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african american makeup tutorials. Black Swan Makeup
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  • Catfish_Man
    Oct 25, 05:37 AM
    He's talking about the OpenGL update that allows one processor to deal with OpenGL instructions whilst the other does, um, other stuff. It supposedly gives OpenGL performance as much as a 2x boost in speed.

    I'm guessing it only works with Mac with multiple processing cores.

    It's rather pointless without multiple processors/cores, so I'd say that's a safe assumption.

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  • dmw007
    Jul 9, 11:46 AM
    Alright - I'll give Folding@Home another chance :rolleyes:

    Glad to hear it JurgenWigg! :)

    You efforts to help cure disease and make the world a better place to live are greatly appreciated. :)


  • octoberdeath
    Sep 25, 09:21 PM
    I am part of a none profit organization and we want to send out an eNews Letter to people interested with our group. I'm in charge of getting this thing off the ground but I'm not sure exactly how to do it. What I want to do is send out an email with nice graphics, pictures, links, and so on and so forth; pretty much like the regular printed kind of news letter but through email. I guess a good example of the kind of news letter I'm talking about would be the ones Apple sends out. What do I need in order to do something like that? :confused:

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  • black swan makeup Tutorial

  • ShawtyTiger
    Apr 5, 12:53 PM
    I have the matte too. I really like it. I haven't noticed any sagging, but I have already broken one of the outer rings taking it out of my pocket. However, I like the option of switching out rings for different color options. As far as protection, I haven't tried the Otterbox, but I've dropped my phone a few times & haven't gotten as much as a scratch.

    Hope this helps & good luck.

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  • TEG
    Jan 18, 10:32 AM
    iToner still works with 1.1.3. However you must use m4a files with an m4r extenstion.


    african american makeup tutorials. Black Swan Make Up Tutorial By
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  • JonasLondon
    Jan 22, 07:30 AM
    I don't mind having external brick, it fits nicely under my PowerMac. What I would want to see is longer cable between host and display!! I'd kill for a 5 meter cable.

    Agree, brick not a problem at all, it still looks 10x better than most power adapters around my desk. More inputs, yes, bring them on, built in iSight - why not, but not critical (says a happy fellow who still has the original iSight).


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  • autacraft
    Feb 11, 12:04 PM
    Just bring up your 'stroke' commands box and alter the parameters such as dash and gap sizes (you'll find this drastically alters the flow of the line when you change the actual stroke line width).

    Its a case of tailoring the 'fit' of the dashes until you are happy.

    You can also try different 'corners' within the same commands box.

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  • The Catalyst
    Apr 1, 03:47 AM
    It will only save whatever shsh files Apple's currently signing (and right now that's only the 4.3.1 file).

    african american makeup tutorials. Q: Black Swan makeup tutorials
  • Q: Black Swan makeup tutorials

  • zap2
    Oct 11, 08:44 PM
    Sounds good. :) What about Numbers? I pray they don't dumb it down like Pages, please!

    Pages rock! Your crazy....also I hope lasso is not the final name

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  • bella92108
    Mar 31, 01:00 PM
    yeah, i totally understand what you're saying. android definitely does a lot more straight out of the box than the iphone does. but i guess for me, if i had an android device i'd really like to be able to flash some really cool builds and kernels a lot of the guys at xda-dev release (like we all used to do on the old winmo days) that way i don't have to worry when the manufacturer quits releasing updates after ~6 months and i get stuck on an old os. i just hate the fact those manufacturers are trying to prevent that type of community from doing their thing.

    Well that's kinda hypocritical posting in an Apple forum. Apple tries 100x harder to prevent users from jailbreaking than Android\Manufacturers do try to prevent rooting\modding.

    Either way, I like current technology, so I don't worry about updates after 6 months. I replace my computers every 6 months, and my phones as well. This was one of the reasons I defected from Apple's phones, got tired of waiting for a one-a-year product cycle for a phone that wasn't even the latest and greatest technology.

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  • blevins321
    May 4, 07:19 AM
    Try the non-GUI FSCK.

    Hold down Command + V when you push the power button to turn the computer on. When the screen turns black you can let go of the keys. It'll show its verbose startup sequence and eventually get to a point where it's prompting for commands.

    Enter: fsck -y and press Enter.

    It'll run through the file system check..and this may take awhile. It'll tell you if it finds anything and then automatically correct it. When it finishes, it'll put the command prompt back up. Rerun the command until it says that no changes were made.

    Edit: When you're all done, type reboot and hit enter at the prompt. Your Macbook should then start back up normally.

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  • ViciousShadow21
    Nov 11, 04:58 PM
    How did you do that?

    How did you change your dock into that?

    Also, how did you get the analogue clock?

    you must delete the dock using Mirage (http://www.dockulicious.com/docks/view/mirage)

    then i used a blank geektool (http://projects.tynsoe.org/en/geektool/) script to make the background for the dock.

    and the clock is a piece of software called SimpleFloatingClock (http://download.cnet.com/Simple-Floating-Clock/3000-2094_4-173851.html)

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  • This is my first make up

  • jlblodgett
    Apr 24, 08:49 PM
    I encourage you to search the forums. There are probably 1,000 posts on the Macbook Air's lack of a backlit keyboard.

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  • jeffm5690
    Apr 17, 07:12 PM
    Crap. I'm screwed. I upgraded mine and it was never on my Mac since I downloaded it right to my iPad :(. Does anyone have the v 1.0 they could send my so I can install it after I remove the other?

    african american makeup tutorials. Black Swan Make Up Tutorial By
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  • Herdfan
    Apr 13, 06:50 AM
    I got my wife/daughter a mini about a month ago and started on my search of monitors. Where they have the computer, there is just not room for a 24" (I was going to wait and give them my Dell 2409 (1920x1200) when I get my new iMac.), but it was too tall. So I was limited at most to a 23". I was not able to find a 23" 1920x1200, but I did find plenty of 1920x1080's and ended up with a nice Samsung LED for about $280. I intially bought the LG, but the stand was so flimsy I took it back.

    You might want to check out the Dell Outlet and see what they have. A 2410(1920x1200) refurb might be had at your budget.

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  • Qamp;A with #39;Black Swan#39; Makeup

  • rick snagwell
    Apr 28, 01:23 PM

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  • SandynJosh
    Mar 15, 02:17 AM
    RIP Zune

    One less product group for the Microsoft Store... Let's see there's this section that once showed Kin Phones, Then this other section that once was full of Zunes... Folks we're down to mice and keyboards.

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  • themyst
    Apr 8, 09:21 PM
    Since bella92108 is such a perfectionist forum Nazi, here is some REAL news regarding an iPad 2 jailbreak:

    p0sixninja Joshua Hill
    Since 4.3.1 is already exploited by the legendary @i0n1c, we're working on finishing iPad2 jailbreak now.

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  • PLAY middot; Easy Black Swan Makeup

  • KPOM
    Apr 16, 12:00 AM
    Came across this article today.


    There's a big difference in both read and write speeds.

    If you look closely, Anandtech refers to a MacRumors thread that we started here 2 months ago. That said, the Samsung drive does appear to be a nice silent upgrade for those lucky enough to get it.

    Aug 29, 04:10 PM
    The apple ones are good. Pricy but better than you'd think.

    Oct 25, 12:18 AM
    resolution independence is going to be a god send to web developers, no more crappy and inaccurate pixel/em sizes. now we'll be able to specify inches and picas hoorah!

    and vista will be supporting resolution independence through its WPF foundation layer. it won't be overnight � hell like CSS 2.1 it'll take years before it goes mainstream, but the web is going to be a much better place.

    as for JPEGs at 72 dpi vs resolution independence � beyond the scaling algorithms it's important to look at the increase in resolutions of monitors before going to crazy, 1920x1200 is about the maximum and average consumer is going to have, it's taken a few years from 1024x768 to get there though, three or four at least. i suspect we'll be at a max ratio of 2:1 or maybe 3:1 for quite some time. i don't think we're going to see a drastic need for hi-res images on the web or a plethora of "blurry" images for quite some time.

    Lars Petersen
    Dec 24, 05:29 AM
    Yea, I suspect the power supply also. It disappears when I unplug it totally (no Gremlins ;-)). It strangely also disappears when I turn it on. I was just wondering if anyone else had this noise? If I am the only one, then I will call Apple abut it.

    Oct 8, 11:24 AM
    That will make things a bit easier. Okay, I've actually never need that feature, but it is good to have I guess.

    Oct 3, 10:20 AM
    "The least negative sound I can force myself to make is 'meh.'"


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