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  • mscriv
    Apr 7, 11:40 PM
    I'm a bit confused. How exactly does the context of the Old Testament point to a triune god? I've done a lot of academic study of the Tanakh in general, and Second Temple Judaism in particular, and I'm at a loss to where in Jewish orthodoxy the idea of a triune god exists.

    I'm sorry SuperJudge. I should have worded myself better. What I'm trying to say is that the information presented on the web page that I referenced points to contextual clues that would require one to know the Hebrew language to understand. Additionally, understanding Hebrew history in terms of traditional beliefs and culture is also beneficial when understanding the connections between the old and new testament and hence the old and new covenant. We believe that Christ fulfilled the prophecies of the old testament.

    I didn't mean to imply that traditional Jewish belief supports the concept of the trinity. Obviously, it does not as they interpret the old testament as a stand alone without the revelation of the new testament.

    I didn't intend to be confusing, just to point out that simply reading the old testament on its own in a modern translation might not bring out all of the nuances that are there in the original language and context.

    For answers regarding how the old testament itself does point to a triune God then look at the web page I referenced in my previous post.

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  • mysticbluebmw
    Nov 3, 07:50 AM

    Apple does not care to support flash on their devices because it is horribly inefficient and has been holding back progression of the internet for over a decade. Instead of using much more efficient open standards that the world wide web is founded upon, companies like Adobe and Microsoft are more interested in locking you into their inferior technologies in order to maintain revenue! Until Flash dies Apple will continue to support the progression of the internet using approved standards!


    Drinking from the Apple koolaid again, huh?

    Perhaps if you pulled your head out of SJ's bum long enough to look around, you'd notice the vast majority of iPhone users are being punished in Apple's attempt to mold the internet in it's own image.

    A large number of websites use flash in their design, and are completely inaccessible without flash support. Inefficient or not, that's fact, and we're the losers here.

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  • zenntench_oni
    Sep 4, 07:25 AM
    nooo. im not gonna have enough money for another ipod.
    dam it. oh wells. ill give myself a month to save up. . .

    other than that. ill enjoy some tea that i make

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  • hd78
    Aug 29, 10:48 AM
    hey, they have to find a way to recover all of under-productive years of the os's development. :D

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  • boncellis
    Jul 22, 08:37 PM
    I agree that this would be cool, but what would make it even better is enhanced iSync or other capability for third parties to take advantage and make content available. I suppose the iTMS could handle it, but the user should be able to load whatever he or she wants on it, I would think.

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  • nilsemil
    May 5, 03:56 AM
    3d wont happen on ipad

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  • MacFly123
    Nov 2, 04:29 PM

    Apple does not care to support flash on their devices because it is horribly inefficient and has been holding back progression of the internet for over a decade. Instead of using much more efficient open standards that the world wide web is founded upon, companies like Adobe and Microsoft are more interested in locking you into their inferior technologies in order to maintain revenue! Until Flash dies Apple will continue to support the progression of the internet using approved standards!


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  • Freak C
    Nov 4, 01:41 AM
    So you think that Adobe is bad because CS3 does not run on Snow Leopard?

    Think again.

    CS3 has been published a long while ago, and Snow Leopard is brand new. A lot of system libraries have changed. I do not expect Windows 3.1 software to run correctly on Windows 7 either.

    Are there any Mac developers out there?

    Apple must have caused software vendors to rewrite their software a gazillion times:

    - they switched from the 68K to the PowerPC to Intel
    - they switched from OS9 to Carbon to Cocoa
    - for Snow Leopard, if you want to run as a 64-bit app, you have to switch to the Cocoa libraries, and much of Carbon is deprecated.

    Apples next OS will most likely drop Carbon altogether. I have written programs for the Mac for a long time now, and I have spent 75% of my productivity just rewriting my programs over and over again to adopt them to Apple's library changes.

    Adobe is big, but I bet that many of their Mac programmers are busy just following Apple as they try to leave software vendors in the dust because they switch system libraries and CPUs at will. Did Microsoft ever do this? Yes, partly - they went from 16 to 32 to 64 bits. But I can still run the Reversi game that came with Windows 1.03 on Windows 7!

    And you Java lovers - go to the Sun web site and install Java. Just try. I have not seen complaints that this is impossible.

    This is not a technical issue. Every skilled team of programmers can make their software run on another platform. This is a battle of lawyers. Apple does not permit any bytecode execution engine (such as the Java and ActionScript VMs) to run on the iPhone. Period.

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  • scott523
    Nov 7, 12:44 PM
    I must say that Apple must have a lot of surplus in MBs. The MB I bought 4 days ago at the Christiana Mall Apple Store was made a month ago in China.

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  • iStudentUK
    Apr 7, 03:29 PM
    *bold emphasis mine

    I'm sorry friend, but you aren't understanding the full context of what you are reading. The old testament, in this case Deuteronomy, does not stand alone, but is correctly interpreted in light of the new testament and the fulfillment of the law that Christ accomplished through the incarnation and his death.

    God gave the law in the old testament to serve a specific purpose at a specific time to a specific people. From a theological stand point it's purpose was to show that no amount of work or good behavior can bring one to God. The law serves to highlight our separation from God in that none of us can measure up. The wages of sin are death and thus under the law death was the punishment. Under the new covenant Christ's death has paid the price of sin and we no longer need to live under the law.

    Where does this guidance come from? Who says the Bible must be interpreted in that way? It seems in a book as complex as the Bible there must be 100s of ways to view it.

    So you see, you are guilty of doing what it is you are saying that others are doing. You are picking/choosing a verse out of the old testament and presenting it as if it was a universal command to all believers for all time.

    I'm not suggesting the Bible is bad, nor am I suggesting it is good. I'm saying that the Bible is neutral- it can be interpreted in a way that leads to kindness and charity or in a way that leads to hatred and intolerance.

    I don't know statistics on this, but I'm very confident that the majority of Christians are "good" people. However, there are some "bad" ones as well. The Westboro Baptist Church comes to mind! Whilst the WBC holds a despicable view, who is to say their interpretation is less well founded?

    I'm suggesting that people don't get their morals from the Bible, instead people choose to interpret their Bibles in the way that best fits their view. I think it is no coincidence that so many religions/philosophies have the same basic elements. (Like don't kill, steal, treat others like you would like to be treated...)

    Basic human morality is an innate quality- most people are "good" (of course people aren't just good or bad, but you know what I mean!). One of my favourite books is The Selfish Gene (also one of the most important science books in recent history in my opinion) is basically explaining why altruism exists and how it could have evolved. Like I said before, some basic elements of morality has been observed in other primates.

    For you to quote Deuteronomy as evidence that the Bible "literally" tells believers today they should stone people is incorrect.

    What I'm saying is people interpret the Bible such that they don't have to stone people. Stoning people is immoral by a standard found beyond the Bible.

    I don't think we need a structured moral code per se. I don't want argument about how the "Secular Bible" should be interpreted, instead just look at what we, as humans, think is right.

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  • JayMysterio
    Oct 2, 02:16 PM
    Well, that is every online game, if we're being honest. Doesn't matter what you play, there are going to be people out there who just want to ruin the experience for others. It sucks, but it is the sad reality of the online world these days. The Halo community, in my opinion, is quite good and friendly, but it doesn't take but a very small group of individuals to ruin it. My only suggestion is to play with as many friends or nice players that you know. I have a handful of real-life friends who play Halo, but I also won't hesitate to add someone who I enjoyed playing with.

    I used to play a TON of Rocket Race in Halo 3. It was a crazy fun gametype, but it was also very easy to ruin for everyone, if you were that kind of person. So, I just started adding people to my friends list every chance I got when I had fun playing with people. Pretty soon, I had tons of people online who I could play with. We would fill up the lobby with actual, good players, thus ending any chance of griefing right from the start. I won't touch competitive Matchmaking any more unless I have enough people I know playing to fill up our team. Partly because of jerks, but mostly because it is just more fun when you have a team of people you know, and enjoy playing with.

    Not to be an @$$ but I am so tired of that pat answer of "you just need to play with friends'. It's kind of like the answer you get when you call tech support after you spent days googling for the answer to your problem, and they start with "Did you try turning it on & off?" ;) I know they are just doing their job, but it's obviousness is still something you're tired of hearing.

    Playing with friends is not always a constant option, sometimes you have to bite the proverbial bullet & play with randoms. I know for me, it is a necessity because I need to badly improve my skills. Have randoms tell me I suck is a no biggie, after all they don't say much when I own them. Letting your friends down cause you aren't that good does suck.

    What also sucks, and I still stick with my call,is that the Halo community contains the largest number of @$$hats to ever discover a microphone. From the well documented You Tube video of random players verbally harassing a gay player before a match even starts. To the almost pathetic way some players are addicted to the 'N' word. To the now immortal play style of wanting to be the only player who gets the best weapon or vehicle, and are willing to kill teammates to get it.

    Don't get me wrong, players use of the 'n' word isn't exclusive to Halo. I would say it was actually worse in Rainbow 6, but that's not the point. I believe that there's just something about Halo that brings out the worst in players. I'm reminded of the story of Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson the former UFC champ who won't play Halo online because of the crap on Halo. I used to play quite a bit of CoD MW2. When the Halo community as a whole thought the game was crap, it wasn't too bad. When they changed their mind, the game made it's hastier descent into the slums it's in now.

    I know it is every game on every system that has more than it's share of @$$hats, that goes without saying. I just believe ( and from reading some of the comments on Kotaku about the recent 1 day bannings of some players for abusing farming in Reach ) that the Halo community has more than it's share of people who's manhood is defined by playing online from the relative safety of their bedroom.

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  • Jetson
    Oct 15, 04:10 PM
    When you look at Steve Job's odyssey from being Apple's CEO, bringing in Sculley, getting stabbed in the back and booted from his own company.

    Jobs goes off on his own, founds Next computer, develops innovative hardware, makes alliances with the likes of George Lucas, founds Pixar and comes up with hit movie after hit movie.

    Meanwhile Apple goes through the dark ages, predictions of Apple going belly up, they beg Steve Jobs to come back to the helm.

    Jobs returns to Apple, gets to work and turns the company around with some of the most inspiring products (iMac) and great market presence.

    Then his team comes up with the marvelous iPod. The Macintosh lineup is arguable the best in the PC world.

    Things would have been much less interesting if Steve didn't have to make this difficult trek. Sometimes what looks bad can be the beginning of something great if you don't give up.

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  • bbeers
    Mar 11, 09:39 AM

    Best use of selective color I've seen. Love it.

    Thanks, when I was taking it I was unsure if it would come out the way I wanted. Even if it didn't come out there was something still fun about rubber ducks in a water fountain.

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  • Keleko
    Mar 8, 09:22 AM
    Continuing the dinosaur series I share the Laposaurus today. :)

    Okay, I posted this just to balance out the dog photo. ;)

    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5219/5507843060_0548050887_b.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/22077805@N07/5507843060/#/)

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  • CJM
    Aug 3, 04:02 PM
    You are right!

    Nothing new here!

    I'm really looking forward to see what's happening on 10th August, even if I am not in the market for new gear, except for a new iPod.

    A week to go. Nice.

    The 10th? What happens on the 10th? *glares hungrily*

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  • rezenclowd3
    Sep 27, 01:01 PM
    I am used to having no ammo from playing Marathon. "Wheres the ammo!"

    I honestly do not mind at all. All the enemies drop weapons and ammo when killed, and as said, there are plenty of caches around. One just has to be quick switching from weapon to weapon. It would be nice if enemies ran out of ammo though....

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  • JoshRtek
    Aug 10, 01:32 PM
    Do Configure-To-Order Macs ship from overseas, or from within the United States? Or does it depend on what it chosen as one's configuration?

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  • Chrispy
    Oct 26, 06:14 PM
    My old roommate's macbook started shutting down randomly last night. She is not pleased to say the least. Quality control... it is a beautiful thing... something Apple should give a try sometime haha!

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  • rkdiddy
    Oct 18, 12:48 PM
    I updated the wife's room a bit. Cinema Display against the wall.

    Darn you for having those B&W speakers! :p

    Great setup.

    Sep 12, 08:08 PM
    Get a grip? I don't care if you are a Demi-god that is pretty freakin rude. Considering the Apple owns much of the flash market and the competition already sells higher capacities at lower prices I would say they are making plenty of profit. Not offering student discounts like they have in the past is just pure greed. College students provide plenty of free marketing for them and help increase their cool factor and college students are poor. They should get a break.

    Are you insane or just trolling? You're complaining because the FREE iPod that Apple is giving to you for FREE is the previous version that was just updated today, even though you're getting it for FREE!!! For you to complain about this makes YOU the rude one. You sound like a spoiled brat whining and complaining because the porche mummy and dada bought you for christmas is black instead of red. There's just no pleasing some people. :rolleyes:

    Nov 8, 09:39 AM
    They only come in glossy screens now? Damn... im a photojournalist and need color accuracy on screen and it would NOT be good if things looked to have more contrast then they actually do. :(

    Mar 11, 05:49 PM
    If I am a student and want the latest Macbook Pro...what should I do?

    WigWag Workshop
    Apr 15, 06:51 AM
    Being a new "switcher" I can see why Apple continues to grow. My co-worker got me hooked, and I in turn, got my friend hooked.

    Nov 24, 07:17 AM
    I agree. I think at some point (hopefully) Apple will offer Apple Lossless as an iTunes standard. It will just take a small leap in processing power (CPU or GPU) to convert the files quickly on the fly when syncing. I think we're close, as they do it now, but it still takes too long.

    But at 256 I think you get very close for most people to find it hard to distinguish between a Lossless file and an AAC file.

    I agree, I don't know why apple doesn't already offer applelossless as a choice. I have found that simple music (one guy with a folk guitar) can get away with 256kbs but listen to some busy, complicated music and 256kbs sounds a little muffled compared to the cd (not that cds are perfect).

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