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  • Nawlins
    Jul 26, 01:58 PM
    One other issue - I was importing some Nirvana songs, and the song and album titles were not coming up correctly as they were being imported. It would say "Track 01" instead of "Smells Like Teen Spirit." Nirvana is pretty common, and even though their albums are from the early 90's, I would expect iTunes to recognize the songs.

    Any thoughts?

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  • inkswamp
    Aug 7, 06:16 PM
    Anyone else remember those old rumors about how MS was buying VPC just to kill it off? I thought that was silly back then, but I'm wondering now. Considering how they sat on the thing for ages and never really did anything with it and now have caved at the first sign of competition, you have to wonder. They clearly were not very committed to keeping it going.

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  • rirawin
    Apr 7, 07:49 AM
    I'd pay these guys $500 if they could get this jailbreak out for the iPad 2 before May 13th.

    Yeah of course you would:rolleyes:

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  • holyindian
    Mar 30, 04:31 AM
    i0n1c has allready said his exploit has nothing to do with the ipad 2, however i do not see comex not releasing the 4.3 jailbreak tethered he has for it.


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  • mcmlxix
    Apr 4, 11:25 PM
    re: ThunderBolt:

    It means in the near future I'd be able get high speed disk transfers via a large external drive (or disk array) while still having a small, portable 13" MBA.

    Or another reason for TB is for high speed multi-media IO. DJs, musicians, entertainment presenters, etc would be all over this. I'm assuming that's what the poster who first brought up RB was alluding to...being on stage and in the dark and all.

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  • DunksNOnes
    Jun 22, 11:51 PM
    I might have to end up camping here if my BestBuy "pre-order" isn't fulfilled.

    anyone camping here for non-reservation? and anyone have an idea around what time they would be going?!

    lets meet up!

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  • gkarris
    Mar 14, 05:25 PM
    No, I'm pretty sure Apple canceled the Zune. :D

    Or you could say Nokia...

    The Zune will just live on in Windows Mobile Phones and Nokia will be leading the front.

    Zunes with phone capabilities... :eek:

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  • lloyddean
    May 3, 09:43 PM
    How much free space available on the boot drive, and what size drvie, before the paste operation?

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  • Garbag3man117
    Jan 17, 07:02 PM
    I've try'd Fake Operator and it didn't work. Any other ideas? I'm searching for a SpringBoard plist that might contain the string but haven't had any luck yet.

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  • maflynn
    Apr 18, 07:32 AM
    If you're a developer who needs to alter, update your code because of the new verision of OSX, its definitely worth it. If you're an apple fan wanting to play with the DP, then no its probably not worth paying the price for a developer's account with apple

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  • Kingsly
    Oct 21, 01:19 AM
    Blurred?! :eek: :confused: :rolleyes: :p

    If anyone wants to donate a MB and iMac I will gladly whip up a fresh batch of commercials! :)

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  • MacBytes
    Mar 22, 12:14 PM
    Category: Mac Websites
    Link: Guidedebook -- a website dedicated to preserving and showcasing as many Graphical User Interfaces as possible. (http://www.macbytes.com/link.php?sid=20040322131407)
    Posted on MacBytes.com (http://www.macbytes.com)

    Approved by arn

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  • balamw
    Apr 24, 02:18 PM
    I know it is jpeg data because the key in the plist is called "jpegphoto". And what I posted is just the beginning. I shortened it b/c that actual data is very long. Thanks!

    It could still be JPEG data, but without the JFIF/EXIF headers or with the headers later in the stream. If so you might have trouble interpreting it without necessarily knowing the image's dimensions, etc...

    Do you find 0xFFE0????4A46 anywhere in the stream?


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  • roadbloc
    Apr 17, 08:25 AM
    Okay, okay. You got me. I'm Carolyn. My alter ego. ;)

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  • jobberwacky
    Oct 12, 01:36 AM
    Plus, when it comes to numbers, there is no room for error.
    Excel truly is the standard in this case (actually doing a good job).
    You trust Excel? (Or for that matter Mesa or Google Spreadsheets?)

    Try this:
    In a new spreadsheet, give the cell A1 the value of 0.2
    In A2 enter the formula '=A1*6-1' (the calculated value will also be 0.2)
    Then copy this formula to A3 down to ca A40.

    For every cell you should get 0.2 as a result, since 0.2 (the result of the cell above) times 6 minus 1 is 0.2. Right?

    Right? Try it in Excel, try it in Mesa, try it in Google Spreadsheets.

    And then repeat after me:
    "I will never again blindly believe in spreadsheet calculations"

    [edit: corrected typo, thanks MrSmith! - repeat after me "I will never again blindly believe jobberwacky postings ;-)]

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  • dave420
    Apr 18, 03:30 PM
    You wont be waiting for the 6 if you upgrade now (regardless to iPhone 4 or 5), you'll be waiting for the 7.

    Some of us might. I like being eligible for yearly upgrades for AT&T, and I might finally start taking advantage of it.

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  • benhollberg
    Mar 16, 08:41 AM
    If your not here right now don't plan on coming down. People leaving the line because only 16 GB WiFi only black. Verizon all models in white and 32 GB black.

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  • Nsutton
    Jun 28, 12:09 PM
    Hmm I think Im gonna go with...

    Zelda Windwaker definitely and if I have enough money left (Im trying to save up to get an iphone..)
    Super Monkey Ball 1 or 2
    Mario Sunshine
    Paper Mario

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys!

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  • MmmPancakes
    Mar 29, 08:10 PM
    personally I would use that $40 to buy a small bluetooth dongle.... and few cups of starbucks.

    This has crossed my mind. I wonder if I'm OCD, though. The thought of that cable being detached, or not having functionality native to the Mini, drives me bonkers. I haven't ruled out a dongle, though.

    Sep 19, 04:00 PM
    I think that local connection is what they used - cool stuff. Is that in MX 2004 or the newest version?

    clayj - that works in the single flash object on your page - layers in the same main file. What local connection is doing is having two or more separate flash objects on a page among regular html text and images and communicating between them.

    DActually, I'm not talking about layers in the same SWF file... I'm talking about many different SWF files (my site has over 600 of them) all sending messages at each other telling each other what to do.

    Now, as far as that particular page goes, assuming that they're not loading all of the SWF files on top of a common "layer 0" SWF file like I am, then yes, the local connection thing would be the way to go.

    Mar 31, 07:41 AM
    If they don't keep FaceTime open to non-iOS mobile devices and non-OS X devices, FaceTime will be dead in the water if it isn't already.

    Royal Pineapple
    Aug 1, 01:21 AM
    Originally posted by arn

    It is supposed to be...

    In the next week or so, things should settle out for the long haul...

    well good luck, i cant wait till all is running smothly again;):D

    May 3, 12:43 AM
    Have you removed the mini from the UPS for a few hours to see if it's rebooting on it's own?

    I removed the UPS USB connection and the unit seems to have settled down (7 days without reboot).

    It no longer is getting communication with the battery backup (and so will not properly shut down at low battery), but this is much preferred to 4-5 times a day.

    I also have requested an electrician to check the main power to the sockets supplying power.

    Type "last" in the Terminal and press enter....

    Nice! - thank you!

    Apr 16, 08:59 AM
    does this work for time warner too?
    I don't have time warner to test it. Try it and let us know.

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