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islands of adventure park map

islands of adventure park map. islands of adventure map
  • islands of adventure map

  • jegbook
    Mar 25, 02:36 PM
    I totally agree. However, the 4.x was sold as a viable update to my phone, and my older iPod Touch was upgraded automatically. Had I known it would have rendered them quite useless, I would have not agreed to the upgrade. Also, there is no way (that I can tell) to downgrade to a previous IOS (I'm not overly geeky). I am not asking for on-going support, rather that the phone that I paid for works for its lifetime. It is Apple's fault for not providing a reasonable explanation of what the consequences would be or providing an alternative to that IOS.

    I agree and appreciate your even measured approach. If the device won't really work with the upgrade, then don't include it.

    And let's all be reasonable that a 2+ year old device not being supported shouldn't be a surprise. Tech moves forward very fast. The farther the edge is pushed, the farther and faster away we get from what's behind us.

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  • Islands of Adventure is great

  • iGary
    Aug 24, 01:39 PM
    Oh, mine is affected.

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  • Islands Of Adventure park

  • vniow
    Oct 13, 05:01 PM
    Originally posted by buffsldr
    Edvinow,l you do raise some thought provoking questions and I apprecaite that. My point was that just because we want more, doesnt necessarily means that a company's strategy is flawed. After all, you are dissappointed with some of what apple does, and they got your money didn't they :)

    They don't have my money yet.;)
    But not because they aren't the fastest thing around, I don't want that right now, I want a Cube and you know that's not going to be the fastest thing out there, It's going to be the fastest thing out there in an 8-inch cube.:p

    Personally, I don't need a lot of speed and power right now, but I'm really getting into multimedia stuff (mostly animated GIFs now, but that's just the beginning) and most people don't need that kind of power, 800Mhz should be enough for the avererage user but if you're going to be doing some serious multimedia work, then you need all the speed you can get and that's my issue.
    Who do we have to blame for the lack in speed at the moment?
    I never said that their strategy is flawed, after all, Apple's goal shouldn't be to defeat Intel or Microsoft, it should be the best and fastest at what they do and right now, they're not.
    Photoshop will run faster on a top of the line PIV than a top of the line Mac.
    Plus, 3Ghz looks a helluva lot faster than dual 1.25 Ghz no matter how little the difference in performance may be.
    Like it or not, that's how the PC world thinks.
    In Ghz.
    And that's where Apple is falling behind.
    They have an OS that's at least 10 years ahead of anything else out there, top of the line multimedia apps for the consumer and pro user and well-integrated hardware and software, but they are falling behind in the speed department and that's going to hurt both their marketshare and their image and how a companies products look is what people first see when they're shopping around for a new computer and now Apple's don't look like the best deal out there.

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  • Here#39;s a map of the park.

  • OllyW
    Mar 18, 02:38 PM
    Once we see a 128-gig iPod Touch, that gap will be eliminated (and this may well be the only reason why Apple still sells the Classic).

    128GB is too small and will cost too much. :(

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  • NYR99
    Oct 11, 10:45 PM
    While everyone's setup is very nice, I just can't stand all those wires! I just redid my whole setup with a new desk and everything, and spent like 6 hours hiding all the wires the best I could. Tomorrow I will take some pictures.

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  • tlm327
    Apr 11, 12:41 PM
    Haha, people still actually buy software from Adobe. The Internet is your friend people.

    i agree, cs5 master collection hack is my friend also :D

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  • halhiker
    Sep 22, 11:48 PM
    I wouldn't be shocked if WalMart were telling studios don't sell to Apple. The ethics of Walmart have never been in question: they don't have any.

    The thing that sticks out in this article, if it's true and it is the Post so...., is that Apple is paying $4.51 more for a movie than it can sell it for. Does this make any sense? The iTunes Store is not like Walmart where you can pick up prepackaged meat, cookies and Preparation H while you're getting a movie. Is it because Steve makes money either way? I would think the idea of selling movies is to make a profit on them. And if Walmart is ALWAYS the low price does that mean new movies will be less than iTunes?

    Also, if this story is true I wonder how well Walmart will fare in receiving their shipments of new iPods for Xmas. I saw them at Target yesterday. I wonder if Walmart's got any yet.


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  • CorvusCamenarum
    May 1, 07:13 PM
    Any updates from Corvus anyone?

    My wife and I are both alive and well, we only just got electricity back about an hour or so ago. Worst 4 days of our lives, but we got off lucky. Others lost everything, including themselves.

    I appreciate all of your nice comments. But again, aside from power loss, my family and I are fine.

    Let's keep an eye out for CorvusCamenarum, though. I'm genuinely concerned about anyone who was logged into macrumors (in other words, sitting at their computer) in Tuscaloosa at 5:00 yesterday and not in a basement or shelter.
    It's a MBP on wireless internet. When it hit, I was hunkered in the interior bathroom with it, the cell phone, a flashlight and two very upset cats.

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  • Doctor Q
    Jan 9, 07:13 PM
    Did anyone else expect a Beatles announcement after all the mentions they got? He played two Beatles songs, name checked a couple of albums and even used their album art in his summary.

    It looked like he was setting up for a by the way kind of announcement, not that the Beatles should ever be mentioned as an aside. Certainly when the first mention of them came up capitalised on the macrumorslive report I thought something might be up but it all came to nothing - why do you tease us so Steve?I figured with Steve's magic powers he would bring the 4 Beatles on stage and have them play something for us. I guess even Steve has his limits.

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  • MacKarl
    Oct 29, 03:22 AM
    I can't see any differences in temperature, voltage or frequency after the SMC update. I use the coolbook utility to monitor this (

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  • scott911
    May 5, 08:24 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I'm not personally a 3d fan, but I digress- I logged in here to learn more about blue arsed flies - educated me friends, time to run into the nature channel?

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  • RebootD
    Apr 11, 10:23 PM
    Good points. In any other profession, say a carpenter, you buy the tools before you make anything but you also have to have talent as a baseline.

    Pretty sure people supporting illegally obtaining them wouldn't support said carpenter from walking into a Home Depot and walking out with $3k in power tools because "Hey, he is just getting started!".

    No, I'm saying this completely fake but probable guy isn't doing well enough with his full time job (which is as a graphic artist), so he's doing a little freelance work to get to a point where he can afford his various monthly payments. It's a break even thing, and there's not much left over, if any... theoretically.

    Sort of, but his comment about how anyone can learn these apps was incorrect. I was saying you need to have some talent to start with, and once you do, use of the apps CAN increase your design skills - once you start to realize the things you can do with the tools at hand.

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  • Finally, our promised Islands

  • MacRumors
    Apr 14, 09:02 AM (

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  • tartanmac
    Oct 28, 05:45 PM
    Switched to macs back in 2001 and while I love the OS I have had a continuous stream of hardware problems with all apple products I have bought:

    iBook G3: logic board died and replaced 3 times

    iMac G5: CPU got so hot the machine almost melted! So far I have had the logic board replaced 3 times.

    MacBook: Random shutdown syndrome, faulty mouse and track pad, palm rest discoloration. Currently in for repair again!

    iPod: hard disk and battery both died

    EDIT: and don't get me started about the abomination that is the so called mighty mouse. The thing barely lasted a week!

    Apple have really got to get there quality control sorted out. So what if the OS is great if the continual hardware faults mean you can't actually use the damn thing!

    One cheesed off mac user.

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  • Chundles
    Oct 15, 07:35 PM
    Lets just say someone got lucky that night!:p

    You found $10 on the way back home alone?

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  • MacBoobsPro
    Aug 8, 10:16 AM
    He might be a little under the weather, but he'll be fine. If you go back and watch the video from the WWDC '05 he looked totally out of place; dressed in all black and very little energy. It's a fluxional phenomenon with his appearance. WWDC '05 he looked terrible, Apple Special Event #1(Intel iMac & iPod Nano) he looked great, Apple Special Event #2 (iPod Video) he looked great, Macworkd '06 he looked fine, Apple Special Event #3(iPod HiFi announcement) he looked like he had just woke up.

    The one thing to remember is that this is a Developer's Conference so there is not going to be a lot of pizazz with flashy announcements. There was not a whole lot of new mind-blowing things announced so he could have been a little bit bored with it.

    No matter what, with the transition to Intel chips complete now Apple can start devoting more time to truly new designs and hardware.

    This kind of talk happens every keynote. Pardon my ignorance but what is wrong with him exactly? :confused:

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  • digitalbiker
    Aug 29, 11:29 AM
    I shall (briefly) ponder the wisdom of your words when I'm putting in a 10-hour day tomorrow on the Mac.

    OS X vs. Windows for work argument depends on your work.

    Many industries do not have a versions of their software or database apps that run on OS X. Unfortunately, I happen to work for one of them. My industry has thousands of software packages, none of which run on OS X. I am not alone. In fact I would bet that >80% of businesses today run some software which will not run in OS X.

    Being able to run Vista on a Mac is a lifesaver for me.

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  • plaxico44
    Mar 11, 05:01 PM
    Safari 4.0.5 has just been released, so now we know MBPs ARE COMING!!! :D

    What does Safari 4.0.5 have to do with a MBP update?

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  • NathanMuir
    Mar 18, 01:30 PM
    I wonder if Apple will give it one final update before discontinuing it?

    I'm not holding my breath though.

    Aug 3, 03:53 PM
    I must say that I hope the developers get a preview copy of Leopard... seeing as I'm going :D

    Apr 14, 09:25 AM
    Wow, not only is Apple kicking ass in YOY growth, they're taking away market share with the iPad too.

    May 5, 03:24 AM
    No thanks - 3D gives me headaches.

    Prolonged use gives everyone headaches. Fake 3D is a mind **** of the century.

    Aug 24, 06:04 PM
    Yup, my iBook's battery is affected. Shame, it hadn't really run out of juice, even though I've been running my laptop 24/7 (lots of sleep though) in the year I've had it (running off of the mains a lot though):

    graham@Phaedra ~/.bin$ ./BatteryInfo

    Apr 18, 05:51 AM

    Truer words were never written. But that's been true for a long time. Long before the iPad ever existed. They're masters at the bait and switch. They excel at mediocrity in customer service. They've perfected the art of hiring blowhard sales people who will tell you with conviction things I know aren't true before I even walk into the store. They use marketing techniques that border on the illegal, and reek with sleaziness. They build mega-superstores filled with 89% junk, and small pockets of quality products that you have to mine to find. And they strive for the unwarranted up sell and add-on.

    Here's everything you need to know about Best Buy: When they were selling 6 foot HDMI cables for $70, claiming that it cost that much to produce them, I bought a 50 footer on-line for $75. And yes it's still working, five years later. Before anyone jumps on Monster for the overpricing, my on-line distributor told me at the time that he could buy the same Monster cable that BB was selling at $70 for $24. Still too much, for sure. But assuming that BB gets even better volume pricing than him, they were selling it for at least a 200% markup.

    Rant complete. I feel better now... :D

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