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motorola flipout with motoblur

motorola flipout with motoblur. Motorola Flipout Android Phone
  • Motorola Flipout Android Phone

  • spicyapple
    Oct 15, 03:12 PM
    Did anyone love this quote?

    Jobs was equally unconcerned about the prospect of the iPod losing its cool factor as it becomes increasingly ubiquitous.

    "That's like saying you don't want to kiss your lover's lips because everyone has lips. It doesn't make any sense," said Jobs.

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  • The Motorola Flipout is

  • Signal-11
    Mar 19, 02:27 PM
    Especially when iPods first hit the scene, price was a big issue for a lot of customers. Apple products have always been on the pricey side. So perhaps the popularity of the larger capacity iPods was impacted by the pricing structure, which impacted Apple's perception of the demand.

    Apple's non Mac consumer electronics are not boutique/luxury goods and haven't been for a long time. They're cheaper than competitor hardware with similar specs. Even Samsung CE, a member of Samsung Group which makes the most expensive components that go into Apple's consumer electronics, can't compete with Apple on price due to Apple's volume and pre-emptive supply chain lockup.

    It's getting kindof absurd seeing that hard drives keep getting bigger and cheaper. Would an iPod Touch really be that much thicker if it had 128 GB? And just how thick would (dare I say it) a 500 GB iPod Touch be? For the way I would use the device, I wouldn't mind a little extra thickness and weight.

    iPod Classics = HDD based storage. iPod Touches = solid state based storage.

    You might not mind the extra thickness and weight of HDD based Touch but you'd definitely mind the slower speed. Flash based 500GB? You would definitely mind the price.

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  • LightSpeed1
    Mar 28, 10:22 PM
    I think people who say that no new iphone 5 is going to be announced are people who just got a verizon iphone and are on contract and so they hope that no new iphone comes out.I just got a Verizon iPhone, and still looking forward to iPhone 5. I Still have a upgrade available to waste.

    It took weeks for WWDC days for WWDC but only 10 hours of WWDC 2011 to sell out. Needless to say that’s the fastest sell out time ever. That’s rock concert fast.

    motorola flipout with motoblur. Re: Motorola FlipOut Featuring MotoBlur. That ugly phone looks a lot like this other ugly phone: HAPPY HOUR is the HOUR AFTER
  • Re: Motorola FlipOut Featuring MotoBlur. That ugly phone looks a lot like this other ugly phone: HAPPY HOUR is the HOUR AFTER

  • Jcoz
    Mar 29, 10:48 AM
    Thank you, and seriously they are not going to make the jump to Iphone 5 for another generation after this one, that I think is still going to come out on time, with an A5 processor in June. I will be making the move from my 3Gs to the next gen as soon as it comes out. Btw I am not basing my knowledge of a summer Iphone release on the fact that apple has not let me down yet year after year of releasing Iphones early into the summer.

    So you are saying that the new iPhone will release without iOS 5?

    Because its doubtful iOS 5 will be released with no dev preview prior to release.

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  • Motorola flipout

  • jaxstate
    Aug 29, 10:37 AM
    Sounds like a good system. A person can buy a dummy pc if they want, a linux box, or a Mac.
    What if they don't have any choice but to buy your product? All of the Windows OEMs are instant customers for Vista, whether they like it or not. This is how the system works for Microsoft.

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  • Motorola Flipout in the trendy

  • appleguru1
    Aug 3, 07:33 PM
    If anyone is curious, here's the 'exploit' script they used...


    motorola flipout with motoblur. Motorola FLIPOUT with MOTOBLUR
  • Motorola FLIPOUT with MOTOBLUR

  • swingerofbirch
    Aug 2, 05:37 PM
    Let my voice ring clear, loud, and somber: this is not the time to be an Apple apologist. To sit back and blame a component manufacturer is to lose the point of power which comes from taking total responsibility for a shipping product, a feat which no PC manufacturer or Microsoft have ever attempted or likely will.

    We and Apple should take our lumps as they have been served to us, thank these people for pointing out a weakness, apologize, strengthen and move on.

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  • SpinThis!
    Nov 2, 05:17 PM
    People don't care about Flash Player itself, they just want the ability to play video in the browser, which the iPhone is perfectly capable of doing. So instead of lobbying Apple for Flash support we should be lobbying web developers for video tag support.

    Developers aren't the problem. A lot of it is Internet Explorer and Microsoft not supporting standards. For one, IE doesn't do much html5. Microsoft will probably never support the svg-based "flash killer" canvas tag. Also, due to bickering on all browser makers, HTML5 doesn't specify a mandatory video format so you have Apple doing mpeg-4, Firefox and friends doing ogg, and IE supporting nothing. And let's not forget users who still run IE6.

    Out of the box, most Windows machines don't know how to play MP4 files (unless a user has QuickTime) but most do play flash content. Mac OS X won't play ogg out of the box. So you're left with Flash. As a web developer, Flash is the easiest way to get multimedia, especially video, on your website and looking the same in all browsers. Unless you run a predominately Mac OS X website, HTML5 just isn't ready for prime time yet.

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  • Jacqui83
    Nov 8, 06:21 AM
    The US Store was like up a few minutes ago though and now it's down, could it really be?! Ugh I can't wait! please let it be!

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  • Motorola Flipout has just

  • Cameront9
    Aug 24, 04:08 PM
    Well, I FINALLY got it to go through, only to have it say that my serial numbers aren't affected. Which, according to their page, they are. Looks like Apple has some work to do...

    motorola flipout with motoblur. Motorola flipout
  • Motorola flipout

  • nilsemil
    May 5, 03:56 AM
    3d wont happen on ipad

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  • tsadi
    May 4, 10:06 PM
    Sounds like the source pulled their 'info' from where the sun don't shine, and I'm not even remotely interested even if its true.

    motorola flipout with motoblur. Motorola FLIPOUT Android Phone
  • Motorola FLIPOUT Android Phone

  • iSamurai
    Jun 26, 11:10 AM
    ...so they're making a touchscreen... but not in OSX but some compromise iphone OS? kinda lame, and you know you'll get some fans writing mails to steve jobs and he'll make up some of the lamest justifications and people will believe him. gosh...

    btw you know 22" is essentially 21.5". just ask dell.

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  • Brasil: Motorola FLIPOUT |

  • monsterinawc
    Aug 3, 10:08 PM
    sorry bout this post
    my brother in law wanted to try the forums out and so i let him use my account
    he thinks he know what he talking about when it comes to macs

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  • Mattie Num Nums
    Apr 14, 09:37 AM
    Your community? You are a factory worker and make $7/hr?

    These comments are so unrealistic. NIMBY ought to be the new nickname for the USA.

    I lost my last job due to outsourcing. I know what it feels like.

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  • gekko513
    Aug 18, 12:38 PM
    Busted. Boy do I hate to be those guys. :rolleyes:
    Yeah, in the beginning I had some respect for what they did, because some parts of the Mac community needs to get some perspective, but now they just look pathetic.

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  • Ponsel Motorola FLIPOUT

  • sysiphus
    Mar 29, 12:15 AM
    That is if America is under immediate threat, hence Bush's big case about WMDs before invading Iraq. America was under no threat from Libya. The President cannot simply go to war because he feels like it. That is definitely not a power he has by the Constitution but it is a power he'll take nonetheless.

    This was my impression as well. If correct, Obama has no business doing what he's done--right, wrong, paid for or not. Personally, I'm glad somebody's stopping Gaddafi from acting unchecked--but that doesn't excuse circumventing the constitution to do so.

    That said, if the President does have the authority to call for such action irrespective of a clear and present danger to the security of the USA, then more power to him.

    motorola flipout with motoblur. May 14, 2010 Motorola Flipout
  • May 14, 2010 Motorola Flipout

  • GFLPraxis
    Aug 29, 03:01 PM
    I don't know what people are fussing about. If these price points are true, Windows Vista is pretty cheap.

    Are you joking? The basic $200 one lacks DVD burning, XBox 360 connectivity, media center, the whole new GUI, and searching! Each one has disadvantages, purposely crippled by Microsoft- only the $300 business edition has encryption and backup, remote desktop and multi-processor support (that's right, you need the business for multiple processors- since the lower end models can use multiple cores and are multithreaded, this means Microsoft DELIBERATELY disabled the functionality in the other models), only the $240 Premium edition has DVD burning, slideshows, media center, etc...

    They're trying to force you into buying the Ultimate edition.

    Frankly, you shouldn't have to spend $400 to get what Apple includes in the BASIC OS.

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  • motulist
    Sep 12, 08:28 PM
    Um free is for a limited time only and you have to buy a $1000+ computer. Anyone who buys a $1000+ Mac should get a break on an iPod too. There is a reason why there is a whole education section on the Apple Online Store. Without students support, the iPod wouldn't be anywhere near the cultural icon that it is. Guess what, most students don't have a set income but their patronage is very important to Apple and iPods in general. And I'm 25, Mommy and Daddy haven't payed for me for a long time. So now who is trolling. (Hint: the guy who puts offensive posts up with big upper cased red letters)

    Duh. I knew you weren't rich because you're a student and because you're complaining about money. That's why I said "you sound like a spoiled brat," not "you are a spoiled brat." And get over yourself, Apple owes you nothing. If you don't like their products or their pricing, then don't buy their stuff. It's as simple as that. I won't be replying again, I'm done with this conversation.

    Nov 13, 01:39 PM
    I'll make this point again... How is what Apple is doing any different than what Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony do with approvals for applications on their devices? If anything, Apple should be commended for giving everyone access to the development environment at a significantly reduced cost. The reason for the approval process is clear: they want to do QA before the product is released because if something bad happens, every news organization will feature headlines about it for a week.

    Microsoft does offer a way for anyone to make apps creators.xna.com (http://creators.xna.com). If I remember correctly your game get peer reviewed, and can be sold on the 360 for a small fee after passing peer review. There is also Kodu (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kodu_Game_Lab) which allows pretty much anyone to code for Microsoft Platforms with an Alice like language (not saying it is the best thing in the world, but it is a easy start).

    Apr 28, 11:24 AM
    Scary stuff, kavika. Keep a firm hold of the ground.

    Oct 13, 10:01 PM
    Originally posted by Nipsy
    You don't force a boutique operation to lower prices by lowering demand.

    It is fundamental economics.
    It's working for AMD, ironically.
    Also, 999 of 1000 things which get said here have already been researched by BizDev, R&D, Manufacturing, etc. in Cupertino.
    Clarify please. You just threw that out of the blue. I'm not understanding where you're getting that from.

    They know we want a G5/Power4 Lite. They know we're savvy enough not to accept a 7470 or some other rebadged G4.

    They know that the G4 is not as fast as some PIV and Athlons. They know we know this.

    They know that MHz matters, no matter how much they downplay it.

    They know the Photoshop bake off is a bad metric.
    Then why the hell aren't they doing anything about it.

    So, since I don't care either way, complain, don't complain, write your congressman, eat J-ello, but know for a fact that unless you have an amazing insight, a moment of pure clarity, or an unused superchip design in you desk drawer, that you won't be changing the future with suggestions, and you'll only impact it negatively by boycotting Apple products.

    As a shareholder and a customer, that idea spells doom, not development.

    Do what you want to do, but get your facts straight, and don't talk out of your sunshine hole!
    It's a lose-lose situation for you then. Apple won't improve for you. You don't promote competition to help Apple improve. And I do have my facts straight, thank you.

    Mar 28, 04:47 PM
    The closest apple store to my town (population 48k) is over a hour away - we have two radio shacks. How is this low? an elitist much? This is great! - Ipad 2's are the same price everywhere, except AAFES where its $10 cheaper and tax free. - Now many people can save their hard earned money as gas approaches $4 a gallon under this administration. Besides some people have radio shack credit cards -and earn rewards. They may prefer to buy from there.

    Good point but with the gas argument, order online for free shipping :)

    Mar 28, 12:08 PM
    Man, Apple keeps getting lower and lower. First Walmart, now this?


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