • akumbako
    10-02 05:32 PM
    Hey Nolanians!!, I'm another one here. Lets get this rolling out in Big Easy.

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  • contact.vr
    12-01 12:01 AM
    I'm trying to do H1 transfer but my case has some complications and henc am worried if I should go forward or stick with my current company though they are sucking my blood outright.

    1. My company does not give me paystubs(which I know is illegal, but they are ruthless that they might withdraw their application if I fight them). Is it possible to do H1 transfer with one paystub if I somehow manage to get one from them(By lyin as in for bank loan)?

    2. I had done only undergrad (3 yrs) when they applied for my H1. I had my MBA going but havent graduated when H1 applied and they actually applied by putting my part time experince as full time experience and got my H1. They totaly masked my masters.Is it advisable to continue with my 3 yrs degree and partly fake experience or put my masters in the transfer appln. Would I get any query on that? But one good explanation is I finished my MBs around the same time as I applied H1 and so I can explain it to USCIS but still I'm worried. Any body in smilar boat?

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  • newbie2020
    04-29 08:45 PM
    I'm guessing you meant "insight" (understanding, revelation) not "oversight" (supervision, mistake)

    Insight or Oversight all it really matters is the content, Do u care if it were a doc file instead of a PDF


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  • jliechty
    June 5th, 2005, 07:06 PM
    Yes, I like the "floating in air" effect.
    I third that. :)

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  • rbkrao
    03-03 08:36 PM
    I had the same issue. Because in my passport surname was missing ( not missing but it was added at the end of my first name) that triggered an FNU in H1 visa.
    But in my h1 petition it came out ok. and in I-94 i wrote my name correctly. so that was not an issue. and DL and SSN it came out OK based on I-94.

    i corrected it in my passport first. then during H1 visa renewal it got corrected automatically.

    even though you have FNU in visa, mention your name correctly in your I-94. otherwise every official document(SSN, DL etc.,) will have FNU as your first name. My friend suffered a lot
    because of this issue and he had to go back to india and come back with right I-94 and corrected the rest of the documents later.

    Hope that helps.


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  • spxy
    02-16 04:49 AM
    Special offer.
    Will do 1 free flash banner if placed well for advertising.

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  • senk1s
    09-14 01:50 PM
    "The mission of Immigration Voice is to organize grassroots efforts and resources to solve several problems in the employment based green card process including (a) delays due to Retrogression (visa number unavailability for certain employment-based categories) (b) delays due to USCIS processing backlogs and (c) delays due to Labor Certification backlogs. We will work to remove these and other flaws by supporting changes to immigration law for high-skilled legal employment-based immigrants. High-skilled legal immigrants strengthen the United States' economy and help maintain American technological superiority"

    Yes with the media attention, there is some stigma to H1 ... we are asking to
    remove/reduce the long DELAYS
    Good point prince


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  • kirupa
    04-08 05:37 PM
    The MS Office and Apple stamps had some modification done to them. Correct me if I am wrong, but it just seems as though you pasted the band's logo into a black background.

    I'll add the first, second, fourth, and fifth logos to the site though :)

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  • Blog Feeds
    10-06 01:40 PM
    I guess I wasn't shocked when I saw this story, but I have to say it depressed me. The AP reports that Derby Line, Vermont and Stanstead, Quebec, really one town that happens to straddle a border, is now installing security gates to physically separate the community.

    More... (


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  • arundhati_datta
    03-24 06:13 PM
    EB 3 India..PD 03/24/2006. EAD approved-10/28/07; AP-01/09 , also same for the derivatives too..I-140 approved 09/13/2007, Also FP OCT.

    any update when can we get GC.

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  • ragz4u
    03-28 09:39 AM
    As most of us know, Senator Specter and the Judiciary Committee passed a bill last night. All the pro-immigrant legislation remained in there (which is a good thing)

    Senator Frist had threatened that he will bring his bill to the floor if the Senate Judiciary Committee does not do it. Since the bill passed the committee yesterday, most people assume that the Senate will debate Senator Specter's bill.


    As per this news here

    Despite yesterday's vote, Senate majority leader Bill Frist warned that he may substitute his bill, which only enforces borders, and ask the full Senate to vote on it instead of the far broader and more lenient measure approved yesterday by the judiciary committee.

    In any event, a bruising battle on the Senate floor is expected this week. And even if the Senate approves the committee's bill, any measure that appears to provide ''amnesty" to those who are here illegally faces fierce opposition in the House, which in December passed a bill that would erect a fence along the Mexican border and make it a crime to provide social services to undocumented immigrants.

    And while President Bush is a strong supporter of a guest worker program, he has signaled hesitancy to allowing undocumented immigrants to gain legal status.

    Basically there is NO guarantee which bill comes to the floor. Please update this thread as you find more information about this


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  • dollyGC
    08-11 06:33 PM
    Hi All:

    Would appreciate if you could answer to my questions below

    1) If I work for a company A ,Can I get my Green card processed by Company B by future employer option

    2) If so when do I have to leave company A or is there any way I can continue with Company A and get my GC processed through company B.


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  • dilbert_cal
    05-08 07:59 PM
    Once you have two pay stubs , you can change the company. You can change even with a single pay stub but with two you are much safer.

    Its a very debatable thing to discuss whether leaving so soon is good or not ..... wont go into it. You should always do what is best for you and your family. Everything else comes later.....


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  • watzgc
    11-05 07:47 PM
    friends, any reply? thnks

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  • masti_Gai
    10-27 10:15 AM
    Finally u got ur approval. Good for ya.
    well applyin SSN isn't that difficult.
    U'll get it in a span of 4 to 6 weeks.


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  • learning01
    05-08 01:51 PM
    And extensions and extensions. No worry. That's it. I am suggesting that the easy way suggested is not the way.

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  • Antonio Trivelin
    October 4th, 2006, 06:31 AM
    #1 is really a nice shot Antonio. Good lighting, shadows and balance. I am also impressed with your concert photography pictures at your website. BRAVO!

    Bill, thank you so much for the comments and visit my site :D

    Best regards


    EB3 to EB2 after job change on EAD [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : EB3 to EB2 after job change on EAD

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  • gcformeornot
    02-03 11:34 AM
    I know he had no problems with Visa renewal. I think they are asking many PM/TL/CRMs to comeback and work night shifts and still manage US clients from India......

    09-24 01:00 PM
    You might want to wait until your I140 (substitution case) is approved unless your lawyer used that as basis for your 485.

    04-13 04:19 PM
    I'm new here and hope this is posted in the right forum.
    I got my ASC Appointment Notice ( case type: I 90 Application to Replace Alien Registration Card) and need to show up to the Milwaukee USCIS office this Friday at 8a.m. for photo ID, biometrics, etc.
    Problem is, the USCIS website says the office is closed on Fridays. Other websites say the office is open on Fridays (but they were updated over a year ago), and an immigration attorney website says the office is open Fridays but only until 12.
    What to do?
    I have to drive three hours just to get there . Do I go anyways and risk it?
    The 1800 telephone numbers are no help and any local phone number is useless.
    Anybody have suggestions or similar experience. Thanks. JAFO.

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