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ford raptor lifted

ford raptor lifted. the new Ford Raptor SVT?
  • the new Ford Raptor SVT?

  • FF_productions
    Aug 3, 02:47 PM
    I posted this in another thread.. but no answer so...

    What time do you guys think the Keynote and new products will be on (San Fran time)

    I'm hearing it will be on about 2 hours after the keynote.

    ford raptor lifted. 2010 Ford Raptor Wallpaper
  • 2010 Ford Raptor Wallpaper

  • Dr Kevorkian94
    May 4, 10:03 PM
    I don't get the "3D" screen thing???? My regular 1080p TV can play a 3d Movie just fine. The 3D software shared here on MacRumors didn't have any special screen... what the heck would Apple do to make it a 3D screen?

    I say "false".

    Is your tv a 3D tv (most if not all need glasses) or just a regular hd tv, because if u need glasses then that is not the 3D we are talking about. Go play with a nintendo 3DS at Gamestop they have one on display to play with. There is a special type of screen that uses no glasses, also there is a regular screen in witch a camera tracks your head and the angle u are looking at the screen, then the objects in the screen will look to be "popping out" but it's just a simple eye trick and it's gimmicky.

    ford raptor lifted. 2010 Ford Raptor Lifted. From the August, 2010 issue of; From the August, 2010 issue of
  • 2010 Ford Raptor Lifted. From the August, 2010 issue of; From the August, 2010 issue of

  • GeekLawyer
    Mar 21, 01:28 PM
    Instant classic. Well played, Apple. Well played.

    ford raptor lifted. ford raptor interior pictures
  • ford raptor interior pictures

  • NT1440
    Mar 10, 07:28 PM
    Id also like to add that I increased spending on veterans, so you can save the "you don't support the troops" crap, I dont want to hear it.

    The funny thing is that our current war spending doesn't put anything aside or even factor in the serious cash we're gonna have to drop on veteran benefits down the road. Thats a huge unaccounted for money pit, that MUST be paid for.

    ford raptor lifted. Ford F150 Lifted
  • Ford F150 Lifted

  • door4
    Sep 5, 01:11 AM
    [QUOTE=HecubusPro]I want to watch a movie on an iPod. I have a video iPod that I use frequently and enjoy very much. I even watch movies on it. There are many, many people for varying reasons who want to and do watch movies on their iPod.

    Ditto. I watch movies on my 5G when traveling, I may have to use a power adapter , but the result is not bad. Half of enjoying a movie is great sound and the Ipod gets it done. I would like a bigger screen on the next version, but I would much rather see a battery that can handle 6 hours of video without a recharge.

    ford raptor lifted. Ford Raptor fighter from
  • Ford Raptor fighter from

  • AhmedFaisal
    Mar 11, 07:12 AM
    If Apple OC doesn't come up with a solid reason as to why Canada or the US need to maintain a large standing military with enormous costs (such as threat level etc.) I am going to call troll.


    ford raptor lifted. -ford-raptor-orig-01.jpg)
  • -ford-raptor-orig-01.jpg)

  • Aussieiphone
    Apr 2, 01:44 AM
    3D BABY!

    HTC & LG, not to mention Nintendo...It's time Apple! No blu-ray, so Apple will be 3D Gods!

    ford raptor lifted. Saw a Ford Raptor yesterday
  • Saw a Ford Raptor yesterday

  • AidenShaw
    Sep 6, 08:32 AM
    I'm guessing you mean 3Gbps...
    Apple likes firewire, they made it. eSATA is nice, but you can't daisy chain the drives. That's why I like firewire so much.
    I meant 3000 Mbps, thanks for pointing out the typo.

    ford raptor lifted. Ford Raptor - Ford Raptor; White Ford Raptor Lifted. 2010 Ford F150 Svt Ford Raptor; 2010 Ford F150 Svt Ford Raptor
  • Ford Raptor - Ford Raptor; White Ford Raptor Lifted. 2010 Ford F150 Svt Ford Raptor; 2010 Ford F150 Svt Ford Raptor

  • AxisOfBeagles
    Mar 11, 09:13 PM
    I just barely got my first speedlight a few weeks ago. So I can point it up and put it just low enough to trigger the strobes?

    I'd say it's time for some experimentation!

    ford raptor lifted. White Ford Raptor Lifted.
  • White Ford Raptor Lifted.

  • trapperjohn117
    Oct 26, 06:32 PM
    ok im going in! hopefully my blackbook will emerge unscathed.

    ford raptor lifted. Ford F150 Raptor Svt
  • Ford F150 Raptor Svt

  • Popeye206
    Mar 28, 08:30 PM
    Are we under the assumption that the Lion upgrade will be $29?

    I haven't been around for a release past Snow Leopard so I'm not sure what to expect.

    Past upgrades have been very reasonable. Unlike Microsoft that depends on the price to help pay for development, Apple's hardware helps subsidize the OS development. So, it's assumed it will be a very reasonable upgrade price.

    ford raptor lifted. ford raptor svt blue
  • ford raptor svt blue

  • 2IS
    Apr 4, 11:49 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I think letting consumers decide is stupid. They dont have degrees in technical areas of computing. That's what engineers get paid for, to handle tech stuff. Consumer pays to have technology that works.

    Do you even know what you're talking about or is the Apple fanboyism clouding your judgment a bit? Perhaps you require SJ telling what you can and cannot view on your devices, most other people have a mind of their own to decide for themselves.

    I don't need a degree in technical areas of computing to know whether or not I want flash content displayed on my screen. Neither does anyone else. What about the billions of computers out there owned by billions of people without such degrees that allow them to view pages properly?

    ford raptor lifted. Baja 1000 Ford Raptor
  • Baja 1000 Ford Raptor

  • kev0476
    Jul 22, 09:55 PM
    Last time I checked iPods and batteries aren't much of a renewable resource.

    But wind energy is, so one ipod versus piles of books, we could finally stop all this senseless logging.

    ford raptor lifted. 2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor; 2010 Ford Raptor Lifted. 2010 Ford Raptor; 2010 Ford Raptor. Posted by louiscameronferris at 10:36 PM
  • 2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor; 2010 Ford Raptor Lifted. 2010 Ford Raptor; 2010 Ford Raptor. Posted by louiscameronferris at 10:36 PM

  • Multimedia
    Aug 8, 11:43 PM
    Awesome! So this means I can use my Plextor 16x burner in the second optical bay? Or will that not work with an Apple?Didn't I tell you yes yesterday? Just buy a copy of Toast 7 for full support. You can also run multiple copioes of Taost 7 on one Mac. I run up to 4 or 5 simultaneously sometimes on my Quad G5 writing DVD Images to multiple HDs.

    ford raptor lifted. Ford Raptor Svt
  • Ford Raptor Svt

  • TheAnswer
    Jul 22, 09:05 PM
    Throw in a spanish-english dictionary with either voice recognition or the ability to spell out the word to find the meaning and I am there.

    And add the ability to make voice notes in the margins, and highlight text.

    If this is true, it will probably be the end of buying books for me. Imagine the trees saved, the gas and space saved in moving vans. The empty spaces in shopping malls and big block shopping centers.

    "What's a book mommy?" "Well, It was like an iPod, but made out of trees"

    ford raptor lifted. Ford Raptor Truck
  • Ford Raptor Truck

  • MacsomJRR
    Jul 23, 10:33 AM
    Fake. Apple "ordered" a company to send all its manuscripts to it?

    Companies don't "order" each other around....that wouldn't get very far in the business world.

    Obviously they are paying them to do it. I order McDonald's around every time I walk in there and order them to make me a McFlurry. I order Rubio's to make me a 99 cent fish taco. I order myself to shut up now or this could go on for hours:)

    ford raptor lifted. Ford Raptor-JPG-113KB - 560 X
  • Ford Raptor-JPG-113KB - 560 X

  • doberman211
    Mar 18, 06:49 PM
    If I could replace my iPod classic with a 120GB iPod Touch I would do it in a heartbeat. To me the only think the classic has on the touch is storage size. In every other way the Touch is much better.

    Not everyone likes the touchscreens. I would buy a 200GB classic tomorrow. Not everyone wants iOS and apps and games and all that crap on an MP4 player. i know i don't. the iPod touch should go. they already have an iPhone, i want to listen to music with the occasional video on the bus. and with physical buttons i can change the song with the thing in my pocket. I like the UI and the clickwheel. call me old if you like but im 17.

    ford raptor lifted. Ford+f150+raptor+lifted
  • Ford+f150+raptor+lifted

  • amols
    Aug 29, 08:50 AM
    Now only if Apple comes out with $99 for Leopard...:)

    ford raptor lifted. Ford Raptor 2011
  • Ford Raptor 2011

  • Gregintosh
    Apr 12, 01:11 PM
    Whoever said that was hard to understand? Not me!

    This is a big problem (and has been for 30+ years)...that everything we buy in the USA is made somewhere else...USA no longer manufactures except for our junky USA cars. some point when this all started decades ago, it WAS cheaper to build certain things outside the US...but then everyone got on the bandwagon and now it's the norm. (Thanks politicians!)

    The "it's cheaper to build outside the US!" is a bogus argument and has become an evil of our own doing.

    If it costs X to build in the US, please don't tell me it costs 1/10th of X to build, import, pay taxes, blah blah blah, to get it back into your company's hands.

    We can all agree that some things, yes, are easier and/or cheaper to build outside the US for a variety of reasons. Our USA system needs some serious overhauls to get stuff to be built back in the US other than screws and toilet paper.

    You are still not getting it. It does cost a fraction to build things outside the US.

    The US minimum wage is $8.25 per hour in many states. The minimum wage in a country like the Philippines is about $0.71.

    Because of labor unions and their regulations, a manufacturer typically needs to pay significantly above minimum wage anyway, PLUS benefits like health insurance cost way more. In the Philippines (which I bring up because I employ people there) health care cost about $10 per worker per month. Here in the US it can cost several hundred.

    Payroll taxes are no picnic either. Typically, in the US the total cost of hiring a worker when you factor in payroll, admin, benefits, etc. is that worker's salary + 25%.

    Labor is one of the biggest expenses any company has. Manufacturing requires a lot of labor too. You need people to operate machines, fix machines, load products, even assemble certain items by hand in some cases.

    So you can easily do the math. Where in one country you can get people for a dollar an hour to work and in other you get them for $10-$12 an hour, clearly the cost to operate in expensive country is 10x as much. That means you have to raise your prices that much more.

    Now all total manufacturing expenses aren't 10x more, since raw materials will typically cost the same anywhere in the world and there are some overhead expenses as well, but that labor difference is still huge when you consider a company like FoxConn that has 920,000 employees.

    Moving to the US would mean they would effectively have labor costs as if they were hiring 10 million employees instead of 1 million. You can't say that wouldn't make them raise their prices several fold to compensate for that.

    You can run the math yourself based on their number of employees, average wages in China, average wages in the US and their profit margins.

    Anyone who thinks it costs the same or only slightly more to produce here is living in a dream world.

    Sep 12, 05:30 PM
    Great update for these. The aluminum is much more durable on iPods. My wife's mini was great! we'll have to get one of these :)

    When I saw the official pictures the new iPod Nano does look like a reduced-size iPod Mini. :)

    But here's the question though: when we see protective cases for the new Nano? :confused:

    Oct 11, 12:46 AM
    I think its Apple's fault. Motorola too. Apple always says how an 800MHz Powerbook is better at x and x than a PC, but the PC is still faster at like everything.

    Its motorolas problem for not makin faster chips! But its Apples fault for not moving to IBM by now, and Apple is just accepting that they are barely over 1GHz when PCs are moving up on 3GHz

    Mar 28, 12:12 PM
    Supplies seem to be improving. My iPad2 was supposed to ship 4/1, shipped yesterday. Still in Hong Kong.

    May 4, 11:03 PM
    A welcome feature.

    ...until you get your cell phone bill. :eek:

    Sep 22, 12:54 PM
    Last I checked this kind of anti-competitive action was illegal under monopoly laws...

    you might be right...wasn't MS hit with something similar? It's not fair for a distributor to threaten the product producer (OMG..that is bad english, but you know what i mean).

    i actually think it's funny b/c the studios don't like to be told what to do by anyone. if using Apple helps distribute their products, i highly doubt they'll listen to wal-mart or anyone for that matter.

    it would be interesting to know whether or not WM has specific distribution deals with studios which has language indicating the studios can't distribute.

    in the end, it just looks pathetically whiny by WM to cry about this. "OH..we can't sell online so nobody else is allowed...that's not fair." blah blah boo hoo.



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