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  • edoates
    Dec 2, 12:26 PM
    Among the silliest concerns I've read about recently. You can be tracked by your shoes up to 60 feet away! (oh, and that is unobstructed feet). ******, from 60 feet, I think I can track you using my eyes. And the trackee can see the observer.

    More manufactured paranoia.

    Get a life, people.

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  • mikeapple
    Apr 10, 11:08 PM
    I think there should be a Movie about his life...

    That kid who played Eduardo Saverin in "The Social Network" should play Steve Jobs in his early days

    Or Ashton Kutcher

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  • axeldtf
    Mar 8, 12:28 PM (

    What is that icon next to time machine?
    Great WP btw

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  • diazj3
    Apr 29, 03:32 PM
    Well done by Jon Stewart... I agree that the iPhone bit lacked research, and I do agree that Gizmodo crossed a line by buying a stolen device. I see Stewart's critique more in the sense of Apple becoming a Big Brother type of company, systematically favoring short term profits over long term customer relations and the high end quality that characterized them, and using its recent somewhat dominant position to push their media tech agenda.

    I understand it is a big corporation and thus it behaves like one.... but Apple's loosing a key aspect of what made them successful, and made me loyal to them: the didn't thought of themselves as such and made an effort to keep their soul. Now I wonder what's Apple long term strategy... becoming the next Microsoft? or keep the competitive advantage that made them successful by staying within some limits?

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  • kavika411
    Apr 21, 03:17 PM
    In the immortal words of "Tim the Enchanter"...GET ON WITH IT!!!!

    In the immortal words of Charlie Sheen: "Bring it!"

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  • rubenmer5
    May 1, 11:50 PM
    I agree. Steve Jobs is definitely taking this too far. A lot of people that were indifferent about him, now don't like the guy (based on what I've been reading in news articles and on forums).

    +1... Steve is upset because Gizmodo took his spotlight on the KeyNote. Now he cant present the iPhone as first time. Next time you want secrecy, dont let the items get out from Apple Headquarters. Stupid issue.:rolleyes: Move on and keep doing nice products...

    BTW, I love Apple products... I will buy the iPhone and MBP 15" i7.... APPHOLES....

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  • sreedy
    Sep 12, 05:19 AM
    There goes Vaughn! :o

    Bell..... another duck..... WHY oh Why is he playing!

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  • dotcomlarry
    May 16, 10:08 AM
    Next: If Apple names it's next version of iLife, iLife '08, it would brake the routine, but you see Microsoft is not bothered about that so who cares?

    I think any Apple fan would know that Apple is ANYTHING but routine.

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  • Detektiv-Pinky
    Mar 7, 11:45 PM
    I have 12gb RAM in my iMac and looking at iStat, after 17 days since last reboot I've had 83,053 pageouts!!

    It's heartbreaking to know my Mac is having to do all those page outs :( I think I'm going to call OWC and upgrade to 16GB and see if that helps...

    And a page is like 4 kByte? So you had 320 MByte written do disk - over 17 days? I would not think this is much.

    Activity Monitor shows a nice summary of your hard disk activity. I think most people vastly overestimate the amount of data that gets written to disk...

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  • Intarweb
    Apr 26, 12:25 PM
    Either that - or they are really good at driving to be so close without hitting the brakes (ie no brake lights are on in the photo) :rolleyes:

    With only four fingers they can be pretty nimble behind the wheel.

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  • Truffy
    Apr 14, 06:24 AM
    Exactly. Because no professional would be shooting in 4k. That's for soccer moms and trolls.

    LMAO...nice one! :D

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  • zero2dash
    Mar 28, 10:22 AM
    The 120 Hard drive, fantastic, about time, and you can buy it separately, Yeah i know its expensive, but if you listen to Major Nelsons podcast you'll find out why, and you get a cable to transfer the contents from your 20gig hd to the new one.

    There's no excuse for charging $180 for a 120gig 2.5" SATA hard drive. None.

    Expensive isn't the word. "Anal with no KY" is more like it. :mad:

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  • OrangeSVTguy
    Apr 25, 10:36 PM
    I may have a little "surprise" coming at the end of the week. :D

    **crosses fingers**

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  • freeny
    Jul 11, 03:26 PM
    Everything burns and is flamable at the right temperature.

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  • wovel
    Apr 22, 02:01 PM
    Yep, and the funny thing is, even if you want to pretend 30% is an issue, fine! Charge 100% more for the iPad subscription. That should make up for it, no? I'd gladly pay it.

    The 500% increase they're asking now is outrageous. (Wired is $10 for 12 issues through Amazon.)

    And amazon is taking at least 30%, I would be shocked if the cut was that small.

    It costs right around $1 per magazine to print, design and mail for very large circulations. Magazine not newspaper. Take out the printing and mailing and you're probably looking at about $.75 costs. Sell it for $.99 on the ITMS and Apple takes $.33 and they lose money. Magazines have very little wiggle room price wise.

    BS, see above or join any large affiliate program that has accounts with major magazine publishers. Apple is about their cheapest avenue because they even process the payment for them.

    WSJ pays 30% for each new subscriber you bring if you are on the CJ program. They pay MORE to higher volume affiliates. Almost all of the publishers are in the 25% to 35% range.

    If they can't get all of their ads into the online version, that is a personal problem they should work out. The iPad readers are automatically the top of their Demo too, no reason any of their advertisers would purposefully shun them.

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  • akac
    Oct 13, 12:58 PM
    This entire thread breaks the NDA developers agree to when paying their membership. It's pathetic that some developers would do this just so they can feel cool by leaking the info. If you want access to the seeds or up-to-date info then pay the $500 (minimum) like the honest developers have to :mad:

    From Apples agreement:

    "Pre-release software is Apple Confidential information. Unauthorized distribution of pre-release software or disclosure of information relating to pre-release software (including the distribution of screen shots) may result in immediate termination of your ADC membership, and may subject you to both civil and criminal liability."

    I know I'm not in ADC at all (as a Windows Mobile developer), and most of this thread is from people who are not in ADC, so I can't see how this whole thread is.

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  • xStep
    Apr 14, 03:40 AM
    Will it still be able to run on a 32-Bit Mac?

    I have my doubts. Apple seems to have only mentioned 64-bit. That doesn't mean they can't or won't support 32-bit, but I suspect they look at this as their chance to drop old 32-bit technology. Internally it would mean that they wouldn't have to maintain 32-bit code. That would be great for their developers.

    They also didn't mention the OS X requirements. Given the June release date I'm leaning towards a Lion (OS X 10.7) requirement which so far requires 64-bit hardware. Late June would be Summer and Apple has said that Lion will ship in Summer of this year. Releasing Lion 2-3 weeks after the big developer conference, WWDC, sounds aggressive, but Lion has been in developers hands for some now.

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  • ny3ranger
    Apr 12, 12:53 PM
    I would love this. I like Netflix but their streaming selection is questionable. If new movies when they go to video is streamed. I would get Apple and if netflix doesnt improve then cancel netflix or keep both. 7.99 for streaming for netflix isnt bad if apple can cover streaming new movies for under 20 bucks a month. (

    Speculation about Apple's plans for its massive new data center in North Carolina has been running rampant for quite some time, and we're always hesitant to place too much emphasis on claims of research analysts, but one report ( from Jefferies analyst Peter Misek is gaining some attention today for its claim that Apple may be preparing to take on Netflix in the streaming video subscription market.Last week, a report surfaced ( claiming that Apple had locked in as much as 12 petabytes of storage purportedly set to support video download content. While Apple has been said to be preparing to roll out a cloud-based MobileMe revamp that would allow users to store video, music, and photos on Apple's servers, Misek argues that Apple will further use the capacity to launch a Netflix-like service that would serve to further drive sales of Apple hardware.

    Misek sees Apple's plans to potentially double ( the size of its new data center in the future as the first step towards a massive expansion of its server capacity that could see the company rolling out multiple such sites around the world in the years to come in order to support massive storage and streaming capabilities for such services.

    Article Link: Analyst Speculates Apple Prepping Video Subscription Service to Challenge Netflix (

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  • Anonymous Freak
    Aug 17, 05:29 PM
    Well, that screwed it up for Lion's Gate. The last time a third-party company revealed something before Stevie J was ready to announce saw themselves in the dog house for a while.

    I have a feeling Lion's Gate films will most certainly NOT be prominent at the announcement, or listed any more prominently than their contact with Apple requires. (i.e In the big 'list of movie posters' that will inevitably be on the Apple home page following the announcement, there probably won't be a single LG film.)

    Mattie Num Nums
    Apr 27, 02:36 PM
    We don't need more "options."

    That would be dumbing down.

    The smart thing to do is weigh your options. We weigh our options with everything in life. Life the toilet seat or leave it down, what to eat for dinner, what to post on MR, why not have an option as to which $500 dollar phone + $100+ dollar a month plan I want, and the option to use it as I please?

    Apr 11, 01:58 AM
    you mean like mercury?
    No, he meant like gallium.

    Apr 11, 02:03 PM
    No, he meant like gallium.

    Liquid Metal?

    Makes all the little Apple kids fuzz here but it's a load of crap too me.

    Carbon Titanium please.

    Apr 11, 04:12 PM
    Since there's no protrusion, this qualifies as a misnomer.

    I don't know about anyone else, but at the 1 min mark where the "targets" are being shown, they definitely look like they are protruding/jumping off the screen. I certainly don't have any experience or knowledge of this technology, but as far as I am concerned that is 3D.

    Apr 4, 09:51 PM
    Sounds good to me. Might as well keep it the same. Hope they let early upgrades for Verizon!

    Funny guy here.

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