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  • altogether
    Nov 3, 03:57 AM
    It was all smooth sailing til tonight and my Macbook had a random shut down. I've had the firmware upgrade since the day it came out. I noticed this time I couldn't just try to power back up by pressing the power button. I had to either take out the battery and put it back in or plug it up to external power for atleast the start up.

    Bleh, I was so relived that I wouldn't have to send it in with the firmware thingy, so much for that. :(

    So everyone elses are doing fine?

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  • cherrypop
    Oct 15, 11:36 PM
    Love SJ's comment about sharing earbuds being preferable to sharing music Zune-WiFi-style. He's good.

    But you know Apple's got a WiFi iPod in the works, and then the statement on WiFi will be that it's "indispensable." Love that guy.

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  • david_r_p
    Jul 22, 09:00 PM
    If it's going to have a huge screen why not make it have a satellite based navigation system too. That would be handy...

    As for the reader, sounds cool to me! :)

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  • ~Shard~
    Sep 12, 01:48 PM
    Well, the keynote had me there for a second with the whole “52% smaller” thing ;) but now that it has been clarified, I still think this is a solid update for the nanos – lower prices, higher capacities, more colors, 24 hour battery life – it’s all good. :cool:

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  • LoadStar
    Apr 11, 12:56 AM
    So, the way it is now, you buy Photoshop for around $650 and after 18 months you can upgrade for $190. Total: $840 for 36 months, plus you still have your software to use for as long as you want if you choose not to upgrade anymore...

    So, $35 x 36 months = $1260 and after the 36 months finnish, you have nothing... :confused:

    I don't see a big advantage here, unless you only use photoshop in a few projects a year... I don't know anyone who does that, tho...

    Biggest advantage I can see would be adding and removing seats on a month-by-month basis based on business needs. For example, imagine your business suddenly picks up for a couple of months, and need an extra license for a contractor or other temporary worker you bring on.

    You're right, though, in that if you miscalculate, you may end up paying more for a temporary license than you would for a permanent one.

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  • emotion
    Nov 8, 08:05 AM
    It's only �20 more now than a same-spec white one. Cheaper than before I think.

    I was just about to post this. The UK store appears down for me at the moment. This is based on the edu price (the UK edu store is up for me).

    I'm teetering the edge of buying the black one. If that price was for a 1x1GB memory config I'd be a lot more tempted.

    I think I can wait until the MBP 13.3 that will be announced in January (alongside the touchscreen ipod). :D

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  • Lara F
    Nov 3, 11:20 PM
    And again I ask what the matter is with having flash as an *option*. Sigh. I guess you're the same users who enjoy being stuck on the Pandora screen...

    I wish there could at least be a decent jailbreak solution.

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  • Bonds79
    May 5, 09:25 AM
    This is complete bullcrap, people. Over the air updates will come, but over WiFi. Doing this over 3G makes no sense.

    DROIDs already do all updates over 3G and VZW likes it that way.
    So if VZW is involved they will opt for updates over 3G
    This may mean that VZW will be keeping unlimited data on the iphone, and may have changed their minds about ending unlimited data when it comes to the iphone. I think VZW has noticed that having unlimited data makes them more attractive when competing against ATT+T-mobile merger super company.

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  • Jetson
    Oct 15, 04:10 PM
    When you look at Steve Job's odyssey from being Apple's CEO, bringing in Sculley, getting stabbed in the back and booted from his own company.

    Jobs goes off on his own, founds Next computer, develops innovative hardware, makes alliances with the likes of George Lucas, founds Pixar and comes up with hit movie after hit movie.

    Meanwhile Apple goes through the dark ages, predictions of Apple going belly up, they beg Steve Jobs to come back to the helm.

    Jobs returns to Apple, gets to work and turns the company around with some of the most inspiring products (iMac) and great market presence.

    Then his team comes up with the marvelous iPod. The Macintosh lineup is arguable the best in the PC world.

    Things would have been much less interesting if Steve didn't have to make this difficult trek. Sometimes what looks bad can be the beginning of something great if you don't give up.

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  • mshepherd
    Nov 3, 12:47 PM
    Why doesn't adobe fix flash on the mac before they complain about not being able to work on the iphone?

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  • Bonds79
    May 5, 09:44 AM
    well considering the CFO of verizon said the unlimited data plans were not a long term solution, yeah it's pretty feasible to think that they won't keep it around forever.


    yeah, but those droid updates are not 600mb - 1gb in size..

    That was BEFORE THE T-mobile + ATT merger was announced! WHEN VZW was the largest cell company.

    I have a feeling VZW will reverse it's stance and keep unlimited data longer than expected to stay competitive against T-mobile + ATT.
    Now with the merger coming , VZW will have to stay competitive, unlimited data makes them more attractive against the ATT + T-Mobile super company.

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  • DrewG5
    Nov 2, 04:32 PM
    Yeah cuz I just want to see all the advertisements on every page on my iPhone... Flash is a joke at best, every laptop mac or not that I have had it on the simplest flash would get the fans running for lift off...

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  • georgi0
    Sep 22, 01:29 PM
    ok we can all say F walmart for this F walmart for that, but the fact is that most of the studios (the big ones that matter) wont sign anything with apple.

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  • noservice2001
    Aug 2, 09:17 PM
    its capable of xp.... are we suprised it has flaws?

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  • 4God
    Jan 11, 04:57 PM
    I'm sure there's no relation but I sure would like to see updates/price drops to the Cinema Displays. :D

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  • szsiddiq
    Nov 8, 09:25 AM
    Makes sense, sort of. Why make it more confusing for consumers? I can understand the non-glossy option for MBPs since some professionals require accurate color, and therefore need matte screens.

    yea, for consumers, glossy screens are much better. thers probably only a small percentage of consumers who wouldnt buy a macbook because of the glossy screen

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  • cvaldes
    Mar 28, 08:49 PM
    Apple is at the core a software company.
    Go read their SEC filings.

    They make money selling hardware.

    An operating system is a big complicated program that lets other big complicated programs co-exist peacefully on the same system. However, Apple does not generate much revenue from software sales. If they did, it would be a separate line item in their financials and they would probably need to disclose more information about software sales, since such a large part of the increase in shareholder value would be dependent on it.

    Same deal with iTunes Store sales, App Store revenue, MobileMe subscriptions, etc. Not a major part of their bottom line. Apple uses software and content to drive sales of their high-margin hardware.

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  • doodosh
    Sep 13, 09:15 AM
    New Nanos are available at the 5th Ave. store in New York. I picked up the black 8GB this morning. Also, they are giving the educational discount on them. Perhaps they only disabled it online.

    really. that's awesome! If you don't mind me asking how much did the 8GB come out to after the education discount?

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  • Keleko
    Mar 7, 07:56 AM
    This display had a nice blank wall behind it that let it stand out well.

    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5137/5485529002_8b579b81b1_b.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/22077805@N07/5485529002/in/set-72157626160204246/)

    Mar 15, 03:14 PM
    Higher spending, fewer jobs

    This is corroborated in this (http://www.dollarsandsense.org/archives/2010/0310garrett-peltier.html) article by Heidi Garrett-Peltier, a research fellow at the Political Economy Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, who helped to author, “The U.S. Employment Effects of Military and Domestic Spending Priorities: An Updated Analysis,” by Robert Pollin and Heidi Garrett-Peltier ...

    Is Military Keynesianism the Solution?
    Why war is not a sustainable strategy for economic recovery.

    It is true that military spending creates jobs throughout the economy, and that many of those jobs are well-paying. But at a time when our jobless rate is high, infrastructure is crumbling, and global climate change is becoming an increasingly urgent matter, we must ask whether military spending is truly a solution to our economic woes or whether we might be able to create more jobs in productive areas that also help us meet longer-term goals.

    In a recent paper that I co-authored with Robert Pollin, we show that dollar per dollar, more jobs are created through spending on clean energy, health care, and education than on the military. Further, we show that more middle-income and well-paying jobs are created in all of these areas. For each $1 billion of spending, over 17,000 jobs would be created in clean energy, close to 20,000 in health care, and over 29,000 in education. That same $1 billion would create only 11,600 jobs as a result of military spending. If we look at well-paying jobs, those that pay over $64,000 per year, these alternative domestic spending areas also outperform military spending. The same $1 billion would create 1,500 well-paying jobs in clean energy and just over 1,000 in the military—clean energy creates 50% more good jobs than military spending. Education, which is labor-intensive and creates many well-paying jobs per dollar of expenditure, creates close to 2,500 jobs paying over $64,000—that’s 2.5 times as many as the military.

    You boys seen enough evidence yet?

    I can always get more.

    Nov 8, 05:28 AM
    T'would be nice comrades... if its Aperture compliant and has a double layer burner, it'll be reason enough for me to upgrade my current MacBook. X3000 would be an added bonus, but not really required if I'm honest.
    If not - it'll be an MBP purchase in the new year.

    Aug 29, 08:37 AM
    Dang that's expensive. :eek:

    Jan 11, 05:06 PM
    Isn't digitalism playing at macworld?

    Nov 8, 07:51 AM
    Simple answer:

    No. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not next month. Next year.

    i doubt it, arnt apples sales of desktops down? and notebooks up?

    the macbook will be revised after the macmini



    New MBs only at the next Macworld 2007

    No way. Probably not until 1st quarter 2007 (fiscal).

    Ahhhh... feels good to read these pearls right now, doesn't it? We've got so many prophets here in MacRumors :D

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