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  • candan9019
    Feb 7, 12:48 PM
    I may be wrong, but doesn't iTunes convert WMA songs automatically? I'm working on switching over a friend and got him to use iTunes as a start and I think he said when he imported his WMA's it converted them...

    Your right iTunes does convert unprotected WMA's. At least that's what it says here. (http://www.apple.com/itunes/import.html)

    Edit: I just realized this is an old thread. iTunes probably didn't have that feature at the time. I need to start paying attention :rolleyes:

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  • imutter
    Apr 1, 08:29 PM
    I go without food for Apple products.

    oh in this case Iphone

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  • mad jew
    Mar 11, 06:50 AM
    Does anyone else have the problem that their iPod doesn't sync properly with iCal? I'm running Panther with a 4G iPod and up until recently it had all the days out by one. It changed about a week ago (when I reformatted my iPod) but now everything is running half an hour earlier than it should.

    I've had a look around on the forums but I can't find anything like this. Is it just me?

    Any help would be hugely appreciated because this is quite annoying. :(

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  • MarkMS
    May 4, 01:35 AM
    Yeah, I feel like if the Marketplace limitations weren't put into place ... this would be a scam waiting to happen.

    Sorry, if you honestly wanted to talk about OS X, iOS, and Apple in general. :o

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  • DillWaters
    Oct 4, 04:00 PM
    As a software engineer myself, it seems conceivable... if not likely, that this button was put in for the developers of iPhoto to make sure they were correctly deciphering the GPS EXIF tags. Perhaps it was never made into a feature because Apple didn't explore the ramifications (security, advertising, competiveness, etc) of shuttling users from within iPhoto over to Google.

    I think assuming this portends some future gadget or reading anything into it is rampant speculation about nothing.


    EDIT: I also note that my copy of iPhoto 6.0, released in January, has this hidden button as well... so it's been there for a while now.

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  • redshift1
    Nov 14, 12:26 AM
    Quincy Jones' daughter, Rashida Jones! I recognized her from The Office. :)

    Very exotic, I was curious about the ethnicity well now I know. Thanks

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  • Mr.PS
    Jan 16, 01:18 PM
    Just out of curiosity, what do you want a new Cinema Display for, exactly, that the current ones aren't doing?

    Reason I ask is because you seem pretty eager about it, but haven't really clarified your need.

    The current ones are old tech - the panel hasn't been updated since March 2006. I want what we all want. Built in isight, updated display, and more connections.

    If they had them, and consequently added probably $100 or more to the price of the display, would you actually commit to buying one... today?

    I most certainty would, I would order right now. Even if the display was $2500 I'd order it. The Dell 3008WPF is $2000... Money isn't the issue, it's the lack of updates. Sure the current ACD's are great, but they're OLD TECH and no body will pay full price for that. I want the newest and the best when I buy something.

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  • theemptycanvas
    Dec 24, 03:05 PM
    I've had account on here forever but only browse much, I was wondering if any of you have seen this before. It was given to me by a swiss friend who didn't really want the sign anymore.

    I am thinking about selling it, only thing is the display looks as if it was made for european outlets and when I was given this he said that the bulb would need to be replaced. I've never really seen anything like this before either, since I would guess that the sign was before the Apple retail store days. I am not sure if I am allowed to ask but how much would something like this even go for?

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  • PatrickCocoa
    Apr 6, 04:40 PM
    Can you access that URL from Safari?
    Can you access that URL from Firefox?
    Can you access that URL from IE 6?
    Can you access other URLs using your code?

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  • StefSSU
    Mar 10, 01:28 AM
    Can't you just:

    [1] Use -webkit-box-reflect (as you do currently for Safari)
    [2] Include -o-box-shadow (for Opera)
    [3] Include -moz-box-shadow (as you do currently for Firefox)
    [4] Remove the box-shadow declaration

    *slaps myself in the face*
    Of course, all I had to do was put -o- before the box-shadow... Don't know why I'd forgotten about Opera's prefix.

    Works great, thanks. Now, just to get Internet Explorer to render the page in a way that isn't completely ugly...

    Thanks for the help. Any thoughts on the design then?

    EDIT: Never mind, spoke too soon. It looks like -o-box-shadow doesn't work in Opera... For me, at least. Also Opera doesn't do the border-radius on the images any more (I believe it did do so). Not sure what's happening here.

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  • Stan Mikulenka
    May 6, 12:57 PM
    for all the guys "needing, wanting, must have" the SSDs, read this:

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  • Sine Qua Non
    Apr 29, 01:12 AM
    When you installed 06.15, you read the warning saying that you will never be able to install stock FW again until a higher BB than 06.15 comes out, right?

    The closest you can come is to create a custom FW that does not include Cydia.

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  • inlimbo
    Sep 3, 04:24 AM
    You couldn't even spare $10 to $15 per year? :confused: I certainly wouldn't recommend using free hosting.

    Sure I would be prepared to pay that (but not much more). Where could I find a place that offers CGI hosting for $10-$15.

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  • pika2000
    Apr 12, 01:39 PM
    See Apple? Do you see this? Offer the damn iPhone unlocked everywhere, including the US. I won't buy any newer iPhone unless it's unlocked.

    Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot that de la Vega still holds Steve Jobs' pancreas hostage.

    Oh, and cue in the fanboys defending provider locking, an anti-competitive and anti-consumer practice. Again and again, no matter how mind-boggling, it's proven that US consumers, including the geeks, want and demanded locked phones. Truly sad.

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  • VegasMac
    Feb 22, 06:35 AM
    Thanks guys I just purchased one can't wait to get it. Thread may end now.

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  • LimeiBook86
    Apr 17, 11:02 PM
    I have a few versions of it somewhere, I know I have the 1984-2004 version. If I find anything else I'll let you know. :)

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  • cere
    Apr 12, 12:08 PM
    Most likely they didn't, and there is no DB breach. Numerous foreign carriers will unlock iPhones they sell to comply with local laws or to please their customers. They are probably going through one or more legit foreign carriers.

    Carriers that performs unlocks are not allowed/able to unlock IMEIs that are registered to other carriers. When this services was being offered for only a small number of carriers, yes, it seemed likely that the unlockers had paid off employees within those few carriers. That they are able to offer it for basically all carriers now implies that they have discovered a vulnerability. Could be they are spoofing the certificates of all carriers, resulting in some terminal they have appearing to be signed for that carriers. Could be they have gained access to credentials that give them broader access. It is not just a simple matter of having a compromised employee at a single carrier anymore.

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  • katie ta achoo
    Oct 21, 11:05 PM
    Another in the "too easy" series. iMovie this time!

    We're trying to catch the evil cat.
    Kinda choppy because I had to cut it down to ~30 seconds.

    3 year olds are not good actors.

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  • blevins321
    May 4, 07:19 AM
    Try the non-GUI FSCK.

    Hold down Command + V when you push the power button to turn the computer on. When the screen turns black you can let go of the keys. It'll show its verbose startup sequence and eventually get to a point where it's prompting for commands.

    Enter: fsck -y and press Enter.

    It'll run through the file system check..and this may take awhile. It'll tell you if it finds anything and then automatically correct it. When it finishes, it'll put the command prompt back up. Rerun the command until it says that no changes were made.

    Edit: When you're all done, type reboot and hit enter at the prompt. Your Macbook should then start back up normally.

    Oct 24, 05:24 PM
    lame update for the Macbook Pro.

    looking forward for the next update in 2007 - OX 10.5 on macbook pro, then i'm ready to throw out $3,000.

    Sep 2, 08:31 PM
    Enabling FTP passive mode usually fixes this type of problem for me.

    Active mode dictates the FTP server opens the data channel back to the client for the data transfer.

    Passive mode dictates the FTP client opens the data channel to the server for the data transfer.

    Active mode usually fails due to firewalls. The PORT command is the opening of this data channel. In the port command below, is your IP (the client)

    Oct 26, 08:16 PM
    Is the southlake store busy?

    May 1, 08:31 PM

    Sep 25, 12:50 PM
    Who was the first real "teen" poster here?

    What was vniows first user name?

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