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  • madmax_2069
    Sep 22, 03:11 PM
    you also got to look at people that don't have new or fast computers (i currently fall in this category) and people that don't have a fast internet connection (like people that live to far out of town where they cant get high-speed ) or people that like to have a original copy AKA a dvd to take to another house to watch. that is the people that is buying audio cd's and dvd movies from wally world. so even tho if apple got every studio for ITMS it would not affect those buyers then would it.

    wally world needs to see the point, that they are going to be the retail store version of M$

    i for one am for ITMS to get all it can to become what it can be. skrew wall-marts they just lost another customer for this bull crap

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  • HecubusPro
    Sep 6, 08:39 AM
    Of course! This announcement doesn't have any effect on a MBP release (although the MB may not get the update yet).

    And if they launched what most would consider a fantastic new imac with such little fanfare, I'm sure MBP's will receive the same sort of treatment. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next week. But this new iMac (did I say how fantastic it is) is a good sign we'll see C2D MBP's soon.:D

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  • gnasher729
    Apr 16, 07:07 PM
    Your statement makes no since. Windows is a hardware dependent OS. If you have the hardware it will run. Buying a 400 dollar Hp is different then running it on a 800 ASUS. You are use to using low grade windows computers. I use Both macs and Highgrade windows based PCs (ASUS & Sony) I see no issues with any of them. Some one game me an HP and it was a piece of ****. I am using an ASUS board right now and I am in LOVE with it.

    1. My statement made perfect sense. Apple builds excellent hardware that competes very well with other expensive hardware, the build quality is better than what anyone else produces, and Apple's Macintosh computers often have unique design that you cannot find elsewhere. Anybody who needs to run Windows and is willing to pay for top quality hardware is well advised to consider buying a Macintosh.

    2. You are in LOVE with an ASUS board? I'm in love with my wife. If my MacBook was stolen or damaged I wouldn't shed one tear; I would just wait for the insurance money and buy a new one. You seem to have a strange irrational emotional attachment here.

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  • cozmot
    Mar 28, 05:24 AM
    I love Apple's new smartcover and don't intend on wrapping my iPad 2 baby in anything else.

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  • ~Shard~
    Sep 6, 09:36 AM
    Oh come on! :D Heee.... I was thinking the 1080i/p resolution might be a hint of what's to come on the 12th :) :cool:

    Yeah, it definitely would be a great machine to watch HD movies on from the new iTMS Movie Store. And after that, combined with Leopard's as-yet-unannounced super-secret built-in Media Center technology, the next iMac revision will see 30" displays with built-in TV tuners, HDMI, etc. :eek: :D

    It's showtime!!! :cool:

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  • telecomm
    Nov 8, 07:49 AM
    If only the graphics card were better!

    If only it had a graphics card. ;)

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  • jimN
    Nov 8, 07:44 AM
    According to Yahoo they've been upgraded in regards to CPU (obviously), RAM and HD... so pretty much the same as the MBP's two weeks ago.

    Edit: And double layer superdrive too...

    Isn't the RAM the same? Unless they are putting single chips in as opposed to double to make store bought upgrades simpler.

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  • daneoni
    Sep 12, 05:02 PM
    New interface will take some getting used to, looks like they moved things around a bit.

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  • Groovey
    Nov 8, 06:32 AM
    i hope not. i want a white one.

    I just want one.

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  • pcharles
    Apr 14, 11:49 AM
    I have noticed on our campus that the percentage of Apple computers is increasing. I also noticed a lot of Apple Computers when I traveled through O'Hare this week.

    I suppose part of that is you can tell which computers are Apples from quite a distance, but not really tell the difference between HP and Dell.

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  • 8CoreWhore
    Apr 13, 05:26 PM
    It's nice to see the generally positive comments on this forum, other forums for "professionals" are not so happy!

    Personally I can't wait to start working with it.

    What these naysayers are NOT saying is what pro features are missing. Until they list something wrong with it, they are just being irrational. My experience is, lots of guys don't like their pro apps getting too easy to use, because they want their skills to be considered special. They hate it when, "Anyone can do it".

    As others have pointed out, editing skills isn't just about technical expertise with the tools. What sets the better editors apart, is the choices they make. Think Walter Murch.

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  • angrylawyer
    Apr 11, 09:00 AM
    So users on the subscription model get updated to the next version as part of their subscription? So if I purchase a subscription for a year of 5.5. and CS6 comes out in june, then for no extra cost I'm able to upgrade to CS6?

    Unless I've missed something, which is entirely possible, the subscription model seems to be based around temporary folks or how often the packs will be upgraded.

    I mean I have 3 macs with design premium CS4. Upgrading the 5.5 would cost $1,947 out right. But if I subscribe for $95/month * 3 macs, then that's $3,420 after one year.

    However if I go the non-subscription route, and CS6 comes out in less than a year from the time I would have subscribed, it's the same $649/upgrade cost, and I purchase it....then subscribing would have been cheaper by about $470. But that seems like a lot of assumptions.

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  • Redbookpro
    Mar 11, 03:03 PM

    this waiting and now being taunted by front-page rumors.

    Damn you steve!!! Damn you!!

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  • Fukui
    Sep 12, 03:21 PM
    Is it just me, or does the new iTunes logo look horrible in the dock? It doesnt seem to match anything, and it just doesnt look as "clean" as the typical dock logos have been/should be. When i went to click iTunes for the first time and it changed from the nice/clean green logo to this blue cheesy looking 1995 icon, I was pretty surprised!
    I think everyone should send massive feedback about how horrid everything in iTunes looks compared to before, even with the new features (which are great). Maybe they'll change it back, at least on OS X.

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  • compuwar
    Mar 7, 06:29 PM
    Miserable weather here today, with heavy rain when it should be snowing :(

    Cardinals in my backyard are rain soaked.

    A little fill flash to get a catchlight in the eye and this would be perfect.


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  • Compile 'em all
    Jan 11, 05:17 PM
    Is that not what they are practically doing with the uh....urm...i dunno...iPHONE? Plus, the original poster only mentioned AT&T, they didnt talk about it going international.


    The iPhone is released in a few select countries...FOUR to be exact. We are here talking about a computer that is supposed to be released in WAY more than 4 countries. sheesh, Do you guys seriously think that is a good idea?:confused:

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  • Lau
    Sep 14, 10:17 AM
    I just went to Scotsys and John Lewis in Edinburgh to eye up the new nanos, and neither of them had them. <disappointed> :(

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  • Phil A.
    Apr 12, 01:11 PM
    Uh, yes really. I deal with manufacturers professionally. Unless something is labor intensive and low value added (like clothing,) the only reason to manufacture in China is for the currency exchange rates and lax environmental laws.

    Why do you think Haier, a Chinese company, is profitably manufacturing in South Carolina?

    It looks pretty labour intensive to me...

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  • Hunabku
    Apr 13, 05:35 PM
    What these naysayers are NOT saying is what pro features are missing. Until they list something wrong with it, they are just being irrational. My experience is, lots of guys don't like their pro apps getting too easy to use, because they want their skills to be considered special. They hate it when, "Anyone can do it".

    Yes i imagine this is partly true, because creative/talented upstarts who do not have years of complex/technical experience, on a much smaller budget can preform at a much closer level to those with many more years of experience.

    I say closer level because as mentioned earlier there is much more that goes into professional editing than software know how. With that said, the upstarts present real competition to the entrenched because they can - on a smaller budget - more easily produce comparable work - which might have the effect of lowering the amount entrenched professionals can charge for their work.

    Aug 3, 10:08 AM
    Herr go an ABC news story where it's mentioned.

    Experts Discuss Wireless Vulnerability (

    Sep 22, 02:17 PM
    FYI, for those that say "who cares about Walmart" there is this little fact (of which I'm not going to sight a source because I'm busy at work).
    Walmart sells 40% of all DVDs sold in the US.
    Think about that. Of all the places that sell DVDs, of all the places people go, 4 of every 10 is bought at walmart. That is ridicules power, and not something the studios will just gloss over. They will make sure they know what they are doing before making steps forward. Maybe it won't matter at all, but it isn't a number to just ignore.

    I too have a well known fact, although I can't give away my source at this time.

    The Banana market is going to explode soon. I have heard rumors and tails of a new generation of banana, and it's really going to change the way we live. So remember that, next time you hate on bananas.

    Also, G5 Powerbooks least, according to my deep underground sources...which I can't talk any more about....

    Aug 2, 06:32 PM
    The video is now posted on the Washington Post blog to see how they go about it. I'm watching it now. They do seem to stress that it's not an Apple vulnerability, but an 802.11 driver issue. Anyways, let's see what they can do.

    1,000th post, sweet.

    EDIT: Holy crap, that was pretty convincing to a relative amateur like me. They seemed to basically do whatever they wanted to the system. Was there something underhanded here that I didn't catch that would make this unusable in reality, or is there valid concern based on this demo?

    Apr 18, 03:06 PM
    I'm still under NDA, so I can't tell you as much as I would like about what was NOT talked about at the SuperMeet, but I will quote one Apple rep that I spoke with after the event: "This is only the first look, wait until we can share the full announcement."

    I heard what the execs were saying after the event. There is much more to come. And I can't wait!

    P.S. Don't let the negative rumors get you too worried, yet. Those that know, can't say. Those that don't know, are just guessing and enjoy making you nervous. We will all know more soon.Its human nature. you get all kinds no matter what business your in :)

    Nov 8, 08:05 AM
    They are mighty Powerfull and reasonably cheap. I have to admit that i was secretly hoping for an updated GFX chip. I suppose the GMA950 will have to do...

    Hmm... where did i put that damn credit card? :D

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