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  • iliketyla
    Mar 28, 03:17 PM
    This is America, and that person DOES NOT NEED TO JUSTIFY HERSELF TO YOU! If that V10 Excursion ever gets in an accident with your "95+ MPG" car, it will illustrate one very good reason to drive an Excursion, and you will not survive. Even with a five star crash rating, these newer lighter cars are death traps when fitted against large SUVs, these crash ratings do not take into account the advantage created by additional weight. Also, if your considering CO2 as "pollution", are you aware of the fact that only 0.28% of all greenhouse gasses are from human activity ? Not 28%, but 0.28%, the rest is mainly water vapor. With all of the resources that the world is throwing at reducing CO2 emissions we could actually do something useful instead like end world hunger. What we are doing to reduce CO2 is kind of like pissing into the ocean to warm it up, maybe it makes you better but it will not work. Enjoy that "95MPG" golf cart you drive.

    Haha, I'll also enjoy my $35/month full coverage and $7/week gas allowance.

    I haven't done the research myself so I can't refute your points about greenhouse gases, but I can say that our dependence on foreign oil has caused a multitude of problems in this country and I don't think anyone would argue with that.

    Oh and by the way, if you eliminate the V10 Excursion from the equation, there's nothing for my 95MPG vehicle to get in a crash with now is there? We live in a nation of excess and it's shortsighted and narrow-minded people like you that are the reason for these problems being perpetuated throughout generations.

    laptop skins for toshiba. sink,Laptop skins and LCD
  • sink,Laptop skins and LCD

  • mccldwll
    Mar 28, 01:59 PM
    They can't come up with a million sales yet because they were not able to produce the units before they launch it. That's why there is short supply on stores and people can't have it ASAP.

    It's like apple is "testing the water before they cross the river".

    They made the supply low so it will look like it is really on demand. and make the people drooling waiting.

    If they will come up with the number, probably it's made up!

    Silly Samsung newbie.

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  • grumps
    Nov 8, 04:06 AM
    How long has the shipping wait been 3-5 days on the Black MacBooks on the Australian store? Every time I have looked they've all been "within 24hrs"?

    Only a few days I think. I've been watching it for a while.

    The same guy I was talking too (at NextByte) told me that they had no Macbook deliveries for over a week, which they had never seen.

    He also told me he'd heard that there will be a 15 inch MacBook Pro!!!

    He's been working there for a while. Actually spent time talking me out of buying a MacBook the other day?!

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  • WildCowboy
    Aug 2, 08:22 PM
    Interesting... I was about to edit my last post that Apple's site doesn't claim the Macbook has any slots... I can't see any in the Macbook QTVR images either. looks like it attaches by USB.

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  • JGowan
    Mar 28, 11:11 PM
    Are we under the assumption that the Lion upgrade will be $29?

    I haven't been around for a release past Snow Leopard so I'm not sure what to expect.It'll be $129 — the same as ALL of the past upgrades except for Snow Leopard which was Leopard but just a slimmed-down, rewriting of the OS. Apple felt that without a lot of core new features being added, they would give the public a break and just charge a nominal fee for Snow Leopard, rather than the typical $129.

    Don't listen to anyone who says differently. It will be $129.

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  • Treq
    Nov 9, 01:16 PM
    It's on Apple. It's about the $$$. They want to sell you video, and not have you watching it for free on some other site.

    (And it could also be part of the original plan with AT&T, whose network really couldn't handle all that video traffic at the start, and probably still can't.

    And QT will never be the video standard, because it allows you to save the content. Flash-video sites don't want you saving the video content.

    First, you are kinda contradicting yourself there. On one hand they want everyone to use the QT video standard, which allows you to save videos. But on the other hand they don't want you getting video for free from anyone else?

    Second, sure apple wants to sell you video... they are in business to make money. But is that really why they aren't allowing Flash yet? And if so why are there a multitude of apps in the app store that distribute video. (Joost, MLB, EyeTV, SlingBox...) Apple makes no money from the video in those apps, just from the initial sale of the app, and only then if it isn't a free app.

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  • iDutchman
    Oct 16, 04:31 PM
    Where did you buy that buddha head ?

    It's still there. It's just not shown in the picture.

    The iPhone first gen hasn't got a very good camera so I could not get it all on the pic.

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  • thejadedmonkey
    Aug 29, 10:31 AM
    Amazon ( has Vista available for Preorder at the above-mentioned prices
    There's only 13 versions to choose from!:eek:

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  • Lau
    Sep 14, 11:57 AM
    Give it a few days. I've so far only found them in London at the Apple Store itself. They are worth the wait :)

    <impatient> <fidgets> :p

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  • gkarris
    Apr 17, 02:24 AM
    Oh boy, get up early Sunday morning to wait in line with scalpers... :eek:

    No thanks...


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  • sink,laptop skins and LCD

  • mscriv
    Apr 7, 10:29 AM
    If all religious people read the Bible literally they would stone me on site for being an atheist, they would hate homosexuals. Instead, people pick and choose the parts of the Bible they like based upon their own morality.

    You are entitled to your opinion and I respect your right to have it, but how about we keep the misinformation to a minimum.

    The Bible does not instruct believers today to stone or hate anyone. Please don't take things out of context. I agree that people do pick and choose (as you did in your post) the parts of the Bible they want to follow or use to justify their views and choices. In most cases they are taking these parts out of context on purpose or simply do not understand what they are reading or how it fits into the whole of the Bible.

    This has been discussed in many threads and maybe later I'll reference the links, but simply put, please don't tell others the Bible instucts people to do things that it doesn't.

    As far as what barkomatic is saying, sometimes I really wonder if people on here have a problem with reading comprehension. He's not arguing for religion. He's just saying that without some type of direction, mentoring, structure, wisdom, objective standards, etc. etc. that human beings have a tendency to become selfish. For this reason he thinks there is value in a book like the OP is referencing. Some of you are reading into what he is saying and debating points that he's not even making. :confused:

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  • basicfiend
    Jan 11, 04:41 PM
    Perhaps not for that purpose, but one wonders what Apple could do with part of the 700MHz spectrum...

    How decent is it for streaming video? With Slingbox rumored to be working on an iPhone and iPod Touch client, perhaps Apple is looking at streaming rentals to those devices for when you find yourself stuck in an airport because of a delayed flight. Make a great ad tie-in:

    "There is something in the air, but it's not you because of snow at O'Hare. So why not catch the new episode of '(insert show name here)' while you wait for the next update at the gate?"

    Apple didn't bid for the wireless spectrum. The list of bidders is public information. So they can't do anything with spectrum they don't own.

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  • Thunderhawks
    Apr 2, 11:32 AM
    The iPhones 5 MP camera is better then the competitors 8 MP cameras. If they are on the same quality level with a new 8 MP camera it will be better then the competitors 12 MP camera.

    Megapixel numbers are not as important as most people think.

    People who are only in love with specs don't want to give the ipad its due.

    The device works, because it is optimized for itself, i.e. hardware and software specs are integrated really really well.
    It has a great price point and stressing over camera quality is ridiculous, as it is not a camera! Will it be better, yes in the next generation when availability and prices of 8 MP or more fit into what Apple wants to pay for it.

    People also don't want to recognize that an ipad is not a laptop. We are IMO about 50% there, but until reliable voice recognition technology replaces a real keyboard, we have to wait.

    I always have to laugh when I read about the next ipad killer.

    The last ipad killer was actually the ipad2, and that with such a weakly underpowered camera in it.

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  • ciTiger
    May 5, 04:58 AM
    This is great news unless it's automatic patches which mess up the jailbreak...

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  • Bonte
    Jul 23, 03:12 PM
    I'd like to point out the reason it is being released at WWDC. It has a form of widgets and internet connectivity options. It will be a whole new platform for developers to release apps. I was told this 6 months ago, by somebody who has always given me Apple rumors correctly.

    3P apps and games? I'm all for it but it would blur the simplicity of the ipod and effectively make it a PDA, i'm not sure Apple/iPod/iTunes is ready to take this step.

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  • Edge100
    Nov 27, 01:11 PM
    The money they are talking about doesn't really go to the Beatles, since the Beatles were bad financial managers when they were together, they get very little of this money. They all made their fortunes after the brake up...;)

    Not true at all.

    There are several sources of income:

    1. Writers royalties - goes to the original songwriter (50/50 between Macca and Yoko, or else Harrison or Starr)
    2. Publishing royalties - goes to Sony and Michael Jackson (owners of the Northern Songs catalog)
    3. Likeness royalties (e.g. The Beatles logo and images of the band) - goes to Apple Corps (owned 25% each by Macca/Yoko/Olivia Harrison/Ringo)

    There also might be money going to EMI, who own the original recordings.

    The Beatles stand to make HUGE money from this.

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  • psxp
    Jan 11, 03:07 PM
    I betcha its to do with the Slingplayer..

    maybe slingplayer software in the new update?

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  • Chundles
    Sep 6, 10:04 AM
    MBP's on September 12th are sounding even better and better. Now there's no big iMac to introduce, but there is a macbook pro update that I need to be introduced to!

    24" iMac SWEET! If I needed a new desktop, I don't think I'd get one though. I've got a perfectly good 20" FP at home. I guess I'd have to get the MacPro. Darn it :D

    Get the 24" iMac and span with your 20" screen - two monitor goodness!!

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  • shadowfax
    Aug 2, 06:07 PM
    I don't think that anyone who has A Clue� doesn't know this already.
    The ilk of people who think it's immune are the same ilk of people that don't understand why their WindowsPC is running so "slowly".

    I just resent being called smug.

    I also resent blackhatters who are new to the OS X game getting all rightous. Where were they the last 5 years? They're part of the REASON "mac users are so smug about security".
    I did not intend to call you smug; I apologize if you took it that way... I was responding to your assessment of how "hackers" view Mac Users/The Mac Community.

    I think that there are actually a good deal of people with A Clue� (in general) that don't understand much about OS X security. I was speaking with hyperbole--I think a lot of people who do have this clue thing think that it's somewhat hard to write viruses for OS X... Apple certainly advertises it horrendously these days.

    As for blaming BlackHatters for our ignorance about security issues, I think that you need to get that clue thing for saying that. And as for smug OS X newcomers, you would do well to remember that OS X is MOSTLY *nix at the base. You don't have to be a hardened OS X developer to futz around in it.

    Jul 27, 04:27 PM
    Any one see this in da newest iMac??!!! Didn't think so, thank goodness!!! I'll freakin stick to da keyboard!!

    Anyone see the Magic Touchpad released without explanation? just wait.
    It's no Wacom Tablet�

    This was only a speed bump. I believe Apple will release Touch Macs (already �Apple Inc.) as an additional product line along side standard Macs, to ease the transition.

    There will always be keyboards, for keyboard shortcuts if not the obvious bulk text entry. Half the work done by pro-applications (not just Apple's) is done with keyboard shortcuts. It's the mouse that's done for. Apple finally perfect the mouse, and they kill it.

    Nov 3, 10:59 AM
    But this will probably not help since Apple will not admit their mistake. It should be up to the user to switch flash on/off if some "bad user experience" will occur. I still hope that Apple supports flash soon, they can have "off" as default.

    Oct 15, 07:11 PM
    I love the earbud comment...if you're close enough to a girl to wirelessly send her songs, you should be talking to her (assuming you're interested), not futzing with your Zune.

    Nov 8, 09:38 AM
    Still glossy-display only apparently. That sucks.

    I agree. To not offer people a choice here is ludicrous. All the people that want a sub-15" notebook with a matte screen are completely shut out. Thanks, Apple.

    Mac Rules
    Aug 8, 07:30 PM
    it does not even make sense to put a phone there, since when can phones do RSS? Its just really fishy tt it is placed alongside the ipod and itunes.

    Many phones are capable, they can use 3rd party apps etc, but new phones such as the Sony Ericsson K800 has a built in RSS reader!

    As for the phone in the picture, it looks like a Sony ERicsosn K608 or someting along those lines....not a very good phone, so lets hope Apple doesnt use that as a bas to model the iPhone


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