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  • grapes911
    Dec 14, 02:50 AM
    If you don't calibrate your battery, the battery monitor will be incorrect. The compter may think the battery is empty when it is not and force sleep. The computer may think it is full when it is not and not charge all the way. You don't have calibrate it right away. Do a full charge that night while you sleep. Then don't charge it again after you use all the battery. The discharge doesn't have to happen all at once, but the recharge does.

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  • F123D
    May 1, 11:59 PM
    I heard they found him using findmyiphone:D

    I heard he had an iPhone 5.

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  • admanimal
    Apr 7, 01:37 PM
    An additional release that could go along with seepel's example would be in the setter method:

    - (void)setWheel(Wheel *aWheel) {

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  • 666sheep
    Mar 17, 03:30 PM
    Choose Utilities from menu bar when it will appear. You'll find Disk Utility there.

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  • drakino
    Apr 4, 04:45 PM
    Not just the price drop, but performance improvements as well. I had an orig. MBA, and it was a piece of s***. My new MBA is a pretty nice machine. Nice enough I sold my iPad to finance it.

    The older Air was ok as long as it had an SSD in it. That, and a later revision that didn't suffer as much from the overheating issues. I had the 13 inch NVidia based one with the SSD option and loved it, but it was pretty pricey.

    Really happy with the work provided 11 inch. They bumped it up to the 1.6 processor, 4gb ram, and 128gb SSD. It's a great on call system, awesome portability, and still enough power to let me game on the road.

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  • yg17
    Sep 12, 09:26 PM
    Yeah, Steve did only say 802.11 which strikes me as odd, but why would they use n in the set top box, when all of the current Macs have g? I don't see Apple telling everyone who just bought a new Mac "too bad"

    Unless recent Macs have 802.11n which just needs a firmware update to unlock it.

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  • AppleIntelRock
    Oct 26, 05:15 PM
    A case for that thing is going to be very hard to make with the sides being touch sensitive and all (at least a slim case) so I really hope apple gets their act together in the area of scratch-resistance. At any rate, looks like the perfect device- if it's comes with web functionally I'd be in love. This is going to send product zune back to the drawing board- and when Microsoft is at the drawing board, decades pass :D

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  • hcho3
    Apr 20, 04:24 PM
    Apple needs to cut the prices on ipod nano. 149 dollars for 8GB ipod nano is ridiculous. Everyone is gonna go for ipod touch or iPhone.

    With that being said, I am a little bit surprised about ipad sales. But, it will continue to do well. Momentum doesn't stop.

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  • AvSRoCkCO1067
    Oct 4, 09:36 AM

    ditto - am I the only one who isn't a fan/simply does't care for GPS units?

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  • mad jew
    Dec 14, 03:26 AM
    The combined cabling of my adaptor (before and after the brick) is about three metres, so maybe bed's still an option. :p

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  • Defender2010
    Apr 27, 03:36 AM
    This is the best site for getting hi res artwork, regardless of where you live or what iTunes account you have.....all my 35 gb of music has 1500x1500 artwork.....takes times to do, but really worth the effort.

    Check it out: http://www.albumartexchange.com/

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  • iRebound
    Mar 11, 03:33 PM
    Got here at 2:30 and I was 30something in line. Looks like it's at about 70 now

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  • samcraig
    Mar 25, 10:42 AM
    Thanks for the replies..

    now investigating just going 1080p24 and converting from 60i to 50i instead to provide them the footage. Seems as though the loss of quality would be significantly less than standard video...

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  • Nermal
    Nov 2, 02:22 PM
    When I go to that site (using Safari), I get the message:

    *** Currently the A9 Toolbar runs only on Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or above. We are working to extend the toolbar to other browsers. ***

    When visiting using Firefox, I get a completely different page. They should change the message on the first page to mention Firefox too. Otherwise, if it weren't for this post on MacBytes, I would have no idea that it's compatible with Firefox.

    Edit: They've fixed it now.

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  • CheesyTators
    May 6, 01:22 AM
    It tears through my Canon Vixia HF M300 AVCHD 1080i video with ZERO issues. :)

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  • MacRumors
    Oct 26, 06:31 AM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com)

    Hrmpf reports (http://hrmpf.com/wordpress/90/apple-describes-new-interface-for-ipod) on a particularly revealing patent application from Apple that was published on October 26, 2006.

    The name of the patent application is "Electronic Device Having Display and Surrounding Touch Sensitive Bezel for User Interface and Control". The patent describes and depicts a full-screen touch sensitive iPod very similar to the various Video iPod Mockups (http://guides.macrumors.com/Gallery_of_Video_iPod_Mockups) that have been floating around the web. The application was filed in June of 2006.

    The focus of the patent is the incorporation of a touch-sensitive bezel (edge of screen) that can adapt to the screen contents to provide an input method for the user. Hrmpf suggests that the use of this non-screen area would eliminate many of the "smudge" and "scratch" concerns for a full-screen touch iPod.

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  • koobcamuk
    Apr 4, 07:55 PM
    It does make me laugh how people went on and on about how the 12" powerbook was the ultimate laptop and coupling it with a 20" display or larger was the ideal way to work... and then the 11MBA comes along and blows the 12" PB away in the specs and portability department, yet people still aren't happy.

    I loved my 12" PB and I really feel that this 11MBA is the true replacement. It's much lighter, much thinner and is so much more powerful (plays youtube perfectly compared to the G4). There's also the much better battery, newer software and much longer sleep. It's win-win.

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  • SooneratND
    Apr 18, 10:12 AM
    I'm not buying the iPhone 6 timeline.

    The 5 rumors make some sense, so as to not piss off the new Verizon owners who couldn't wait for the 5 to come out in June. However, assuming the 5 isn't slated to begin production until October, why would Apple release a new phone 6 months (or less) later? That will just piss both AT&T AND Verizon users who upgrade to the 5. I can't see them ramping up production for a phone with a 6 month anticipated life span.

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  • IJ Reilly
    Jan 16, 07:45 PM
    Did Randy Newman show up on the exhibit floor by any chance?

    Nov 8, 01:40 PM
    Absolutely. I didn't mean Apple's current marketshare can dent Office sales on the whole. I meant that Apple

    Jan 16, 07:57 PM
    Any Sinbad sightings this year? For a while, I felt like I was always running into him on the show floor. :rolleyes:

    Apr 15, 05:59 PM
    This is a really short sighted and black and white viewpoint.

    1. Even games that are better with physical controls can be implemented to still be fun on the iphone. Sure, they probably are just going to be ports over from other devices (hey, let's see if we can pick up a few more sales), but they still are fun to play (I've played Assassin's Creed and Prince of Persia on my phone. Both are fun and easy to get over the only having a virtual joystick).

    2. Shortsighted because this completely ignores the fact there are many games that you really don't need physical buttons or the gameplay is actually better using something else:

    Jun 27, 01:14 PM
    Interested in the Griffin Elevator, how much shipped to 49048?


    looks like $9.

    Mar 10, 11:22 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8B117 Safari/6531.22.7)

    They are changing the store display. Oh how exciting!

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