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google earth. Google Earth a Reference Point
  • Google Earth a Reference Point

  • pounce
    Mar 28, 11:52 AM
    couldn't get one today at the apple store in Atlanta, best buy, or target. would love to be able to pick one up already.

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  • Google Earth Concerns

  • iPad 2
    Mar 29, 10:07 AM
    So this fall, we can expect from Apple...

    A 1920x1440 Retina Display iPad 3 (to be released in September)

    An A5 powered iPod

    and an...

    A5 powered iPhone 5 with a 4" screen, 4g, better voice controls, cloud storage and drag and drop support.

    Basically, every single thing on this list is about to come true...


    I could live with that. Apple is going to DOMINATE this Christmas. :)

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  • twoodcc
    Aug 4, 02:03 PM
    thank you for the pics :cool:

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  • Google Earth is

  • szsiddiq
    Nov 7, 06:08 PM
    This thread has, to the best of my knowledge, managed to stay tablet free up until now...thanks for contaminating a great thread with pie in the sky. :D
    hehe, i just want a tablet, with translusant ipod like edges...lemme dream a little bit, ok?

    in all seriousness though, they've 2 notebook lines, and 3 screen sizes. in order to continue their growth, they've to get into even more niche markets, while expanding their mainstream markets.

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  • Google Earth software

  • Lixivial
    Sep 12, 04:44 PM
    I find that it's not as intuitive about disabling the Mini-Store. Nice. :(

    I'm also happy to see that they bought the CoverFlow technology rather than stealing the features. :)

    iTunes 7 has everything I was hoping it'd have! Best release of iTunes yet, I think. And the new icon is to die for -- about as nice as the original. :)

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  • Today Google unveiled Earth

  • iJon
    Sep 22, 02:58 PM
    :( If it makes you feel any better, I slashed the tires of a guy the other day who was wearing a "I support single mothers" t-shirt with a silhouette of a stripper pole-dancing.
    Why would you slash his tires, assuming your not exaggerating?


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  • MacFinn
    Aug 3, 08:02 AM
    I did a quick google search. Seems to me that USB wlan cards NEED to have their own drivers.

    And of course the USB wlan sticks a cheap and it followes that the drivers were also developed cheap. Cheap and quality don't mix.

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  • google earth 2009

  • jimN
    Nov 8, 07:58 AM
    So has anyone placed an order yet - the stores been up for at least 10 minutes? Just waiting for the "waiting for my macbook thread".

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  • cmwhitley
    Mar 30, 04:40 AM
    ME ME ME ME! because you want a new phone when you want it, apple sucks? geeze what are we, 12?

    I never said that Apple sucks. Actually, in my last post, I said that I loved the iPhone, and that I thought it was a great product. I was merely expressing my disappointment/frustration with the possible changing of the product refresh cycles this year. Again, they have the right to release their products when they want. But my 3G just isn't really functional for me anymore, and I'm gonna need to upgrade sooner rather than later. I wish I could upgrade to another iPhone this summer, but that doesn't look like it's gonna happen. So I may have to upgrade to something else.

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  • collection of Google Earth

  • macreviewz
    Mar 11, 07:23 PM
    YEP I'm ready too....i5/i7 would be a great refresh - the politics with upgrading every tuesday kills us all. PC's are far ahead right now in terms of processors. I went through the models and upgrade strategies here (http://macreviewz.blogspot.com/2010/02/quad-core-mac-book-pro.html) on my blog.

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  • How to install Google Earth

  • sierra oscar
    Nov 8, 08:43 AM
    au shop is now up!

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  • Google Earth

  • Source
    Oct 14, 03:49 PM
    Again, you've made some good points, Nipsy. But you're so childish in the way you present your replies, with stupid and pointless remarks about things that i haven't addressed and wouldn't care to address, that i'm not about to take you seriously.

    You have insulted me and since you are taking my responses so personally, i will respond in like.

    "business acumen"? Hahaha. Grow up, kid. You have demonstrated that you know nothing of the computer industry or the position that Apple holds, but merely fabricated what position YOU think Apple holds, "as a shareholder". You haven't admitted when you were wrong and you're just blindly arguing for Apple.

    I never said anything about us designing chips for Apple and to even bring that up is moronic. It doesn't add to the argument or make a point, it's just suggesting that i said something that i didn't. If you can't see that, then kindly re-read my posts before replying.

    You are not getting kudos for making good points, you are getting kudos for making popular replies. The ones that most Mac users here want to hear - How much Apple owns and how they have a masterplan that, mysteriously, never seems to quite work out for them, now does it.

    Well it seems as though Apple has gone with IBM, so part of their "plan" is to improve chip speed, just as i suggested they should.

    I never suggested that the only way for Apple to survive is purely chip speed, i suggested that that is a major part of it and to say it isn't is moronic.

    In the end, Nispy, we have agreed on many points and if this whole argument had gone a little better, without petty, childish insults on your part, which i'm ashamed to say that i have contributed to in this last post, and complete missunderstandings of my posts, we could have come to some kind of constructive conclusion. Clearly that wasn't your aim.

    I just hope you have achieved whatever you intended to with your childish endeavors in this thread.

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  • Google Earth agrees to blur

  • logandzwon
    Apr 18, 07:03 AM
    How very strange. I can not believe a store that sells telephones, MP3 players, Digital Cameras, video games, eReaders, GPS devices, TVs, dvd players, Apple iPods, laptops, and tablets would carry the Apple iPad.

    Very surprising. I bet next your going to try to tell me the Apple Store is going to carry them.

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  • Images Google Earth

  • drlunanerd
    Nov 8, 08:35 AM
    It's not the cost it's the size. I have two aging 12" powerbooks (rev a and c). The whole point of a laptop, sorry notebook, for me is the small size.

    I am listening when you say the black isn't a good finish. I'm holding off my buy for a while yet :)

    OK, I hear you. Seriously then, the white MacBook is a great machine. It's light-grey inside if that makes any difference to you ;)

    But if you don't need a new laptop right now, it's always better to wait. Lucky for you that Macworld SF is just around the corner and something new always gets announced. I'd be surprised though if these laptops see any changes then though. The next update will be nearer summer 2007 I reckon, when Intel start shipping the 800Mhz bus Merom updates with Santa Rosa.

    google earth. Google Earth
  • Google Earth

  • mooncaine
    Sep 12, 03:52 PM
    It works great, "Dark Side" and "The Wall" play as intended.

    Cool, I can finally enjoy my Pop Will Eat Itself CDs.

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  • Google Launches Google Earth

  • Paix247
    Jan 11, 01:46 PM
    perhaps the new ultra-portable will not need a power cord.

    I remember a patent application from a while back . . .

    True, I remember that. More reasons to hope for my new slim Macbook! yay!

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  • Digital Karnak: Google Earth

  • BRLawyer
    Nov 27, 01:25 PM
    I see. I wonder who conducted this sorely-needed poll? I bet they banned "Ahab the Arab" too.

    If this is true, I would say it's pretty stupid, to say the least...same for "Perfekte Welle" from Juli in Germany, at the time of the Asian tsunami...

    google earth. http://dl.google.com/earth
  • http://dl.google.com/earth

  • Avicdar
    Aug 3, 10:17 PM
    I have it on relatively good authority that they change the banner after the keynote. Seems ridiculous to me though.

    Maybe the real banner is being obstructed by the current one?

    Would be a smart way to get rumor sites to just stew in their own juices. Rather than have a mysterious banner under a drape, just show a 'fake' banner.

    Think about it - if the current banner shows all the current products, then doesn't that preclude the introduction of replacements?

    google earth. Google Earth
  • Google Earth

  • delawn
    Nov 3, 06:25 PM
    The amount of crap in this thread is amazing:

    1) Flash could never be a normal 'App' because it has to operate as a plugin for Safari since it's not a stand alone product on its own. For this reason, it would at the very least HAVE to be co-developed by Apple and included in a software update.

    Quite amazing is also the amount of misinformation.

    Apparently you have not heard of AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime). It is an instance of the Flash player that has more functionality and runs outside of the browser.


    Of course if you mean in the context of the iPhone only, then the above does not apply.

    Mar 28, 11:58 PM
    Or just expand it to 2-3 weeks and repeat the event so all can come who want to. I am sure Apple wouldn't mind making a few million more off the event

    They bring in about 7.5 million. Sounds like a lot, right? Let's look at it.

    Figure about 1000 employees supporting it. Remember there will be offsite support as well. Average cost is about $150,000/year. For 1 week. There goes 2.8 million.

    Now, these things do not prep overnight. In fact, employees are already starting the planning on the sessions. My guess is you will have another 2000 employes prepping for 40-80 hours over the next 10 weeks. There goes another.. we will say.. what... 4.5 million. We are 7.3 and we still don't have the Moscone center rented for a week. Lost productivity. Work interruption...

    Nov 28, 02:09 PM
    B. exactly what property do you think they were protecting? the idea that no company should be allowed to be called apple, in any business, ever? even after the same exact case had been settled before? ever heard of the 5th amendment?

    You mean this 5th Amendment (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fifth_Amendment_to_the_United_States_Constitution)? :confused: :confused:

    "No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation."

    Oct 12, 03:28 PM
    I'm pretty sure that Apple cares (at least to the degree that they want you to have enough reasons to buy), and I think the issue is mainly with Motorola.

    However, I don't think any of us could honestly say whether it's because Motorola can't, or simply won't, put out the speeds and volumes that Apple would like. The G4 is indeed clock-limited (the higher the number of pipelines, the harder it is to speed them up); at the same time, they've gradually been disinterested in the CPU market. Their financial situation hasn't helped either.

    It's difficult for me to blame IBM; yes, for the longest time they've been reluctant to include vector multimedia extensions (i.e. VMX, or something eerily similiar to Altivec) in a desktop-oriented PPC, but there hasn't been much doubt as to their capabilities for manufacturing. They said last year that they could get the G3 (in the 750FX version) up to 1 GHz, and they presumably didn't simply because it would have killed incentives to get the Powerbook. A lot of the speculation about the flat-panel iMac in late 2001 was that the iMac would have a 1 GHz G3 processor.

    Now that IBM seems to be including VMX in their desktop Power4 variant, I wouldn't be surprised if IBM gladly stepped in and gave the lineup a good kickstart.

    Mar 12, 09:01 PM
    If it's true, looks like I'll be more broke then I was this morning by a lot...hehe. I guess that's why we work hard and play hard. Plus you can't take it with you so you might as well play with new Mac stuff!

    Month of March;
    iPad 64 gig + 3G
    MBP high-end 15"
    = lots of money in one month....haha

    Sep 12, 04:20 PM
    Shared libraries don't do the coverflow thing I'm pretty sure. It sorta makes sense, as itunes would have to absolutely hammer the server when it's retrieving all the artwork for a particular shared library.

    The artwork which gets sent over with songs are actually embedded within the mp3/aac/ale files, meaning that on connection with the shared library you'd have to essentially start streaming every single song in the library to retrieve all the artwork.

    I was sort of hoping the apple engineers would have come up with a daap workaround for this. Oh well :(

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