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  • Martin C
    Oct 27, 08:25 AM
    The line went to the corner and around the block to the intersection of 58th Street and Madison Avenue.
    Some pictures:

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  • Night Spring
    Apr 17, 05:36 PM
    Not in front of my computer right now, but somewhere in iTunes Preferences, either in "General" or "Devices," there is a setting for preventing automatic backups. That should allow you to skip the backup, which seems to be what is keeping your upgrade from completing. Ideally, of course, we should try to figure out what is hanging your backups, but unfortunately, I'm out of ideas about how to fix that.

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  • supermac96
    Jan 9, 07:43 AM
    You didn't mention your Cydia version; I will assume it is 1.0.3222-73. This is a long shot, but you might try installing the newer version of Cydia, 1.0.3366-1, to see if that helps. You can get it here:
    You would need to use SSH to put this on your iPhone, somewhere like /var/stash. Then you would navigate to the .deb file in iFile, tap it and select Installer from the menu.
    The problem with cracked apps, aside from the piracy aspect, is that you would never really know what you are getting.
    By the way, that "essential upgrade" was like a month ago wasn't it? And your Cydia apparently was working for a while after that. Did you install that Icy app? I tried that and found it was making the AppStore act funny and I had to get rid of it. I never saw a problem with Cydia, but maybe because I never actually installed much of anything with Icy.

    i actually downloaded it in safari download thing on my ipod and installed it in ifile and now it works!

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  • flipperfeet
    Oct 25, 10:11 AM
    Damn. Exactly what I was going to say... down to the letter. So I shall repeat with different words to those listening:

    Apple makes pennies on the iTMusicS (the story might be different for shows and games). Some people want to own an iPod, but don't want to pay iTS store prices or use their $0.99/song, end of story, model. Solution: buy mp3, d/l mp3 illegally, buy FairPlay elsewhere. With exception of Real Harmony, the last option has not existed.

    Where Apple makes the money is iPod sales. HUGE money. However, Apple can't promote the three aforementioned options outright, not when it has the largest FairPlay (and altogether) legal music d/l store on the 'net. So the only thing they can do is not dissuade people from using the other options... forcefully, at least. All I remember Apple saying about Real Harmony was "they're hackers with questionable methods," or something like that.

    As Mr. Green said, the only risk I would see is if others tried to make a FairPlay compatible "mp3" player. I wouldn't see it going places unless sync'd with iTunes or a different phenominal jukebox. Thus, Apple likely writes that possibility off as someone else "pulling a Zune."

    hehe. We don't even know how the zune will do in reality but we love to pick on it here. I must be on a Mac Forum. :p


    Wow! "Does not make more than a few pennies." I do not think either of you appreciate the power of small numbers, when multiplied by millions of transactions and time. Soap companies have understood this for several hundred years, clearly Apple understands it as well. The individual unit profit on iPods is clearly higher, but each iPod sold acts as a multiplier of where the real money is made. What a dream to earn just one half of one cent of every iTunes purchase. If globally they sell a million songs a day, I'd receive $5k a day or $1,825,000 a year.

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  • Jerry Spoon
    Dec 31, 01:18 PM
    Nice way to start out the new year....fresh look. I think I like it.

    Thanks for all you do on this site Arn.

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  • yellow
    Oct 24, 05:52 PM
    Exciting.. now if only the Finder got it's "plumbing" re-routed. :rolleyes:

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  • Zeov
    May 1, 02:41 PM
    Ello' guys and garls'!

    So, my beloved MacBook Air "13 Ultimate (2.13GHz / 4GB / 25GB) Fans go crazy whenever i watch flash, for example i watch CTFXc (like 12 mins videos) and the fans are kicking in almost instantly and keep spinning until a few minutes after i stop watching the videos.

    Now, this problem weren't that bad when i got it, that was around january, back then the weather was a lot colder outside than it is now.

    January = -15 to -5 C

    Now = 10 to 26 C

    I have no idea if it's the weather (:D) but that's my theori.

    Is this normal or what? when i feel it, it doesn't feel that warm, like my MacBook Pro does for instance.

    Hope you guys can help.

    Hope you had a nice weekend.:apple:

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  • andreas79
    Nov 2, 09:14 AM
    mine,back to minimal :)

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  • hyperpasta
    Oct 24, 05:51 PM
    I never really understood resolution independence. Can someone explain it in layman's terms?

    A screen is made up of little dots called "pixels". A button is, say, 35 pixels wide. I just made that number up, but just pretend.

    As screen technology advances, more pixels get crammed in per square inch, making for sharper graphics. Unfortunately, buttons would still be 35 pixels long. Everything would get smaller.

    Resolution Independance means that the size of stuff on the screen does not shrink as more dots are added - instead, they simply become sharper, staying their existing sizes.


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  • Hrududu
    Jun 21, 07:40 PM
    Start the bidding at $100 and see where it goes. People love original 1st and 2nd get iPods. I know I've seen some used 5GB models sell for about that and they were a little rough. Otherwise I would just recommend watching some similar ones on eBay to see what the auctions end at.

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  • jemh8
    Apr 28, 05:52 PM
    It was the perfect solution!! Thank you so much, first I connect the display, once my Apple LED Cinema becomes the main and only monitor, I open the lid of my MBP(with out clicking on Detect Display, and the MBP is "inactive") so the vents can cool down the laptop, I could play perfect for hours!

    Thank you

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  • DeSnousa
    Sep 13, 01:13 AM
    Ummm ... macromedia.com ?

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  • Littleodie914
    Feb 20, 02:27 PM
    man fsck (http://www.hmug.org/man/8/fsck.html)
    Everytime you start your Mac, there's a little spinning wheel. That's the fsck being done automatically for you.Wow, I didn't know that. Is that all it's doing, or is it also performing other system functions?

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  • skinned66
    Apr 14, 02:36 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Do you know by any chance on how swapping sims work withe official unlock? Do you have to connect to iTunes every time and new sim is inserted or can you just swap sims on the fly?

    On-the-fly should work fine.

    Once it's officially unlocked the phone itself shouldn't care what SIM you put in it; when you do re-connect to iTunes and it sees your IMEI that you're white-listed it shouldn't even do any "activation" verification besides check for available carrier bundle updates based on your SIM at the time.

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  • Advance The Man
    Mar 17, 12:31 PM
    Ilife should be on the grey disc that came from apple as well as os x. Do a clean install from that then upgrade to tiger.

    Good to hear iLife is likely on that disc. I do not know how to do a 'clean install'. Does this delete all my data off the hard drive? That's my goal.

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  • gkarris
    Mar 8, 04:26 PM
    In fact, I may start camping outside the Sony store now, just so I can be the first... :p

    Here we go... :eek:

    LOL.... you win "Post of the Day"... ;)

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  • iStudentUK
    Apr 5, 10:38 AM
    Looked at MacBook air last week. First time hands on. It is a work of art.

    Yep, it is beautiful and now cheaper. Flash memory is great for that kind of device. No wonder it is selling more. I've seen more or the new airs than any of the old ones.

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  • funguyom
    Aug 7, 07:12 PM
    i think microsoft should open source virtual pc, and give it to the community to port. :-) what will become of it?

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  • swarmster
    Apr 15, 10:47 AM
    Well, I see for me, some one who isn't going to buy an extra device to play portable games (my iphone has enough games I like, and not just the stupid little angry bird type games, stuff like old rpgs (and some new designed for the phone) and racing games) good and bad in this.

    Good in that it may tempt more of the bigger developers to make stuff for my device (like Square has made quite a few games now though many of it is old games redone but hey, they're still fun :) , Capcom has some though in general I don't think Capcom has gotten the hang of making good iphone games, not as impressed with their stuff, we have Gameloft as well).

    Bad in that the stuff that is encouraging people to move over is the angry bird type games and that it appears to make the more in depth stuff isn't as profitable. So in the long run we may not see as many games come out that are profitable.

    Already it is sad when you look at the console market a lot of games are just games based on popular movies and not much innovation (cause the games based on the movies make the money and stuff like Okami and more innovative stuff gets ignored). I remember when I was reading an article complaining about how that was the trend in games (it happened to movies too once blockbusters came out. Movie studios were more interested in making blockbusters than unique movies, basically finding a formula that worked and sticking with it rather than trying anything different).

    I think in terms of portable games, whether on smartphones or not, the market will produce what people want to play. I think in the portable market specifically (very different from the console market, as much as Sony wants to pretend people want to play full console-style games on the go), there is more demand for quick pick-up-and-put-down games, particularly ones with some depth, addictiveness, and significant content, which we're seeing more and more of.

    At the same time, more 'serious' games like Square's releases and the recent Death Rally, and many others seem to be doing well enough that people looking for that kind of content shouldn't be too worried. I just wouldn't expect, say, a full-blown Assassin's Creed or similar console game, because those are console games. I don't think nearly enough people want that kind of experience on a phone to justify the cost.

    As for most console games being licenced garbage these days, I would point out that has always been the case, back to the NES/SNES days. People only remember all the good games because, well, that's all people remember.

    Sep 13, 07:11 AM
    OF course you do - need to repurchase. Do you really expect Apple to give away higher resolution content to those that already have the 320x versions?

    If so, you need a reality check. Really.

    You have posed a question and not provided an answer, merely a remark questioning my understanding of reality.

    I provided a response to a member's question - do you need to repurchase? The answer is, for me at least, yes. I suggested, perhaps too forcefully, that I did not appreciate this requirement.

    This is a very 'real' issue. If broadband uptake and speeds continue to rise, and consumer acceptance of digital media increases, than higher quality content will be more readily demanded and easier to supply. However, if quality enhancements are too quick, and a consumer must repurchase his or her entire collection (or favourite parts of) too regularly than disatisfaction is felt. It is felt in the frustration of having to spend more time and money re-downloading something that a consumer perceives he or she already owns.

    How can Apple avoid this. One is communication of value. The problem with this approach is that it is very subjective - a consumer could heavily discount the quality enhancement when compared to the additional time and money spent. In other words, a consumer values his or her time and money more than the quality. Another is discounting; that is, offering discounts to those customers who already own the pre iTunes 7.0 versions. This is still subjective, but offers a consumer something tangible (dollars saved).

    Dec 9, 03:33 PM
    The iPad 2 and iPhone 5 are still iPads and iPhones. Why would they get a separate forum anyway?

    Jan 21, 12:30 PM
    I just picked up an HP LP3065 and I'm not looking back! :)

    Sep 2, 03:21 PM
    I think that would be the way forward. I don't have time myself to implement it though

    Oct 24, 05:08 PM
    One of the things that bugs me quite a bit in tiger is the video mirroring - it always runs at the native resolution of the lower-res display, presumably now with this new feature this won't matter, and both displays can be run at their native resolutions whilst still being mirrored?

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