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  • dtp
    Nov 7, 12:40 AM
    I really hope the update is this Tuesday--I'll get out of lectures with my credit card in hand, ready to purchase. It can't come a minute too soon, as I really don't know how much longer my iBook has to last (bad noises, grinding, hanging, random shut downs...).

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  • maclaptop
    Apr 16, 10:18 PM
    I think Mac sales are directly tied to the Halo affect of the iOS devices. The more they sell there, the more people open up to Mac as an alternative. With Lion having more iOS like interfaces, it will make it even more natural for new customers.
    I agree the Halo effect is a huge influence. Someone who's never owned an Apple computer buys an iPhone, finds out how well it integrates with a MBP, and a computer is sold. It's as simple as that.

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  • Rowbear
    Mar 5, 03:12 PM
    Miserable weather here today, with heavy rain when it should be snowing :(

    Cardinals in my backyard are rain soaked.

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  • djp2
    Mar 25, 08:31 PM
    you're that annoying friend that shows up at a party and everyone has to be nice to him, and then as soon as you leave everyone talks about how abrasive you are.

    that is the worst kind of friend.

    Actually, the people I hang out with have some degree of character and intelligence.

    ETA: And also, most of them are gay. The straight people I hang out with probably wouldn't say "that's so gay". For those who did, I would just explain why it bothers me; they would just think about it for a second and realize what they were doing. It's really pretty straightforward.

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  • Friscohoya
    May 5, 11:48 AM
    you could have apple set it up at the store when you buy it... then you can download music and apps on device, so really the only reason one would need to connect to a computer is to create a backup or update the OS... still isn't a real computer imo but you definitely don't need a computer to use an iPad. I bought one for my grandma and she uses it as her only computer, so depending on ones needs, yes it can replace an actual computer, for others, not so much.

    But backups and updates are critical for such a device. That is my whole point... Are you arguing that it does not need ota syncing or just arguing? Obviously its serviceable without tethering, but you do need to sync it to a computer for it to work. Thats like if I had to plug my scooter into my car just to get it going. It makes it a luxury and not a necessity. They would sell more by making it stand on its own. Even if it required a wifi connection to do updates and sync. They would sell even more than they already do.

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  • seashellz
    Mar 28, 02:11 PM
    Man, Apple keeps getting lower and lower. First Walmart, now this?

    Id buy one at a kids sidewalk Lemonaide stand if they had them in stock-

    Who the ***** cares?

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  • ryanx27
    Aug 29, 12:02 PM
    So which Vista version would be the equivalent of XP Pro??:confused:

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  • Al Coholic
    May 5, 10:39 AM
    The article seems to imply that perhaps ATT has already agreed, hence why Apple is negotiating with Verizon at this point.

    Oh freakin' joy.

    665Mb over AT&T's EDGE network here in Asshat, America will tie up every cell tower within 50 miles and take my iP4 days to update. No thanks - I'll disable it.

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  • djellison
    Nov 3, 06:00 AM
    Putting aside the fact that Flash is crap....

    On Macs. It's great on PCs. Isn't it ironic - Silverlight, MS's alternative to Flash, is better in Safari than Flash is.

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  • TheMacFeed
    Oct 18, 05:09 PM
    Slight change again, still need to do something with my 10000000's of cables. :mad:

    The glass desk doesn't necessarily help you. You could try looking into Bluelounge's CableBox (Link to product description on Bluelounge's website ( or do a make-shift version.

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  • �algiris
    May 5, 12:49 AM
    what does charging your phone have to do with being tied down to a single iTunes?

    Single? There are multiple?

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  • nemaslov
    Nov 29, 02:20 PM
    That album is completely lame. I was bored to tears listening to it on the Virgie magastore booth...

    This is the best Beatles album period:

    Enough Jay-Z meets the Beatles is way more creative. Someday Applecorps will need to release this.

    Well it sounds pretty wonderful in 5.1 and rememberit is just really a soundtrack for a show. I find that is works wonderfully about 80% of the time and just entered the Billborad Charts at number 4..Not too shabby. There is also a different audience soundwise now who listens to most music from iPods (or the like) or from their computers, and really don't seem to listen to or care about really good high fidelity. I listen via itunes and ipods for fun and convenience but home through a really good stereo I listen mostly to vinyl and CDs. Again the DVD 5.1 of Love is one of the best sounding albums I've ever heard especially from almost 40 year old music.

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  • Treq
    Nov 2, 11:24 PM
    I just installed ClickToFlash ( on all my Macs and my browsing experience has dramatically increased 1000% for the better. No more intrusive pop-up ads, distracting animations, and more importantly, long-loading, resource-intensive, useless, gimmicky intros and gadgets... unless I specifically ask for it.

    I can only imagine what would happen if Flash apps on the iPhone didn't have such an ability to be optionally downloaded, let alone execute upon it loading. It's bad enough that AT&T's bandwidth is horrendous at times, I don't need to waste half a megabyte just downloading an advertisement.

    ClickToFlash is Awesome. My computer runs so much cooler now that I've installed it.

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  • iMacx
    Mar 25, 09:28 PM
    FINALLY, my iP4 is seriously spotty with it data:mad:. hopefully this will fix that.

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  • Gibson424
    Sep 12, 04:42 PM
    not sure if anyone else has touched on this, but did anyone notice that music videos are gone?

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  • BRLawyer
    Aug 3, 03:41 PM
    One thing is true...the WWDC pic is DEFINITELY real.

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  • ILikeTurtles
    Mar 22, 12:13 PM
    I find it very disturbing that an adult man would have to ask his wife for permission to buy an iPad, much less return one because she said "No."

    WTF? Thank god I'm gay!

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  • Kilamite
    Mar 12, 06:51 AM
    Isn't it for the iPad pre-orders?

    Can't see why they'd bring all the stores down.

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  • psychometry
    Nov 6, 11:13 PM
    eh. I'm waiting for the 8-core macbook.
    I'm waiting for the 65536-core SuperMegaAggroMacBook.

    Mar 28, 10:22 PM
    I think people who say that no new iphone 5 is going to be announced are people who just got a verizon iphone and are on contract and so they hope that no new iphone comes out.I just got a Verizon iPhone, and still looking forward to iPhone 5. I Still have a upgrade available to waste.

    It took weeks for WWDC days for WWDC but only 10 hours of WWDC 2011 to sell out. Needless to say that’s the fastest sell out time ever. That’s rock concert fast.

    Apr 11, 03:58 AM
    So after spending maybe as much as �8k before the member of staff has even started and you've bought their software, to be able to pay �85/m for the software instead of �1700 in one hit is a much needed relief.
    Interesting point, although what you're not factoring in is that the resale value of CS5 is substantial whereas the resale value of the subscription model is ZERO :D

    Oct 13, 06:33 PM
    I hate to impose and I don't want to come across as creepy, but I was wondering if you could draw up a rough schematic of your room; I love the layout.

    Sure but it's tiny and i think i drew it out of portion as that bed i drew looks giant!

    Aug 3, 08:33 PM
    it's really funny to read those posts now. They should be infamous. I wouldn't want to be the one who posted that.

    Heh, yeah. I especially love all the posts about how it was a huge mistake for Apple to get into the mp3 player market (that the iPod would die a quick death and be a colossal failure).

    I think that is the problem when we buy so much into the speculation and hype - Apple releases something that, on the surface, is boring (i.e. "WTF?!?!?!? It's just an MP3 player and not some revolutionary new device?!!?!?!?"), but which has a much greater chance of success than some of the more out there stuff we want them to do. As a former Newton user, for example, I would be ecstatic if Apple did release a Newton 3000 or something, but I also realize that there is a good reason they aren't doing that - there still just doesn't seem to be a widespread market for PDA's at this point. So an MP3 player might be boring, but it turned out to be a very smart move for Apple.

    May 4, 11:50 PM
    hope they aren't automatic then people will lose their jailbreaks! what he said. I'm currently not j/b, but I still would like the option...

    best thing apple would do here is component-ize iOS better such that updates don't require 100s of megs of downloads. say you need just a safari update, safari shows up in your update list. etc etc...

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