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  • ken1964
    Mar 10, 08:37 PM
    I've never been to an Apple launch day before and have no idea of when I should get there. I'd like to wait in line but still have to work tomorrow morning. When is a good time to start waiting?

    I am Meeting Ben Now to pitch a tent, He said 3 People in line at this time, So as soon as you can.


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  • bigandy
    Jan 18, 05:24 AM
    this would be rather cool, especially if you can hook anything remote in to it, like ip cams... :o

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  • someoldguy
    Mar 8, 06:34 PM
    By all means get the polarizer and use it . It'll cut glare off the water and , if you go walking around the open , 'ponded' areas of Lox. it'll darken up the sky nicely and bring up any clouds . Hat and sunblock are also a good idea if you're like me and sunburn easily.

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  • Telekom
    Oct 8, 01:28 PM
    I still can't believe you lot in the USA have gone for yet another incompatible-with-the-rest-of-the-world frequency for your 3G network meaning that anyone coming to the USA won't be able to use your 3G network and your 3G iPhones will be about as useful as a one legged dog outside the USA.

    It's interesting that the T-Mobile guy thinks that the prime use for 3G in the USA will be email and other user generated content and not music though. Personally the last thing I want is content rich email on my mobile phone.

    Well, our "lot" didn't have much choice in the matter. North Americans didn't choose a different frequency spectrum for their mobile communications out of "spite" or just to be different. We couldn't use 900 or 1800 Mhz because it was already in use by services that could not be moved. Likewise for the frequencies used for 3G there was no choice there either. Why it is that people automatically assume that people in North American do things just for spite is beyond me.

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  • markgodley
    Jan 11, 05:39 PM
    Thanks for your reply.

    Is it possible to change the band? i've had a look on my router but cant find anything.

    it just says:
    wireless mode: n/g/b
    band width: 20/40mhz

    Im using a dlink DIR-615

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  • chrono1081
    May 4, 08:05 PM
    Oh now I really screwed it up. I deleted my default search paths since that was one solution I saw online (and it broke my program) and now I can't insert the old search paths back in :(

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  • zap2
    Dec 11, 06:51 PM
    wat kind of iPod

    (i know 20Gbs) but what Gen?(

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  • PhoneyDeveloper
    Apr 16, 05:25 PM
    I haven't seen that kind of output before but I haven't been using LLVM. I believe that it's essentially an internal compiler error. There's something about your source code that it can't compile and has caused it to give up.

    You haven't successfully changed the compiler since you're still seeing this error. There are two places that the compiler can be set, at the target level and at the project level. If you set it differently in both places the target level setting will be used. In most cases you don't want to set it at the target level and only set it at the project level.





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  • MrLatte23
    Apr 12, 11:54 PM
    Any reason to keep it? It'll just use up power while generating heat and noise.

    I previously had 4 DVI out's, three for the desktop and used the 4th for my HDTV when watching content from Hulu, Miro and within iTunes or via Front Row.

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  • Telekom
    Oct 9, 11:29 PM
    This is a total no-brainer. T-Mobile doesn't have it's own network, it rents its airtime from Cingular...

    Excuse me... what planet did you say you lived on? T-Mobile has always had their own network. At one time they shared infrastructure with cingular in California and Nevada and T-Mobile shared their metro NYC market with cingular.

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  • puma1552
    Feb 24, 08:47 AM
    How the hell do I get a rar file to work? I DLed it and it opened with VLC which does nothing.


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  • Soura2112
    Apr 19, 02:30 PM
    Does anyone here have a high end camcorder with a built in 5.1 mic? If so does it really sound good? Being a new technology on camcorders under $1,200 Im curious if you really get a nice 5.1 sound. Obviously I'm not making Star Wars, nor awesome battle scenes with sound flying everywhere, but I like the idea if it really caught a jet going by or whatever sound would cross me. Love the idea cause I was with laser discs when AC-3 5.1 came out during my laser disc days and can't wait to see how it actually works once done editing without much sound tweaking as a test.

    I dont really trust those who work on commission at Frys and Best Buy does not know my sound questions, just simple picture questions nor do they know how FCP works and other Mac questions. Why I come here to ask for honest answers.

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  • Eraserhead
    Mar 7, 02:17 PM
    And there is PAYE (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PAYE) in the UK.

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  • Corsair.Noir
    May 1, 08:26 PM
    Tried updating to the latest OS. It failed and itunes says iPad needs to be restored. Tried restoring and get error code (-1). tried restoring again. It goes through the restore process, completes, then says it needs to be restored (as if that's not what I just did). So I try again and get error code (-1)

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  • Intell
    Jan 11, 06:53 PM
    The D-Link DIR-615 is 2.4Ghz only. One thing you could try is making the bandwidth just 20Mhz. It might change somethings. I've found that my own DIR-615 has range issues when it come to speed. Whether I'm far from it, connected via wire, or right next to it.

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  • Daringescape
    Oct 12, 10:30 AM
    Pages on my G4 ibook and even on my G5 dual 2ghz with a gig of ram is ridiculously slow - like molasses. If this spreadsheet program is this slow I will never use it.

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  • ZRD
    May 6, 10:47 AM
    I think you'll be fine with the i5, I would go with the 3.1 GHz over the 2.7 GHz though.

    And given that you mentioned you're waiting for it to come to Israel...I'm going to guess the person downgrading your posts is someone who doesn't like Israel.

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  • stefmesman
    Mar 15, 01:21 PM
    so. i have just moved all my photos into aperture and cleaned up the mess i had. now my question is. Where does aperture leave your photos? does it use reference files? or does it make copies? Is it safe to delete photo's from my main harddisc without screwing my photo organisation up?


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  • Stan Mikulenka
    May 6, 10:00 PM
    Hi 0815,
    it's just a warning - this is my SSD:

    Mar 11, 01:07 PM
    I plan on getting to SLC by 3, 3:30 at the latest. I fear that that won't be good enough though.

    Keep the best buy updated, because I might hit that up. If not, I just may go to my local Simply Mac store, that is, assuming they have enough stock.

    I'll be getting the white 32gb wifi model. What about everyone else?

    Apr 7, 12:22 AM
    Does anyone know if such instructions exist for the Time Warner TV app?

    May 31, 01:22 AM
    Hi. I need some help with a malfunctioning color stylewriter 2500. Whenever I try to make a test page, it just passes through the printer without printing anything. I've already replaced the ink cartridges. Any ideas?

    Has this problem just occurred or did you dis-assemble the beast and this problem began after re-assembly?

    There are cams that need to be aligned together on the rear paper feed tray for things to happen correctly.

    You might also want to pay attention to the paper feed sensor which might be telling the machine that paper is "permanently" loaded. The logic here is that the printer is trying to eject the paper it "sees" when turned on before loading a new sheet to perform a self test, but because the paper feed sensor is jammed it's as if the paper never leaves the printer.

    Does that make sense?

    EDIT: I should ask, does it sound like it's printing? IE, does the printe head carriage move left to right or does it just feed the paper only?
    Jaguar XJ13 picture (http://www.ford-wiki.com/wiki/Jaguar_XJ13)

    Anonymous Freak
    Jun 22, 01:36 AM
    Decide the minimum YOU are willing to part with it for.

    Set that as the minimum bid, no reserve. The market will decide how much it is worth. Maybe pick a "pie in the sky" (yet possible) Buy-it-now price.

    For example, if I was selling my Macintosh 128K (which I'm NOT, you can't have it even AFTER prying it from my cold dead hands,) I would put it on with a minimum bid of $250 (what I paid for it,) and a Buy-It-Now of $1000.

    Ridiculously high starting bids cut down on the early bidders; and reserves cut down on the mid-term bidders. When you cut down on bidders at all, you cut down the maximum price. (For all but the ultra-rarest of items, where it'll go for insane amounts no matter what price you put, like an Apple I.)

    Apr 18, 10:21 AM
    Do you guys think that the iPhone 5 will have 4G? That could be another selling point.

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