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airport scanner machine

airport scanner machine. and requires no airport
  • and requires no airport

  • parrothead
    Sep 12, 03:33 PM
    EDIT: never mind I went back and actually read the thread and found what I was looking for.

    airport scanner machine. that a single machine has
  • that a single machine has

  • lmalave
    Nov 7, 12:13 AM
    You have to consider the problems that Apple has had with heat and portables of late. There would likely be heat issues with such a portable, which makes it even more plausible that Apple won't make such a portable.

    That's why I suggested sometime in 2007 after Santa Rosa.

    airport scanner machine. by the body-scan machine.
  • by the body-scan machine.

  • tekmoe
    Aug 3, 05:13 PM
    From the iPod release thread; "All that hype for an MP3 player? Break-thru digital device? The Reality Distiortion Field� is starting to warp Steve's mind if he thinks for one second that this thing is gonna take off."

    Hah! Wow, all the angry comments of people who were so, so wrong.

    Does this mean that people don't know what's good for them until its drummed into their heads for a while?

    that is exactly what it means. those posts are funny from the ipod thread in 2001. look at where the ipod is now. i bet they all feel like losers.

    airport scanner machine. Body-scan machine vs.
  • Body-scan machine vs.

  • malnar
    Apr 27, 10:33 AM
    That's a really dangerous way of looking at it. It's much better to have three sets of money -- our money, my money, and your money. Preferably in separate bank accounts. In a situation like you sketch, usually one or the other spouse ends up doing most of the purchases with the communal chest, and that can lead to conflict when the other one wants to get something for himself.

    Kids have pocket money, which they can spend as they see fit -- adults should have at least some money that is unquestionably theirs as well. It's a lot easier to agree, once, that M and F's personal entertainment budgets are $n per month, than it is to agree that this september, we'll get a couch, and then maybe in january we'll get an ipad, etc... Budgetting and saving apply on that level as well as the communal property level.
    "Dangerous" ... this is junk talk. Who have you been listening to that suggests this? My wife and I have been married 12 years and have shared the same bank account that whole time, no separate accounts. (Jesus, what a nightmare to keep track of!) We've never once had a conflict about spending like you suggest we should. Why? because we live as WeegieMac does, the poster you're ripping on. We have respect for each other and our mutual needs as well as our individual desires. And we make sacrifices when we need to - both of us. Most of the responses in here act like marriage is a competition to see who can get what, or who can sneak this or that past their spouse. It's just shameful. What a tiring life that must be.

    airport scanner machine. X Ray Luggage Scanner
  • X Ray Luggage Scanner

  • milo
    Oct 16, 11:26 AM
    all this beaming vs using the ear buds (yours or theirs) reminds me of the great expense NASA went to make a pen that works in space and Zero G. as compared the Russians who used a pencil

    Urban legend. The space pen was developed by a third party, and pencils were used in early nasa missions. Pencils aren't good for outer space since they can burn and shavings and lead bits can float around, which is hazardous.

    airport scanner machine. scan at Manchester Airport
  • scan at Manchester Airport

  • rainydays
    Nov 8, 06:34 AM
    are you people making this all this fuss over C2D MB's coming out? or is there more expected from the the true ipod video? i dont see how a C2D MB could bring so much excitement....there's not THAT much difference in performance.

    Well, people have been waiting for the update to get a MacBook, so that's where most of the excitement is coming from I guess. But as others said, we don't know what else they might bring in the bag.

    airport scanner machine. The machine bounces X-rays off
  • The machine bounces X-rays off

  • RebootD
    Apr 11, 12:29 PM
    Biggest advantage I can see would be adding and removing seats on a month-by-month basis based on business needs. For example, imagine your business suddenly picks up for a couple of months, and need an extra license for a contractor or other temporary worker you bring on.

    You're right, though, in that if you miscalculate, you may end up paying more for a temporary license than you would for a permanent one.

    This. For agencies who hire temporary designers paying $129 for a month's liscense is a great idea. (Rather than have to purchase a full copy at retail).

    I'm not getting it because I'm not paying $549 to go from CS5 MC to 5.5. It's a cash grab and I can live without the new features. I always wait until the next FULL update.

    airport scanner machine. gci scanner Airport+x+ray+
  • gci scanner Airport+x+ray+

  • FasterQuieter
    Apr 2, 08:47 AM
    I do hope if they are going to up the megapixelage for marketing purposes, they at least give us more memory in the base configuration to handle all the extra space the photos are gonna waste.

    Unless of course Sony has secretly created the greatest sensor in the history of the world and the 8MP can be justified. That would be nice.

    airport scanner machine. Airport scanner with handgun
  • Airport scanner with handgun

  • Saladin
    Jul 23, 01:32 AM
    Hasn't anyone played Brain Age on the Nintendo DS? The text does not hurt my eyes at all and I have perfect 20/10 vision. I can play that game for hours straight with no problem. Apple can conquer any resolution problems. The only thing they can't fix is how much people bitch.

    airport scanner machine. of those quot;nakedquot; airport
  • of those quot;nakedquot; airport

  • liketom
    Sep 6, 08:15 AM
    wooohoo first!
    but not the last :D this is a great update - a bit of a balls up on the stores mind but good still :)

    now where are them iPods ?:rolleyes:

    airport scanner machine. Trials of airport scanning
  • Trials of airport scanning

  • marksman
    Apr 17, 05:32 PM
    I'm confused. Are iPad 2s in short supply or not? If they cannot be found at multiple Apple stores, why is Apple broadening distribution to Toys R us?

    As someone else mentioned it broadens their supply chain and availablity when they are able to fill the channels with product. The iPad2 is selling faster than anticipated and faster than they can make them. They likely had a contract from the get go to bring Toys R Us into the supply chain at this time long before the iPad 2 was launched. They expected more supply at that time and wanted to broaden their exposure. Since they are partnering with Toys R Us, they don't just say, "Ah tough luck. We are selling them too fast, so we know we agreed to have you be able to sell them, but whatcha going to do." That is not how you treat business partners.

    So they open up the channels and let it go. It is not like a national retailer puts a new product on the shelf, especially one like this, with 3 days notice. It takes time for them to get them into their system and their own distribution channels. Not to mention advertising and promotion and the rest.

    Broadening distribution -- whether new territories or new outlets in established territories -- usually follows a slow down in sales growth.

    Exactly, but you have to plan ahead for such things. Apple figured by now they would have enough excess supply to fill those channels. Sales have been better than anticipated.

    airport scanner machine. Off airport screening uses
  • Off airport screening uses

  • monsterinawc
    Aug 3, 10:08 PM
    sorry bout this post
    my brother in law wanted to try the forums out and so i let him use my account
    he thinks he know what he talking about when it comes to macs

    airport scanner machine. for checking machine Laptop through the computer Multi-view advanced baggage corp publish patent describing a baggagenov Airport+baggage+scanner
  • for checking machine Laptop through the computer Multi-view advanced baggage corp publish patent describing a baggagenov Airport+baggage+scanner

  • johnnyjibbs
    Mar 31, 05:08 AM
    I hope they significantly improve the voice recognition abilities if they are to make it a more prominent feature of the OS. The voice control in iOS is appalling - it has NEVER ONCE understood me - and the results appear to be worse if talked to through the headphones mic. In fact, I'm always forced to scurry into my pocket to try to cancel a call to some person I haven't spoken to in years...

    Maybe it just doesn't work with British accents?

    airport scanner machine. Airport strip-search machines
  • Airport strip-search machines

  • p0intblank
    Sep 12, 02:29 PM
    I really love these new iPod nanos. They look so nice in color! I would love to have a green one, but I don't need it. I'm waiting for the true iPod video to sell my 5G and buy one of those instead. :D

    Overall, nice keynote! I have to say, though... the new Dock icon for iTunes is pretty ugly. Its interface is cool and all, but I'm going to have to get used to the "non-Aqua" feel it has. The third view mode (albums on a rack) is awe-inspiring, though. I laughed with excitement when I first saw it. :p

    airport scanner machine. full body scan machines.
  • full body scan machines.

  • monke
    Oct 15, 04:38 PM
    So how many people here have actually gone up to a girl youve never met and asked if she wants to share your sweaty earbuds? My guess is nobody, because its creepy as hell, its like holding hands with someone you just met. It was just a PR response to a competitors product, I doubt jobs was being serious thinking people with ipods actually do stuff like that on a regular basis.

    The Zune isnt really a way to pick up chicks either, I think it was more designed for friends to share music. Even having the debate is pretty pointless, its all marketting mumbo jumbo. Plus last time I checked you can share headphones with a Zune too.

    That's almost exactly his point, why would you need to send music to someone when you could just share headphones? MS is jusking asking for virus problems here.

    airport scanner machine. Airport Scanner
  • Airport Scanner

  • digitalbiker
    Sep 22, 04:44 PM
    Are Apple any different?

    All their product is made in Asia, I'm sure they bully their suppliers to get the best prices and there have been question marks over the working conditions in the factories they use.

    Everyone wants lower prices and better quality. A lot of people feel guilty due to the effects this has on other people, but not guilty enough to actually stop shopping at the cheapest shops.

    I agree. Apple and Wal-mart are just companies. They are not evil or benevolent. They compete in a very competitive market and can in no way be considered monopolies.

    Wal-Mart doesn't drive local mom & pop companies out of business. The people who shop at Wal-Mart drive the local mom & pop business away. If Wal-Mart is so evil, bad to employees, sells rotten product, why is it that so many people shop there?

    Sure Wal-Mart pressures suppliers to lower their price, so does everyone else. That is why prices drop when supply is high or demand is down. Sure Wal-Mart puts pressure on local business. So does every business that competes in that market including mail order.

    If the local business can't stay afloat in their market then it just means that customers are choosing for whatever reason to go somewhere else.

    I don't particularly care for Wal-Mart myself and I don't shop there except for as a convience for the most mundane products. But I can't stand all this whining! This is a free world. If you are a consumer, shop where you choose and those companies will reap the reward. If you are a supplier supply to who you wish, if you have a great product it will sell. If you are a competitor, do whatever you can to keep prices low, quality high, customer satisfaction high, and you will stay in business.

    What's the big deal!:rolleyes:

    airport scanner machine. Body scanner Netherlands
  • Body scanner Netherlands

  • elmimmo
    Sep 6, 08:18 AM
    Besides, no more Intel Core Solo in Mac Mini.

    airport scanner machine. Nude Airport Scanning amp;
  • Nude Airport Scanning amp;

  • joeboy_45101
    Sep 6, 09:05 AM
    I can't decide whether I want the 17" or the 20". What do you all suggest? :D

    airport scanner machine. full body scanning machine
  • full body scanning machine

  • Compile 'em all
    Nov 12, 05:00 PM
    Ironic that FACEBOOK is one of websites that most often CRASHED Safari 4.0.3 OFTEN!

    I'm not sure who's to blame for that, Apple or Facebook, but since many other websites don't crash Safari 4.0.3, doesn't this seem like the little stubborn child refusing to do his homework properly?

    Btw, I've yet to extensively test Safari 4.0.4 on Facebook, but my past experience was that Facebook has always been buggy on Macs, and every new update to the site always seems to cause a Mac-specific problem.

    I have never EVER had Facebook crash Safari. And I use Facebook heavily.

    Sounds something is wrong with your setup or you just enjoy spreading FUD.

    Apr 16, 11:32 PM
    I would say for laptops Apple is up in the top three for the best built and what not. For desk tops... ALL companies suck. The best ones are the ones you build yourself. Handsdown.

    Windows or mac. I use windows. I don't really care to much. It runs my programs and thats the only thing that matters. I don't use most of their installed programs because they suck. I use chrome as my webbrowser, VLC to play videos, iTunes for music (the halo effect. I got when I had my Ipod. Sold my iPod for School books. got a new computer and realized it was the fifth program i installed.) Open office for documents. I basically own windows for the basic ability to interact with my hardware. Other then that I don't need it.

    I do have Mac os on it, but most of the drivers don't work and i am to lazy/don't care to get ones that work for my hardware. I would love to see apple allow people to run OEM mac OS.

    Sep 14, 05:21 AM
    Personally I'm getting tired of Apple and their color choices. You have to pay more for black? What if you want 8 GB but you don't want black? What then? I'm not liking the approach Apple is taking on the color choices of their products.

    I guess that if they hand't released black model at all, everybody would be happy. Same thing with MacBooks. Had Apple only released the two white models, no-one would have complained. But when the announced a pricier third moder, the BlackBook, the whining started.

    Don't want to pay extra? Then don't.

    Lara F
    Nov 3, 11:20 PM
    And again I ask what the matter is with having flash as an *option*. Sigh. I guess you're the same users who enjoy being stuck on the Pandora screen...

    I wish there could at least be a decent jailbreak solution.

    Nov 7, 08:42 AM
    2 weeks since the C2D MBP was released and no one has even had their 17" ship yet!!

    Whats going on?

    Apr 17, 02:25 PM
    ....and watching the retail pandaemonium Apple brings with its popular products. Simply amazing.

    While admittedly many of its advances are pretty nice, and after playing with one for 15 minutes at MicroCenter, I'm sticking with my generation 1 iPad and waiting until iPad 3 comes out.

    I like how the new version is much snappier and how pages in Safari don't have to reload so often (plus no checkerboard). However, for me, I'd have to be pretty impatient to just update for those reasons alone. Every iteration is going to likely improve on these points.

    The one thing that really tempts me is form factor. The decrease in width makes a noticeable improvement in handling the device. I didn't think the .2 lbs shaved off would make a difference, but it does. I guess when you're dealing with devices already incredibly light, even a .2 lb difference is notable.

    As much as I hate to admit it, the new cover is pretty slick. I look forward to seeing what third parties dream up.

    Still, in the end, I'm waiting for iPad 3, which will probably have a higher res screen. Besides a better media experience, it opens doors for app developers due to more real estate. Also, by that time, I will have ditched my Android for an iPhone 5 making the iPad camera and Facetime more useful. 4G may even be an option by then.

    For those looking for the iPad 2, good luck. If you have never had an iPad, I think you'll find your efforts worth it. I know people love to throw the term around, but it really is a game changer.

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