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chase coy images. my life,” says Chase Coy,
  • my life,” says Chase Coy,

  • pantophobia
    Apr 17, 10:05 PM
    woke up hung over at 4am to see the news on here, get back up in time to get up to run over to the local toys r us in Rockville, MD and when i get to Rockville Pike, they have a marathon that partially closes the road, costs me several minutes until can get on the Pike, i get to the toys r us, they just sold the last of their 5 to the guys who got there about a minute before

    undeterred and since can't cross the pike anyways due to the run, go to Montgomery Mall just to see what is up at the Apple Store, decent line, they gave out the tickets, got the 16GB Black iPad

    leave, on the road i find my rear right wheel well is smoking heavily, i wonder wtf don't panic, let the wind put the fire out, brake pad melted in the process

    all for an iPad that isn't even mine, i went to get it for my mother who was too tired to rush out on a whim, i still don't have the cash yet to afford my own

    c'est la vie

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  • takao
    Apr 2, 05:27 AM
    well defending a country doesn't equal "having the capability to blow up another country thousands miles away". For many european countries, apart of France and Britain, it never was needed because they lacked colonies

    also todays political realites need to be kept in mind: after german reunification and the fall of the warsaw pact, an aweful lot of armies were simply way to overblown. With the EU expansions even more: what is the point of keeping thousands of tanks when there is no country next to you which has even close the capability to be a danger to you and neither has any motivation for a military attack.

    It's not their fault that the US is still stuck in cold war spending.

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    Mar 29, 02:30 PM
    Can Apple improve battery support to support LTE and A5 processor? I'd love it if they did, but we know Apple likes to take very firm single steps. Maybe it's time to upgrade the screen size to get more under the hood (and stick the antenna back in there).

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  • mostman
    Aug 24, 01:27 PM
    Mine IS affected but the site is down! So annoying!

    Doesn't matter. I think the script they were using was broken anyway. I tried to enter my affected serial number a bunch of ways and it wouldn't accept it. My guess is that they took the site down to fix the issue.

    Or it could be because the story hit the front page of Digg :)


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  • Blorzoga
    May 4, 09:49 PM
    And it will be called:

    iPad 3D.

    You heard it here first folks.

    Actually I heard it first three posts before you.

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  • Tommyg117
    Jul 23, 08:05 PM
    This option would be cool. I wouldn't really use it much, but I guess it is nice to know it is available. I read a lot, but I really enjoy books rather than ebooks. They make a nice collection.

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  • longofest
    Nov 6, 11:13 PM
    Wouldn't it be great if a graphics card appeared in these updates...?


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  • Ktulu
    Aug 3, 08:10 PM
    Oh ya... he's something cheesie... this has been on my mind for a while. In january, Steve demoed GarageBand and showed how to make PodCast. He did that fake podcast and said 'Hi this is steve, and this is my Super secret apple PodCast' then he proceded to make jokes about the next iPod... he said the next iPod coming out would have a 10 inch screen and weigh 8 pounds.
    Well... Tuesday is 8/10

    Remember 2 years ago when Jobs demoed Spotlight... he searched for 'Paris' then searched for iMac. Sure enough... the iMac G5 was released at Paris.

    I just thought that was interesting.

    Thursday is 8/10
    Tuesday is 8/8 :rolleyes:

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  • nemaslov
    Oct 16, 01:11 PM
    You killed your mother because your friends laughed at you :eek: :confused: :p


    NO, She died of natural causes BUT (TRUE STORY) on August 29th, 1966 a friend showed up at my house at 6PM with two tickets to see the Beatles at Candlestick Park in San Francisco. My mother said I could not go becuase I had a drum lesson at 7PM and unless it was cancelled a day in advance, we'd have to pay. So I missed what became the last official concert the Beatles ever played.

    I no longer play the drums :confused: AND my mother is dead. :(

    see not everyone here is 23...

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  • furi0usbee
    Nov 24, 05:51 PM
    If you think of it that way then Ringo's I've Got Blisters... (http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ive-got-blisters/id52046?i=52042) and The End (http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-end/id52046?i=52044) are also free. And worth every penny!

    Hi Doctor Q- The "I've got blisters on my fingers" is part of "Helter Skelter," and only heard at the end of the STEREO version, and not a separate song. Also, "The End" is over 2 minutes. The part you are referring to is probably the part at the end of the song... "and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.." However, the song has the long guitar solos before getting to that part, and the intro is part of "The End."j

    After that, I think Maggie Mae is like 40 seconds.


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  • firewood
    Mar 29, 01:22 AM
    Ok, but they are only utilizing Moscone West. Why not rent West and North, South or all three.

    Moscone North and South were already reserved for trade shows much bigger than WWDC more than a year in advance. It's all about the total number of attendees, and these big trade shows bring in an order of magnitude more people spending money in SF than either WWDC or Google IO.

    Never mind. Those big trade shows are two weeks before and after WWDC.

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  • megapopular
    Nov 12, 01:12 PM
    Couldn't all Facebook apps also be approved by default, and only be given access to a user's personal information by explicit consent of that user?

    Like the world has done such a bang up job of being trustworthy, lol. Apple has to do what they believe they have to do to survive and thrive. They haven't done it by the conventional/popular ways of thinking. I never said that Apple is perfect or that their approval process is just right. But it is what it is. People aren't all trustworthy, that's probably a reason why they clamp down (whether right or wrong in certain instances) on app approval.

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  • MacinDoc
    Nov 1, 12:34 AM
    Just my luck I was gona take my macbook in for RSD tomorrow to get the heatsink replaced and now they come out with this fix. There is defiantly something wrong with the hardware though(i believe the heatsink has burned through some of the wires) besides the random shutdown when my system is at idle my fans will kick in suddenly at full speed then run for about a minute that fast or sometimes cut out completely then start up again. Something that it never did before rsd developed.

    I bet if i take it in tomorrow they will just tell me to apply this update which does nothing to solve the damage that has already been done to my macbook. My guess this is a fix apple has done to get them out of the 1 year warranty period were the macbook will then develop further hardware problems. Then you will have to pay out of pocket to get it fixed unless you buy apple care. Also this temporary patch helps them sell more apple care subscriptions.

    All i can say is i better not have hardware issues after my year is up or I'm done with apple :(
    If you look at Apple's history with out of warranty repairs, you will find that this is not the case. Apple has done many free repairs of out of warranty products with faulty parts, for example, faulty eMac logic boards.

    If there is a widespread problem with faulty hardware, Apple will take care of it.

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  • Chundles
    Sep 6, 08:23 AM
    I assume you mean headless tower since all the iMacs and the MAC Mini are desktops......... Oh wait, isn't the MAC Pro a headless tower?

    Mac, not MAC. They're different things.

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  • pc-proud
    Apr 3, 11:38 AM
    jeez, 8 whole mega pixels??? Wow fruit, welcome to you sure are being generous here. My android phone has 8mp and it came a full year ago... The pictures it takes are pretty sweet compared to my friends i(paidtomuch)phone4. I'm not trying to bash anyone but I see a lot of fruit boys on here saying they are OK with whatever fruity says. Ya'll really need to revolt or something because that's not right. I guess once the specs are finalized, we will see a 10+ mega pixel camera on either android or windows phone? I have no idea..

    I will suggest that perhaps a physical side camera button like the Windows phone has for taking pictures would great because with a touchscreen it is hard to tell if you took a picture in a noisy environment when you can hear the click.

    That is all.


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  • Chase Coy - Indiana Sun (2011)

  • japanime
    Oct 28, 07:38 PM
    LOL. YOu fell fgor it. Awesome :D

    I didn't fall for it.

    And you're an idiot.

    Seriously, these forums are so Mac users can help one another. What kind of little person gets joy out of posting false information that could cause another person grief or concern?

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  • sikkinixx
    Sep 6, 08:28 AM
    *sigh* still no good video card...

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  • Warbrain
    Nov 7, 07:50 AM
    Well...doesn't look like its happening today.

    There's still time. But I do like knowing that I was right when people were all 'NO YOU'RE NOT!!" Gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside that I can use some common sense.

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  • szsiddiq
    Nov 8, 09:17 AM
    Not really. I mean, I do wash the casing every once in a while, but I'm not obsessive over it. It's a computer, and it'll look however it does after the use I put it through.
    well, ive just seen some pretty dirty ones then!

    Jul 23, 07:01 AM
    Are foldable/flexible displays ready? Strange that Xerox shut down Gyricon. I wonder if this product could actually, be sold to Borders and Barnes and Nobles. When you walk into the store instead of seeing paperback and hardbound books, you see hunreds of thousands of these on shelves. This could totaly change the way the publishing/library system works. You have a few of these flexible OLED displays that you just bring or rent from your local library or the book store and then you just go back or download a new one. The only problem is that there would have to be a simple way to charge these since it would be crazy to just stick them in thousands of bases, need to be as easy as slipping them into the shelf. So, if they created som sort of mat like SplashPower they would charge through the plastics. So, you could have these wonderfully moddern bookshelves that actually were splashpowered...And since covers sell books when and individual picked up one of these new Apple ibooks the cover art would have an animation sequence not just a static image. I can just see it now all these ladies picking up and seeing Fabio flexing his muscles on Appple's newest Ibook Ereader with it's flexible OLED display.

    Aug 3, 03:17 PM
    I don't think those iPhone shots are real, and I'm not all that hopeful that a phone will be released on Monday, but if an Apple phone is released I will be as excited as I have ever been for an Apple release. Just imagine the syncing perfection and coolness factor.

    Nov 27, 12:12 PM
    Sorry, I don't think adding the Beatles is a big deal at all.

    Not of itself no - but imo a remastered collection will sell millions. How many fans, old and new, will shell out again to hear them?

    6-0 Prolene
    Mar 11, 07:24 PM

    It would appear that you can, since you're waiting and all...

    Mar 6, 03:26 AM
    lol!! Sweet! Thanks! What's really cool are all the hot ladies you snap photos of... jeez I feel like such a perv/nerd just for saying that haha.
    Your model photos are insane in my opinion. I love them! keep up the great work you've improved tons!!!

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