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  • jessica.
    Oct 26, 06:59 AM
    I really hope you're being funny. You're a much more active member than I, but it's "fliquo.". Someone even has a sig stating something like, "the screensaver is fliquo, the answer is always fliquo."
    Come on. You know jessica. knows. Why reply? In addition, you spelled it wrong. It's: Fliqlo.
    JESSICA never jokes!:rolleyes::rolleyes:

    You both know in a weird way you kinda love me. :D

    That joke doesn't seem to get old.

    Nope, never. :D

    But really, can't wait to get my ass in gear and get a few finishing touches done on my new office and take pics.

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  • tkidBOSTON
    Jan 11, 04:47 PM
    I have no idea whats coming but this just made me very excited for MWSF. Love the predictions too!

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  • Analog Kid
    Aug 3, 03:26 AM
    any idea who the 3rd party vendor was? perhaps the hate mail should start flying there way!
    That's the rub, isn't it. My first instinct was that they should have named the vendor by name so we know not to buy their products and all could see the smoking ruins of their company and heed the warning: write good software.

    Then I realized why they didn't release the name... It's the same problem as for OS vendors-- if you release the details of the attack before it's patched then users pay the price.

    That's the publicity vs security debate in a nutshell, methinks.

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  • silbeej
    Oct 24, 10:12 AM
    Well i've done updated setups before, but never past and present (as the title of the threads suggests we should post). So, here we are.



    May i ask where you got that city photo/poster behind your desk on the wall. It's a great image and i'd like to have something similar in my home.

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  • LastZion
    Mar 15, 09:20 AM
    If you don't absolutely NEED it, practice a little self-control and wait. You'll regret you order if you place it and the new MBPs come out next weeek.

    I've been hearing that storey for over 2 months now

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  • X5-452
    Mar 18, 01:49 PM
    Wirelessly posted (iPhone 3GS: Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Reception to the original iPod launch was mixed. Our own forum responses are interesting to look back on, 10 years later.

    At least we're all pretty consistent with our critiques of Apple product launches, hahaha.

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  • shadowx
    Sep 12, 04:41 PM
    Cool New iPod Sync interface!


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  • Chundles
    Sep 6, 08:21 AM
    24" model introduced
    All have Merom processors, 1.83GHz uses 2MB cache version
    24" model has FW 800
    All iMacs with dedicated graphics have 1GB (2x512MB) RAM standard
    All iMacs with dedicated graphics can be configured to 2GB (2x1GB) or 3GB (1x2GB + 1x1GB) RAM
    24" iMac has GeForce 7300GT with 128MB RAM standard
    24" iMac can be configured with GeForce 7600GT with 256MB RAM
    17" 2.0GHz and 20" iMac have 128MB X1600, 20" can be configured to 256MB X1600
    1.83GHz model has Combo Drive, no bluetooth or remote and has GMA950
    20" iMac can be configured to 2.33GHz
    24" iMac can be configured to 2.33GHz

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  • vksong
    May 5, 06:58 AM
    It could be cool~
    But I cannot imagine now~

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  • pmz
    Mar 22, 01:01 PM
    Here we go with the "You said this, so you must be this..." stereotype... :rolleyes:

    I know guys where even though they are the "bread winner" or contribute greatly to the funds, they have to approve EVERYTHING through the Wife - whereas the Wife can spend as she pleases....

    Happy Wife, Happy Life... :eek:

    Not into that type of relationship.

    That "type" of relationship? You mean that exact description. Because either A) you're not married, or B) have a very similar scenario with only slight difference. The differences being where you pass judgement, but remain altogether similar.

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  • gfish31
    Oct 21, 06:09 PM
    just moved out to the dirty jerz to start my career... got my set up in a new home. also just bought the M-Stand for my laptop and it is quite nice

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  • pc-proud
    Apr 3, 11:38 AM
    jeez, 8 whole mega pixels??? Wow fruit, welcome to you sure are being generous here. My android phone has 8mp and it came a full year ago... The pictures it takes are pretty sweet compared to my friends i(paidtomuch)phone4. I'm not trying to bash anyone but I see a lot of fruit boys on here saying they are OK with whatever fruity says. Ya'll really need to revolt or something because that's not right. I guess once the specs are finalized, we will see a 10+ mega pixel camera on either android or windows phone? I have no idea..

    I will suggest that perhaps a physical side camera button like the Windows phone has for taking pictures would great because with a touchscreen it is hard to tell if you took a picture in a noisy environment when you can hear the click.

    That is all.


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  • thisisahughes
    Apr 2, 03:19 AM
    I would be slightly worried about jailbreaking an iPhone 5 then. Sony might claim ownership of the damn thing and sue you for doing so.

    you beat me to saying it.. +1.

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  • nagromme
    Sep 12, 02:07 PM
    Google for "thread 500" and click the top match--always hilarious :)

    If the new nanos played games and videos (I know--really small) I'd HAVE to buy one. So I'm glad they don't :)

    The case combines the best of the Mini and Nano--all good.

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  • John.B
    Dec 8, 02:43 PM
    Honestly, most musicians don't study the Beatles as individuals - nor do they need to - because they were just solid musicians, nothing spectacular. When you had Clapton, Beck, and even Townshend, there is no need to study Lennon or Harrison. When you had Entwistle ... no need for McCartney.
    Even though Clapton, Beck, Townshend, and Entwistle left some pretty big footsteps, every one of them would admit they themselves followed in some pretty big footsteps as well.

    And, from a slightly different angle, Les Paul as well as the Beatles/EMI made huge strides in recording techniques that are still the foundations today for what is now commonly done in Pro Tools. Whether or not you like Les Paul or the Beatles, that's still true.

    Pioneers are still the pioneers; the greats always stand on the shoulders of the greats that came before them, it's how it works. All are made up from parts of the work of those who came before. The "greatest rock and roll band in the world" never becomes that without Muddy Waters, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry; but you don't even have to be a fan of those guys to like what the Stones built from those influences. Or what will be made from musicians who have the Stones as one of their influences.

    ... and that putting aside the fact that in the mid 60's the level of musicianship exhibited by even average jazz players was far above anything rock players seen as 'innovators' were doing ...
    It's an unfortunate fact that their level of musicianship and talent may have no bearing on their success or their the ability to influence modern music. The world is full of technically proficient musicians playing music nobody wants to listen to. Sad, yes, but there it is.

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  • emotion
    Nov 8, 08:12 AM
    The edu price for 2gb is an additional 112, how far off consumer prices is that (I know a gig for my lappy will set me back 90 but I'm not up on prices for other people's memory).

    Don't forget that 120GB HD. It is a moot point though, the HD is easily replaced in the MB.

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  • MacinDoc
    Jan 11, 04:41 PM
    1. Big :apple:TV upgrade with bigger avaiable HD, 1080p output and PVR functionality, along with iTunes movie rentals.

    2. iPhone 2.0 with up to 32 GB flash and the first wave of official 3rd party apps (those developers that were seeded with the SDK early). 3G data is also a longshot.

    3. One more thing: MacBook Lite. Flash-based HD, external optical drive, low-power Penryn CPU, Intel integrated graphics, 10 hr battery life. In an aluminum case with multitouch interface. Apple's "best portable computer ever".

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  • rainydays
    Nov 7, 05:19 AM
    let's hope they release it soon, although it's a bit frustrating for those who bought core duo models recently for the same price. kind of drawback on apple

    Huh? Why do people keep saying things like this?
    When buying a new computer you should aways take in consideration how dated the hardware is and how far ahead a new product release might be.

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  • LethalWolfe
    Apr 13, 09:48 PM
    In other words, what we saw tonight was nowhere near the final form of the application.

    This statement has me a bit puzzled. FCP is supposed to be out in around 2 months. Are they going to rush the rest into FCP in this amount of time, or get the basics in there, then drag onto multiple updates? Would be a shame to not have it fully ready for release. I'm a little skeptical if the rest will be ready by June. Nothing stinks worst than having a program that's touted a super program, to find out it wasn't ready for release. Just hope apple doesn't rush this one out the door. It looks to put the competition to shame if it can deliver.
    The build they showed was an old build, at least a few months old, and also keep in mind it is basically going to be a version 1 application. Sure there are some things stolen from other Apple apps but I would expect FCP X to have v1 problems just any new app would.


    Mar 28, 03:28 PM
    Because getting your iToy within eye sight of a 300 Lb round-belly hillbilly or 400 Lb woman in pink stretch pants and camel toe does not make for the best experience.

    Maybe not, but when you turn on the built in camera you've got some prime YouTube footage.

    Aug 29, 09:03 AM
    Whoz gonna "BUY" Vista....??
    I am definitely not shelling out $250 odd dollars for WINDOWS VISTA!

    Sep 4, 05:51 PM
    Has anyone considered that apple might not be realeasing the wide screen super secret video ipod because it dosn't exist?

    lets all think for a second...

    1) touch screens are weak, soft, and matte, not iPod at all
    2) they get printy and scratched very easily
    3) they would go through oodles of batter power
    4) Apple would not make the thing bigger just to hold the extra battery
    5) battery life would STINK
    6) touch screen starts to complicate the interface, goes against apple's easy as pie rule
    7) the thing would have to cost a fortune

    You're SO right about 1-5 and 7. I mean if touch screens were hard, shiny, battery efficient, and inexpensive then I'm sure game makers like Nintendo would have used them in handheld game systems like two years ago! And they would have priced it at like $150. But we know THAT will never happen. :rolleyes:

    Oh, wait... (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nintendo_ds)

    Nov 13, 05:31 PM
    I don't recall massive outcry from the devs on those other platforms. Why do you think that is?

    So he thinks he's a rockstar programmer and should act like one. I think it's just ridiculous. So in the end the application was given to someone else to continue and nothing changes. So is this 2 seconds taken from his fame or what?

    The Apple Application review process is going to be the topic for turmoil now? So after Apple is beat down, who is next to rise and beat on then. It's all becoming really insane to me. It's nothing more than flavour of the month reporting and debating to be all.

    Sep 4, 12:11 PM
    man i can't wait until the 12th

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