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stock market crash cartoon

stock market crash cartoon. Stock Market Crash cartoon 2
  • Stock Market Crash cartoon 2

  • partyBoy
    Oct 16, 06:12 PM
    It's still there. It's just not shown in the picture.

    The iPhone first gen hasn't got a very good camera so I could not get it all on the pic.

    I said where did you "buy" not "put":confused:

    stock market crash cartoon. 2008-676 25Nov08 Stock market
  • 2008-676 25Nov08 Stock market

  • Mystikal
    Mar 21, 01:24 PM
    I am sure some people are going to be pissed at this, but OWNED.

    stock market crash cartoon. of the Stock Market Crash
  • of the Stock Market Crash

  • DrFrankTM
    Jul 24, 09:45 AM
    Does anyone know how big this would be? It would be huge. No beyond huge. Literature is as universally accepted as music. It's used everywhere from text books in schools, to training manuals, to maintenance manuals, to entertainment in the home, to entertainment while you are sitting waiting for the dentist. Imagine subscribing to a magazine and having it downloaded off of iTMS like a podcast.

    In short I would sell my first, second, third born sons, and cut off a pinky toe for Apple to release an e-book reader. This is Sony's attempt:

    No one in the market has done the design right yet. There is this huge market waiting for someone to step up to the plate and get it done right, easy, and elegant. Sound familiar?

    But above all please PLEASE PLEASE don�t integrate it into the iPod. It would be doing major disservice to the emerging industry.

    I cannot agree more. Apple would need to add another product to their line, not replace the actual iPod with something bulkier. Some people enjoy the iPod as a music player/portable HD. Why lose their business by breaking their favorite toy (by making it bigger to accomodate functions they might not care about)?

    A few random thoughts on form and function...

    I don't have an iPod yet because I don't think I'd enjoy reading a lot of text on any of the actual models. Like any other university student, I have tons of academic books and articles on top of my novels, short stories and such. Since I move and travel a lot, I often have to leave many - or most - of my books behind. With e-books, I could simply bring along a small, light-weight reader and I'd have my whole library with me, easily accessible, 24/7, no matter where I am. That would be beyond cool!!! A gadget integrating music and video too would be awesome, but adding video means an LCD, which means much shorter battery life, so there is a trade-off there: the do-it-all gadget that I am longing for just doesn't seem to be here yet.

    Of course, you can read e-books on a laptop, but as has already been mentioned in this thread, reading from your laptop on the bus isn't enjoyable. It can be done, but few bother. I've had a laptop for over four years and I can't say I carried it around all that much. I need something smaller... but that can grow bigger when need be!!! I'll try to explain myself... When listening to music, you don't need a big screen and you don't want to lump around a big device for no reason. When watching video, a bigger screen is a good thing. However, an LCD isn't good for battery life and an e-ink screen isn't good for video, so how about having one of each on the same device? Or have two devices that integrate together flawlessly while addressing different needs?

    For example, think iPod video with an LCD taking the whole "face" of the iPod. The device has a hard drive so you can carry a lot of stuff with you at all times. Then fold it open and you'll find an e-ink screen. The e-ink screen could be roughly twice as big as the LCD if it takes all of the surface inside, so you wouldn't be reading on a tiny screen. Maybe the e-ink screen could have its own flash memory, so the device could load the documents that you want to read on there. You'd need to access the hard drive only when you want to read/listen to/watch something that isn't on the flash drive, so I assume it would help the battery life a lot. (Actually, I'm starting to think that the flash memory/hard drive combo could be cool whatever screen the iPod uses, but I'm getting off-topic.) Or maybe the screen could be something you unroll from a tube. Anyways, I think that you could have your library on one device (that has a hard drive), yet read your stuff on another one (which has a much better battery life), or on another part of the same device. It poses challenges, obviously, as you don't want to waste time transfering stuff all the time, but I think it might be the closest we can get to having our cake and eating it too.

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  • Warbrain
    Nov 6, 11:29 PM
    Where is my 2 lb Apple laptop? Sony has one. Panasonic has one.

    Apple will never make a laptop that is that size because it would mean that they would have to take out the optical drive and make the computer ultimately worthless without a docking station. Apple will never make a computer that isn't fully capable from the start.

    stock market crash cartoon. Stock+market+crash+cartoon
  • Stock+market+crash+cartoon

  • MacinDoc
    Aug 8, 02:10 AM
    hopefully we do get some really good "top-secret" stuff. Time Machine sounds like the utility in windose xp called systen restore and Spaces sounds like Exposé.
    Time Machine is nothing like System Restore. Time Machine allows you to find multiple previous versions of a file. For example, if you accidentally save a revised file without changing the name with "Save As", you can still go back to the previous version of the file if you decide you don't like the revisions or if a file is lost or damaged (I remember one occasion when a child in my home deleted all the contents of an important document and then saved it, and another occasion when a document was corrupted by a drive error; Time Machine would have saved me hours of work on both occasions). System Recover is used to revert to a previous version of an OS when an OS update causes problems (although that would also be a useful utility to have, but its significance pales in comparison to Time Machine).

    Spaces is like Exposé on steroids.

    I agree with those who believe that, as Jobs said, Apple still has something up its sleeve, more consumer-oriented, likely to be announced at MWSF.

    Now if Apple can only beat MS out of the gate on the release date...

    They could do ads like this:

    (Cue I'm a Mac/I'm a PC music.)
    Mac: Hello, I'm a Mac.
    PC: And I'm a PC.
    Mac: You know, I'm really excited, I have this new operating system called Leopard...
    PC: Oh yes, I 'm going to have a new operating system too, called Vista...sometime soon...I think...well, at least there's an 80% chance I will...
    Mac: That's great! So, what are some of the new things you'll be able to do...when it comes out, that is...
    PC: Well, just about everything Apple said it would give you when it previewed your new OS five months ago, except for that cool Time Warp feature, and I guess that Spotlight search feature is kind of cool too, and all those great new Mail features...
    Mac: That's nothing! Have you seen my (insert mind-blowing new feature here)!
    PC: Well, just you wait! I'll have all of those features, too, when my next OS after Vista is another five years...I hope.

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  • gameface
    Mar 4, 04:04 PM
    No worries man :) lucky you did, such a nice shot.. I might just have to ask for a high res version for a wallpaper :D it really is a stunning shot man.. the light cast across the benches, the city lights in the background.. it almost looks so isolated, just the bench and the city.. you can image someone sat there alone staring out into nothing with just their thoughts.. really is a fantastic photo :)
    I know a photos good when it makes me think all sorts like that!

    again, you dont fail to impress :D looks alot like a wallpaper I have! Again, beautiful shot man :)

    Thanks for the kind words! I've only been really shooting for a year so I've been trying to get out and shoot as much as possible. I try to post a bunch and get as much criticism as possible to help me improve. It's nice when someone really likes a shot!

    mine for today.. my beautiful little half sister :) loved the lighting here.. basically no PP at all (
    Sis ( by TheSVD (, on Flickr

    That shot is fantastic. outstanding light, nice bokeh, beautiful subject!

    Mine for today.

    Shot this for a contest a week or so ago. The contest subject was "the end". Saw this walking and thought it fit for the end of an era. No one uses payphones anymore. Got a lot of flack for not removing the can on the ledge but it didn't bother me as I was documenting the scene.

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  • hob
    Aug 24, 01:54 PM
    Ok, my earlier exclamation may have been premature. I'm also having problems - the battery for my 12" PB is in the range on both the press release and the apple support site, but when I put all the numbers in, it says "no mate" - seems a lot of people are getting this?

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  • playaj82
    Aug 8, 10:57 AM
    I agree 100% with your assessment. I am certain that Apple will be modifying the Finder in the final release of Leopard (They have in every other major OS X release), and I fully expect to see that at a major demo at MWSF 07. I feel that's really where we're going to see Leopard, and hopefully by then, Vista will have gone GM, but who knows...

    I don't see how adjusting the UI at the last minute could be any sort of OK. Do you really want developers using the Tiger finder for the next 7 months, and then all of the sudden Apple goes BAM (Emeril Style) and puts in a brand new finder.

    I want those developers to be able to integrate the finder with their apps. If all Apple is doing is adjusting some colors or icons or something, then we shouldn't be excited about the new finder in the first place. But if Apple is going to do some major revamping, shame on them for keeping it a secret.

    People need time to work with it and find all the kinks, especially if it is dramatically different from Tiger.

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  • to the stock market crash

  • Nipsy
    Oct 13, 09:44 PM
    Server burped

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  • Balli
    Sep 13, 05:26 AM
    I have 3 USB 1 ports and 2 FireWire ports. Does that mean if I buy a new 8Gb Nano, it won't work with my system? :(

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  • srf4real
    Mar 2, 07:51 PM

    stock market crash cartoon. 1929 Stock Market Crash
  • 1929 Stock Market Crash

  • Jetson
    Oct 15, 07:55 PM
    One thing I really hate about this Zune thing is the amount of free publicity Microsoft has gotten.

    For months on end we've been bombarded with Zune-friendly "news" articles calling it an "iPod killer". Even before Microsoft had a name for it, before they had any sort of design for it, while it was still vaporware, the media kept hammering home, "iPod killer" while seeming to drool over the prospect.

    There's STILL no actual product on the store shelves.

    It's disgusting, really.

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  • whether the market is in

  • hazza.jockel
    Sep 28, 09:13 PM
    I was excited to see that blood gulch had be remade but after playing it a few times i have to say its one of my least favourite maps. There are too many vehicles and not enough vehicles killing weapons. Usually one person will get in a tank and if he is able to take out the other tank theres no real way to stop them. Particularly if they just sit up the back taking long shots leaving you no real chance to get close. Bungie needed to put a spartan laser on the map somewhere.

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  • Stockmarket cartoon 10

  • Hisdem
    Oct 12, 11:54 AM
    Why'd you get a MacBook Pro 13" if you have the iPad. I would have gotten the 15" or an iMac/Mac Mini in that case...

    I'm guessing he got the MBP before the iPad. And, the 13 inch MBP can do a lot more than an iPad, while being more portable than the 15".

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  • azazel-
    Mar 12, 07:20 PM
    I just ordered the new 2TB Western Digital, it says it is for PC only, as it is formatted for NTSF, but it'll work on my MPB, right? Even if I have to re-format it?

    Is this an external drive in an enclosure..?

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  • steve_hill4
    Sep 14, 03:14 PM
    I just went to Scotsys and John Lewis in Edinburgh to eye up the new nanos, and neither of them had them. <disappointed> :(
    Most branches of John Lewis are scheduled to have them by the weekend. They actually state Saturday, but knowing our supply chain, more likely Monday.

    Never say never.

    With the lack of CD with any of the iPods, does anyone know if you have to download iTunes now prior to connecting your iPod or, as one person I know suggested, you connect up the iPod and it installs from there and prompts you to do a restore after?

    Just want to know for those who will be looking to buy this weekend, but do not have access to the internet yet and/or have slow dial-up.

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  • tuesday stock market crash

  • skunk
    Oct 26, 07:02 PM
    My Week 36 MacBook runs quietly, coolly and reliably. Should I apply the update?

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  • jpryde
    Nov 28, 03:48 PM
    I've been reading about every other post in this thread and as a long time Beatles fan, wanted to weigh in. I already own the entire Beatles catalog on CD and carry all their releases (minus "Live at the BBC" and a good number of tracks on the Anthologies) around with me on MP3 CD. I used to have it on iPod, but I got a shuffle and gave my 15GB to my wife. So, I have no need to purchase the music. Even if they remastered it, it would still be in 128kb AAC, and that would be a waste.

    I would, however, buy a Beatles iPod in a second. Hell, I might even camp out at an Apple store for that. Some people here have said the band is old, and their time is over. I couldn't disagree more. Their music is as fresh as it was in the 60s. They completely changed the face of rock and roll and more importantly, the face of recording. Some of the things the band and George Martin did in the studio are groundbreaking. My list of favorite bands changes on a near daily basis, but the Beatles are always locked in at number 1 on that list. Their influence on modern artists is undeniable. I hear the influences in so many types of music, although that is disappearing with the garbage pawned off on the public as music these days.

    I hope these rumors are true because I do think:

    1) Apple Computer innovated computing and the music industry with the iPod and iTunes, just as the Beatles did.

    2) The ads would be classic

    3) The thought of McCartney and Ringo with Steve Jobs on the MacWorld stage makes me tingle with anticipation.

    4) Apple Corps was created to breed and inspire creativity, and I think Apple computer does the same thing. It's a match made in heaven.

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  • I am surprised the stock

  • CorvusCamenarum
    Apr 26, 02:45 AM
    Do you have any idea of how racist and xenophobic that sounds?

    Why is it racist and/or xenophobic to point out unpleasant trends?

    In the US, black offenders make up nearly 30% of all arrests despite comprising only 12.5% of the general population. What's interesting is that if we break it down into pre-and post age 18, the percentages are roughly the same. (sources from 2008-9 data - wiki and FBI (

    The trend continues if we go across the pond - (source - BBC ( I had trouble finding figures for adults, but:
    Black people make up 2.7% of the UK population aged 10 to 17, but represent 8.5% of those in that age group arrested in England and Wales, the report said.

    Now, let's look at Sweden. It's difficult to get precise statistics because of the way Sweden records criminal activity, but this article ( extrapolates the crime rate attributable to immigrants in Sweden. To wit:
    The over-representation is even higher for middle eastern citizens, who are 6.6 as likely as Swedish citizens to be in prison.
    Lastly African citizens are 10.9 times as likely as Swedish citizens to be in prison.

    We see the same pattern in three different countries. It doesn't behoove us to simply cry "racism" when confronted with something we don't want to see. We do better for everyone, not just the affected group, to attempt to find the root of the problem and properly address it.

    Britain is very class based, and is probably racist too. Black people here are generally poor and don't do particularly well at school as well.
    While I appreciate the correlation between poverty and crime, that doesn't adequately explain why Sweden with its incredibly generous welfare system trends the same way as countries with less extensive benefits.

    Apr 28, 10:35 AM

    Anybody got a alternative method for reaching CorvusCamenarum, such as email, text, etc.? I don't want it, and I'm not asking that it get posted, but if someone has a method for checking if he's ok, I hope you will. Not to be dramatic, but parts of Tuscaloosa were obliterated yesterday around the time of his "last activity" time of 5:00 p.m. Thanks.

    May 4, 11:25 PM
    Are you kidding? Netflix destroyed it with streaming. Disney and Sony aren't even advertising for it anymore. The Blu Ray players are being sold dirt cheap at clearance sales because it's a dying/dead format. I haven't heard a word about it on TV ads to further seal the deal.

    And I never liked it anyway, the 25 GB disc wasn't filled all the way because of the stupidly lossy compression, and it was expensive. We unplugged our Blu Ray player and replaced it with a TiVo box with Netflix streaming, which happens to be a lot cheaper than Blu Ray and much easier.

    And Apple never used it :)

    I've noticed many blu ray disks now come with digital copies. I prefer that. One even had a survey asking how important the digital copy was. So perhaps this will be a nice combination for a while.

    I ended up getting a PS3 for the blu ray player. For a while it got most usage as a netflix player. Now the appleTV handles that. So occasionally it gets used now for blu ray. I still do not own any games for it. Someday when I have time for it I'll get a game or two. I think if you are getting a blu ray player, PS3 is the way to go though as you can use it for more than just the blu ray.

    May 5, 06:17 AM
    This makes the iPad a real computer not some parasite that feeds off it's host computer for life.

    The iPad, no matter how parasitic it is, is still a real computer. :rolleyes:

    And wow at all the people "finding problems" with OTA updates. Android has been at it for years on many carriers and with many different data caps in place, rooted phones, phones with custom ROMs, etc.. and yet none of those guys whine about OTA updates. The Apple crowd really needs to get with it. It's optional people, it is for Android, no reason it wouldn't be for iPhone.

    Options are good.

    Full of Win
    Apr 17, 01:21 AM
    Toys R' Us? I though they only sold video games!?

    What is your point?

    Sep 23, 12:39 PM
    The studios generally charge Wal-Mart a wholesale price of $17.95 for new DVDs, while Apple is paying Disney a wholesale price of about $14.50 per film, according to a studio source.
    Go figure...

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