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  • jholzner
    Sep 6, 10:24 AM
    What about the laptops???? MBP's haven't been updated once and iMacs have been getting all the love. Count it!

    Well, the iMacs haven't been updated once since they were released. This is the first update. The MBPs have been given speed bumps so I don't know what you are talking about. I'm sure the MBPs will be give C2D soon.

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  • playaj82
    Aug 8, 12:03 PM
    I don't think that they're in any danger of that. This was a sneak peek. It was not a Beta Release, it is not a "features complete" release. Come January, if there aren't major improvements, then I think what you're suggesting could be discussed further. Until then, it's not fair to say that Leopard isn't going to be a success. We simply don't know enough about the final version to make any level of educated statement in that regard.

    The only problem with that is from a business standpoint, Apple needed to come out and shine. In previous releases, Win XP was just a stagnant operating system, so OS X always looked light years ahead.

    The deal now is that Apple is on a head to head collision course with Microsoft as to whose OS grabs the consumer. I just think Apple had a huge opportunity to get the Mac Community excited or would be Mac users excited and to completely outshine Vista, and they didn't reach nearly as high as they should have.

    I have no question in my mind that Leopard will be amazing, it will have a number of great new features, it will be fast, etc... but Apple had tons of amazing products in the mid-1990s that were poorly executed and died before they ever got off the ground. These products died from a business end, not a technological end.

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  • Herdfan
    Apr 17, 12:01 PM
    Like the apple store?

    Lol, Joking....The Apple store, while certainly a "neat" place, has never been an all-around pleasant experience for me. The place is constantly packed to the brim with people


    While I like going to the Apple store, I don't think I will ever buy another computer there. I bought my MBP there because I needed to see the anti-glare screen beside the glossy screen.

    But for a while, it seemed like I was destined to be extremely wealthy because the ivisibility cloak I designed was working to a T. I was completely invisible to anyone who was able to sell me something.

    My next iMac will be bought online and shipped to me. Now if the would find a way to put you in a queue so you knew you would helped before the person that walked in the store 30 seconds ago, then maybe I would go back, but not until.

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  • AidenShaw
    Sep 6, 08:40 AM
    Why not 4GB of RAM?
    The system uses some of the 4 GiB of physical address space to map I/O busses and devices.

    For example, that 256 MiB of VRAM on the graphics card appears in the physical address space -- which means that only 3.75 GiB is available for real memory. PCIe busses take more, as well as network and other needs. PCI Express reserves a lot of memory for I/O space.

    A with a 32-bit chipset the OS has to "ignore" any real memory that's usurped by I/O space reserved addressing. A 64-bit chipset (with a 64-bit OS) doesn't have that problem.

    I have a 4 GiB Dell D620, but Windows and Linux only see about 3.1 GiB of that due to the I/O space issues. I expect that OSX86 has the same restrictions - since it's a hardware issue.

    IBM only offers 3 GiB configs of the same Yonah/Napa combination - apparently to avoid "where's the rest of my memory" complaints. It looks like Apple is copying IBM's approach.

    The ProMac has a 64-bit capable chipset, so the memory extensions that were used for the PowerMac G5 can be used to avoid this issue.

    The Napa chipset is 32-bit - Santa Rosa will be 64-bit.

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  • gkarris
    Apr 18, 01:35 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8G4)

    My dad got me an original iPad for my birthday at BB and went to return it last Monday and told them he was gonna get the new one at an Apple Store so they went in the back and said they have a few iPad 2s and got a 32gb AT&T one. Was yesterday supposed to be the first day BB was selling the 2?

    When you want to do a return and get new one elsewhere, all of a sudden, they "have them..." :eek:


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  • MacinDoc
    Sep 5, 12:04 AM
    The thing that's frustrated me with Apple is the long wait for even minor product updates. The Merom update across the line should be a no brainer especially since the chip is more efficient and is easy to implement. Almost every other manufacturer announced Merom laptops already. Knowing Apple though, they'll just drag it out without mercy and only do the Merom updates in January for Macworld. In the meantime, we'll all be wondering if perhaps next week would be the right time to buy a new notebook because of some hot new rumor. Very frustrating. Now that Apple has switched to Intel, why not do chip updates without the fanfare that accompanied the minor PowerPC updates? :rolleyes:
    What long wait? Merom was just introduced last week, and nobody is shipping computers with Merom yet. Apple is moving away from just doing product refreshes at MWSF. In order to maximize media exposure, Apple has recently been upgrading a few products at a time (usually 2-3), but avoids introducing something on the same day as another manufacturer.

    Apple will introduce Merom-based products this month, you can count on it.

    After all, when was the last time AppleInsider and ThinkSecret agreed on anything? ;)

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  • sammoj
    Jan 11, 04:28 PM
    Your all missing this one....

    The new Apple Board Member is from Avon Cosmetics.

    I give you....

    iFume....the new fragrance for men and women :rolleyes:


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  • virus1
    Oct 15, 08:17 PM
    Or (and here's a radical idea) why not put a small speaker on the player itself?
    there is one.

    but anyways, why would you use it when you could have her on a 2 foot ear bud leash?

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  • themanfromvlad
    May 4, 11:21 PM
    This is complete bullcrap, people. Over the air updates will come, but over WiFi. Doing this over 3G makes no sense.

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  • Eso
    Mar 30, 05:11 PM
    Why wasn't I surprised it was you who gave this answer...


    You aren't very good at this. Consequently, I'm sure I must explain why:

    You consistently post unsubstantiated claims of which you know nothing about, often in direct opposition to demonstrable facts, such as this one (, this one (, this one (, and this one ( As such, it's not surprising when you post a reply that follows the same theme: denying the existence of anything that negatively portrays the products or services you are personally invested in.

    It's a pattern born from the same insecurity that would cause one to name himself after said product.

    Your attempt at trolling me doesn't even make sense because the referenced posts don't have any similarities.

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  • phytonix
    Sep 12, 02:02 PM
    the education store sell these ipods for the same price as normal store
    what does this mean? is it the end of discount? apple want more money? what?


    and the education store free ipod promo is still the old ones.
    I guess probably we will see edu price for new nano after this promo ends.

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  • Northgrove
    May 5, 03:13 AM
    This is complete bullcrap, people. Over the air updates will come, but over WiFi. Doing this over 3G makes no sense.

    Haha, yes... When I typed my reply above, I didn't even consider 3G. Come on guys... LOL :D

    This will obviously be intended for WLAN's. Apple doesn't even do *FaceTime* over 3G.

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  • Benjy91
    Mar 22, 05:33 AM
    Made me smile, I love random stories like these. :)

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  • Some_Big_Spoon
    Aug 3, 09:34 AM
    Discussion hit /. with more informed people than we:

    Kiddies on this board will be frothing at the mouth with Ann Coulter-esque murderous rage.

    Why did they have to use a third party WiFi card if it's the OS's problem. My understanding is that it's Intel's deal, not Apple's.

    We're apparently too smug to figure that out?

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  • Rocketman
    Apr 2, 10:59 AM

    Stringer's discussion of camera production for Apple was confirmed by The Wall Street Journal:

    Early on, he raised the irony of Sony supplying camera components for Apple devices. It "always puzzles me," he said. "Why would I make Apple the best camera?"


    Because you want to sell 20 million units with no marketing risk, minimal inventory cost, large prepayments from the customer, and unusual engineering support from the customer.

    That's why.

    One order covers your R&D and production ramp costs across all your other products, profitably.


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  • BigBeast
    Apr 2, 06:50 AM
    A crap camera will never take a great picture, despite the hands it is in. It might take something vaguely enigmatic on some level, but with bad lens, inability to capture colors, or faulty mechanics/electronic, it will be nothing more than a crippling piece of equipment.

    A good photographer can frame, layer, focus the subject, and compose well. Yes, you don't need a "good" camera for those qualities, but you need a well-creafted camera to back up and improve on the photographer's skills.

    Sorry to say, but your are mistaken. People have been taking phenomenal photos without the cameras sold today. Cameras of yesterday were not as accurate nor precise as they are today, yet incredible photos have been taken for quite some time. How is that?

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  • rand0m3r
    Nov 8, 06:24 AM
    ok the US store was last to go down. but which one goes up first with the new update? :D

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  • iGary
    Aug 24, 05:41 PM
    it says my computer is effect(its model number) but it says my Battery is number on my battery starts with 6C5393... any tell me if it is effected?

    The battery is paired with the computer - e.g. one battery goes with the computer serial (don't need to enter that battery serial, it matches up with the computer) and a spare uses its own.

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  • jephrey
    Aug 8, 08:54 AM
    My speculation is simple... Front row wasn't shown just because they're not ready to release the new cinema displays with built-in cameras yet. My guess is that the price-drop on the existing displays is to move them before the ones with integrated cameras are intro'd.


    Nov 7, 10:49 AM
    The MacBook doesn't need a Core 2 Duo processor. Apple needs to leave a gap between the MacBook and the MacBook Pro.

    That is marketing for losers.

    If there is a gap, and Apple doesn't fill it, someone else will. An artificial gap like this one, when Intel's price for Yonah and Merom at same clock speed is identical, just annoys people. At the moment this is still acceptable; Merom production is not a full capacity yet, and you can't expect Apple to update all products simultaneously, but in two months time MacBook sales would just disappear.

    Smaller screen, smaller harddisk, integrated graphics, these are all things that people can accept because they save money. Using CoreDuo doesn't save Apple any money; that kind of gap would be just taking your customers for idiots. And I could not possibly imagine that kind of thinking from Apple at all.

    Mar 19, 05:23 AM
    Why would you buy a huge HDD iPod, when you could get an iPhone or an iPod touch?

    I've got an iPhone and a classic.

    The classic is used almost every day solely for playing music. The iPod app on my iPhone is only used once in a blue moon.

    I just think the classic is a much better music player and I'll carry on using them as long as I can. :)

    Sep 12, 05:10 PM
    Nice to see coverflow in there although I do agree that it looked better before.

    And is it just me or is it slower?
    Yeah is yours slow when you are in the 3rd view tith all the albums on the top? The Music seems to be moving fine, but the top with the album art looks like it takes a bit to load. Is this what you are talking about?

    Oct 3, 12:57 AM
    What also sucks, and I still stick with my call,is that the Halo community contains the largest number of @$$hats to ever discover a microphone. From the well documented You Tube video of random players verbally harassing a gay player before a match even starts. To the almost pathetic way some players are addicted to the 'N' word. To the now immortal play style of wanting to be the only player who gets the best weapon or vehicle, and are willing to kill teammates to get it.

    Totally agree. Team killing ****** me so much. The worse thing is that usually if someone kills you to get your sniper or other weapon, you often don't get the option to boot them but if I accidentally betray someone it always seems like I get booted.

    I also usually mute people straight away during multiplayer. I don't play halo to hear people saying random/stupid things or singing into the mic. I have never heard the "N" words used before though.

    Also ranking of halo games for me:

    1. Reach
    2. Halo 3
    3. ODST
    4. Halo Ce
    5.Halo 2 (by far the worst one)

    Nov 8, 07:44 AM
    Looks like nothing has changed but the processor. Gentlemen, commence your bitching.

    Ha Ha.. first thing I thought of too...

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