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hotel del coronado island

hotel del coronado island. Coronado Island, Hotel Del
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  • simon-says
    Aug 24, 02:24 PM
    It seems as if though Apple has changed the serial numbers that are effected.

    Uh oh there is a 15" macbook pro exchange too

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  • emotion
    Nov 8, 08:28 AM
    My friend calls them toilet seats. But he has a white one too. Trust me, Apple screwed up with the black finish. It's stupid matte paint that absorbs grease marks, and *does* peel off. I had both issues.

    Your only other option then is a MacBook Pro. Worth it IMO, but you might not want to pay the premium.

    It's not the cost it's the size. I have two aging 12" powerbooks (rev a and c). The whole point of a laptop, sorry notebook, for me is the small size.

    I am listening when you say the black isn't a good finish. I'm holding off my buy for a while yet :)

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  • Chundles
    Sep 6, 09:09 AM
    Isn't a wired keyboard required when initially setting up the computer?

    Not for the Apple wireless keyboard.

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  • Detlev
    Nov 2, 04:56 PM
    Hmm, support of the standards on one hand (see Adobe apps in the Itunes store) and criticism on the other.

    The only thing they failed to do is provide a call to action. There is neither a link to Adobe or Apple. They are expecting that people actually care enough about the product that they will search out a way to provide feedback on the topic to the appropriate powers that be.

    If they are serious about making it a cause then they need to do something radical. Pull all of their products from the store, even if it is only temporary. Otherwise, it's just talk.

    hotel del coronado island. Hotel del Coronado
  • Hotel del Coronado

  • balamw
    Oct 18, 02:46 PM
    Books are expensive these days. How much would e-books go for?
    If audiobooks are any indication, don't expect to save any money by saving trees. :p


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  • Michael CM1
    Nov 12, 04:24 PM
    there was a thing last week where tweetdeck's new app was pulled because it crashed constantly. most of the problems with Windows over the last 20 years have been third party apps and drivers and not the OS itself, yet MS got the blame. Apple learned a lesson from that. it took MS years to change the architecture to limit bad code from developers

    Add the jailbroken iPhone hack and you've got a couple of good reasons for Apple to put on the Big Brother hat. I totally understand the frustrations and drawbacks to such a system, but apps for the most part don't totally bring the device down. A few may crash, but the phone still works and the apps get fixed.

    If you like an open platform better, you have plenty of choices. Nobody's forcing you to stick with an iPhone (unless you signed a contract). I'm a geek, but I'm not geeked out to the point where I get all hot and bothered about OPEN SOURCE! Oooooooh! Yeah, Linux has been going with that for my whole lifetime and has its piddling little market share.

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  • Warbrain
    Nov 8, 09:18 AM
    lol, who cares, got the extra 1gb for waiting. Are you unhappy because you got your prediction of "NOT going to happen, it's going to be next year" wrong?

    Not at all. I've had predictions go wrong before, so this is nothing new to me. But it just annoys me that some people are so concerned with getting the best computer at the moment when it'll only be the best for a few months at best, and in the case of the MacBook, isn't even the best.

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  • ipedro
    May 4, 11:00 PM
    This almost requires that iCloud be a free service for iOS users. A back up is prudent for any OS upgrade so having all or nearly all of your phone's personal data backed up or exclusively stored in the cloud would be a system that would allow iOS devices not have to rely on an iTunes direct link.

    hotel del coronado island. The Iconic (And Haunted) Hotel Del Coronado in Coronado Island, San Diego,
  • The Iconic (And Haunted) Hotel Del Coronado in Coronado Island, San Diego,

  • the editor
    Apr 12, 05:30 AM
    just download it, screw those multinational corporations. I'm already getting ripped off by Apple on my extremely overrated and overpriced MacPro. (didn't payed for it myself got it from work) Maybe some of the fanboys should stop kissing Jobs *** and glorify everything his corporation does or says. Why not complain about all the thousands of dollars Apple is ripping off from you by shipping outdated hardware in new machines, comes to think that lately every freaking thing Apple releases has some kind of problem...screen, video card,...etc. :eek:

    Apple is charging hilariously high prices for memory...when someone comments on it here the fanboys go "...Oh but you shouldn't by memory from Apple" well ok than why the hell are you guys complaining that Adobe or whatever other company than Apple is overcharging..why not apply the same philosophy, if you feel like Adobe is overcharging you than go Coral or whatever other software that fits your needs and stop complaining.

    Or just D O W N L O A D it, but i guess the elite or professionals you guys are don't get involved in anything this shocking wright.

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  • Hotel Del Coronado Holiday

  • daneoni
    Nov 8, 07:38 AM
    No wonder the store is down

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  • tigress666
    Apr 17, 09:52 PM
    It's both sad and sickening to see how many Apple fanboys are elitists who only want Apple products to be sold at upscale stores. Such fanboys want Apple products to be regarded as high-end fashion accessories and status symbols. What a shame that Apple has such a feminized culture associated with it. I miss the days when Apple products were regarded as tools for accomplishing tasks.

    And then you have the misogynists.

    Cause bad things should be attributed to being "feminized" cause we all know that equating something to being female must mean it's bad cause obviously being female-like is bad.

    Try thinking about what you're saying next time. Your point would have been stronger if you left the sexism out of it.

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  • The Hotel del Coronado,

  • ZoomZoomZoom
    Sep 6, 08:58 AM
    Does anyone know how the 7300GT compares to the X1600? I am leaning towards the 20" to replace my 17" rev. A iMacG5, but would upgrade to the 24" is the GPU is a big bump.

    Apple has it benchmarked. It is a large jump.

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  • San Diego Hotel Del Coronado

  • coolbreeze
    Apr 2, 01:33 AM
    Ah-hah, busted and slip'd.

    Sleep tight Sony guy. We wait while you sweat...

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  • Small White Car
    Apr 13, 03:24 PM
    I am so incredibly excited about this.

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  • louis Fashion
    Mar 28, 06:37 PM
    I guess if her main criteria for car choice is killing people in small cars then she has picked the right car.

    I suggest a thread on vehicle selection. My new bud, iliketyla, and I are on the case. He, iliketyia, has a scooter and I have a well equipped SUV. My nano is hooked into the sound system his, I suspect, is hooked into ear buds.

    So, my dream car is the Audi A8. How about you?

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  • hotel-del-coronado-

  • lmalave
    Nov 8, 09:25 AM
    My money is on Apple announcing the iTV and Leopard earlier than expected.

    Speaking of which....

    I wonder if the MacBook update also included a "stealth" upgrade to 802.11n?

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  • mark!
    Jul 22, 08:51 PM
    didn't people read about it having a bigger screen?

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  • Multimedia
    Aug 9, 12:27 PM
    When Phil announced the MacPro and the Xeon chip he stressed on an amazing performance per watt ratio. That sounded a lot like Steve introducing the MacBook Pro and iMac with the first Intel chips. At the time the performance per watt ratio was an important criteria for battery life on notebooks, which is apparently why the PowerBook never got a G5.

    With the Xeons high perf/watt, should we be expecting them to be fitted in later MacBook and MacBook Pros?No. Mobiles get Merom processors which are made to get maximum performance on the go.

    hotel del coronado island. the Hotel del Coronado
  • the Hotel del Coronado

  • DiamondMac
    Apr 1, 10:51 AM
    I keep seeing posters state that the rep of Apple will be hurt (some say long term, others say short term) and I still have not actually seen a reason for this

    Of course, I agree that Radioshack is a bit of a low-type choice for Apple but at the end of the day, why exactly would ANYONE look at Apple even slightly more different?

    I mean, if BestBuy and others are selling and the rep has not taken a hit, I find it hard to believe that Apple is somehow in danger rep-wise with Radioshack.

    Oct 27, 08:05 PM
    Core Duo Temp reports 60�C (=140�F = 333K) constantly. Even during the stress test when I heard the fans all the time, still exactly the same temperature. Maybe someone else is having this.

    Dr Kevorkian94
    May 4, 09:54 PM
    3D doesn't give me headaches but I'm sure if apple included it in the products, the 3d wouldn't give u headaches, or just simply u can turn it off. I don't think it would be that infused into the the iPad, think about it everything about the UI would have to change u can't make everything 3D it wouldent be that great. So I think if apple were to include it only cretin aspects of the IOS would be 3D. Also i don't think they would include a 3D screen without having the 3D cameras, for photos, videos and maby even (if possible) 3D FaceTime. Apple knows what it's doing, if they include it and u don't like it u don't buy it or just turn the 3D off.

    Mar 29, 11:15 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I wait for iPhone 5 and iOS 5.

    Sep 12, 04:14 PM
    i was hoping with the seperate media libraries that u could have more then one music library.

    oh well, one day they will let laptop users have more then one library without having to login as a different user.

    Aug 3, 05:52 PM
    What are these????

    An iMac backside and the Core Duo logo...

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