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  • Rt&Dzine
    Mar 7, 02:23 PM
    And there is PAYE (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PAYE) in the UK.

    The U.S. has income tax withholdings, but not for all sources of income.

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  • mkrishnan
    Nov 9, 09:03 PM
    Ten Technologies announced a bluetooth-based system that loosely does what you want, although you're not going to be able to get very far from your stereo. And it isn't available yet. :(


    I think your biggest problem is going to be *sending* a signal from the iPod, not receiving it.... Unless you're willing to go with an FM transmitter, which I'm assuming you're not, right?

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  • ejj
    Mar 26, 07:19 PM
    I think a few other people have mentioned that too - I experience the same problem, but always on my Mini-DisplayPort monitor, not the Mini-DVI (I have the 2009 Mini).

    I take it powering off/on the monitor is sufficient to bring it back to life? That typically works for me.

    Duh, I've never tried that. I've always put the computer back to sleep and wake it up again, or change that monitors resolution, and change it back (if I can access that menu). I'll try to power cycle the monitor next time. Thanks!

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  • dukebound85
    Feb 17, 10:48 PM
    garage band will suffice for basic editing

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  • Mudbug
    Jan 10, 09:47 AM
    Steve said in the CNBC interview post-keynote:
    (loosely quoted) "I serve at the pleasure of the board of directors and the stockholders, and as long as they are happy with the job I'm doing, I'd love to keep doing this job."

    To me, that doesn't sound like he's going anywhere anytime soon.

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  • Bigsam411
    Oct 18, 10:31 PM
    Anyone know if the UM computer showcase will have it on launch day? I like the apple store, but not enough to drop an extra $50. Yes, I'm a student.

    If you go to the site it says shiping on the 26th eta on the 1st. I guess I will be ordering from there for 69.

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  • Intell
    Apr 23, 02:33 PM
    The replacement hard drive is probably blank. You need to install Mac OS X onto the replacement drive before it can run. If you are sure there is a proper OS on the drive, hold down the Option key at boot and select the replacement drive if it appears.

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  • r1ch4rd
    Mar 6, 01:47 AM
    I don't see how raising Bill Gates' personal income tax affects Microsoft as a company though.

    It probably wouldn't, but taxing him through the nose doesn't fit with the idea of rewarding success. Perhaps a better approach would be to incentivise charitable donations and working with charitable organisations.

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  • inkswamp
    Aug 7, 06:16 PM
    Anyone else remember those old rumors about how MS was buying VPC just to kill it off? I thought that was silly back then, but I'm wondering now. Considering how they sat on the thing for ages and never really did anything with it and now have caved at the first sign of competition, you have to wonder. They clearly were not very committed to keeping it going.

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  • kuzelnik
    Oct 25, 07:02 PM
    Actually, CSS stands for Content SCRAMBLING System. :p

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  • jvmxtra
    Apr 13, 10:44 PM
    hows the quality compare to when you stream at home? Assuming vpn connection to the internet is slower

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  • MisterG5
    Dec 30, 11:49 PM

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  • Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes And

  • rloechner
    Apr 20, 10:20 AM
    I am receiving the same error on my iPad2. I tried switching networks (yes I have 2 running) and I immediately receive that error message. How annoying :mad:!

    update: this does however work on my iPhone4 - over 3g. I wonder if it has anything to do with wifi vs 3g connections?

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  • wrxguy
    Sep 22, 01:22 PM
    I think im the only person who thinks that a peice of equipment the size of a deck of cards that holds over 15k songs is NOT too big??? I have a 40G pod and I wouldn't want it any smaller...If I needed a pod with more storage I would buy a 60G in a heart beat

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  • williamw
    Oct 7, 04:51 AM
    Upped ante to $370

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  • MaxBurn
    May 3, 04:00 PM
    Three things to try

    Right click and run as administrator.

    Compatibility mode, try xp sp3

    Cpu affinity to 0 - may not be necessary

    Mine was locking up on the updating image step but one of the first two fixed it.

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  • bella92108
    Mar 31, 12:38 PM
    Could be wrong but apple have the iPhone, iPod, iPad vs android os which is in basically every new manufacture phone, motorola, htc, samsung, lg, etc... each having at least 5 phones with the os....only thing those number proves is that there's a Lot of android os out there............and most people use them because of the price...doesnt tmobile have some free android phones they give out when you sign up with a new contract....? In conclusion everybody and their mothers put android os in their newly made phones/tablet vs apples few iOS line.....

    Huh? They're successful because there's so many of them? That's the strangest argument... Toyota sells more cars than any other manufacturer because they have more cars and more customers to buy them? The only thing that comes to mind is "DUHHH!" lol... the reason all the manufacturers are coming out with Android phones is because people are loving them, and it's the "latest and greatest" and has staying power. It's THE OS going forward, even if iPhone and iOS come out with a new phone in their one-a-year game, it's too late to stop Android's dominance of the market.

    Price? Have you even shopped the market lately? Android phones are the exact same price specs to specs as i Phone. To buy a motorola Atrix, Evo 4G, or Inspire 4G, the latest "comparable" (used loosely because you can do a lot more on them) phones to a 16GB iPhone you're looking at $150-250 with a contract, just like iPhone.

    Sure, you can get phones with less features for cheaper (not sure about free, maybe)... and can buy them on prepaid, etc.... but that's because the OS is an open OS, so it's not "you have one option, take or leave it" ... they actually give customers a choice, like what would have saved Apple from losing their grip on the #1 spot years ago.

    Android really has given users what they asked Apple for for years in a phone, and it paid off. Now they're looking to give tablet users CHOICE and features, something Apple still is uninterested in, so the game will play out the same. I love Apple (long time iMac\MacBook Air\iPad user)... but I won't sit around and be a fanboy like the people on here, while there are cool options that don't require me to use a half-ass device while awaiting jailbreak.

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  • Hilmi Hamidi
    Nov 13, 05:10 PM
    http://img260.imagevenue.com/loc97/th_89324_Untitled_122_97lo.jpg (http://img260.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=89324_Untitled_122_97lo.jpg)

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  • meb91
    Apr 26, 02:06 AM
    Thanks for the responses, last time I opened it up and blew the dust out was about a year ago, so it may be time to do it again. It's possible the fan's going bad also I guess. At idle it runs at about 1500 RPM and the CPU's at about 30-35 C. It's actually not unbearably loud compared to other computers in general, it's just that my sister's 2010 is nearly silent.

    katie ta achoo
    Sep 25, 04:11 PM
    Oh, I WANT an Apple display. :p

    Too bad the Minis can't drive the 30" display..

    or can they??

    *gets out soldering iron*
    WOO O HOOO!!
    A display that costs more than 3x what the computer did.. OH YEA!

    Sep 27, 12:23 PM
    A package of gum and take the change in cash. ;)

    Thats my vote. I did this when my aunt got me a gift card for a movie theatre. It was for $50 USD or so I think, and I just bought a small popcorn and left with about $48 in cash.

    Mar 20, 10:56 PM
    Thanks for your second reply. I have closed down the software now and will be heading to bed as it is 4am over here.

    I think maybe I'll rule out this little project after all, or look at getting some kind of licence to do said activity.

    Thanks for the heads up. :o

    Apr 20, 04:52 PM
    Again google ships nothing at all. Show me data indicating a single quarter where a major version of Android was shipped on 40 million compatible units and then you can start making iOS comparisons.

    It's not me it's the dying man that makes the OS comparisons at every keynote. Well actually he only did when iOS was in a leading position...

    The last Android vs. iOS comparison he made was something like: "We have 350k apps!". Well Android now has about 325k apps and grows by about 35k apps per month. I guess that comparison won't make it into his June keynote....

    Sep 24, 12:35 AM
    A friend of mine wants to insert a small clip into a DVD movie. Now I'm trying to think of how I could easily do that in a day, and frankly I'm coming up short. So I was wondering if any of you guys could give me some advice.
    So here's what I want to do in short:
    Have a Movie on DVD.
    Want to put a clip (friend is asking a girl to homecoming) in the middle of the movie.
    Want to put the spliced movie back onto DVD.

    My orignial idea was to use a camera with DV passthrough, record it onto computer, then use editing software to put the clip in and put it on DVD. But if anyone else has a better idea, that would be great.

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