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lily makeup

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  • SupremeTeam
    Nov 4, 10:05 PM
    Best flick of the year!!!

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  • mdc
    Oct 24, 07:30 PM
    I have 10.5 being shipped to my work and I'll be installing it on my PowerBook there.
    I get off work at 4 and may stop by the Apple Store 5th Ave. to see what's going on.

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  • sparky1499
    May 4, 05:25 AM
    Just waiting on my new toy arriving in the post :D

    Only GBP123 on Ebay.

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  • MacRy
    Jan 11, 08:38 AM
    I have problems with Mail after updating but everything else seems fine. It is a pain in the rear though. Mail icon bounces for ages in the dock before opening. Curiously enough though it opens first time on our network at work.

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  • Huntn
    Mar 6, 02:23 PM
    I think it's also highly suspect that Bill Gates worked harder for his second $10 billion than his first.

    Cap substantial income at $1Million per year. Plow the rest back into community. It would keep people semi-grounded in reality. You can be smart, you can do good things. The reward does not have to be monetary does it?

    Premise: Capping income as described above would DESTROY the entrepreneur spirit. True or False? What is it that motivates human beings??

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  • OneDreamCloser
    Apr 8, 08:56 AM
    hello all,

    i am running Mac OS X 10.6.7 (Snow Leopard), and when i type
    "perl -V" at the Terminal.app,
    it says that "usethreads=undef".

    i did install "threads" from CPAN, but in vain.
    do you have any ideas, how can i fix this ?

    thank you

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  • spacecadet610
    May 17, 05:27 PM
    Heck i've got a 16gb iPhone (refurb) coming in the mail tomorrow which i'll sell to you for $500 shipped. I assume it'll be in like-new condition.

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  • twoodcc
    Oct 24, 04:50 PM
    i suspect we'll see leopard released in january.

    well i really hope that you are right. i guess we'll have to wait and see though

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  • SpiritJb
    Jan 26, 10:47 AM
    I have a 4th Gen iPod Touch and I used Green Poison AND Limera1n, both of which says the jailbreak was successful but no icons were installed for me to install Cydia. Can anyone help?

    Please provide more detail.

    I don't know your firmware version (btw limera1n nor gp works with 4.2.1).
    I don't know if your definition of no icon correlates to ghost icons or not.
    I don't know if you used the loader to install cydia or not.

    Please reply with the needed information.

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  • ibook30
    Oct 11, 09:37 PM
    Go look at Pages; Word's been the "standard" for years and Pages can write Word documents. I'm sure if Lasso, Numbers, Charts, etc. will also be able to save in Excel documents. I believe AppleWorks can, and if this is a step up, and since the world has moved a little more, there should be no problem with Excel and Apple's new application.

    Hopefully, but Open Office can do a heck of a lot, and few have adopted it. For Free !!!

    I agree that if Lasso, Numbers, Charts, etc. can save in a format that is pallatable to Excel - it will be more likely to succeed, but after second thoughts, I realize Apple will need what Open Office doesn't have: Marketing Dollars.

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  • janitorC7
    May 5, 05:08 PM
    Sorry I was half asleep when I wrote this�

    There is a network in place that looks like it was put together by 8 year olds. We have routers that are somehow being used as switches� it�s a mess.

    We don�t make that much use of the wired network to be honest. I would like to make more use of it, but, that is not really up to me. This was the first time that I had really looked at the network as it stopped functioning and I was asked to take a look at it.

    At the moment there really are no services being hosted (unless you want to count a Time Capsule..), I would however like to add some security to the network, also a few services. Its about 30 computers, 20 phones, 10 misc.

    I guess my question here is weather or not the AirPort really has the backbone to handle a network this large. When I have done networks this big I�m usually running it though a gateway to distribute DNS and IP�s to the network and not making use of dedicated router hardware (So I;m usually using an XServe or Mac Pro in place of a router)�

    So do you guys think that I need to convince the board here to upgrade to better hardware of should what we have be good?


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  • Trowaman
    Oct 27, 07:06 AM
    Do you attend UNT? The bookstore should have them in by monday- apparently Apple "overnighted" them this morning... I'm still crossing my fingers and hoping for Saturday.

    Hey, I'm the friend that installed. I went into the UNT bookstore last Friday morning and asked about Leopard and told me it would be in Sat morning when the open, so 1 hour from now. And yes, $69 with UNT Student ID.

    Only reason I did not do that is I bought a family pack to take home at Thanksgiving for the folk's iBook and eMac.

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  • Father Jack
    Aug 4, 10:29 AM
    Points deducted for the use of Comic Sans. ;)
    Do I get any points for using the normal font? .. :)

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  • Northgrove
    Apr 21, 03:21 AM
    The numbers in graphs:

    I'm very surprised at the strong iPhone sales. I had never expected this change of pace in Q4 2010 and onwards when Android competition has been stronger than ever.

    It's interesting to note that the Mac sales have followed the iPhone sales although with less wildly rocketing sales. Clearly a synergy effect here.

    Those worried about the Mac can take comfort in that they're still making better revenue than the iPad. :) Additionally - when the iPads have been on the rise, the Macs have been too.

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  • Gav2k
    May 26, 04:02 PM
    is the abbey entrance where burger king is?
    cheers for the info

    Yep. If you look over the left side you'll see a metal gate that should be unlocked. That's your way down ;)

    the hsbc entrance is the other end of lakeside. You want the downstairs side by gregs

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  • roadbloc
    Mar 13, 05:03 AM
    I have over 6000 songs mate. I'm not going through all that. Why not just traul through some stuff on Spotify and see if you like.

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  • savar
    Oct 25, 03:55 PM
    This is a very informed opinion. If you ain't yet, you should become a politician (preferably in the equally tolerant ruling party). They have great use for people with a such deep understanding of things.
    :mad: :mad: :mad:

    Actually, I've read the same about "DVD Jon". Apparently he stole most of the code for DeCSS anyway, and the part he wrote was pretty pitiful. I've read some of his forum posts and he certainly doesn't sound like an intelligent guy. He might have had somebody else do the reverse engineering and just put his name on it so that the media would run a story along the lines of "Guy who cracked DVD encryption crack's iTunes encryption also!"

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  • ghostlyorb
    Apr 18, 09:57 AM
    I'm still hoping to get the next iPhone as a late graduation present...

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  • phreebsd
    Apr 29, 07:53 AM
    check your pending downloads in itunes.

    Lone Deranger
    Apr 11, 02:15 PM
    Thank you gentlemen... Are such places and such ISO's legal? I wouldn't want to end up with a dodgy install.

    Apr 11, 10:02 AM
    Your action maps to selector doneAction: and not to the method body you posted for doneButton:

    Is the exception that your target does not respond to the selector?

    Jan 24, 04:22 AM
    what do you plan on using it for? downloading stuff or secure surfing on wifi hotspots?

    for more secure surfing on wifi hotspots i set my own vpn up at home on my router..... free and reliable :)

    Oct 25, 03:41 PM
    This sounds more like jail time to me. How is this different from me hacking in to someone's computer and then telling the world to come on in and take what you want.

    Sep 2, 11:20 AM
    Can I remind you that internal guide links should be done with just the page name and double ['s (i.e [[)

    Also I think have 2 parts is more confusing than 1 big part. Thoughts?

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