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  • Hattig
    Aug 24, 12:53 PM


    Ah well, free fresh battery.

    edit: the serial numbers don't match on the above article and the Apple FAQ page.

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  • DeathChill
    Apr 3, 01:21 PM
    jeez, 8 whole mega pixels??? Wow fruit, welcome to you sure are being generous here. My android phone has 8mp and it came a full year ago... The pictures it takes are pretty sweet compared to my friends i(paidtomuch)phone4. I'm not trying to bash anyone but I see a lot of fruit boys on here saying they are OK with whatever fruity says. Ya'll really need to revolt or something because that's not right. I guess once the specs are finalized, we will see a 10+ mega pixel camera on either android or windows phone? I have no idea..

    I will suggest that perhaps a physical side camera button like the Windows phone has for taking pictures would great because with a touchscreen it is hard to tell if you took a picture in a noisy environment when you can hear the click.

    That is all.

    You do understand that a ton of 8 MP cameras on a phone has been compared to the iPhone 4's 5 MP camera and the iPhone's camera still came out on top, right?

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  • hulugu
    Mar 29, 12:02 PM
    It's fascinating how quickly the Democrat [sic] party has turned into the party of war... trying to justify it legally and morally at every corner. It's almost as if their anti-war stance for the past 10 years was a complete farce, and was more anti-Bush than anti-war, anti-intervention....

    This is utter tripe. You're simply misrepresenting arguments to make yours easier.

    Now that Obama is at the helm, core philosophy no longer matters, consistent morality no longer matters, only justifying war and protecting the political future of the first black president.

    Seriously, I could make albondigas with this.

    ...But for some reason, now that he's president you think it's ok for him to switch his views 180 degrees and still are unwilling to admit you agree with Rand Paul even though his position is far more consistent with candidate Obama's. Sounds awfully hypocritical.

    A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

    I don't want to be the one to tell you, but Americans hold no allegiance to NATO or to the United Nations. In addition, no treaties or otherwise passed by these two organizations have any legal effect on our sovereign nation. The UN or NATO passing a resolution to engage in military action does not serve as an ALTERNATIVE to a declaration of war by the U.S. congress.

    So, you don't understand what the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is and you don't understand how these treaties become US law? I thought you were the Constitutional scholar de riguer.

    ...He is of the strong opinion that this was a bad idea and that Libya is not vital to U.S. interests. His comment that the 'mid-east' is part of our national interest was an extremely long reach in a pathetic attempt to find some sort of overlap between his position and the administration he works for. I'd say Paul's analysis of Gates' position is much better than any analysis which suggests he thinks the war is justified.

    The Mid East is vital to our interests and no serious person should argue otherwise.

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  • Leoff
    Nov 27, 12:23 PM
    Sometime I wonder if people actually use the products they talk about here.

    The Rolling Stones have been in the iTunes music store for over a year. The currently have over 59 albums there and a new ep was released, I'm Free, just a couple of weeks ago.

    Frank Zappa was on iTunes last summer and has since been removed. It was basically the albums that RYKODisc had re-mastered and released. There appears to be something going on with the Zappa Family Trust and RYKODisc over the rights.

    Led Zepplin has never appeared on iTunes. However, Radio Head was on for a short time, but everyone who like Radio Head has already bought their one good album, The Bends.

    Strange. I could have sworn I'd heard the Rolling Stones weren't on iTunes yet. Personally I HATE them, that's why I never checked.

    Any other musicians not in the iTunes music store yet?

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  • bousozoku
    Sep 22, 04:05 PM
    They seem to go after just about every niche there is. Just look at the latest news of selling generic prescription drugs for $4 for a 30 day supply. It looks again to be a hook to get people into their stores. They say it covers 300 different drugs, but in reality it is only 124 medicines but in a variety of doses. So they may end up with 12 out of those 300 being different versions of amoxicillin. Some popular drugs aren't included, like Zocor. But all the gullible masses will see is $4 PRESCRIPTIONS!!

    There is also a lot of information at wallmartwatch.com.

    If it causes other pharmacies to lower prices, all the better. If it causes the big name pharmaceutical labs to lower prices, that's even better. Why should people in the U.S.A. pay the majority of the cost of medication?

    This is one instance where Wal-Mart isn't really hurting people, unlike the government.

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  • Cams
    Nov 7, 12:00 PM
    So, I start listening to Security Now, move on to TWiT, end up listening to MacBreak since it began and am now into the iLifeZone as well. After all that, I'm still waiting for my first Mac. Kind of like hanging around the barber's shop - eventually you come out with a haircut!

    I decided some time ago that my first Mac would be a notebook, then started waiting for the C2D in the MacBook. Looks like my patience may finally have paid off!

    Looking forward to joining you all.


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  • andys53
    Apr 14, 09:19 AM
    I have to confess, although I'm not looking for a tablet, my laptop has completely taken over from my desktop.

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  • john123
    Mar 14, 06:29 PM
    I get the feeling this'll drag on for a very long time...

    Even though I'm in the market for one, I don't mind this. The longer it stretches out, the higher the chances that we'll see a significant upgrade in some unforeseen dimension. I'd prefer waiting a bit and getting something awesome in the feature set than getting the incremental update we've all been expecting since the first of the year.

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  • kalafalas
    Nov 13, 12:22 AM
    Why the AppStore works the way it does, and why its perfect, and why poeple shouldn't b*tch.

    In the jailbreak community, packages can do whatever they please. there open, so to speak. An example of why this is terrible, is in winterboard, the popular cydia package. (ive installed this and tested everything myself, with load tests, memory tests, performance tests, and many other things, on both the 3G and the 3GS)

    A: winterboard relies on a package titled mobilesubstrate, and what that does is lets programs be able to inject there own code instead of the deafult one built in from the spring board (example, when you press the home button in winterboard instead of closing the app it restarts springboard.app to let the changes you made take place)

    B: what winterboard does and how it does it. winterboard lets you create a folder in a directory it creates in the system folder called "themes". what you do in there, is create directories that are identical (but in a fashion thats easier and a lot of the major directors for theming is built into winterboard) to apples current ones, but at the end the image or .plist or any file you want to replace, had a different image or code or whatever your replacing. and winterboard forces the phone to load that one, instead of the default one, enabling you to make any changes to the system that you want without harming the original code.

    C: Why this is bad. seeing as there are no limits or moderators, anyone can replace anything with whatever they please. Apple spent years optimizing this operating system for the hardware to work flawlessly, to the last detail. and most random hackers just dont have that kind of attention to detail. Example: the main image type used on the iPhone interface is .png. although apple, uses a specific variation. they created there own type of png, with the compression information and color spectrums and tags after the image, instead of before it in the code line. this enables the image to be loaded into the integrated video card, which shares the same processor as the main one, to load the image before it decompresses it. this also helps battery, ebcause it saves lots of processor cycles. seeing as the iPhones main harddrive is a flash drive, that is horribly slow. so this makes the drawing of the images considerably faster, because it can decompress it, without either having to work from the drive, or load it into ram, decompress it, and then delete the image from ram after its done. but every single theme, ever, uses regular formatted pngs, with the data before the code. this is no problem on a computer, with fast harddrives, separate video cars, and much bettr hardware, and that don't have to keep the battery times as long as possible running always on as peoples phones, with limited space so its still portable.

    and this slows general performance of the phone to where loading of new images are much slower, and drains battery, just the type of compression used in the png. and not to mention every single time you use the touch screen it has to check to see if you have anything installed to inject code, or permit the original. whicth uses many processor cycles, and drains battery because of this.

    now thats only images, think of what people would do with plists, fonts, apps, and everything else.

    it just makes the phone, well, crap. and the soul reason this phone is so great, is how optimized the operating system is. if they let it run loose like the palm web OS, people would be getting frustrated at how slow there phone always is, and having to monitor closing apps themselves, and so much more.

    apple taking control, is the soul reason for how intuitive, easy use, feature full, glicth-less, and non-jerky the iPhone is, which is all the reasons its successful, and why none of its competitors make it in the same field.

    To sum it up: because people are stupid and will fu*k it up if there given the access, and then people will b*tch at apple that they made a crappy, laggy, no battery, crashing-all-the-time product. you have to remember: the main bulk of people using this product, dont know how it works. and for the people that do, we still have jailbreaking if we feel the need to change something silly, or just have a peice of mind that we have the power to (haha i changed it so that when i type my pass code wrong it says "suck is b*tch instead of saying tryagain). and thank you gehot/devteam for making a jailbreak with jsut as much attenion detail as apple has, so the jailbreaking process itself dosn't mess things up :)

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  • iCrizzo
    Mar 25, 12:55 PM
    Awesome, keep'em coming!!

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  • jeffreysousa
    Sep 6, 09:46 AM
    What happened to the MacBook Pros with Merom? Not that I'm complaining about the iMac, but don't you all think that the professionals are the ones most in need of the Core 2 Duo right now? Most average Joe iMac consumers aren't even going to notice that the Core 2 Duo is in their machine, and even if they do, it's probably not going to make that much of a difference running Mail and Safari.

    I hope Apple has enough Merom chips to launch MBP Merom soon...wasn't there some sort of rationing going on from Intel because of the high demand?


    -Obnoxious waiting-for-the-mbp Guy

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  • cvaldes
    Apr 14, 09:54 AM
    What the hell? Since when have apple made desktop computers?
    Sarcasm? Hard to tell. It's more polite to use some indication (smiley, text note) since there are many non-native English participants on this forum.

    Anyhow, Apple Inc. was founded in 1976 and has made desktop computers continually since its inception.

    Today's desktop product lines include: iMac, Mac mini, and Mac Pro.

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  • 2ms
    Mar 15, 02:44 PM
    You may have Windows 7 on your desktop but I doubt if you've ever used it properly. Now I've been a Mac user for a long time and I own an iMac and an MBP but let me tell you this, Windows 7 is definitely much better than Vista.

    I really don't want to compare Windows to OSX but after using both Vista and 7, I am very confident when I say that Microsoft has really done a good job with Windows 7. Vista was a disaster though....

    What are some of the things you like better about 7 over Vista? I upgraded a few weeks ago and really haven't been able to find any improvements. Even the performance problems haven't been improved (benchmarks) (http://www.overclockers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=623235).

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  • Napsju
    Nov 8, 06:07 AM
    The Dutch store (www.apple.com/nlstore) is down!!

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  • britishempire
    Aug 24, 08:35 PM
    On a side note, is this the same battery they're recalling (and still selling)? :rolleyes:


    hahaha, that'd be a bit of an oversight. i wonder if the new batteries are being specially made for the recall...

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  • HecubusPro
    Sep 6, 08:39 AM
    Of course! This announcement doesn't have any effect on a MBP release (although the MB may not get the update yet).

    And if they launched what most would consider a fantastic new imac with such little fanfare, I'm sure MBP's will receive the same sort of treatment. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next week. But this new iMac (did I say how fantastic it is) is a good sign we'll see C2D MBP's soon.:D

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  • mtnDewFTW
    May 4, 11:55 PM
    Wireless updates sound delightful, but what sounds even better is wireless syncing. We should be able to do this already without having to jailbreak our devices. Even the damn zune can do it :(

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  • Popeye206
    Jan 11, 04:06 PM
    Hummm... I like the iPlane myself! :-)

    Maybe Steve is cooking breakfast for the keynote? Really... it's probably a really thin, ultra portable and muti-touch version of the all new Airport Ultra Nano! :D Ohhhh.... I crack myself up sometimes! LOL!

    Darn it! Is it Tuesday yet so we can just get this over with???? :-)

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  • camelsnot
    Apr 2, 05:09 AM
    To me, this just feels like a slap in the face to ipad2 owners :(

    And please don't tell me that I don't want a reasonable quality camera in my tablet. Just because you don't.

    I would not be surprised if they fitted 1gb or memory in the next iPhone to as another punch in the guts to iPad buyers.

    Apple always does that, yet people still buy the next ver of their hardware. If people stopped buying into their games of incremental fragmented releases, Apple would quit doing it.

    Sep 22, 01:29 PM
    ok we can all say F walmart for this F walmart for that, but the fact is that most of the studios (the big ones that matter) wont sign anything with apple.

    Nov 23, 07:30 PM
    This just proves how idiotic humanity is. These songs have been available in multiple formats for over 40 years, but only now, since they are offered in a lossy digital file, do people buy them.Considering that the Beetles were the 2nd highest selling musical act of the last decade people were still buying the physical CDs.

    Apr 14, 10:06 AM
    I hope what this shows the PC makers is that it's not just a race to the bottom as far as price is concerned, but that people are willing to pay more for a device if it's built well and does a good job.

    Stop worrying about shaving that extra dollar off the price and providing the rock-bottom rickety low-cost PC that will fall apart in a few months; instead, go ahead and invest in computers with longer battery life, better build quality, and other useful features -- consumers are willing to pay for it.

    Agreed... I think many manufactures are in a self imposed trap to increase sales through discount pricing. But they also cram in the specs to impress, but the components are sub-grade and the longevity is not there.

    Case in point... a friend of mine is complaining about her desktop machine. It's about 2 and half years old and she's ready to replace it. Parts keep dying and performance degrades really fast.

    So, the reality in todays market is, you can buy a cheap PC and you're signing up for about 3 years of on and off problems, or you can buy a Mac and get 5+ years of almost flawless to flawless performance.

    The MBP I have now is almost 5 years old and has had no problems in that time. That in it's self has been worth every extra dime.

    But again... from a general consumer standpoint... people get some iDevice, they love it, get to know Apple, visit the stores and see the excitement and then they're hooked... they want more.

    Mar 5, 07:16 AM
    Thanks for the kind words! I've only been really shooting for a year so I've been trying to get out and shoot as much as possible. I try to post a bunch and get as much criticism as possible to help me improve. It's nice when someone really likes a shot!

    That shot is fantastic. outstanding light, nice bokeh, beautiful subject!

    Mine for today.

    no worries man :) thats good, I've only really been shooting a year and a half but the amount of time I get to shoot is nothing! yeah that's the best thing to do, and posting here is a great way to get critique on your shots! haha well I did!

    And thanks :D hope your not just saying that cause I like yours :p

    Here is the EXIF data from the photo.

    EXIF Summary: 1/3000s f/4.0 ISO160 200mm (35mm eq:401mm)

    Camera-Specific Properties:

    Equipment Make: OLYMPUS IMAGING CORP.
    Camera Model: E-5

    Edit: They make some nice lenses for that camera. Nice to see something that didn't turn out to be Nikon of Canon.

    thanks, was on my dads computer so I couldn't look easily! cheers for that, interesting.. never really read into that camera, its a supposed 'professional one'.. interesting 35mm equivalent though, weird sensor size?


    Forgot to mention this was the first shoot with my new speedlight. Decided to get one rather than upgrade to a fullframe (few more months :) ). Still loving this little Rebel XS.
    duuude.. your photos have improved so much! I remember when you first started posting on here I wasn't too keen on your shots (if I'm going to be totally honest) but this is such a major improvement, that is such a damn nice shot! Nice work with the new flash, I really need to get one, shows what messing with light can do! did you bounce the flash off anything? what lens did you use? your getting fantastic shots out of that little camera man, I had one for a year before getting my t2i. Anyway, keep up the good work, your portraiture work is great :)

    Olympus Zuiko 50-200mm f/2.8-3.5 at f/4, about 50 yards away (it's a fair amount of crop)

    I was knee deep in the water- the lens w/ body combo E-5 is weather sealed.Does well even with a 2x teleconverter, which on Olympus makes 400mm = 800mm in 35mm equivalent.. perfect surf setup imo. Here's one wide open with the t/c, original resolution after crop.

    click image for large size
    Camera Model: E-3
    Focal Length: 400.0mm
    Exposure Time: 0.0010 s (1/1000)
    Aperture: f/7.0
    ISO Equiv.: 160

    ah right, cool! seems like a good camera! I'm one of these devout canon people though :P as I said, interesting sensor size! good pics though :)

    mine for today.. typical trees and sunset but I like it, nice view out of my dads window in Cheshire, UK. Shame about the crop but the foreground was a trampoline and some bushes :p

    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5258/5498865531_75631f4967_b.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/svdphotography/5498865531/)
    Last bit of sun (http://www.flickr.com/photos/svdphotography/5498865531/) by TheSVD (http://www.flickr.com/people/svdphotography/), on Flickr

    Sep 11, 04:47 AM
    I'm not a big Halo fan (Well, I used to love Halo, but I haven't brought any games since Halo 2), so I probably won't be getting this unless it's for christmas or something. Will be sticking with COD: Black Ops.

    Probably my most favorite screenshot is:

    I just really like it :P

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