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  • baburob2
    02-14 05:47 PM
    hi bestia
    I PMed you back again .could you plz respond.

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  • gccovet
    10-07 12:10 PM
    I need to find document or URL which states that "Employer is responsible to pay for H1B extension for its employee" OR it is illegal for employee to pay for H1B extensions.

    Could somebody help me find that document/memo? I am trying to google it as well.

    I need to submit this to my HR urgently (Red tape process :-( ). I will very much appreciate if somebody has the link/doc/memo handy and point me to it.

    Thanks a lot in advance


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  • eastindia
    03-04 01:00 PM
    What is donor forum. How to access that?

    Click on donate button and sign up for monthly recurring contributions. You will know lot of information about IV activities.

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  • Refugee_New
    08-27 11:43 AM
    Does anyone know if people who've filed for I-485 can claim unemployment insurance?......The client where I was working cancelled my project due to budget cuts :(....I was wondering if I can claim unemployment till I find a new job. Does any one know any non-desi companies hiring in the Michigan, Ohio, Illinois or Midwest in general?.....I am PMI certified Project Manager with J2EE background. Any prompt help would be highly appreciated.

    Michigan state DIT is hiring J2EE candidates. Recently few people joined the state. Try with the state.


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  • same_old_guy
    07-09 06:00 PM
    AILA update :

    AILF's Legal Action Center Seeks Plaintiffs on EB Visa Number Availability
    Issue (Updated 7/9/07)

    What's cooking ?

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  • BMS1
    11-08 12:24 PM
    Do you mean RFE (request for Evidence) by "Query on H-1 Transfer " ? This happens all the time with any benefit application. You need to explain what that query is? If company C will respond to it by providing the evidence USCIS wants, things will take care of themselves.
    Yes can still go ahead and transfer to D only if you are sure the query will be addressed by company C and the approval for H1-B transfer is 100% certain. Normally it may be a good idea to wait for the approval.


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  • Blog Feeds
    05-25 08:30 AM
    Two little-known types of immigrant visas are the T and the U visas. The T visa is for people innocently involved in human trafficking, and the U visa is for victims of crime. The U visa's basic purpose is to make it easier for police to prosecute those who commit violence.

    Both types of visas were discussed in a recent Dallas Morning News (http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/dn/latestnews/stories/052010dnmetuvisa.8c47617.html) article. Here are excerpts from the article, beginning with a discussion of the U visa:

    The visas began flowing only 18 months ago and the majority have gone to domestic violence victims, say officials from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

    Under the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act, up to 10,000 such visas are authorized annually. Illegal immigrants may receive such visas if they've suffered "substantial" physical or mental abuse from criminal activity and, among other things, a law enforcement agency certifies they have information on criminal activity. The visa can lead to permanent legal residency status.

    The issuing of U visas comes at a tense time in the national immigration debate, amid a polarizing crackdown and potentially broader policing powers against immigrants in Arizona. And it illuminates a prickly point of justice: Should the federal government give illegal immigrants special treatment for a societal good such as fighting violent crime?

    The Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act created both the U visa and the T visa. They're near the end of a complex network of visas, A through V.

    T visas, for those involved in human trafficking, began flowing in 2002, but the flow of U visas was delayed as regulations on issuance were hammered out. In the last three full fiscal years, only about 250 to 300 T visas have been approved of the maximum annual allotment of 5,000.

    In the last fiscal year, ending in September 2009, the federal government authorized 5,825 U visas. In the first five months of this fiscal year, nearly 5,000 such visas were given. There are about 6,600 visa applications pending, and the 10,000 allotment is expected to be reached as early as next month, said Maria Elena Garcia Upson, a spokeswoman for the immigration agency.

    More... (http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Immigration-law-answers-blog/~3/9QAoUnEU-G4/)

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  • jsb
    11-27 04:31 PM
    Thank you wandmaker. This helps.

    - But can a person be unemployed before the 180 days elapse? What happens if person is unable to find a job before 180 days?

    - Also, per your information - can the person find a new job, change H1s and then wait for 180 days to send in a letter to USCIS?

    The whole GC process is based on future employment which your employer undertook to give you on your getting GC. If your employer (who let you go) is still committed to that, you are fine, but that is unlikely. Best is just do nothing until 180 days pass, except finding another employer (no problem if you are unemployed in between) who is prepared to offer you same/similar job. Once 180+ days pass, you are ok provided your I-140 was already approved or is approvable. You may want to read bulletins on the subject USCIS has issued time to time.

    Yes, you can wait for 180 days before telling USCIS about your new same/similar job. You don't need to change H1, just use EAD.


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  • gbof
    09-01 08:48 PM
    what are u acheiving out of this poll???? get back to work !!

    Don't talk like a lousy school master. You really had not to write what you wrote.

    Now coming to your question, I think many people are curious to know if ac21/rfe etc are any hold up & also if the approvals follow systematic movement pd/rd/nd OR it is all at the whim and fancy of IOs

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  • hyoungill
    04-28 09:04 AM
    Thank you very much, baba84!

    Here are description of "a" and "b" or "h". in I485 Part2.
    We are supposed to mark one reason for an adjustment to permanent resident.

    Part 2 says

    I am applying for an adjustment to permanent resident status because:

    "a": an immigrant petition giving me an immediately available immigrant visa number has been approved. (Atttach a copy of the approval notice-- or a relative, special immigrant juvenile or special immigrant military visa petition filed with this application that will give you an immediately available visa number, if approved.)

    "b": my spouse or parent applied for adjustment of status or was granted lawful permanent residence in an immigrant visa category that allows derivative status for spouses and children.

    "h": Other basis of eligibility. Explain (for example, I was admitted as a refugee, my status has not been terminated, and I have been physically present in the U.S. for one year after admission). If additional space is needed, use a separate piece of paper.



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  • hibworker
    05-07 01:55 PM
    The job does not need to require Masters degree. Unlike Greencard filing under EB2 vs EB3 it is not any harder to get H1 under Masters quota, all you need is Masters from accredited univ. You need to figure out what the RFE is for.

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  • spxy
    02-16 04:49 AM
    Special offer.
    Will do 1 free flash banner if placed well for advertising.


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  • n.sravan
    09-04 01:35 PM
    My wife is on H4 and her H1B petetion is filed in May(alongwith Change of Status) and is still in process. She travelled out of USA last month on emergency purposes and returned back recently.
    If H1B approval comes, does she need to go to Canada/Mexico for getting visa stamping(i.e. what are chances of denial of Change of Status)?

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  • yabadaba
    06-30 02:41 PM

    since many of us are experts in analyzing data, leets start coming up with qualifiable impacts that can help people respond quickly to ALIF's potential lawsuit


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  • raysaikat
    07-13 01:18 AM
    Would going to Canada and re-entering without going for visa stamping count as lawful entry??

    Yes (assuming you stayed in Canada for less than 2 weeks or whatever is that number).

    Or one has to go and get the visa stamped to qualify as lawful entry??

    Also when you go to Canada and come back Without VISA stamping, he gets the same I-94 or different I-94??

    If you did not submit your old I-94 at the time of entering canada, then you keep the same I-94. In fact, if you do not have a valid visa stamp (i.e., you are entering using visa revalidation), then it is best not to submit your current I-94.

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  • redgreen
    05-06 07:40 PM
    all exchanges are canceling trades with more than/or less than 60% of the price at 2:40, occured between 2:40 and 3:00 the time period when this record drop happened.


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  • anilsal
    02-27 03:26 PM

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    04-27 10:08 AM
    Please respone, we all are in same boat at some point.

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  • okuzmin
    06-04 08:16 PM
    I had a similar situation, and I had to change the employer and start all over again. However, your situation looks much better than mine. I was trying to find a lender to vouch for my employer, but that didn't happen. Your employer, on the other hand, has the lender. I believe you should be fine. The only area I'm not sure about is the period of time you didn't work for the health reason. This one I would consult about with a lawyer, since you are supposed to be employed while on H1b, or else you're out of status. There may be certain exceptions (like health-related issues) in the law.

    01-25 09:17 PM
    All fees and other infor for EAD & AP renewal online


    06-30 11:12 AM
    i live in Dublin OH.

    i am planning to meet the senators after 4th of july w.r.t the IV action item at http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/news-articles-reports/97274-grim-future-awaits-legal-immigrants-pull-up-your-socks.html

    i want to try and get ppl around to this.

    does the OH state chapter hv any plans to take this up?

    thx in advance,

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