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  • kresh
    Aug 8, 05:12 AM
    Steve looks unhealthy. He's not as sharp as he used to be. His keynotes were flawless. He stuttered several times, forgot what he was saying in mid sentence, and handed a considerable amount of the keynote to other people. Steve was a control freak in past WWDC keynotes.

    I think he may be in not-so-good health. But I've said that before.

    I was thinking the same thing. He was not mentally very sharp.

    Normally he is so excited and pumped. In past keynotes when he was sitting at the computer and grabbed his water, it with a purpose, excited to get on with it. In past keynotes it was the minor things, his body language and such, that would get me so pumped, I would be bouncing in my chair watching the keynote.

    All of that was missing yesterday. He was distracted, and acted as if he had no energy at all.

    But I think what tipped me off that something was wrong, was him allowing others to take up half of the presentation time.

    I know that when Wal-Mart found out that Sam Walton was going to pass, they scrambled trying to absorb as much of Sam into the "Corporate Culture" as they could. For example, his dog Roy on the dogfood ect.

    With Steve sharing the stage with his subordinates as much as he did, it was like Apple is now trying to show that there were other people besides Steve at Apple that have the passion.

    Their mode of dress was even contrived. You could tell that not all of them were used to wearing thier shirt tales out. hehe The big guy's, that did the Mac Pro presentation, shirt was wrinkled where it had been tucked in his pants all morning long.

    Sorry to ramble, but I just have a bad feeling that something is up with Steve. If there is, I hope there is enough time to absorb Steve into the Corporate Culture (instead of the tyrant image he has now) and cultivate someone to quickly step up.

    heh, That was selfish, sorry. If something is up with Steve, I wish him all the best and hope that he can cured, and if not, pass in peace. :(

    I would prefer to be totally wrong, and that he was just having a bad day!

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  • leekohler
    Apr 4, 03:59 PM
    Uhm, yeah. Saying "this is not true and that's it" is no different than "this is true and that's it."

    Well, that's what you did. You get what you give.

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  • PlipPlop
    Apr 14, 02:35 PM
    Build your own computer its fun and cheaper. You can even use parts to ensure OS X runs on your machine if you want. Ive always built my own and never had any problems. Crossfire 6970s ftw bitches.

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  • Taz Mangus
    Apr 16, 09:22 PM
    Apple does not have the best have a build quality better then everyone else. They have some very good computers, but their are companies who build much better computers you have no evidence to back up your statement. Macs use the same hardware as everyone else.

    It is true that Apple does use the same parts (e.g. RAM, etc) as other PC manufactures but Apple does design the layout of their own logic boards and another manufacturer assembles it. Apple does not use off the shelf logic boards, batteries, casings, keyboards and mice. Not too mention the A4 and A5 processor are custom built for Apple only.

    You are so fixated in your assesment about Apple not using "the best parts" or not "building the best quality computers". Is your reason for being here to set everyone straight? Does it bother you that a community of people believe that what they own is the best? Be honest now.

    I come to these forums because I am a Mac enthusiast. I don't go onto the Windows or Android forums and try to shove down peoples throats what I think about Windows or Android. That's not cool and neither is someone coming onto these forums and thinking they are going to set these people straight because you believe they are wrong.

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  • stroked
    Apr 26, 02:08 PM
    Proof? Or did you just make that up?

    It is common knowledge of anyone that has been exposed to both.

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  • GW3
    Aug 4, 09:06 PM
    If Im not mistaken every KeyNote from Steve Jobs, whether at WWDC, MacWorld or any other event from Apple has been on tuesdays. Why is this one DIFFERENT. Could we see a Movie Store on Tuesday ??????? :confused:

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  • Chupa Chupa
    Mar 29, 06:39 AM
    I absolutely adore these attempts at prophecy. Bottom line: We have no idea what the thing will cost, and all we can do right now is make educated guesses.

    Hence the name of this site: Mac Rumors.

    I'll give you that not all the rumors or speculations here are "educated," but if I were to make a price bracket sheet I'd put $29 losing out in the first round and $129 in the Final Four.

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  • Secruoser
    Mar 30, 01:18 AM
    Hopefully when the day arrives that Jobs moves on, integrity, ethics and truth will be allowed back into the organization.

    Integrity, ethics and truth will never happen in a competitive social system that is based on money and profit unless the company wants to go bankrupt. That's what PR is for: telling lies in the most acceptable way to the public. Still lies.

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  • Northgrove
    May 5, 03:13 AM
    This is complete bullcrap, people. Over the air updates will come, but over WiFi. Doing this over 3G makes no sense.

    Haha, yes... When I typed my reply above, I didn't even consider 3G. Come on guys... LOL :D

    This will obviously be intended for WLAN's. Apple doesn't even do *FaceTime* over 3G.

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  • silverblue3
    Aug 3, 06:13 PM
    Will the keynote be streamed live?

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  • Unspeaked
    Nov 28, 02:09 PM
    :confused: This whole forum is about Beatles music being on iTunes!

    Woops, when you said "Mashup" I thought it was some third party mashup - I didn't realize it was a new Beatles album that came out!

    Have to pay closer attention to those new releases...


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  • brdswp
    Mar 29, 11:57 AM
    My prediction is that the next iPhone will go on sale Friday, 11/11/11, just in time for Christmas sales. Apple can't let a cool date like that go by without something big happening. My guess is that it will called iPhone 4G, not iPhone 5.

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  • Arquelis
    Aug 3, 02:48 PM
    Why isn't the new DVD design for leopard not mentioned in the news article?

    Well I like it :)

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  • yoda13
    Nov 6, 11:06 PM
    All I want is a real graphics card.

    Me too, but I doubt that we will see it....:cool:

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  • iphone3gs16gb
    Apr 26, 02:36 PM
    I don't see how this comes as a surprise.

    Blacks lack a positive male figure; all of this rap and hip hop culture doesn't help them, gangs terrorizing otherwise calm neighborhoods with ignorance and loudness, old banged up Buicks and Chevys with stupid big rims, rattling trunks, etc

    They need a positive male figure to look up to or else these numbers will just end up higher.

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  • KeithJenner
    Nov 25, 02:12 PM
    :D Keith, how do you like it. Is there a major difference between that set and the mono set. I am curious because I have been eyeing that purchase.

    I assume that you have the Mono set. If so, you have the better one (other than missing Abbey Road and Let It Be. As has been said many times they are better mixes and the differences are fairly significant in places. Due to the differences, it's easier to argue that you need the both.

    I like the Mono set packaging, with the replica sleeves, but the stereo set packaging is also very good with better sleeve notes and the mini documentaries. The box set comes with all the documentaries on one DVD which is better than watching them individually on the CD's

    Go on, you know you want to. :)

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  • oldwatery
    Sep 22, 01:29 PM
    [QUOTE=But seriously... $9.99 to $12.99 movie downloads when I can go over to any store (like, oh, say, Wal-Mart) and buy the real deal for a buck or two more? Just how in God's name is this a threat to them?! Wal-Mart's smartest move would be to drop their DVD prices by that buck or two, until they cost the SAME or LESS than online downloads.[/QUOTE]

    And that is the point right now.
    There is room for both models until downloads become fast enough and cheap enough to kill physical disc forever.
    But we all know this is a long way retail terms.
    Plus with the new HD formats around the corner physical discs still have plenty of life left in them. No?
    Wal-Mart is a bully corporation, like so many in the world. And they have a history of profiting on peoples misery. Whether they be suppliers, employees or competitors. I hope this move takes them down a peg or two.
    They deserve all the ****** that gets thrown at them.

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  • milo
    Aug 29, 10:51 AM
    Worked fine for XP.

    Well, it happened for XP. Whether people were happy being stuck with it for that long is a whole other debate.

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  • -hh
    Aug 8, 06:40 AM
    Time Machine is nothing like System Restore. Time Machine allows you to find multiple previous versions of a file. For example, if you accidentally save a revised file without changing the name with "Save As", you can still go back to the previous version of the file if you decide you don't like the revisions or if a file is lost or damaged...

    Time Machine reminds me a little bit about how MS-Word allows "Quick Saves" to documents: what it basically does is leave the original file alone, but then appends the incremental changes to the end of the file. It makes saving the file faster, at the expense of making the file slower to load (and larger).

    From here, its not too much of a leap. Simply:
    a) Take what MS had had for years and make it crash-proof
    b) Extend it from one Application to be supported System wide.

    Now if Apple can only beat MS out of the gate on the release date...

    They could do ads like this:

    (Cue I'm a Mac/I'm a PC music.)
    Mac: Hello, I'm a Mac.
    PC: And I'm a PC.
    Mac: You know, I'm really excited, I have this new operating system called Leopard...
    PC: Oh yes, I 'm going to have a new operating system too, called Vista...sometime soon...I think...well, at least there's an 80% chance I will...
    Mac: That's great! ...

    Personally, I don't think that's going to be Apple's strategy: I think Steve's laying the groundwork for a big "Mindshare" grab by raising the bar right after Vista finally ships.

    (Cue I'm a Mac/I'm a PC music.)

    Mac: Hello, I'm a Mac.
    PC: And I'm a PC.

    Mac: Hey, congratuations - Vista has finally shipped!

    PC: Well, thanks. As you see, I can now do this...
    Mac: Yeah, I had that last year (Tiger)

    PC: And I can now also do this...
    Mac: That's really great (2004; Panther)

    PC: And I can now also do this...
    Mac: And its about time (2003; Jaguar)

    PC: so I now just about have everything Apple said it would give you when it previewed your new OS five months ago.

    Mac: yeah, well now that Vista's shipped, we no longer have to worry about being too distracting to Vista's developers.

    PC: you, distracting?
    Mac: Uh, yeah. I mean, you really, really, needed a more secure OS.

    PC: Gosh, you can say that again. But...distracting?

    Mac: Well, we didn't exactly announce everything we shipped. Ever heard of "One More Thing"? (insert mind-blowing new features here).

    PC: That's not in Vista.

    Mac: Oh, and this stuff has already shipped too...its included -free- in Leopard. Mac users just need to do a "Software Update" to get it activated.

    PC: you know, come to think of it, I haven't opened that Vista upgrade yet, so I can still return it. And my hardware is getting pretty old. Hey Mac, think you might be able to help me pick out a new machine?

    Mac: Have you been to 5th Avenue in New York recently...?


    Aug 3, 03:32 PM
    Ya, it doesn't have a nice 'Apple' look to it.

    This is a concept drawing I did a while back .... I'm hoping the Apple Phone is more like this ... but I doubt it.

    You've obviously missed the most important part of these concepts! *Notes Steve Jobs' number*

    I actually remember you mentioning that. I should have screen capped that post.

    Mar 28, 08:25 PM
    And yet, no new iPhone will be present ... I predict a lot of attending hearts will be broken!

    i pretty sure that rumor was completely false

    Aug 29, 10:51 AM
    Worked fine for XP.

    Well, it happened for XP. Whether people were happy being stuck with it for that long is a whole other debate.

    Nov 28, 12:45 PM
    Suing doesn't automatically make you greedy or unpeaceful or unloving. They're protecting their property which I wouldn't fault anyone for doing (if that's all it really is.)

    For the ad, I'm thinking:
    "Hi, I'm a PC."
    "And I'm a Mac." in a beatle wig
    (crowd of screaming 12 year-old girls run in and mow down the Mac guy)

    uh no... wrong.
    IANAL, but A. the beatles lost... apparently a didnt believe they were protecting their property

    B. exactly what property do you think they were protecting? the idea that no company should be allowed to be called apple, in any business, ever? even after the same exact case had been settled before? ever heard of the 5th amendment?

    Mar 28, 04:00 PM
    radio shack lol, do people still shop there?

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