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  • HangmanSwingset
    Apr 2, 12:35 AM
    I would be slightly worried about jailbreaking an iPhone 5 then. Sony might claim ownership of the damn thing and sue you for doing so.

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  • toddybody
    Apr 14, 10:38 AM
    And all the Apple haters claim the "iToys" are responsible for the immense growth. Nah, people just want a PC that works and its called a Mac!

    Totally, cause Windows doesnt work...users are just pretending :rolleyes:

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  • Ish
    Sep 13, 08:46 AM
    I too think that the colors are ugly... there should always be a white ipod at every level.

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  • MXDT
    Nov 7, 04:51 AM
    I feel it is highly likely we will see a new tiny laptop from Apple at some point in 2007.

    Intel will be releasing Merom next spring, AND an ultra-low voltage version for tiny laptops.

    There used to be more detail there but it seems to have gone.

    Still baffled as to why Apple stopped the 12'' PB, but maybe they felt they wouldn't sell enough in 9 months to recover the costs of designing an intel core version, before needing a major redesign for the 2007 tiny laptop.

    Wait wait.... we're getting all hot and bothered about Core 2 Duo... and you're telling me a new chip will be out in a few months...
    I can't keep up!

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  • spicyapple
    Nov 8, 09:21 AM
    I agree with you there is just something about the 13" MacBook that doesn't fit but the 12" its PERFECT
    Agreed. I love my 12" so much I fondle it every night before bedtime, much to my boyfriend's chagrin. I surf the web in bed before sleepy-time. It keeps him awake.

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  • troyn123
    Mar 12, 05:45 AM
    Australian store is also down

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  • AndroidfoLife
    Apr 15, 08:03 PM
    I honestly think it is one of the dumbest things is to buy a budget PC then get mad that it sucks then drop 1200-2200$ on a mac and say that it is better then all PCs. Pay that much on a PC and you will be surprised at what you get for the price. You will get current technological such as HDMI out built right in, Full hd 1080p screens on a laptop, Blueray burners, SSD start up drive, sata 3.0, USB 3.0 the most current Chipsets from AMD, Nvidia, or Intel. when you pay that much for a pc you get your monies work. People often do not see the high end PC market which is where majority of the innovations take place.

    Wouldn't the boards, technically, be foxconn boards?

    they buy foxconn and unmarked ASUS boards. ASUS leads in motherboard sells for a reason.

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  • NT1440
    Jul 10, 11:53 AM
    And Apple never made much profit until iOS hit the scene.


    Come on.

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  • skunk
    Nov 3, 04:05 AM
    Mine was doing fine until a couple of days ago, when it shut down for the first time. Applied the firmware update, hasn't happened since.

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  • HecubusPro
    Sep 4, 06:02 PM
    Who the hell wants to watch movie on an iPod. You can't even watch 2 hours of video on the current iPod...think...the battery like will be even WORSE with a larger screen?!?!?:eek:

    I want to watch a movie on an iPod. I have a video iPod that I use frequently and enjoy very much. I even watch movies on it. There are many, many people for varying reasons who want to and do watch movies on their iPod.

    I want a merom macbook pro...right now!!!!:mad: I might buy a freeken dell if i have to wait any longer...and I hate windows... I am hoping they will update it on the website tomorrow...tues. sept. 5th....not likely though since they will need a new logic boards because they soldered the core duo chips stupid. Hopefully they will make some other updates since they have to re-do stuff anyway.

    I also want a new C2D MBP. I can't wait to get one, and as soon as they're available, I'm there. But please, for the love of god and all things holy, if you don't have the patience to wait a while longer, go buy a Dell and relieve us of your tantrums.

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  • grumps
    Nov 8, 04:12 AM
    If I go to the Australian Apple Store the delivery time for a Black MacBook is 3-5 days.

    If I go to configure and upgrade it to 1Gb RAM the delivery time falls to 2-4 days!!!

    Explain that to me all you rumo(u)r experts:confused:

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  • cutsman
    Mar 11, 01:00 AM
    A photo of my new toy! :D

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  • gekko513
    Aug 18, 12:29 PM
    And apparently now they admit that it was bull-****.

    Now, isn't that something. What a great way of proving the 'Get a Mac' commercials wrong. If anything, the myth that Macs are invulnerable is strengthened when they make up lies and are caught.

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  • anomie
    Apr 12, 12:26 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; de-de) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8G4)

    Hahaha made my day.

    Truth is: they do not build anything in the US because US-workers are lazy!
    Nobody in the Rest of the world would buy their profucts

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  • asphalt-proof
    Sep 4, 08:25 AM
    I recently read an article that outlined the orchestration of product release by Apple. In a nutshell, Apple does't want to release too many products in one setting because 1. each new release potentially overshadows the next 2. media buzz will die down in a couple weeks. Apple wants to keep their name in the news as much as possible so they make major announcements, in drips and drabs. Of course this may or may not apply to this new event, but i would speculate that they would not release a new iPod and a 23" iMac in the same event. Apple depends on maximum buzz with the release of the new iPods and I don't think they would take the shance that a new iMac would overshadow it completely. Thoughts?

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  • hazza.jockel
    Oct 9, 01:10 PM
    It would have been good to see Master Chief...

    Master Chief is in the game. You just have to know where to look ;)

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  • DavidLeblond
    Aug 8, 08:07 AM
    I enjoyed the new features. They seemed "meh" to me when I was reading the live transcript, but when I actually saw them they impressed me. Timewarp is so much more than "volume shadow copy" and Spaces is much more than "virtual desktops ala X11"

    Anyway, this developer preview is suppose to have the 10 new features in it... does that mean it will have the new Frontrow and the new Photobooth? Because weren't they part of the "whole package" feature?

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  • iGary
    Aug 24, 12:11 PM
    Apple's having a bad day.

    Creative and now this.

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  • SimonTheSoundMa
    Nov 24, 08:35 AM
    Where have you seen it priced that low?

    �5 in Asda for 1 CD albums, �6 for double CD albums.

    Apr 2, 04:48 AM
    A good photographer can take brilliant photographs with a disposible camera, a bad photographer will still take rubbish photographs with a top end DSLR. :)

    Oct 28, 01:20 PM
    so if u have 3 screws, that means it was serviced

    my 2 macbook for business came out of the box with 3 screws so would that indicate that they serviced that macbooks before they were shipped to me

    No. It has been established already that all the MacBooks have 3 screws. Mine was one of the first to arrive in the UK and It has 3 screws. The pic you just saw is actually from page 6, posted to show how it had 3 screws. This is a photoshop job.

    Aug 3, 06:54 AM
    In other words, this attention-craving hacker decided to use a Mac to demonstrate an exploit that is far more threatening to a PC. The chances of a Macbook user a) buying a 3rd party wireless card and b) hooking it up to a Macbook are slim and none.


    Quoted for truth.

    This is the key to this story, and I'm very disappointed in the media for completely missing this. The 3rd party peripheral being used was not secure, and *ANY* computer using this device could be compromised...even a Mac. But they really should point out that Mac's don't need these devices, so it's really a hypothetical demonstration.

    Mac OS X has become the Everest of hacking challenges... these guys just took a helicopter to the top rather than climbing. But eventually, malware that affects OS X will start to create some issues... however, regardless of market-share, the design characteristics of OS X will keep malware from ever becoming the issue it is for Windows.


    Sep 4, 09:32 AM
    ThinkSecret is generally dead on when it comes to things like this. So, it'd be great if they released an updated 23" iMac. I just got a 5G iPod 30GB in July and am happy with it so I don't need a new 'pod. And yes, I just got a new MacBook 2 weeks ago, but for future purchases, a 23" iMac would be neat.

    Mar 19, 01:41 PM
    The only usable iPod is the iPod Touch. The ClickWheel "interface" of the classic is a royal pain in the back when you have to navigate through thousands of titles.

    If you use a classic for a long time, you get very used to the click wheel and find navigation easy.

    My soon to be sister-in-law has had a classic since the third generation (currently uses a 5th gen and an iPhone). She has got so used to the click wheel, she can move around her library (which maxes out her 80 Gig drive) in seconds. It's amazing to watch!

    I guess it is like some people do not like touchscreen phones and would prefer to have a fiddly little keyboard to type messages than a virtual keyboard.

    My guess is that the classic will remain, but may get a touch interface, maybe even a virtual click wheel using a little bit of vibration to give some feedback.

    There is a chance that the next iPod Touch will have a 128 Gig option, but it will be at a high price. I always think there is a need for a cost effective hard drive based iPod. Even looking at the Keynote where the iPod was announced, SJ compared the price per song and at the time, dividing the purchase price of devices by the number of tracks they held (a bit meaningless, but does prove a point), Flash was at $10 / track and Hard Drive was at $0.30 per track.

    Doing those calculations of the various models of Touch and the Classic you get;
    (Based on 256 Kbps AAC)
    8GB Touch = $0.31 per track
    32 GB Touch = $0.08 per track
    64 GB Touch = $0.05 per track
    Classic = $0.01 per track

    So the classic is currently the king of affordable personal music storage, however flash memory prices have fallen faster than super compact hard drive prices so should Apple double the capacity and keep the same price points on the next refresh, you could see Touches at around $0.02 to $0.03, so not much in it!

    My last point is that no matter how much storage a device has, there will always be people who will want more. I know people who have music libraries that fill a 2 TB external drive! They have however encoded their old CD's at 512 Kbps, so can use the option to re-encode to 128 Kbps when they Sync. The solution here could be cloud based storage, but you would need a constant connection to the internet which would firstly require every device has more than just WiFi. Probably need the Kindle 3G type of solution. Secondly, it is not always possible to be connected (i.e. on flights, underground metro systems, etc) and thirdly, you'd be draining your battery!


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