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map of europe today

map of europe today. Map of Europe
  • Map of Europe

  • HecubusPro
    Sep 6, 08:25 AM
    I assume the Merom is inside?

    But these babies are gr8 value!

    Luckily you don't have to choose for the 7300... you can get the better 7600 inside. Not brilliant, but it's better.

    So that must be it for the ATI partnership, or at least the first nail in the coffin. Nvidia is a good move anyway.

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  • peterdevries
    May 5, 12:12 AM
    Nice, but not essential. I usually have the patience to wait until I'm home to install an update. Unless it's an iOS update..

    More important to me is over-the-air syncing. That would be a killer!

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  • frozencarbonite
    Aug 3, 01:48 PM
    So do you have to be connected to an unknown network (like in a coffee shop or bookstore) for this to work? Or do you just have to be connected to the internet via wireless?

    I'm actually not in the city, so I don't have anyone around me that would be close enough to connect. Could it still work though? :confused:

    Does anyone know the answer to this?

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  • VirtualRain
    Mar 5, 02:01 PM

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  • bushido
    May 5, 02:02 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; de-de) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    isnt it obvs. u wont have to download the entire OS again and only rather the updates. lets say iOS 5 is nearly an GB which u still install with itunes. bug fixes etc could be very well be under 5mb

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  • JesterJJZ
    May 4, 10:41 PM
    As long as it's an optional feature, sure, why not?

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  • liorbk
    Mar 14, 06:20 PM
    I went to a best buy around Boston and asked for an MBP, kinda hoping they'd tell me it's out of stock for now.
    The sales person told me they just got in a truckload of the current MBPs on Friday, and they have in stock whatever I want.
    He told me in his experience with best buy inventories, he thinks it will take about two more months until the next refresh.

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  • skunk
    Apr 27, 01:48 PM
    After our vacation to safari in Kenya, we flew our safari driver to America because he seemed very fascinated with america. One of the first things he noticed was "why are all the violent crimes on the media by blacks?"Did you notice how he put it? "On the media"?

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  • iGary
    Aug 3, 02:47 PM
    I actually remember you mentioning that. I should have screen capped that post. :rolleyes:

    Not like anyone would want to see me run around my complex naked, but I don't think we will ever see a phone out of Apple, especially at WWDC.

    And no Conroe in iMac. Evar. ;)

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  • LaMerVipere
    Sep 4, 01:37 PM
    Bring on new iPod nanos made from anodized aluminum like the iPod mini! :D

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  • world map asia europe,

  • kmac12
    Nov 12, 03:53 PM
    I think if you asked most of the population, the vast majority would find it 100% reasonable and appropriate that any retail company, in any business sector, decides what they will or won't sell in their store - be it WalMart, The Gap, Starbucks, or your local corner grocery store. Apples retail store is just that... a retail store --- and the norms of business retail don't go away, to be replaced by a magical la-la land where people get to do whatever they want.

    In your case though, companies have alternatives to get their product out. The App store is virtually a monopoly. So, a company could spend months developing an app and have it rejected for any reason. Then, they would have no alternative to make the development cost back.

    We were affected by the Three20 project rejections also. It cause a delay for us which in turn caused a delay to a client. They weren't too happy about it. That said, we tell all clients that we do not control Apple's process and the risk of delays is there.

    It is frustrating and hopefully they make a change soon to alleviate some of these problems.

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  • In Europe, political goals

  • Neuro
    Sep 12, 05:08 PM
    Repair your permissions before and after each install. Mine did some correction to iTunes framework.

    Agreed, good advice. Isn't a bit sad we have to do this on a 'cutting-edge' OS in 2006?!

    Surely Mac OS X needs an installer that audits permissions on the fly?

    map of europe today. world map asia europe.
  • world map asia europe.

  • icedmocha
    Nov 13, 03:58 PM
    I'll make this point again... How is what Apple is doing any different than what Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony do with approvals for applications on their devices? If anything, Apple should be commended for giving everyone access to the development environment at a significantly reduced cost. The reason for the approval process is clear: they want to do QA before the product is released because if something bad happens, every news organization will feature headlines about it for a week.

    I don't recall massive outcry from the devs on those other platforms. Why do you think that is?

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  • Consultant
    Nov 12, 10:08 PM
    Let's see, before Apple, there was no useful mobile app market.

    Now Apple sells more mobile apps than all the competitors such as Microsoft, Symbian, etc. combined.

    Apple must be doing something right.

    However, to expedite the process and provide more feedback, Apple probably needs hire more people / change the submission structure (no unlimited submission), probably both.

    Keep in mind the whole Apple iTunes mobile app market is fairly new but growing very quickly. Thus that department seems to be facing a classic, but difficult business problem of managing exponential growth.

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  • ipodtoucher
    Mar 8, 08:36 AM
    Here's number 3 of the series, it's an on-going series that I hope to continue for a while.


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  • Retrograffica
    Jan 11, 02:24 PM
    Would Apple make a notebook computer with an :apple: logo that doesn't glow?

    I was thinking more of the edges of it

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  • dgree03
    Mar 29, 09:06 AM
    Apple would be copying google OH NOEZ!;)

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  • Nr. 2 (Europe today--map)

  • Cloud9
    Sep 22, 01:41 PM
    If walmart refuses to sell hollywoods dvds its not like the consumers arent going to find a way to buy them. Infact it hurts walmart more. Dvds wll be purchased. Its just that walmart will not be the retailer they purchase from. I dont understand why they think they have so mch power. If tommy wants a copy of "(Movie name here)" for christmass, mom, dad, sibling, or spouse will find a way to get it.

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  • xxBURT0Nxx
    May 5, 12:09 PM
    But backups and updates are critical for such a device. That is my whole point... Are you arguing that it does not need ota syncing or just arguing? Obviously its serviceable without tethering, but you do need to sync it to a computer for it to work. Thats like if I had to plug my scooter into my car just to get it going. It makes it a luxury and not a necessity. They would sell more by making it stand on its own. Even if it required a wifi connection to do updates and sync. They would sell even more than they already do.
    umm i wasn't arguing with you :confused: I was just stating that you don't really need a computer to use an iPad, especially if you don't already have one. You made it seem like if you buy an iPad you must have a computer, not necessarily true, apple will set it up for you at the store and it will work just fine from that point forward it doesn't suddenly stop working if you never back it up or update it.

    I doubt apple would sell more iPads if it could update on it's own... i don't think there are any consumers out there who say oh, i can't update this device without a computer? Forget it, I don't want it...

    backups and updates are critical for YOU... not the majority of consumers. There are plenty of people who never update anything that they own, they don't understand what it means. I know people who don't even update the apps they have downloaded when their app store has a nice badge with 39 updates and they still don't know what to do with that.

    People on these boards don't understand how dumb the average consumer is. People always say well apple should have done this, I can't believe they don't allow users to do this, etc. etc. If you realize that you may want these features because you are technologically inclined, but the majority of "normal" users would just be confused by it you would understand more why they make the decisions that they do.

    Most people don't know how to install or uninstall programs, manage a file system, what the difference between HD and SD is, 720p vs 1080p, hell i know people who don't even know what bluray is. Your average family usually has more to worry about than if they have the latest technology.

    So can someone explain to me why they have to get Verizon's permission to offer system upgrades over the air, when you can already go in the app store and download Angry Birds over the air? Seriously, this would be a security boon to be able to push updates without tethering them to a computer. Many people don't sync their iPhones for weeks at a time, but they are on them daily. If you can push out security updates sooner, then it is a good thing for everyone involved. And I would wager there's waaaaay more bandwidth being sucked up by iTunes and the App Store than system updates would require.

    not necessarily true.. your phone won't allow you to download apps over 20mb, considering iOS updates are 600mb+ there is a major difference.

    OTA updates wouldn't really mean apple could push them out faster, if anything, based on other evidence it usually occurs slower. OTA updates for android are pushed out in "waves" so that they don't kill the network. When an iOS update is released anyone anywhere can download it.

    Mar 28, 08:50 PM
    Didn't have time to get the PO approved before it sold out.... really disappointed. anyone know if you can get on a wait list?

    Mar 18, 07:03 PM
    I wonder how computers and smartphones would look now if there was never an iPod. Apple might not ever have taken the leap and make the iPhone or the iPad. Cell phones might all be running windows mobile version 7 that would look just like winMo 6. We might not have an Android OS, or if we did, it might look totally different. Tablets might still look like they did in 2004. Microsoft might have rested on its laurels and never made Win7 as good as it is.

    Apr 11, 01:51 PM
    Is it that you do not want to allow independent action? Where then is free will? Where are other faiths? Does the giving of alms by Muslims count for nothing, too?

    I'm sorry skunk, but I'm not quite sure how to explain it any better than I already have. As I stated above, free will is an essential aspect of what the Bible reveals about our relationship with God. I don't follow where you think I've indicated that there is no room for the allowance of independent action.

    As for all human actions that could be considered altruistic, good, sacrificial, etc. (including the actions of other faiths), like I said in my previous post:

    On a human level these actions are noble and sacrificial and I applaud them. However, on a spiritual level, I must recognize that scripture teaches us that our "good deeds" are worthless if our heart is not right with God.

    Please understand, this doesn't mean that the positive results of these actions are meaningless. For example, giving food to the homeless is a sacrificial act that does help people in need, but it will in no way earn you "points" with God. The Bible does not teach a theology of works. It's not about what you do, it's about your relationship with Christ.

    Jun 24, 07:49 PM
    The day that Steve Jobs tells me I have to use iTunes to purchase software for my laptop or desktop, or that I can't install what I want or how I want it on my personal computer I give him the big middle finger and switch to Linux or Windows.

    I already think it's ridiculous that I have to jailbreak my iPhone every 6months or so - but if the day comes that you'll have to jailbreak your comp, thanks but no thanks. I'll give up convenience for freedom.

    Jul 22, 10:20 PM
    kinda useless for such a small screen i think

    dude-- they're making the screen bigger. i don't know how, but they are.

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