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  • Waldszenen
    Mar 11, 05:48 PM
    Just for fun, I'm gonna believe that this rumour is entirely true and that we're going to see the refresh next Tuesday. Just to thumb my nose at all the naysayers if it does come true... heh.

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  • roland.g
    Sep 5, 09:17 AM
    Remember it's an Apple Media Event. It just means that Steve is going to intro the iPod Hi-Fi in all Black and tell us it sounds even better than before.

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  • michaelsviews
    Mar 29, 01:05 PM
    The iPhone 5 will not be released until 2012. The next iPhone will be called the iPhone 4G.

    Until then, any self-respecting journalist should refer to it as "the fifth-generation iPhone."

    And your rock solid PROOF that the iPhone 5 will not be released till 2012 is what?

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  • lazyrighteye
    Mar 28, 01:06 PM
    All the stores (Walmart,Target, Best Buy) in Minot ND have Good stock of iPad 2's 3+ of each model in most cases and it has been that way for a week or 2 now.

    **books flight from Denver to Minot, realizes the cost of iPad 2 + airfare = moronic, orders online**

    It's amazing these things are so hard to find. The trickle makes it hard to believe an iPad 3 will ship this fall. If true, wouldn't Apple want to get iPad 2 out as fast as possible so the duration between iPad 2's & iPad 3's releases is longer rather than shorter? Meaning, it would seem to create more consumer frustration if such a slow trickle means one eventually gets an iPad 2 only to see a new one available a few months later.
    Hmmm, maybe Best Buy (and their new Buy Back program) is the way to go with Apple purchases form here on out. :confused:

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  • 6-0 Prolene
    Mar 13, 11:25 AM
    Has anyone noticed that the refurb section at the Apple Online Store is completely out of stock of all 15" and 13" Macbook Pros? I can't remember this being the case recently and it makes me wonder if this is related to a possible new release of those size configurations. There are multiple configs of the 17" MBP available.

    This has been brought up a lot, and the consensus seems to be that refurb inventory doesn't correlate at all with an impending release.

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  • budward
    Nov 8, 09:29 AM
    I have a 12" PowerBook and when I saw the new 13" MacBook, there is no comparison, Why are people waiting for a 12" ? Have you even seen the 13"?
    it's a widescreen unlike the PB12... keep waiting, but it is not going to happen.

    Anyhow, I have been waiting awhile for this upgrade, the store has been offline forever!!! Hurry apple.. My wallet is itching for one in black!!!


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  • SirOmega
    May 5, 12:20 AM
    The issue with Verizon (and probably other carriers) isn't a "mother may I..." issue of sending the updates over 3G, the issue is probably exempting the OS updates from any transfer caps.

    In other words, to not have the 500MB iOS update apply to the 200MB or 2GB/mo or 5GB/mo data cap. This might require Apple to grease the skids with a little cash for Verizon and AT&T, or limit updates to WiFi only.

    That said, Apple in general needs to get a better handle on their update package sizes. I've got 3 Macs, 2 iPads and 2 iPhones on my home internet connection. Its 300-500MB (occasionally more) per Mac each time Apple releases a OSX point release (about every other month), 500MB for each iOS update (every other month) times four devices. So I'm looking at a maximum of 3.2GB of just Apple updates each month. This doesn't include updating iTunes, iPhoto, MS Office, etc.

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  • szsiddiq
    Nov 8, 09:04 AM
    Or maybe just wash your hands when you're done eating fried chicken?
    IMHO the white leaves different marks that are just as back...after awhile ull get a bunch of scuff marks that make the finish look more greyish brown...this is why i hated iBooks

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  • Shake 'n' Bake
    Mar 7, 06:01 PM
    The capital region got a bit of ice last night. It was heavy enough to take down a tree about a mile from my house, and of course the power went out. So we came to a hotel for the night. This was taken about 100 yards down the road from the hotel.

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  • arnop
    Nov 28, 05:43 PM
    I love how everybody is like "I've got the CDs who cares" or "Buy the CDs they are cheaper". The Beatles on iTunes isn't for you. It is for people who don't buy CDs, it's for the future when the majority of people get digital music and it's certainly for a whole generation of kids who won't know what a CD is or care, in the same way that vinyl is now seen as archaic.

    I'm sure I am repeating someone else's thoughts, but it doesn't seem clear to a lot of people.

    I guess you're right, but it means I'm much older than I thought ! I grew up with CDs and now, kids don't know what a CD is :D

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  • Rt&Dzine
    Apr 8, 02:28 PM
    In other words, it is perfectly natural for a believer to think that people are inherently bad. Quite a fine starting point, that. Life itself is continual penitence for something you had no part in. Only by praying, tithing and doing "god's work" can you overcome the hideous burden of your ancestry.

    For many Christians, doing "god's work," praying, and tithing doesn't do jack squat if you don't accept Jesus as your personal savior.

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  • CuppyCake
    Mar 28, 02:18 PM
    Why is there a shortage if Radio Shack will have stock tomorrow?

    I am waiting for my order for 2 two weeks. What is up Apple? :(

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  • Friscohoya
    May 5, 02:17 AM
    This makes the iPad a real computer not some parasite that feeds off it's host computer for life.

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  • iGrip
    Jul 10, 10:37 AM
    Speaking of which...The Mac Pro ever getting updated again Apple?

    My guess is that Apple is transitioning away from making "computers" in the legacy sense of the word.

    They have loudly proclaimed themselves to be a mobile device company.

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  • jorisx
    Aug 24, 03:41 PM
    These numbers don't mach:
    � 15-inch PowerBook G4, Model #A1078 and A1148, Serial Numbers: 6N530 through 6N551, 6N601
    From the image below also the numbers 3K425 to 3K601 belong to the 15" pbook !?

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  • steve_hill4
    Nov 8, 04:53 AM
    If I go to the Australian Apple Store the delivery time for a Black MacBook is 3-5 days.

    If I go to configure and upgrade it to 1Gb RAM the delivery time falls to 2-4 days!!!

    Explain that to me all you rumo(u)r experts:confused:

    Don't know, but assuming you ordered that and the BlackBook was upgraded before dispatch, you would possibly get 2GB for the same price, or the option to go down to standard 1GB config and money back. That's assuming Apple sees sense and ups it to 1GB as well as C2D.

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  • blitzkrieg79
    Apr 12, 07:44 PM
    Almost all products that are manufactured by Foxconn are produced by hand. When labor is essentially free it's going to be cheaper than using a machine.

    Do you know what the labor cost on an iPhone is? About 85 cents.

    And do you know how long it takes to assemble one?

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  • c-Row
    Jul 23, 02:46 AM
    [...]or if you can go to the newsagency, download Wired or The Times via BlueTooth with an automatic transaction approved with a thumbprint.

    The thumbprint thing might turn some people off, but just downloading the latest issue of whatever magazine you want to your iPod at the newsagency... mmh! :)

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  • Squire
    Aug 8, 06:34 AM
    Several members have voiced their disapproval over the Mac Pro's exclusion of Front Row and Photo Booth. However, Jobs did say that 10.5 would include "the complete package." He then went on to say that Boot Camp, Front Row, and Photo Booth would be included in the OS. So my question is this: How will one use Front Row on the new Mac Pro?


    Nov 8, 08:22 AM
    hi all, I have been awaiting this update and have now just ordered my new macbook. I am really glad they upgraded the RAM to 1GB on the middle model as I would have been paying for that upgrade anyway. I ordered it through my universities higher education store, so it cost me a total of �775.48 for the stock white 2ghz model, plus an "incase neoprene sleeve". I hope these sleeves provide adequate protection, if not I will have to get something else, I plan to take the laptop to uni with me every day so I am sure it will suffer a few bumps (not if i can help it obviously but accidents happen!). I am glad i didnt order one a couple of weeks ago like i almost did - thought i'd hold off for an update!

    Jul 23, 12:30 AM
    If it's going to have a huge screen why not make it have a satellite based navigation system too. That would be handy...

    As for the reader, sounds cool to me! :)
    OK for the navi I would do it in a heartbeat! I'd buy another I mean. Right now, full touch screen makes me giggle, but doesn't make me want to write a check for it.

    Mar 24, 11:10 PM
    I get it- as a wife, I was the one buying the iPads, with money I make in my consulting business. However, my husband would have not been pleased if it was blowing all of our discretional income without discussing it first...

    In this case, since he gets my iPad 1, he is happy, and he's thrilled that I've made enough $ through my p/t job to afford to do this.

    Marriage is all about mutual responsibility. And while he "asks" me before buying stuff for his wood workshop, I don't ever think I would say "no"- depending on the expense it might only be "not now". Our unspoken rule is if it's a non-essential over about $200, the other spouse should be advised and gets a courtesy ask. Keeps us both happy.

    I'm a guy, but I think its reasonable to discuss major purchases with your spouse. Of course it goes both ways. She can't just go out and drop $500 on shoes/purses/girls nights out without discussing it. And if one spouse is a stay at home parent, they still get a say in managing the household expenses. It is a mutual respect issue.

    Apr 12, 01:40 PM
    I hated Dreamweaver every single second I used it, and made the switch to RapidWeaver instead. A lot cheaper, a lot easier to pick up, and will grow with you as your knowledge deepens. There is a huge community of third party developers that make themes, plug-ins & extensions, and the community of users & developers are pretty open-source about sharing information and providing trouble shooting when things go awry. You can download a working demo for free...

    I tried Rapidweaver, but it wasn't for me the template system seemed to get in the way when I tried it. I do a lot of CSS coding and work a lot with Wordpress. I can used other programs to write code for Wordpress, Espresso works well and I use CSSEdit for working exclusively with CSS, but there are times I want a good WYSIWYG editor for laying out pages quickly and not have to switch between a preview and code view. So far KomPozer is the one that is the closest, but it is buggy and unfinished, I always find myself going back to Dreamweaver and wishing for something else.

    Vantage Point
    Mar 14, 09:23 AM
    Yeah, those card board people are front and back. So when you are in the store and look out you see the backside of about a dozen smiling apple people. It can catch you off guard once in the store.

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