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  • SactoGuy18
    Apr 12, 06:12 AM
    I'm excited Steve is on board for this book. I just hope it isn't because he is dying and wants to approve of his own book before he dies.

    I really do hope that this biography by Isaacson doesn't end up being Jobs' epitaph, too. :(

    Jobs' amazing vision changed the way computers were designed and pioneered the graphical user interface for home computers, totally changed the music industry, totally changed the cellphone industry and now becomes the first company to make a viable tablet computer (one wonders what would Alan Kay--who created the Dynabook concept--would say about the iPad).

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  • shelterpaw
    Aug 3, 12:44 PM
    Tiger added Widgets, which have surely been revolutionary...

    I remember when WWDC last happened and Steve Jobs showing Spotlight was on TV!I think that's a poor example because Konfabulator was already around and Apple essentially just took that idea and made it part of the OS. Desk Accessories which were part of the original Mac, released in 1984, were similar to widgets. So I don't see where revolution comes to mind. They've evolved, but it's not a revolutionary idea.

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  • Timepass
    Jul 12, 01:30 PM
    wow people are so worried about magnisium being used. First off you dont use the stuff in it pure form. In the pure form it is way to reactive to be used. Make an Alloy out of it an boom you got something really good.

    Heck most stuff made out of alluim is not made made out pure Al. Most of the time it is an Al. The alloy metal is normally li (the lightest of all metals but highly reactive)

    It be some alloy metal with it.

    Heck steel is an alloy. up to about 4% carbon by weight. Most metals we used to day are some alloy.

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  • RedTomato
    Sep 30, 11:50 AM
    Does this display subtitles?

    Yes it's a small screen, but subtitles would benefit many people not just deaf people.

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  • addicted44
    Apr 21, 08:57 PM
    . Why does it have to be exclusively streaming? Why couldn't apple allow you to download the itunes you want onto your computer, but at the SAME TIME, allow you stream it if you wanted?

    Because then he couldn't whine about how evil apple is.

    The comments here are so hilarious. There is a rumor about a product that has never been announced. People start imagining all sorts of restrictions on this unannounced rumored product. They then complain about hoe apple is so evil to be imposing these restrictions, which they imagined, on an unannounced, unreleased rumored product.

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  • justflie
    Nov 13, 11:00 PM
    It appears many should unplug all their firewire devices before applying this update.

    Maybe not. I had an external firewire hard drive plugged in when I did the update. I also had a f/w hub with 2 other f/w hard drives plugged into that. However, the only thing that was powered on during the update was the hub itself. So maybe it's ok to have the drives plugged in, just don't have them running. But then again, that's just a guess...
    Good luck to those who are having problems.

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  • theprizefight
    Jan 9, 01:20 PM
    I've been waiting 3 weeks to buy a MBP assuming at least that iLife 07 would be announced today. Yet iLife 06 is still in the apple store..ARGH. Absolutely no computer announcements. This is extremely frustrating.

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  • FF_productions
    Oct 17, 11:21 AM
    I think Apple needs to start attracting the business aspect of the world. It is so Windows-dominated right now, it's ridiculous. Am I right?:confused:

    I don't know many people that own a Mac. Seriously. Off the top of my head, there are 7-8 people I know that have a PC, and half of those are dells.

    Why the hell do I own a Mac? Stability. I've gone through 4 years of Windows. I don't need viruses, etc. This is a hassle free OS.

    Apple needs to open more Apple Stores, show people there are better things than Windows.

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  • aswitcher
    Sep 12, 11:31 AM
    At least this means we're almost DEFINATELY seeing new hardware... though that's not new. Are all the international stores down? (Might be a hint of whether Apple's got this deal worked out for many countries?)

    Yeah, all down.

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  • fall3n
    Nov 14, 01:20 PM
    Ahh, that makes sense.
    I have no problems with Sleep issues or Booting...Should I really run the firmware update? I really don't want my system running any hotter then it already does.

    I'm the same, I don't think I'll run the update. As the saying goes "if it aint broke, don't fix it."

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  • theloon
    Apr 5, 06:59 PM
    It's my fault for watching it...feeling very sad :(

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  • mactarkus
    Sep 12, 11:52 AM
    I found it by surfing their QuickTime site:

    This isn't going to be a 'live stream'. Even the text says 'live-on-demand stream'. on-demand means you can watch it whenever you want. This is a stub for them to put the finished stream on once it's over.

    Who found this link? It's not anywhere on the page. So most likely someone ran into this link by mistake or was fed it by an insider, but it's not going to go live probably for at least an hour after the event is over.

    That's my guess anyway, I could be wrong, but it doesn't feel like this link is going to work for a while.

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  • mrelwood
    Apr 12, 05:12 AM
    OMG!! The iPad 3 is delayed for a year!!

    Apple is really losing the grip...

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  • WinterMute
    Sep 8, 04:30 PM
    Today was a bit like the whole bloody series, first England strike out the Australia come back and so it goes.

    My concern is that, up to now, the Australian bowling has been suspect, their batting so-so, but there are signs of a batting resurgence and England have one strike bowler missing with no benefit from the extra batsman....

    This could go right down to the wire.

    Again. :eek:

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  • Mr.Texor
    Mar 5, 07:52 PM
    wallpaper from devianart called "Girl Burning" in Wallpaper/Fantasy

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  • davidwarren
    Apr 5, 04:09 PM
    I think the 'host' is the owner of the company that makes blendtec.

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  • iphones4evry1
    Dec 8, 04:07 AM
    Excellent idea, AT&T !

    I'm assuming this is statistics based, and that AT&T has a preset minimum number of reports before it does something. For example, if the minimum number is 1000, then when a given location gets to 1000 reports, AT&T will install a new antenna at that location.

    AT&T needs to do something, because the Verizon commercials are slaughtering AT&T !

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  • OrangeSVTguy
    Apr 6, 07:48 AM
    twoodcc may I ask if any of your setups have gone down?

    Output of the team has gone down lately :(

    My 24 hour average dropped in half but I'm back running. Next week or two will be off/on for me as I've been moving my stuff but once I finish my bathroom I'll be moved into my house and will be folding away non stop. I'm up to around 90-100k right now so hopefully that'll jump start things some more.

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  • BeamWalker
    Mar 5, 03:00 PM
    I want your bowtie theme! What's it called?

    It's called "Passed". You can get it on DeviantArt (

    Blue Velvet
    Sep 10, 08:22 AM
    Stupid rain, a draw from the weather would be a crappy end to a great series.

    Says the unbiased Aussie.

    This Kiwi is loving every moment of it. Loving it... :D

    Mar 24, 05:14 PM
    I love it when Google/Samsung/Sony/Motorola employees create new MacRumors accounts (join date Mar 2011) just to try to propagate garbage like this. Obviously trying to start a new antennagate. If you can't beat them in sales, try to start some bogus stories in the blogs and hope the media picks up on it. :rolleyes:

    THIS JUST IN: My iPad 2 is absolutely fine and its in my hands right now. Anybody else who really has one complaining?

    I am on my second iPad 2 and this one has far worse bleed then the first did which is just sad..

    If this is not an issue then the thread with 108,000 views would like to have a word with you..

    Jun 25, 09:52 AM
    Just because you have a narrow mind and can�t see past shooting aliens over and over again while mashing buttons, doesn�t mean that what you do defines gaming!
    But, I like shooting aliens, with a controller. That is my definition of fun gaming. PEW PEW PEW

    Nov 10, 04:01 AM
    How much closer does that 30% get us to PPC apps running on a C2D as fast as a G5?

    Macworlds photoshop test put a 2.16 Ghz iMac Core 2 as equal to a 2Ghz iMac G5, which is pretty impressive.

    Apr 27, 09:26 AM
    Na, these two have and will survive without iPhone.

    These already have traffic capability anyway ( via subscription ).

    I am in agreement with Chaz on this. With Android and iOS having so much built into their portable OS now, I kinda think the days of dedicated GPS devices are going to be limited.

    It is sad, but I do see more and more iPhones, and Android devices attached to front windshields were a normal GPS usually goes.

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