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  • AtHomeBoy_2000
    Sep 7, 01:02 PM
    Surely Apple can't combine everything into something like http://www.macnn.com/blogs/?p=98.

    Or can they?

    I normally don't pay attention to Apple patent applications, but this one's a doozie!

    Everything from 100% full screen to virtual keys, to selecting different modalities depending on orientation(!), to sensitivity to force of touch, to squeezing, to miniDVD drive, to ....

    WOW! :eek:

    Or maybe it's really the iTablet? Larger form factor than an iPod? They talk about various operating systems. Maybe it'll be OS X?
    Yea. VERY interesting. i think Apple is just messing with us at this point. lol

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  • eye
    Mar 20, 08:15 PM
    The old comments are priceless. Here's one:

    "It's now at the online Apple Store!

    $400 for an Mp3 Player!

    I'd call it the Cube 2.0 as it wont sell, and be killed off in a short time...and it's not really functional.

    Uuhh Steve, can I have a PDA now?"

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  • Andronicus
    Mar 29, 01:11 AM
    My thoughts are the same, people honestly believe that wwdc is just the keynote

    It's the only part I (and a lot of people on this site) really care about. Is that such a big deal?

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  • chillywilly
    Nov 28, 06:16 PM
    In response to 63dot, it looks like there was a reproduction.


    Now, I wonder if part of the iTunes deal involves "Yesterday and Today" and if a digital version of the cover would be included?

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  • setek
    Sep 6, 10:27 AM
    well, I've ordered my 24" iMac.

    Stock-standard, 2-4 days shipping. Well, stock-standard barring the 2 x 1GB Corsair sticks I've already bought to go in it... :P

    My first mac :)

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  • macduke
    Apr 2, 05:37 AM
    Here's the deal: Now that cell phone sensors are approaching a decent quality, they will need good optics or it doesn't matter. That's where, I believe, Sony comes in. If you just throw in "MOAR MEGAPIXELS" then you've already lost. Looks great on a stats sheet for Android noobs, looks bad as a print (or at the least not any better than a lower mp sensor).

    Stats don't matter. That's what all the PC people say about Thunderbolt. Unless they got it first. Then any notebook without it would be considered worthless. Like a Mac and what they would then call its "legacy I/O." Lol...

    My first dSLR was a Canon Rebel XT. It had an 8mp sensor. Crazy to think my phone will have one too, despite the noise, inferior optics and lack of control. But still, crazy! And probably 1080p video too.

    All I can say is this iPhone 5 better come in 64GB and 128GB sizes! I'm already out of room on my 32GB model. I hope there is a setting for video quality. 720p is fine for casual videos. If I actually need 1080p (for legit work), I'll use my 7D + L optics, thank you very much! Haha. But it's inevitable.

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  • Marble
    Jul 22, 08:42 PM
    And I was hoping I wouldn't go blind before forty. Sheesh.

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  • milo
    Sep 12, 04:03 PM
    So the 60% brighter display is just a software update? :rolleyes:

    OK, so there are no added features, just minor things like tweaked display and battery. All the new functionality is just new software and available to the other 5G ipods. Is that better? :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

    Gapless playback is a software update ????

    I believe so. I think someone has already posted that they tried it on their 5G and it worked.

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  • Yebot
    Mar 18, 01:54 PM
    I'd like to seen an 128 GB iPod Touch before they sunset the Classic.

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  • Themaeds
    Mar 28, 12:32 PM
    I'm not american. Am I meant to know what RadioaShack is?

    If you have any devices that still take D batteries thats your place to go

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  • rovex
    Apr 26, 06:36 PM
    Whether or not Britain is the "most tolerant" country among a field containing some much worse, blacks (and Irish) were openly discriminated against, and certainly in the case of blacks, still are. Many in the UK would rather that the natives from their former colonies just remembered their place.

    You're the stating the obvious, of course discrimination is happening in the UK, in every country it's happening but, it's undoubtedly less prevalent than in other nations.

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  • dizastor
    Aug 24, 01:36 PM
    what no 17" recall. bah.

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  • lostngone
    Mar 29, 12:17 AM
    What about Google I/O then? It was sold in just 59 minutes!

    Apple is doomed!TM :D

    I am sure if Apple only charged $500 for WWDC they could have matched it.

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  • Mitthrawnuruodo
    Sep 4, 08:02 AM
    It's a shame that these $50.00 chinese 1GB and $70.00 2GB MP4 players with the Samsung chip have MP3 playback - Video - FM Radio - eBook Reader - Photo Viewer - Voice & FM Recorder, yet the Nano at three times the price does not!

    The Nano with these features, plus iTMS, will withstand anything coming from Sandisk, MS, Creative, or the cheap Chinese imports.Yes, because at the moment the competition is killing the iPods... oh, wait...

    Seriously: Why should you cram all that s*** into the iPods. Leave them be, and sell all those other things as optional accessories... I don't want a radio, video and voice recorder, so why should I have to pay for all that...?

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  • silentnite
    Apr 17, 01:02 AM
    Wake me up when Starbucks start selling em. :eek:

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  • sierra oscar
    Nov 8, 08:33 AM
    i have a 1st generation macbook so in a way im glad not much was updated... :p

    well I think an upgrade to C2D is significant (to me at least) and for my pocket - I was always going to have to get 1gig RAM and pay extra for it - now I don't have to spend that money - it comes stock

    The slight bump in stock HD offerings isn't a want of mine - but is nice.

    Primarily I'm excited about this revision - as it is a revision and hopefully will have less issues than the problematic-appearing revA MB.

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  • NintendoFan
    Nov 23, 05:54 PM
    I love how everybody is like "I've got the CDs who cares" or "Buy the CDs they are cheaper". The Beatles on iTunes isn't for you. It is for people who don't buy CDs, it's for the future when the majority of people get digital music and it's certainly for a whole generation of kids who won't know what a CD is or care, in the same way that vinyl is now seen as archaic.

    I'm sure I am repeating someone else's thoughts, but it doesn't seem clear to a lot of people.

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  • kas23
    Mar 25, 07:33 PM
    Uh oh, now you're going to unleash the fury of the autism brigade. Asperger's isn't a personality disorder!

    You are correct, sir. The autistic spectrum is not a personality disorder. Uniformed people on here are not understanding the diagnostic term "personality disorder", which are a handful of particular disorders carefully defined by the DSM-IV. The term "personality" is the key word here and it carries with it a specific meaning. And, as someone else has pointed out, in contrast to a PD, autism is a "pervasive developmental disorder".

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  • pilotkev1
    Apr 11, 01:21 AM
    This is bad, and Adobe should feel bad.

    May 5, 08:18 AM
    I think that is sort of the point here... :eek:

    I wouldnt think so (of course thats a big assumption). There has to be some kind of acceptance prior to the download, along with all the EUA jazz. I wish Apple would give the JB community a little slack, as they do the hackintosh folks.

    Sep 12, 05:41 PM
    That's what I'm wondering. I have tons of music videos and now there is no listing of them for me to look through.
    Mine's in the movies-section.

    Mar 25, 01:01 PM
    Does it fix the bug for the daylight saver so that I won't get late at work on sunday?

    Aug 24, 01:33 PM
    There seem to be varying reports of the serial numbers affected, and Apple's site seems dead right now. I'm hoping my battery IS affected, because I was getting close to ordering a new battery, as my year-and three month old battery is down to 25% of it's original capacity after 440 load cycles.

    The site was up briefly and claimed 4-6 weeks for the new battery to ship. That's a LONG time to go without a battery.

    Yea, but they send you the new one while you use the old one. And considering the capacity of your old battery, you probably live off the power adapter a lot anyway.

    And they've probably got to manufacture a bunch of new batteries for this.

    Aug 3, 05:24 PM
    When new products are released in a keynote like the one coming up, are they normally ready to ship?

    It just depends. Motorola was notoriously slow at ramping up production of new chips. Consequently, Apple would release new hardware and buyers would have to wait 1-3 months to receive them. That has since improved since Apple got a lot of bad press from that practice. I'm guessing that you'll have to wait a couple weeks for conroe & woodcrest based systems and perhaps a month for merom.

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