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kissing games for girls only. facebook tags love.
  • facebook tags love.

  • dizastor
    Sep 6, 10:19 AM
    They all still have that big fugly chin. Headless conroe mac and new displays next tuesday?

    kissing games for girls only. She is still only 17. Bad Gal.
  • She is still only 17. Bad Gal.

  • Rafterman
    Apr 18, 05:56 AM
    Toys R' Us? I though they only sold video games!?

    The iPad is a toy. For grownups.

    kissing games for girls only. A kiss of passion
  • A kiss of passion

  • longofest
    Nov 6, 11:13 PM
    Wouldn't it be great if a graphics card appeared in these updates...?

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  • girls Kissing justin only

  • Diavilo1
    Sep 6, 08:21 AM
    very nice addition for sure. Wish i could see one right now! Only thing is, it still has the chin, i'm not complaining, just noticing.

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  • Hair Removal (Girls)

  • jaxstate
    Aug 29, 01:04 PM
    That's the image Apple is trying to put out there.
    You've got to admit, you kind of deserve that response, if you going to cite a commercial to back up your argument.

    And you and people like you represent how much of the population?
    I shall (briefly) ponder the wisdom of your words when I'm putting in a 10-hour day tomorrow on the Mac.

    Kudos to you. I could care less.
    I had a response all typed up and decided your original statement says more than I ever could to support my side of the argument.

    I'm pretty sure it was recent when Dell announced they would preload Linux on some of their computers.
    i think that that used to be the case, but no longer. back when w2k and xp was released, linux wasn't ?ready?. for experts, yes, but not normal folks. over the last two years that changed dramatically.. and over the last few years i have seen linux pop up in oddest places, like in an internet -terminals in hotels. previously they ran windows.

    looking at features, windows is way behind linux, vista included. and looking at apps, windows doesn't offer anything that linux doesn't, for free. well, maybe games.
    For all the features that Linux may have, it doesn't have the software support to be a major player right now. There are some nice programs, that I use everyday on my Linux box, but not nearly enough to replace my XP box at work.

    Well I think the phrase significantly improved is a opinion.
    It has value, but Apple doesn't buy OSX from itself. The point being, you get OSX when you buy a Mac, just as you get Windows when you buy an OEM PC. Some people seem to be finding a virtue in the latter but not the former, and a problem the fact that Apple has managed to significantly improve the OS five time in same span of years when Microsoft has managed it only once.

    kissing games for girls only. Only RM 29.99 lahcome on!
  • Only RM 29.99 lahcome on!

  • likemyorbs
    Apr 26, 02:44 PM
    I don't see how this comes as a surprise.

    Blacks lack a positive male figure; all of this rap and hip hop culture doesn't help them, gangs terrorizing otherwise calm neighborhoods with ignorance and loudness, old banged up Buicks and Chevys with stupid big rims, rattling trunks, etc

    They need a positive male figure to look up to or else these numbers will just end up higher.

    Again, WHY do they lack positive male figures? I'm trying to get down to the bottom of this. I know they have poverty in their communities, i know there is a lack of black men who take responsibility for children and knock women up one after another. It's not only poor black men that knock women up, filthy rich rappers do the same thing, so poverty has nothing to do with it. Only difference is rappers can afford to pay child support, even though they usually "sing" about not paying it. But i'm asking why it is like this. Is it a genetic thing or is it a cultural thing?

    I don't want to be viewed as a racist but rather a realist who takes factors into account, it's the sad truth

    By the things i have seen you say on these forums, you do come off as racist, an anti-semite, and a homophobe.

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  • +games+only+for+girls

  • NT1440
    Mar 29, 10:26 AM
    It's fascinating how quickly the Democrat party has turned into the party of war... trying to justify it legally and morally at every corner. It's almost as if their anti-war stance for the past 10 years was a complete farce, and was more anti-Bush than anti-war, anti-intervention. Now that Obama is at the helm, core philosophy no longer matters, consistent

    Yea, nothing to do with the fact that one of our wars was sold to the people under a complete and total (known) lie. That couldn't be anyone's basis for anger and resentment towards the war, it had to be a personal grudge against Bush.

    Seriously 5P, do you have any idea what goes on in reality? How many Dems were out there rallying against the Afghan war while Bush was in office (now that public opinion has flipped everyone wants to get out)? That was the "good" war, remember? Saying that the Dems are somehow anti-war is to ignore the history of this nation. Both parties are far more than willing to march to the drum beat of war when it is "in the nation's interest".

    Look at the Clinton doctrine for christs sake! It clearly states that it is the position of the USA that it can take unilateral military action anywhere in the world if US interests (or our allies, which pretty much leaves anything open) are threatened. It even specifically mentions using this clause to secure energy access.

    Talk all the BS rhetoric you want, but you clearly don't understand the policies of this country are and are little more than a pawn (most of us as well) in the carefully constructed Dems vs. GOP sideshow distraction.

    Can you point out any war in history that meets your ivory tower qualifications?

    All of them.

    The "interests" talking point is so incredibly open ended that literally any action can be considered in relation to it.

    Notice how no one ever presses Hillary or Obama (or any politician for that matter) specifically what "interests" they are talking about? The term is used specifically because of the wide open weasel room it provides, and this is well understood by the press who more than willfully participate in the charades.

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  • Konz
    Nov 12, 11:37 AM
    Where's the irony? :confused:

    kissing games for girls only. archeology only relevant
  • archeology only relevant

  • Fiveos22
    Oct 27, 03:47 PM
    Absolutely. I'm a bit surprised at all the misinformation (nobody is drilling a friggin' screw in your MacBooks, people).

    Is that the verdict on the screw issue?

    I had my Blackbook in twice and the second time they replaced the heatsink (no problems since) but other than a slightly warped battery, I have not noticed anyother cosmetic changes.

    If people are getting screwed they should post pictures (no pun intended). ;)

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  • Spotted at SMU: Couple kisses

  • OS X Dude
    Mar 14, 06:21 AM
    Can the laptop i7 processors self-overclock when possible?

    I think it's called Turbo Boost in the desktop processors.

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  • bieber gomez kissing. and

  • Lacasse
    Jan 11, 05:35 PM
    Thats a big expense and a very big risk. I dont think so.

    Apple has $15 Billion in Cash...and as a shareholder, (i'm not alone here) am a little upset that they're not doing anything with it. A billion or two won't kill them.

    Remember that the iphone is the most profitable product line that apple has. I think that they will continue this trend into the other products, however in order to do so, you must build the infrastructure. Apple will either buy out a current player in the wireless sector, or will slowly deploy their own network, slowly integrating existing products into it... convergence.

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  • Free Games for Girls

  • OllyW
    Mar 19, 05:46 AM
    Nice library, but do you need it with you at all times? I used to think I did, but I've found that I don't need 11,000 songs with me all the time. I have songs in my library I haven't listened to in years. Another reason why the iPod classic is dying, Apple, and iTunes, have made it very easy to manage the music you actually listen to, and add it to your iPod.

    Yes, I like to have it all with me.

    I listen to music for 9 hours a day when I'm at work and used to get frustrated with my old 60GB iPod photo because I only had half of my collection with me. I've had my 160GB classic since 2007 and I'm now down to my last 5GB of free space.

    A new 220GB classic in September would be perfect timing. :D

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  • Speedracer04
    Sep 12, 02:19 PM
    Just checked with the store and the only new iPod available with the promotion is the 30GB video, cant get the new nanos or the 80GB

    kissing games for girls only. her only regret is that it
  • her only regret is that it

  • Pallish
    Sep 4, 07:50 AM
    I just cancelled my MacBook+iPod-order... The folks at Apple couldn't say if the back to school-offer would still be valid if I switched iPods so I'm placing a new order on Tuesday so I can save 200 bucks on the iPod :)

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  • jonas kissing pics. selena

  • guez
    Aug 24, 04:21 PM
    I, too, have a number in the range affected but am getting turned down by the website. Interestingly, when I changed the last letter of the serial number I entered from "a" to "b," it was accepted! I am wondering whether in fact not all batteries in the range are being recalled and Apple is just doing a bad job of communicating (as someone on Macintouch suggested).

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  • Top Rated Games

  • Cooknn
    Aug 4, 08:01 PM
    The G5 cases were/are absolutely giant -- to accommodate the massive amount of airflow the G5 chip needed. With this Intel chip running much cooler, it shouldn't require the need of a giant case with huge heat sinks.I was thinking that myself. If it's just a retro fit with a bunch of wasted space it just won't be right for a pro box, IMHO.

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  • they played kissing games.

  • rjohnstone
    Apr 14, 01:26 PM
    I used to think the same way. 2 kids off to college, money is tight but I gave them each their choice of laptops:

    1.) kid#1 chose a Dell because she <gasp> liked Vista :eek:
    2.) kid#2 chose the plain old white macbook

    3 years later, guess which one is currently crap? Seriously, Kid#1 comes home one day, opens up her Dell and she's got 3 keys missing one of which is the Enter key - has no clue where they went. :D Also, the battery is lasting a full 20 minutes and the DVD drive is kaput. The damn thing creaks and moans more than my arthritic joints.

    Now, the lowly white macbook looks like it's been used as a door mat (which I polished up for kid #2 in about 5 minutes) but it works flawlessly.

    Really... don't rationalize the cost. Kids are tough on these things and you aren't always there to "learn 'em" how to handle them. A well built mac + Applecare is a pretty secure future for their learning experience.
    When my child hits college, she can have whatever she wants.
    She is 8 years old and in 2nd grade right now. Contrary to what her school thinks, she doesn't "need" a $1k+ laptop to work on what boils down to Word docs and web research.

    kissing games for girls only. It is only necessary to know
  • It is only necessary to know

  • aswitcher
    Mar 29, 02:43 AM
    WWDC 2003: PowerMac G5, iLife.

    WWDC 2004: 23 and 30 inch cinema displays, iTunes 4.9

    WWDC 2006: Mac Pro

    WWDC 2008: iPhone 3G

    WWDC 2009: iPhone 3GS, 13 inch MacBook Pro, and bumps to the 15/17 Pros.

    WWDC 2010: iPhone 4

    There is a lot of precedent for hardware and software announcements at WWDC, including a lot of stuff that doesn't directly impact developers. It's a big media event, and Apple saves on throwing two events close together in the summer by announcing things at WWDC.

    So iPhone 5 seems like a lock.

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  • No kissing games here,

  • SevenInchScrew
    Oct 2, 10:01 AM
    I'm really tempted to get this and go play it on my friends Xbox 360. I keep hearing a bunch of good things about. Some say it is even better than Halo 1. I wont know this till I try it as Halo 1 is my favorite out of the three but who knows, I might be very surprised!
    It is kind of hard to compare the two. Halo 1 was amazing for what it brought to the console gaming world. It was a fun world to explore and experience, along with being a very competent shooter. Reach is an amazing game, for other reasons. The new motion-capture for characters and cutscenes really works well, and makes them feel much more human than before. The facial animation, specifically, is excellent, and you get so much emotion and nuance in the cutscenes that Halo games could never do. But beyond all that, it is a very well paced game, with a great story, fun and varied gameplay, and tons of action. It 10+ years of "Halo" refined and condensed into one single experience, and is a very exciting ride.

    After all is said and done, I would rank them like this....

    1 - ODST
    2 - Halo: CE
    3 - Reach
    4 - Halo 3
    5 - Halo 2

    ....but there is a large gap between 3 and 4. I like Halo 2 and 3, but in my opinion, those other 3 games are miles better, not only from a story standpoint, but the gameplay as well. But on a whole, I've been very happy with the Halo series. Lots of ups and downs in the series and the stories within, but it has been blast playing through them.

    Apr 27, 06:41 PM
    Now if we can come to accept that they're are in fact a number of problems within the black community (at least in the United States, I'm not particularly well aware of whats going on in the UK). I think they're are a number of things that can be done to mitigate the problem.

    First Social Welfare Programs:

    We already have some of these and I'm not particularly well educated on what they provide but these are CRUCIAL. If you don't have a warm place to sleep and food to eat than your odds of being able to improve your situation are basically impossible.

    Greater Availability of Birth Control and Education About the Same:

    There is a reason that there are so many births happening out of wedlock in this community and you can bet it starts with people not using birth control or using it correctly. I would advocate for a greater availability of condoms and in particular the pill to just about anyone who wants it. No the pill doesn't stop the spread of STD's but I think it's a little more moment of total irresponsibility proof.

    It's damn hard to get your life together if you've got a kid and no support system at age 16. And that kid isn't going to have the best opportunities either. If we can significantly reduce the number of un-planned children being born I think we'll have taken a big step towards improving the quality of life in African American communities (immediately and 15 years down the road).

    Work With Community Leaders and Role Models

    The black community has a bit of an overabundance of role models preaching totally irresponsible behavior (violence, drug use, under age sex). Its no wonder that kids who lack good role models are so inclined towards these same behaviors.

    I think it might have an unexpectedly large effect on the black community of these role models could be convinced to change their tone, perhaps a bit less glorification of ****** behavior.
    Check out:

    Lupe Fiasco
    Brother Ali (though he's white)

    A couple of hip hop artists who are a bit more socially aware.

    I have a few more ideas but I'm tired of writing for now so I'll end this post.

    Mar 22, 06:33 AM
    Reading the reactions to iPod in 2001 were hilarious. It shows how far we've come in our trust of Apple, I'm not speaking as an expert. Now it seems like if Steve Jobs breathes we'll buy it. I am sad to see the iPod go I have 120gb and may have to upgrade before they go. I use every kb of mine.

    Mar 28, 08:34 PM
    Not being an American, I won't wade into Constitutional issues ...

    Obama is quite within his rights according to the War Powers Resolution ( ...

    The War Powers Resolution requires the president to notify Congress within 48 hours of committing armed forces to military action and forbids armed forces from remaining for more than 60 days, with a further 30 day withdrawal period, without an authorization of the use of military force or a declaration of war. The resolution was passed by two-thirds of Congress, overriding a presidential veto.

    Nov 7, 09:04 AM
    I have a question.... what time does Apple release things, like Cupertino time??? I believe I heard it was nine, and if it is, then we still got another two hours of waiting

    Sep 12, 01:57 PM
    I don't like the dark grey sliders.

    I DO! I hope the get rid of all the jelly bean sliders in leopard and replace them with these, much less intrusive.

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