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  • stevemiller
    Apr 28, 08:46 AM
    i agree with many of the sentiments here, and this is why i think its wrong to assume that the white iphone 4 needs "breathing room" before the next generation (which by all accounts isn't going to be an aesthetic change anyway, just a processor bump).

    its partly apple's own fault for having created almost a "tradition" of summer iphone releases, that are so heavy promoted in the media that everyone starts expecting them, even those who don't read these sites or know what a wwdc even is.

    i'm not saying that it won't in fact be a fall release, and apple probably was hoping these interim releases would energize sales in the meantime. if anything though, they're just mitigating an already trickling demand.

    now for my personal rant: i was foolish and bought a iphone 3g 2 months before the iphone 3gs was announced. add to that the fact that all the carriers in canada lock you into outrageous 3 year contracts, and i'm left with hardware that struggles with/can't run the current OS and is going to feel even more comparatively crippled as ios5 and other smartphone os's evolve. (feature lust aside, the basic functions of the phone become tortoise slow with the newer os's, and carriers require you to upgrade to the newest software available for your phone if you want any support from them) and there's nothing i can do about all that. canada may be a uniquely ****** market with these ultra-long contracts, but you can sure as ***** bet i'm never again going to buy the year old tech. it may seem "good enough" at the time, but you have to think ahead to how they'll bog down the OS over the next 3 years.

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  • Small White Car
    Oct 9, 03:04 PM
    I also just checked the App Store on my phone and it's not showing up yet.

    Actually type 'Tweetie 2' in the search field.

    When I left the "2" off it didn't find it.

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  • notjustjay
    Apr 7, 03:33 PM
    I am all against this nostalgia gaming. U have so many great games available on the ipad or iphone that utilise their potencial, why would u wanr to play games that have 12 pixels running around? I think it has more to do with people remembering the "good old times" when they havent had all that depression, fear and insecurity going on.

    There's nothing wrong with people remembering the "good old times". I don't know where everybody else was when these games were out, but I was a carefree little boy who played with his cousins in his grandfather's house when I first came upon the 2600.

    Grandpa passed away a long time ago and his house (which I really thought was a mansion when I was little) has been torn down and in its place stands a condominium complex. But every time I fire up Combat, there I am sitting in a wicker chair in the guest room, on a hot summer day, playing against my cousin. My little brother is watching and saying "Me next! Me next!" and my grandma's about to walk in with lemonade and cookies.

    Ain't nothing wrong with that.

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  • syklee26
    Sep 27, 11:20 AM
    im kinda still bitter about Apple not delivering .mac exclusive widget they promised...

    and when is this actually happening? last time Apple said "coming soon" regarding .Mac was regarding the widget.

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  • munkle
    Feb 12, 03:08 PM
    Congrats to the four new Mods. I think it's safe to say they're all universally respected members of the forum and are great choices.

    With MR becoming ever more popular it has become harder to effectively moderate these boards, especially with the international flavour we've got going on here! I'm sure the new Mods will do a great job and will keep the MR community spirit going. Congrats again guys :)

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  • chosenkill6
    May 3, 06:26 PM
    Hey guys, i just found this website if you need some help with iphones, i recently broke my phone and this site helped me out. May not look like a great site, but trust me it helps.


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  • GGJstudios
    Apr 22, 10:11 AM
    Did you check the batteries?

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  • nizmoz
    Dec 28, 08:38 AM
    Well said. I was going to start typing a similar post but glad you did. The person that replied to the OP above saying IT people are clueless is 100% wrong as you are the one that is clueless. I run a IT department and there is no way MACs would ever become the Computer of choice over any Windows machine that has way more software for the enterprise than a MAC will ever see. And using Bootcamp is a waste of funds as PCs are cheaper. It always takes someone who has no clue about how IT works to say something like that.

    Yeah, sure. Because all of those business/enterprise applications written exclusively for Windows run ah-so smoothly on Macs...

    Just accept it, folks: There is no business case for using Macs in an enterprise environment.

    Compatibility? Fail. (There is a world beyond the Microsoft .doc format where enterprise applications live. There's OLD Java, and many Java apps require a very specific Oracle JVM to run. There's .NET. There's Sharepoint. There's an IBM mainframe you need to talk to. There are department printers that have no OS X drivers. There's a long list of office equipment that only plays well with Windows.)

    Enterprise-ready? Fail. See compatibility, see support, see backup.

    Central administration? Fail. Try applying group policies to a Mac.

    Central backup? Fail. No, Time Machine is NOT an enterprise solution.

    TCO? Fail. Expensive hardware, short-lived platform support.

    Enterprise-support from the manufacturer (Apple)? HUGE fail.

    Roadmaps? Fail. Apple doesn't even know what the word means. You just cannot plan with this company and their products.

    Product longevity? Knock-out Fail. (Try getting support for OS X Leopard in two years from now. Try getting support for Tiger or Panther TODAY. Then compare it to Windows XP, an OS from the year that will be officially supported until 2014. Then make your strategic choice and tell me with a straight face that you want to bet your money on Cupertino toys.)

    It's MUCH easier to integrate Linux desktops into an enterprise environment than it is to put Mac OS X boxes in there. Why? Because some "blue chip" companies like Oracle and IBM actually use, sell and support Linux and make sure that it can be used in an enterprise environment.

    Trying to push a home user/consumer platform like the Mac into a corporate environment is a very bad idea. Especially if the company behind the product recently even announced that they dropped their entire server hardware because nobody wanted them. Why should the head of a large IT department trust a company that just dropped their only product that was even remotely targeted at the enterprise market? It's like asking a CTO to bet the company's IT future on Nintendo Wiis.

    And just for your info: I've had those discussions at the World Health Organization of the United Nations, and it turned out to be IMPOSSIBLE to integrate Macs into their IT environment. I had the only Mac (a 20" Core Duo) in a world wide network because I was able to talk someone higher up the ladder into approving the purchase order for it, but then I quickly had to give up on OS X and instead run Windows on it in order to get my job as an IT admin done and be able to use the IT resources of the other WHO centers. OS X Tiger totally sucked in our network for almost all of the above reasons, but Windows Vista and XP got the job done perfectly. It wasn't very persuasive to show off a Mac that only runs Windows. That's what you get for being an Apple fanboy, which I admittedly was at that time.

    Where I work now, two other people bought Macs, and one of them has ordered Windows 7 yesterday and wants me to wipe out OS X from his hard disk and replace it with Windows. He's an engineer and not productive with OS X, rather the opposite: OS X slows him down and doesn't provide any value to him.

    And personally, after more than five years in Apple land, I will now also move away from OS X. It's a consumer platform that's only there to lock people into the Apple hardware and their iTunes store. If the web browser and iTunes and maybe Final Cut Studio, Logic Studio or the Adobe Creative Suites are the only pieces of software that you need to be happy, then OS X probably is okay for you. For everything else, it quickly becomes a very expensive trap or just a disappointment. When Apple brag about how cool it is to run Windows in "Boot Camp" or a virtualization software, then this rather demonstrates the shortcomings of the Mac platform instead of its strengths. I can also run Windows in VirtualBox on Linux. But why is this an advantage? Where's the sense in dividing my hardware resources to support TWO operating systems to get ONE job done? What's the rationalization for that? There is none. It just shows that the Mac still is not a full computing platform without Microsoft products. And that is the ultimate case AGAINST migrating to Mac OS X.

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  • Apple Corps
    Mar 23, 04:19 PM
    And if you pursue environments and things you love you probably have a better chance of being "massively successful".

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  • labman
    May 4, 09:28 PM
    just checked there website. no refurbished on it, so I'm going to say no.

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  • Astro7x
    Nov 12, 02:14 PM
    I used to use FCP I found it to be overly complicated to do simple tasks. I manly focus on print design so I have not used it for several years.

    Recently I have had to make several projects and I found that Premier CS5 was actually a very strong video editing package. It runs smooth, has a clean Adobe interface and everything worked out great.

    While I like CS5, I absolutely hate Adobe due to their ultra crappy Indian based tech support. If you buy $10,000 worth of software from a company you don't expect them to charge you $39 just to talk to a person who is getting paid $1 per hour to read a script.

    The Adobe interface is certainly nice, but Premiere does so many weird things that I can't stand it for everything it does differently and right (try duplicating a sequence, editing title tool text, and NOT have it be destructive in your older sequences). The interface is so similar to FCP now that it certainly helps ease users into it. Where with Avid I think there is a bit of a learning curve to anyone looking to switch or have to start using that software in a pinch as a freelancer.

    While I love the 'no rendering' aspect of using the complete CS package, it is only practical on personal projects. Anything where I am collaborating with clients and additional graphic designers, I can't have them be updating AE comps within my sequence through dynamic link while I'm working on other things in editorial. Just not practical.

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  • Grade
    Apr 3, 05:04 PM

    Can you please share the link?

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  • Popeye206
    Apr 7, 08:43 AM
    It's obviously just to eliminate the jailbreak, as usual.

    Grow up! :rolleyes:

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  • kainjow
    Apr 2, 12:20 PM
    Not that I'm aware of.

    You can reproduce Xcode's settings table (Get Info > Build) using NSOutlineView, then implement the custom cells based on the property type. That would give you a nice OS X appearance that mimics Xcode. See this thread.

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  • msmucf
    May 1, 04:16 PM

    To give you a quick background we have a central server where students at our college turn in their projects to a drop box. We have 1 student login and password that every student uses to access the dropbox. Is there anything wrong with this method of workflow or should every student have their own login and password?

    Any insight would help.


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  • lovelyooz
    Jan 10, 08:39 PM
    i live in SF so id like to go there can i?

    should i pay for something?

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  • rprebel
    Sep 4, 02:42 PM
    I thought you had gotten rid of the dock but kept the apps and whatnot and just had a black strip(geektool pic probably). Didn't realize that the dock just blended in with the black strip.
    You can make the dock transparent with Mirage Dock. Works with 2D or 3D dock.

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  • Blarblar
    Jan 5, 05:15 PM

    it is impossible to do that unless you jailbreak or update to the latest firmwere.

    i jailbroke as long as you go to www.jailbreakme.com on your ipod works fine.
    thats if you want to do it.


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  • ctdonath
    Mar 31, 03:10 PM
    Yeah except Photoshop is for people like me so it is relevant.

    Missed half the post, eh?

    So buy a capacitive stylus already ... Insofar as a few people do need a stylus for limited applications, third parties make them. Buy one if you need it

    Jul 26, 11:04 PM
    Maybe the software, but the drive itself may be only compatible with Blu-Ray rather than HD-DVD. Different wavelenghts and all. Could be wrong though, I just think that Apple might let you REAd HD-DVD, just not write....


    Correct. The operating system will support both formats, you then require a Blu-Ray drive for Blu-Ray support and/or HD-DVD drive for HD-DVD support. The ability to write as well as read will not be limited, it will depend on the hardware.

    Oct 12, 12:19 AM
    You likely broke one of the screen hinges. This is common with the emates.

    Here's a dissasembly guide if you ever feel ambitious enough to replace the part.

    Sep 24, 08:57 PM
    eh you know the sex is happening and will continue to happen. Just make sure their being smart & safe about it and there's really nothing more you can do.

    Nov 22, 03:00 PM
    + 1. The guy who sent this email undoubtedly sniffs his own farts.

    Jan 11, 10:04 AM
    thanks for all te replies to my thread! ive sent the polls results to apple in email with a line underneath saying, "here you go steve, heres sme statistics for your next keynote". He loves making pretty grahs, like to see how explains this one.

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