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  • ryanasimov
    Mar 25, 12:49 PM
    Same here! It's an "Apple" product with a "666"MB OS...anyone else thinking that's strangely close to a story with a snake in a garden? Haha. Kinda interesting.

    They like that number; the original Apple I cost $666.66. :)

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  • Manic Mouse
    Sep 6, 09:57 AM
    I will leave your personally offensive remarks aside, suggesting instead that you get a transvestite, oops, Dell PC, dude. I am sure you can find a better desktop in their highly confusing webshop. As for Gisele Buendchen, she stays on our side, thanks a lot... :rolleyes:

    Just calling a spade a spade, Mr Lawyer. You made a comment that was a lie. The iMac is NOT the "most powerful desktop in the world". Not by a long shot.

    If you don't want people to say you're full of crap then don't talk crap. Simple as.

    Where else would you sit your iMac?

    You know what I mean! :p

    What do people buy if they want desktop performance? Apple currently offer NOTHING with desktop performance, it's either mobile or workstation.

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  • Jason Beck
    Mar 4, 05:17 PM

    Forgot to mention this was the first shoot with my new speedlight. Decided to get one rather than upgrade to a fullframe (few more months :) ). Still loving this little Rebel XS.

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  • realeric
    Apr 12, 12:08 PM
    If Apple manufactured their products in the US, the iPhone would probably cost $999 with a 2-year contract and the iPad would probably cost $1599 for the 16GB model.

    When you have to pay someone $12 an hour to work an assembly line and pay for benefits and payroll taxes, that raises costs a lot to a country where you can pay 75 cents per hour and benefits like health insurance cost $5 a month rather than $500.

    A 25-page document isn't necessary and the law would be dumb. All that it takes is for someone to take a basic economics course.

    Americans who complain about jobs leaving overseas need to realize that when they go shopping they need to put their money where their mouth is. Everyone pays lip service to "made in the usa" but when they look at the price tags in the store they buy made in china!

    The thing to watch here is if the quality improves when production is done in Brazil. If the production quality is the same or better, that's good news for consumers.

    Why? Samsung has manufactured their products in Korea. Their employees get more pay and benefits than average Americans. iPhone could be $615 vs $599 but I can pay a little more for iPhone assembled In USA.

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  • Dragomer
    Apr 17, 01:05 PM
    I was in my local Asheville BB last night and they had 0 physically in stock. I was first in the line of about 20 at BB this morning and they had 2 each of the 32 and 64gb ATT and Verizon ipads, but no wifi only. Since i have an Iphone 4 I couldn't care less about the 3g ones.

    The reservation thing is just total BS if you ask me. Give us $100 bucks so we can let you know whenever they come in. No thanks guys I'll pass. Great way to piss a lot of people off though!

    I ran into a few people who saw it on macrumors though so that was cool at least.....

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  • JBot
    Aug 9, 10:46 AM
    Yeah, but their presentation was extremely poor. If it was to show that ANY system could be hacked, why choose a set up that is EXTREMELY improbable and unlikely? It weakens their case and encourages folks to dismiss them.
    How come it is extremely imporbable and unlikely?
    They presented there script against a mac because the mac strives on the claim that they are the safest pc out there.
    They said in there interview they targeted the mac because they hate the commercials.

    Explain how that makes there presentation poor.

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  • kbonnel
    Aug 10, 02:23 PM
    Do Configure-To-Order Macs ship from overseas, or from within the United States? Or does it depend on what it chosen as one's configuration?

    My standard config from the apple store indicates on the box that it was assembled in China.


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  • Zadillo
    Aug 8, 11:30 AM
    I have to descent from the mass and say I was not impressed by the Keynote. What the hell is with Safari still having the brushed metal interface, as well as the finder, etc...

    I thought they were finally going to get rid of that and get some consistency in their GUI. :mad:

    Did you stop to think for just a second that Apple is not showing the new Finder yet, and that the Finder included with Leopard right now is the Tiger one?


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  • brepublican
    Sep 13, 09:44 AM
    really. that's awesome! If you don't mind me asking how much did the 8GB come out to after the education discount?
    Yes please do tell. The online edu store is not showing the usual discount...

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  • baryon
    Mar 20, 09:52 AM
    WOW! Guys please go and read the 10-year old forums, it's amazingly fun!

    There are comments like:

    "I still can't believe this! All this hype for something so ridiculous! Who cares about an MP3 player? I want something new! I want them to think differently!
    Why oh why would they do this?! It's so wrong! It's so stupid!"

    It's totally like any other new product announcement today :D

    On topic: I think Apple has some amazing ideas, but also that they don't hesitate to ditch them for something new if they think it's better. I think this is the only way to evolve in today's world. Most companies stick to their traditional stuff and keep pushing it even if it's not as good as it could be, just because it was some great idea they had many years ago. Apple has absolutely no respect for tradition and will always be the first to replace one of their best inventions with something totally different. I find this admirable and dangerous at the same time, but so far it had worked great for them.

    While many people will still stick to traditions, Apple won't. Rationally, the click-wheel has no real advantage over a touch screen. It's slower to navigate a menu if you have to scroll through it, rather than just press whatever you like. Yes, it is awesome and you got used to it and it looks nice, but Apple won't care for that. It's good and bad at the same time.

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  • arkmannj
    May 5, 12:13 AM
    blah, I don't want to chew through my data plan, and wait for the update to download with over the air updates.
    I'd be happy if I could just do them over my own WiFi... and sync over WiFi while I'm at it.

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  • THX1139
    Nov 8, 09:02 AM
    I wouldn't get the black. I had one, and it looked great fresh from the box, but looked old and tired 30 minutes later with grease marks all over it. Stick with the white as the smooth plastic finish doesn't show marks and is easier to clean.

    Or maybe just wash your hands when you're done eating fried chicken?

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  • LastZion
    Mar 15, 09:20 AM
    If you don't absolutely NEED it, practice a little self-control and wait. You'll regret you order if you place it and the new MBPs come out next weeek.

    I've been hearing that storey for over 2 months now

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  • rovex
    Apr 26, 11:01 AM
    I don't know the answer to question one, but the answer to the second question is yes. On top of that, the rate of conviction of blacks is higher.

    If you are applying this to the UK, you are bang on wrong.

    Eastern Europe and southern US, you may have a point.

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  • Chundles
    Nov 8, 08:15 AM
    Bloody Aussie store's still down. Lazy good-for-nothings, hurry up!

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  • idkew
    Mar 22, 02:03 PM
    I just bought a used 160GB iPod Classic last week. Having my entire music library in my car at all times: Priceless.

    same thing here, but replace weeks with months.

    i wish they'd come out with a cheaper deal made to interface with car stereos that has no screen, but hundreds of gigs of space. no inputs even. just a rest button and usb connector.

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  • blunderboy
    Jul 6, 02:05 AM
    I doubt it. While multitouch is practical for handheld devices, it isn't for desktop computers. The idea just isn't ergonomically sound, and doesn't seem like the kind of thing Apple would do. iOS is pretty good for what it is�a simple, stripped-down interface that allows people to interact with handheld devices. It's not a replacement for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux distributions, or other desktop operating systems, and it would be foolhardy for Apple to conflate the two.

    I know that I personally would be pretty annoyed if Apple decided to make all its operating systems identical to iOS�I think there's a time and a place for multitouch, and a time and a place for desktop operating systems. God forbid iOS and Mac OS X merge.

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  • macfan881
    Sep 14, 12:43 AM
    Just Came back 10 min ago

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  • cardjoseph
    Aug 24, 06:57 PM

    I wish you had read my post a little more closely. I did not go through with the exchange process because the form did not accept my serial number as is. I had changed the last letter to see if it would accept something else.

    Regardless of that, I will wait til an appropriate time to call or try online again with my serial number. No doubt it will work later either online or on the phone.

    Mar 6, 03:26 PM[/URL]

    Great shot. I feel I'm there, in that scrum (and I know how painful that is)...

    Yup... really beautiful...

    That's got to be very old: Britain is still attached to the rest of Europe...

    Apr 2, 02:25 PM
    A good photographer can take brilliant photographs with a disposible camera, a bad photographer will still take rubbish photographs with a top end DSLR. :)

    So true, there is always a person in every photo.

    The photographer....

    Sep 12, 01:57 PM
    Going through all the Free TV Show episodes I haven't yet seen and redownloading them in 640x480.

    I love every bit of this new iTunes... well except for the annoying fact that all the store views now scroll horizontally.

    Apr 14, 11:45 AM
    Sad part is, as adoption will viruses/malware/trojans/etc.

    Best analogy Ive heard is:

    Windows 7 is a house with bars on the windows, and industrial locks on the Baltimore.

    OSX is a house with no locks, in the middle of nowhere.

    You haven't been to Baltimore lately!
    Middle of Nowhere is just south of the interstate and is beautiful.

    News flash, Macs are popular and plentiful and still have no Viruses.
    Don't you worry about the future. It will get here and it will be fine.

    Windows users, be afraid, be very afraid.

    Aug 8, 06:34 AM
    Several members have voiced their disapproval over the Mac Pro's exclusion of Front Row and Photo Booth. However, Jobs did say that 10.5 would include "the complete package." He then went on to say that Boot Camp, Front Row, and Photo Booth would be included in the OS. So my question is this: How will one use Front Row on the new Mac Pro?


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