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disney castle fireworks

disney castle fireworks. Walt Disney WorldFireworks
  • Walt Disney WorldFireworks

  • ampd
    Aug 3, 06:15 PM
    Will the keynote be streamed live?

    No, it will most likely be shown on apples sight 2 hours after its ending however MR will keep up with the details of the event.

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  • Cinderella Castle is a Wintry

  • JPark
    Mar 29, 09:53 AM
    This would be nice. I'd like to be able to tell my phone to read an email or text to me when I receive one while driving. However, I get into arguments all the time with the Siri app. We weren't on speaking terms for about a month after the last fiasco, (she kept telling me she couldn't help me because she didn't know my home address even though I wasn't at home and I couldn't see how knowing that would help me find a Taco Bell), but we recently made amends and the relationship, although tenuous, is improving.

    disney castle fireworks. Disney World Cinderella#39;s
  • Disney World Cinderella#39;s

  • mulletman13
    Aug 3, 05:16 PM
    What are these????

    The bottom one is the backside view of the iMac, and the top is a Intel Core Duo (2) chip.

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  • Fireworks over Magic Kingdom

  • mcs37
    Sep 13, 12:52 PM
    Google for "thread 500" and click the top match--always hilarious :)

    If the new nanos played games and videos (I know--really small) I'd HAVE to buy one. So I'm glad they don't :)

    The case combines the best of the Mini and Nano--all good.

    So why are there no nano games? Just because the screen is so small?

    disney castle fireworks. Skyquot; fireworks show first
  • Skyquot; fireworks show first

  • milo
    Oct 16, 11:24 AM
    Before getting slapped... I guess if youre a billionaire you can shove earbuds into a strangers ear, but here in Real World USA the results would not be pretty. Do that with your girlfriend, I dont think ANYONE would want a stranger theyve known for 1 minute coming up to them and putting crap into their ear.

    And you think most people would want strangers trying to send them songs and pictures?

    Along the same lines, anyone else remember the episode of The Office where Jim used "earbud sharing" with Pam? Gotta love tasteful product placement.

    For months on end we've been bombarded with Zune-friendly "news" articles calling it an "iPod killer". Even before Microsoft had a name for it, before they had any sort of design for it, while it was still vaporware, the media kept hammering home, "iPod killer" while seeming to drool over the prospect.

    I guess you've been reading different articles than I have. Since they've announced details and pictures I've mostly been seeing articles along the lines of "What a Turd".

    disney castle fireworks. Disney castle - fireworks
  • Disney castle - fireworks

  • res1233
    Mar 21, 07:51 PM
    Maybe all these rumors of a "squashed iphone 5 mini" are really leaks of the next gen ipod classic? That type of form factor makes more sense considering the way things are headed. Touch screens and all.

    ^ This is likely. Don't really need a home button when all you use it for is music. I might be thinking of a different leak from what he's referring though, either way...

    EDIT: What I find hilarious is the fact that the majority of those naysayers from 2001 probably ate their words and bought an iPod in the end :D

    disney castle fireworks. Disney Fireworks castle
  • Disney Fireworks castle

  • Drewys
    Jul 24, 08:29 PM
    One of the most practical/feasible forms may be to just have 2 screens...an iPod as one screen AND a Tablet screen (i.e. eInk, LCD, etc.). In this way, regular iPod users can CHOOSE to just carry around JUST their iPod for music/video, or take along an ADDITIONAL tablet screen if they desire to watch a movie on the larger screen or read documents (e-books) or email or other apps (albeit with a shorter battery life).

    Need to still have a "cool" form factor, such that the iPod nests into the tablet screen seamlessly and not some stupid corded device.

    This idea would give the consumer both expandability and more incentive to buy an iPod. What most consumers DON'T want is to buy more and more devices that don't "leverage" each other. MOST consumers don't have an unlimited amount of disposable income to buy a shuffle, a nano, an iPodV, a Mac Tablet, an iPhone, etc.

    Your thoughts?

    disney castle fireworks. Fireworks around Cinderella#39;s
  • Fireworks around Cinderella#39;s

  • motulist
    Sep 12, 03:39 PM
    Can the new Nanos play videos?

    No. Not unless you want to replace the apple firmware.

    disney castle fireworks. prizes Disney offered.
  • prizes Disney offered.

  • ssteve
    Aug 24, 12:57 PM
    Is it 1.1, 1.3 or 1.8 million laptop batteries?

    I am glad to see someone else is a little confused and it wasn't just me. I have seen the 1.1 and 1.8, but not the 1.3 million batteries. I just want to know which number it really is.

    disney castle fireworks. Please, Walt Disney Parks
  • Please, Walt Disney Parks

  • Taz Mangus
    Apr 15, 01:15 PM
    I really wish Android Spambots would keep to Android forums. :rolleyes:

    Windows spambots included as well.

    disney castle fireworks. Christmas at Disneyland
  • Christmas at Disneyland

  • slicecom
    Mar 18, 01:52 PM
    I just bought a used 160GB iPod Classic last week. Having my entire music library in my car at all times: Priceless.

    disney castle fireworks. of view behind the castle.
  • of view behind the castle.

  • talkingfuture
    Apr 14, 09:06 AM
    More great news. I wonder where the limit on this growth will be?

    disney castle fireworks. Disney castle - fireworks
  • Disney castle - fireworks

  • emotion
    Nov 8, 08:05 AM
    It's only �20 more now than a same-spec white one. Cheaper than before I think.

    I was just about to post this. The UK store appears down for me at the moment. This is based on the edu price (the UK edu store is up for me).

    I'm teetering the edge of buying the black one. If that price was for a 1x1GB memory config I'd be a lot more tempted.

    I think I can wait until the MBP 13.3 that will be announced in January (alongside the touchscreen ipod). :D

    disney castle fireworks. over Cinderella#39;s Castle)
  • over Cinderella#39;s Castle)

  • bedifferent
    May 5, 12:56 AM
    How is this system implemented? As our iPhones are online (unless manually disengaged) 24/7, Apple must be communicating with it to determine whether your iPhone needs an incremental update. As such, the user has to engage the update, correct? It is not automatic?

    As I quickly read the article my first (knee jerk) reaction was control and jailbroken iPhones being tracked and harder to use if Apple implements such a feature.

    disney castle fireworks. Disneylad castle at night
  • Disneylad castle at night

  • baleensavage
    Sep 12, 03:49 PM
    The usual answer would be: start with a new source, and compress that to 640x480. If you start with a video that's already 320x240, you can't expect it to look better if you later try to re-encode it to a larger screen size. Can't get data from nowhere... can't get blood from a stone.
    I think the person was referring to content they already pruchased from iTunes store. In which case, as I posted before, I too am wondering this same question. Looks like I will have to send Apple an email.

    disney castle fireworks. Fireworks in the Fireplace
  • Fireworks in the Fireplace

  • likemyorbs
    Apr 26, 12:35 AM
    There are plenty of successful white people as well as plenty of white people just getting by. What is your point? What do you think the reason for these statistics is?

    I already said my point multiple times, the numbers are completely disproportionate whether you want to face it or not. And i don't believe for a second that it's because of racism, i think its a crap excuse and it's played out. I don't know what the reason is, that's why i started this thread. To get some input from everyone. You have to admit that the number of blacks committing violent crimes compared to their small population in their countries is a bit baffling. If you want to blame it on "oppression" that hasn't existed for a long time, while many blacks are successful and productive citizens unbothered by "oppression", then go for it, i just don't buy it.

    disney castle fireworks. Magic Kingdom fireworks at
  • Magic Kingdom fireworks at

  • topgun072003
    Mar 11, 04:54 PM
    Why is he blaming it on us? Its "ultimate"ly his decision to use and post what information was given to him. He's the one that needs to decipher between good and bad tips. Not to just take anything anyone says as fact and then publish on his website.

    disney castle fireworks. Daily Disney - Daytime
  • Daily Disney - Daytime

  • Mitthrawnuruodo
    Sep 12, 03:50 PM
    It works great, "Dark Side" and "The Wall" play as intended.He-he... I'm testing "The Wall", too... :)

    Did the "Gapless Determination" detect your The Wall album or did you, like me, have to set the Gapless Album tag yourself...?

    disney castle fireworks. Daily Disney - Daytime
  • Daily Disney - Daytime

  • thewaydownmusic
    Sep 24, 01:02 PM
    Wal-Mart uses loss-leading priced CD sales to draw people into the store.

    I work for Target... while we do not always underprice CD's, in many products, that is the case. If someone goes to buy that one product (that the store takes a loss on) the store hopes that they will pick up other items while they are there.

    Target sells a lot of the iTunes pre-paid cards... and TONS of iPod accessories.

    Aug 8, 09:22 PM
    New Chassis for MAC PRO please..

    Apr 17, 10:37 AM
    Haha, a pre order event? Wow, what a balls up.

    Apple rapped them over the knuckles for allegedly withholding stock and rightly so. I wonder if this is the result.

    Apr 30, 01:08 PM
    Nice! :D :apple:

    Nov 13, 12:46 PM
    I'm seriously amazed that ANYONE is defending Apple here.

    I'll make this point again... How is what Apple is doing any different than what Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony do with approvals for applications on their devices? If anything, Apple should be commended for giving everyone access to the development environment at a significantly reduced cost. The reason for the approval process is clear: they want to do QA before the product is released because if something bad happens, every news organization will feature headlines about it for a week.

    Nov 12, 09:44 PM
    Almost all developers live in a world where they code to specs and standards. Their code is then reviewed by other developers, tested repeatedly and then approved for implementation.

    Apple's model isn't different from what most companies do internally.

    I don't mind Facebook - but the iPhone app is terrible.
    It is always crashing and never shows my friends list properly.

    Seems to me - he could have used some help and should have focused on defect repair and not on the process of approval.

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