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perfect skin makeup

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  • Ish
    Mar 8, 04:19 PM
    Thanks for this. These places look totally different from anywhere I've been before. I also enjoy landscape/travel photography. I was going to buy a polarising filter before going on holiday in September but would you recommend getting it before this trip? This is a totally new climate for me.

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  • GimmeSlack12
    Apr 14, 01:19 AM
    I've had this thing since December and after about a month of sort of using it I haven't really touched it since. I have Dance Central and its a great game, but to be honest, I just don't feel like dancing my ass off at the end of the day.

    I have plans to buy more Kinect games and use the thing more, but lately, I haven't. You?

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  • rmwebs
    Apr 12, 04:52 PM
    In the UK we just pay whatever phone network your on �10 (~$16 USD) and they get Apple to activate/unlock it ;)

    Much better than the poor excuses for phone networks you get in the US!

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  • Siggen
    Apr 17, 04:09 PM
    It's cute that people think Comex actually ever made a working Jailbreak for iPad 2.

    I wish I could photoshop my way to 200k followers on Twitter.

    Yeah, i bet you dont believe all the other great stuff he released was his work either?

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  • caspersoong
    May 6, 08:10 PM
    This is awesome. Hopefully quality control is still great after this move.

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  • swy32x
    Sep 15, 06:03 AM
    Mainstream rap today is pretty pointless already. I mean, you could only make so many different variations of the dance club, jewelery and spinny rims. Even people who are portrayed to be above the norm (ie. Kanye) still have to rap about materialistic things. He's the self proclaimed "Louis Vuitton Don" :rolleyes: . It doesn't get any more ridiculous than that in my humble opinion.

    The only rap that I personally listen to today is, as someone stated above, Eric B. and Rakim. The old stuff is where it's at but even that's wearing out on me.
    What the heck are you talking about?! Aren't you feeling Mike Jones and 50 Cent?! :p

    At the moment I'm really into MF DOOMs stuff, Masta Ace's 'A Long Hot Summer' and 'Disposable Arts', and Common's Be and Resurrection.

    I really need to listen to ATCQ more, haven't given Midnight Marauders a spin in a while :(

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  • waloshin
    Feb 5, 04:41 PM
    after one listen, i quite like it! 4-stars!

    the verse does sort of sound like LoG.

    the chorus reminds me of Chimaira.

    im gonna download the album, thanks for the thread :D

    Your welcome!

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  • abuleban
    Apr 19, 09:58 PM
    aside from that, yer good

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  • seong
    Apr 12, 07:48 AM
    I mean, I am not looking for any job. I want to gain some experience over the summer vacation, since I'll be staying here most likely, and want to do something productive.

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  • acesam
    Apr 22, 02:49 PM
    An update, Amazon is apparently price-matching Walmart on the Mophie cases, this is a really nice deal.

    Mophie Juice Pack Plus (Black) 2000 mAh $75.93 (original price: $99.99)

    Mophie Juice Pack Air (Red) 1500 mAh $69.09 (original price: $79.99)

    Mophie Juice Pack Air (White) 1500 mAh $60.42 (original price: $79.99)

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  • Trekkie
    Sep 13, 07:17 AM
    Actually I think that all intel macbooks ( including pro) 's airport card is 802.11g and draft N... the problem is that they cant advertise it, because n is still in draft status at IEEE... so you can't really say hey this is an N... because N doesn't really exist as a satandard ( making a standard is a lenghty process takes about 5 to 6 years for the whole process...) if anyone has a draft n wifi router, please try and check the conection speed on you mactel macbook.. would be good to know if this is just a rumor, or if its really a fact.. i know i read it before buying my blackbook.. but alas.. i dont have a n draft router...

    When the Airport Extreme came out it was before G was approved, they later flashed it up to the standard because it was close.

    There are many Pre-N routers out there. All you have to say is 'Pre-N' and you're good to go.

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  • ljb77
    Mar 11, 02:42 PM
    BB 2100 South just stated that they have at least 25 of each model.

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  • Flowbee
    May 25, 11:33 AM
    I can't decide which is a worse idea: Watching a movie on an iPod, or reading a book on an iPod. :confused:

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  • mad jew
    Dec 13, 11:38 PM
    Sorry, that was a really bad joke. It was so bad, I'm not even sure if it was a joke at all. :o

    A very cool 'tar though. :cool:

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  • rorschach
    Apr 18, 07:26 AM
    It may be considering you'll also get the final release.

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  • Raid
    Nov 2, 02:40 PM
    wallpaper from - powerpigs flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/powerpig/)I like it, but it looks more like James Brown than Micheal Jackson. :D

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  • clintob
    Oct 12, 01:55 PM
    Why on Earth would you expect Apple to ship iWork with it's machines for free? iWork is not MS Works - it's already far superior, and it's still a baby. In one or two more revisions, iWork will be a better overall suite of Apps than Office (which frankly, isn't saying much). It's unreasonable to expect Apple to give that away for free.

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  • skunk
    Mar 9, 01:54 PM
    I'm surprised at you kavika.I'm surprised at your failure to detect kavika's brand of heavy-handed sarcasm.

    Seriously? Even a child knows that if they have $10, a bully takes $5, but then returns $1, that the bully didn't GIVE them anything, but rather TOOK $4 instead of $5. Saying things like the government is 'giving people tax relief' is backwards thinking.Giving relief from taxes is not the same as stealing money. Without taxes, your country would not function, either for rich or poor. The money has to come from somewhere, and it makes a great deal more sense for more of it to come from those who can afford it at the expense of a few unnecessary luxuries than from those who need it to pay for their necessities. Without the infrastructure funded by taxation, only warlords would be able to keep hold of their money. Are you so keen to emulate Somalia?

    And if that mobjority decides that they want to take all the wealth of a certain group of people, that's their right to do? Since they have a majority? It's pretty easy to get support from a majority of people to take other people's money and distribute it to them. It's just not moral. Your position is that individuals have zero moral, legal, or otherwise claim to the wealth that they themselves work for/earn?Needless to say, that is not his position, or anyone's. You have produced an absurd strawman argument, as is your wont.

    As evidence that some rich people didn't earn their wealth, you just referenced Enron that went bankrupt, Madoff who went to prison, and the Banks who we bailed out... and would have otherwise gone bankrupt. So, essentially three examples where the free market either did or would have (without government intervention) correctly punished bad businesses. Odd choice.You seem unable to differentiate between bad businesses and the huge bonuses and salaries paid by them.

    Hardly. All I'm trying to do is better understand your position.No, you are not. You are trying to utterly mischaracterise his position. Please don't be so transparently disingenuous. You cannot possibly be so stupid as to think that is anybody's real position.

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  • jtara
    Apr 12, 02:22 PM
    So, does anybody KNOW how they are doing this?

    Oct 25, 01:37 PM
    Screw Dvd Jon. He's a moron. iTunes is popular because it's a simplistic kick ass store. It's easy to use, and well organized. It has a great selection for a price cheaper than most CDs.
    That is kind of a silly statement.
    What DVD Jon has done is made it possible for OTHER companies to get in on the action and offer content for US, the users of the iPod. I commend him and more importantly I look for other content that is better than 128 kbps and doesn't cost 99 cents per song.

    Dec 29, 01:12 AM
    both .9.6b4 and b6

    Apr 13, 07:22 PM
    My personal take on why the iPhone is the one phone AT&T won't unlock after your contract ends is because iPhones are costly hardware with expensive data plans. In general, iPhone users pay more for the hardware and service, and presumably people with more money travel more often. And to keep things simple, a significant fraction of those customers would rather roam internationally, partly for the convenience of using their actual cell phone number, and partly for not needing to jump through any hoops. Whenever I travel, I take an unlocked flip phone and buy a local prepaid SIM card. It's super cheap, but it does get annoying to deal with new phones numbers and manual reloading of calling credit. Hence the reason why AT&T wouldn't want to unlock out-of-contract iPhones; users may travel with them and provide AT&T profit through roaming charges.

    In other words, they are preventing you from using alternatives (with your own personal property) so that they have the opportunity to rape you for roaming charges, over and above the services you are contractually obligated to continue to pay for over the term of your contract. That may indeed be a big reason why they don't want to do it, but that doesn't make it right. It's your property. You ought to be able to use it with any carrier you choose, regardless of if you are still under contract. The contract should only determine what you pay them and for how long, and what service they will provide to you over that period. It should not determined, over and above those terms, how you are allowed to use your own property.

    Dec 6, 04:03 PM
    Just go on ebay and look for someone parting out a quicksilver. You might have to give it a couple weeks but you should be able to find a cheap power supply.

    Apr 20, 08:34 PM
    Surely someone on this thread MUST have an iPad 1 AND optimum 1.0!

    Fess up!!

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