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  • jav6454
    Apr 11, 12:03 AM
    Carbon fiber is ok, lightweight, and non signal degrading.

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  • hulugu
    Dec 2, 03:28 PM
    What bothers me about this is that we now seem to have a huge number of professors and other self promoting (people) running around scaring people for what appears to be a number of odd reasons. This is about as real of a concern as the people making all the noise about global warming. Sure there are issues here, but it really looks like the efforts of people associated with theses scares are more about self promotion and self enrichment than anything else.

    Not a nice thing to say, but when you understand that some of the people involved in the global warming debate where a few years ago involved in the coming ice age debate you have to wonder about sincerity. I mean really what is the big deal here that a public announcement was need. Was it an issue of radio frequencies being trackable, something we have all known about for years, or the fact that the transmission was coded for identification?

    The point is if you have anything on you body that transmits radio energy you can be tracked. No surprise there. I'm also suspicious about their software, the unwillingness to publish said software may indicate that this is a elaborate dog and pony show.

    In the end I just think it is sad that people in the higher education systems of this country have nothing better to do than to scare people. You would think with all the long term economic issues we have they could find a little time to develop technologies that will push the economy forward. Instead energy is focused on items that go down the drain in a few months time.


    Someone's been reading Crichton's State of Fear.

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  • flat five
    Apr 29, 01:54 PM
    Simply brilliant.

    The funny thing is I've made all these jokes about Apple to the horror of the fanboys in other various threads and been attacked viciously! LOL

    you gotta work on your delivery ;)

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  • softpanther
    Apr 13, 01:04 AM
    Now combine this with some 3d boobies you can bounce around :D

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  • R.Perez
    Mar 16, 06:24 AM
    Australia has affordable quality healthcare. Well, probably like the British healthcare. Is that quality?

    Whether or not the UK has quality healthcare is up for debate. But what it does have is low cost and access.

    In my personal experience, and according to WHO rankings, France has the best healthcare in the world.

    Japan is ranked #10 according to the world health organization.

    The US is ranked #37 :eek: Most of that has to do with poor access. The wealthy get the best care, arguably in the world. Sucks for the bottom 95% though.

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  • bcharna
    Jul 12, 04:07 PM
    Bad move...

    Obviously, there is huge demand for cheaper Macs. Cheap doesn't equal bad!

    Mac minis should start at $399
    iMacs should start at $899
    MacBooks should start at $799
    MacBook Pros should start at $1499
    Mac Pros should start at $1499

    There is no reason this wouldn't work.

    Cheap does usually equal bad... for example, $399 is enough for a Mac mini with a Celeron processor, thats BAD!!

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  • nebulos
    Apr 29, 10:20 AM
    one awesome thing about the 12" PB, which i had for a while: it was square.

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  • Soulfly22583
    Mar 9, 04:06 PM
    Nice! I saw a Slightly Stoopid concert when they were up at one of the casinos here in Shreveport, Louisiana.

    They are hitting up a few places in Texas soon. Might want to check it out.

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  • Ateace3
    Jan 10, 01:47 AM
    Can you share that Finder icon and whatever set it might have come from? Thanks!

    This site has a bunch of them.

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  • bep207
    Sep 12, 12:20 PM
    isnt 24 hour battery life pretty notable

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  • zac4mac
    Oct 22, 12:17 PM
    I think Apple may be moving to fix the "scratching issue". Anybody here have a new nano?

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  • iJawn108
    Nov 13, 08:07 PM
    Yeah I think I got the same ridiculously loud noise. I followed the instructions that said hold the power button down until the sleep light started flashing and then this huge "BEEP" came out of the laptop and I jumped backward.
    yup thats what im talking about. :eek: :confused:.......................:D

    was my reaction lol

    I think we most likely held it down too long.

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  • xStep
    Apr 14, 03:34 PM
    I wonder if someone like me could use it?

    If you have an Apple store near by, go in and play with it after it is released.

    As much as this 'looks like' iMovie Pro, it is high end software which requires a degree of commitment. In other words, a learning curve you have to buy into.

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  • zweigand
    May 4, 12:41 PM
    Battery Life+ please.

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  • Peterkro
    May 1, 04:24 PM
    Monday 29 June 2009 14.45 BST - Nearly 2 years ago.

    Also, I'm not talking about refugees. Also, my Auntie and Uncle both work for the social housing department for Bristol city council. I've heard terrible stories. British people, who are pretty much homeless, getting put down the bottom of the list for a priority newly legal immigrant who has 8 kids, etc. The british people who also have kids. We're afraid of upsetting people. Therefore we leave our own to stuffer, and help others. Also it's good in the last few years charities are now paying to home illegal immigrants, etc.

    Also see this part "newly arrived migrants were being given priority for scarce social housing over British-born families", still a massive debate on going about this. This is STILL happening.

    Unless you are suggesting something has changed in the last two years what has the date of the article got to do with it,if it has changed please supply a source(no your relatives won't do).If you insist on presenting your personal prejudices as fact this discussion will go nowhere.I'm still waiting for a source for the 800000 people who can work but don't by the way.

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  • Squintz
    Aug 17, 05:02 PM
    That should be "hand" as in a poker hand, not "hat." I can't even think of how "hat" would make sense. :D

    Haha, darn, I thought I might be the first one to mention that. And Lion's gate "tipping off" about the itunes movie downloads... does that mean the basketball game has begun? :) I think for "tips off" to be used correctly, it needs an object noun. For instance, Lion's Gate tips off the media. The diction used here kind of confused me.

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  • basesloaded190
    May 4, 09:52 AM
    Thanks for the answer

    Is there a reason why they're sticking with mobile RAM and GPU? Is it part of some Eco power saving strategy, or is there a different reason?

    My guess for GPU would be size and heat. If you can see, there is very little wiggle room for anything else in an iMac.

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  • I WAS the one
    Apr 12, 12:34 PM
    I got boxee, that made me put my Apple TV to my moms entertainment center... Sorry Apple, but sometimes you just need Boxee... (netflix, vudu, Navi-X and many more!....)

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  • bousozoku
    Jan 18, 12:55 PM
    maybe they will release leopard and ilife at the sametime :) would not be this month tho...

    If they do something like that, I'd expect that iLife and iWork '07 won't work with Tiger and that would be a shame.

    It seems that Apple push us enough to upgrade already by not fixing things properly.

    Oct 25, 02:48 PM
    Why would anyone with half an ounce of common sense buy the 750GB HD from Apple directly for the Mac Pro for a $399 upgrade for the first one and then $599 for each additional one when you can just buy a new one (or two or three) from Fry' for $159 each (! Shipping is $9. I can see if you don't want to take apart the imac to put a new drive in, but the Mac Pro has to be the easiest computer to add a HD to! I am all for good technology but i am loyal to my wallet not increasing apples profits by 3 fold per hard drive. And why can't these Mac Pro's have Hardware RAID controllers?!

    Who says they cannot?

    Aug 20, 02:38 PM
    What is folding? No really. What is it?

    Sep 12, 11:37 AM
    Same here. I'm on XP Pro.

    sad :(

    Nov 11, 05:10 AM
    Move is also pricey, but has the slight advantage of being a scalable system.

    Not really scalable. You need a game, you need the camera + move controller. And to be honest you need the nunchuck if you want to play something like resi-evil as it's impossible to do so holding standard controller in one hand.

    Kinect also feels more of a quality product compared to my glowing dildo controller and it'sy plastic camera. The way move is motorised and moves itself to get you in shot - the bulk and weight of the device actually do scream of genuine quality. I was taken back by it as I was expecting Toy and got high tech gadget.

    But you are right it's down to games. Best game on Move for me is Tumble (and because it's 3D on top of move enabled means it really feels different even if the premise is so simple)...

    At least from my own experience I can say Kinect launch games are certainly more tailored to the device initially, but for me the only game I can see myself playing beyond parties is Dance Central and that's mostly to keep fit.

    I can't see any hardcore games for it - but you never know.

    Jul 13, 11:10 AM
    Can you really still order it with just an edu account?

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