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htc inspire texting

htc inspire texting. HTC Inspire 4G
  • HTC Inspire 4G

  • doubleusn
    Mar 25, 05:26 PM
    I just downloaded the update, it told me something failed and I need to restore my iPhone. I am on try 3 and it is still failing every time it tries to restore. It's giving me error code 1013. I would stay away from this update for at least a day or two until others give feedback. It doesn't seem to be that critical of an update anyways.

    x2 :(

    I had to do the restore on another/different machine after with new iTunes install. I then after could get it back and up and sync'd on my Mac.

    (my hosts file only has the one entry) (creating a new user account on the original Mac did not work either)

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  • HTC Inspire 4G Hitting ATamp;T

  • Multimedia
    Sep 6, 09:31 AM
    Much faster. Even the 7300GT is significantly better.

    Anyway, of the two NEW edition to the lineup, the 17" GMA iMac is much more important to Apple's well being. Why? Volume. They're going to sell ten of them for every 24". The 24" is a silver bullet machine. It's really cool looking, but I don't see many plunking down $2000 on a family computer. It's not going to really appeal to professionals or prosumers either because of its feature set.So you think the $999 model will be a home run? What about all those extras you get for only $200 more? Seems to me the $999 model just gets them into the store where a sales person sells them on the upgrade to the $1199 model.

    On the top, I have to say that you will be so much better off with a 3GB - third party ram - 2GHz Mac Pro and a Dell 24" screen for a total of about $3k. And if you have a screen already, then it's even more of a no brainer to buy the 2GHz Mac Pro. My slant.

    htc inspire texting. htc inspire texting.
  • htc inspire texting.

  • wildmac
    Oct 26, 10:23 PM
    any guesses on whether this might be a sign of less or more time before a MacBook refresh by Apple?....

    htc inspire texting. htc inspire texting.
  • htc inspire texting.

  • IronLogik
    Nov 12, 12:14 PM
    This tweet ( might explain it.

    Walled garden is what makes it work. I don't want everyone in the world to see me on there. I don't want my information on facebook outside of facebook.

    It's better because of the walled garden. Sure it might be better functionality-wise if it was open. But my identity is sort of important to me and if that was compromised that doesn't benefit me at all.

    So, sure. Irony. But there's a good reason for the walled garden.

    htc inspire texting. The name Inspire is some what
  • The name Inspire is some what

  • gradydds
    Sep 4, 06:09 PM
    Seriously, i could care less about the computer works fine. I am currently using an Apple kicks ass. I had to update it a bit to be able to use the internet though. Do you think i would be better to wait for the Santa Rosa platform to get a MBP? or just get the merom on the current.....and please don't say "if you keep waiting, there will always be something new around the corner and you will wait forever."

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  • The HTC Inspire 4G Unlocked

  • Lau
    Sep 13, 07:42 AM
    While I'm happy that this is probably the reason for the increased battery life, I'm concerned about the life span of the screen. How much of a limited span are we talking about?

    Edit: according to wikipedia, 5,000 hrs. For comparison, a typical LCD has a life of 50,000 hrs (30,000 hrs for lamp).

    That's an interesting point. I just worked out that if it does last 5000 hours, and you use it for 3 hours a day (which, let's face it, is massively over the time that the screen would be lit for) it would last about 4 and a half years. Or does it mean 5000 hours with the screen being used and not lit?

    htc inspire texting. HTC Inspire
  • HTC Inspire

  • 2IS
    Apr 2, 03:29 AM
    My iphone 4 takes better pictures than any high end or low end sony camera I played with at best buy. The camera on the phone is just effing awesome.

    You either played with broken cameras or didn't know how to use them. Don't get me wrong, the iPhone 4 camera is pretty darn good, best I've used on a phone by a long shot, but in no way does it compare to a high end camera. I think maybe you were simply fooled due to the higher DPI of the retna display vs the screen on the digital camera. Rest assured if you look at them using comprable displays or even better, in print, there would be no comparison.

    htc inspire texting. The HTC Inspire 4G (Model
  • The HTC Inspire 4G (Model

  • ColdFlame87
    Nov 6, 10:44 PM
    Bring them on for all those waiting for updated Macbooks!

    htc inspire texting. for texting and checking
  • for texting and checking

  • darkhawk29
    Sep 22, 01:18 PM
    Let's just all line up to get in the door and give them our hard earned money for more of their mindless crap. You can't find what you actually go there for and end up buying loads of junk that you don't need. As for me and my family we will go and spend 5 and even 10% more to be able to find what we need and actually have a cashier at the register when we are ready to leave!

    Oh hey wait is that another huge empty Wal-Mart building that I see there. Why yes it is, a whole neighborhood could fit there or better yet a nice park with some real trees!

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  • John.B
    Dec 8, 02:43 PM
    Honestly, most musicians don't study the Beatles as individuals - nor do they need to - because they were just solid musicians, nothing spectacular. When you had Clapton, Beck, and even Townshend, there is no need to study Lennon or Harrison. When you had Entwistle ... no need for McCartney.
    Even though Clapton, Beck, Townshend, and Entwistle left some pretty big footsteps, every one of them would admit they themselves followed in some pretty big footsteps as well.

    And, from a slightly different angle, Les Paul as well as the Beatles/EMI made huge strides in recording techniques that are still the foundations today for what is now commonly done in Pro Tools. Whether or not you like Les Paul or the Beatles, that's still true.

    Pioneers are still the pioneers; the greats always stand on the shoulders of the greats that came before them, it's how it works. All are made up from parts of the work of those who came before. The "greatest rock and roll band in the world" never becomes that without Muddy Waters, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry; but you don't even have to be a fan of those guys to like what the Stones built from those influences. Or what will be made from musicians who have the Stones as one of their influences.

    ... and that putting aside the fact that in the mid 60's the level of musicianship exhibited by even average jazz players was far above anything rock players seen as 'innovators' were doing ...
    It's an unfortunate fact that their level of musicianship and talent may have no bearing on their success or their the ability to influence modern music. The world is full of technically proficient musicians playing music nobody wants to listen to. Sad, yes, but there it is.

    htc inspire texting. Testing out the HTC Inspire 4G
  • Testing out the HTC Inspire 4G

  • da meat tree
    Oct 11, 07:14 PM
    I like this a lot. Doesn't that light make a glare?

    no not at all. at the angle i sit its perfectly fine.

    htc inspire texting. Inspired by the HTC
  • Inspired by the HTC

  • chillywilly
    Dec 6, 01:56 PM
    Personally I haven't listened to them much in years, and last month did a retrospective of their stuff ( it was interesting since most of my memory comes from the original US LP's my brother owned.

    I really don't listen to much pop music ... I mention Pat Metheny as it is about as close to mainstream stuff as I get. So for me they aren't so tired ... certainly less so than the Eminem my older son listens to so much ...

    I worded my original poorly, I was speaking of influence and being derivative ... Zepplin is a great example, as whether or not they were good, they were heavily influenced by the Beatles, Who, Jeff Beck group, and so on ... and it shows heavily in their work.

    That's cool. I knew what you were getting at.

    I've recently rediscovered "Abbey Road", which I've been playing a lot of (mostly starting with track 6 and playing to the "The End"). It really is timeless and reminds me of many other bands.

    htc inspire texting. ATamp;T HTC Pure Info
  • ATamp;T HTC Pure Info

  • comacnut
    Mar 18, 03:55 PM
    We were all just as whiny 10 years ago as we are today! Too funny.

    htc inspire texting. the default text messaging
  • the default text messaging

  • ZoomZoomZoom
    Aug 29, 09:38 AM
    But you are not required to upgrade OS X all the time. Hmmmm, maybe some people should start to look at Linux by now. With Ubuntu folks could get two upgrades every year, and they are 100% free :).

    That's true. If you skip a OS X release, you're still fine. Skip Vista and you'll probably be a decade behind at some point. But it's almost a given to purchase OS upgrades whenever given (as long as some major features are given) because your entire working environment is in the OS. Anyways, I think it's just important to view a Vista purchase as being the equivalent of at least two OS X releases, so saying that Vista is $239 and OS X is $129 - and thus, that Vista is more expensive - is not completely true.

    I'm afraid to touch Linux :( I don't even know what it looks like, how it works, or what runs on it.

    htc inspire texting. htc inspire texting.
  • htc inspire texting.

  • calculus
    Nov 27, 11:47 AM
    My point is, the ping-pong effect, when it was used, was deliberate. It does sound strange now, but I remember when these albums came out people listened to them on headphones and thought the effect was cool.

    I'm no Beatles historian by any means, but correct me if I'm wrong: weren't the first albums recorded in mono? The stereo versions were later, rather crude simulations of stereo, which is why they never made it to CD.

    You are correct sir. I'd also agree with you that Rubber Soul and Revolver are the two best albums. They should not be interfered with.

    htc inspire texting. HTC Inspire 4G screen
  • HTC Inspire 4G screen

  • 63dot
    Nov 23, 03:08 PM
    In 40 years let's see how Justin Beiber and Lady Bla Bla are selling. Rock on Beatles!

    I don't know. The biggest seller in the UK, even now, is Sir Cliff Richard and he was knighted before Sir Paul McCartney.

    htc inspire texting. HTC Inspire 4G
  • HTC Inspire 4G

  • Stridder44
    Aug 3, 03:36 PM
    They need to really shock people with this keynote, to restore our confidence after the disaster that was the last presentation.


    htc inspire texting. HTC Inspire 4G review!
  • HTC Inspire 4G review!

  • gatearray
    Mar 28, 02:16 PM
    I am glad to see Apple put their product anywhere it can to increase sales and get devices into peoples hands. Not every place has an Apple store, or maybe even a Target or Best Buy close by. Well done Apple!

    Yes, and to all the posters here somehow suggesting that Apple is being inconsiderate to their loyal owners who can't get one yet, while adding a new retailer need a reality check.

    Do you think someone at RS and Apple just made this deal yesterday? It's much more likely that this has been in the works since long before the iPad 2 launched.

    htc inspire texting. HTC Inspire 4G Price in India
  • HTC Inspire 4G Price in India

  • louis Fashion
    Mar 28, 08:20 PM
    Everything has to start some where. I was nearly t-boned by a SUV today that thought they were better than the rest of us... they were running very much running a red light. Get your head out of the sand as to the new world order...

    Here in America bigger does not mean better in the end...

    In Germany it is "Mercedes hat vorfart" (I think that is spelled correctly)
    Translation: Mercedes has the right of way.

    - Just as God intended it.

    Sep 12, 06:16 PM
    Can someone give me some idea when the Apple Store Birmingham UK will get the new nano's in stock?

    You could always call the store and ask... Might be quicker and more accurate than waiting for someone else from MR to answer.

    Also some questions... (continued from my post on the previous page)

    Is there anyway to get the new earbuds? The original buds do not fit my (small) ears, and I would like to try something new. Right now I'm using some Sony ( over-the-head headphones.

    Will there be a software update that will bring gapless playback and the other new features to the original nanos?

    Will the original nano dock work with the new nanos?

    Oct 15, 05:09 PM
    Haha, I love how Steve talks. His quotes are definitely memorable. :)

    Jan 11, 04:13 PM
    My guess is that iTunes will support wireless syncing of content, contacts, calendar etc over home wifi and public wifi for iPhone and iPod touch (also over edge for iPhone).

    Another possibility is that you will be able to buy movies & other high def content for download from your iPod tough/iPhone, your home iTunes will then download it and transfer to your Apple TV automagically.


    Mar 21, 01:48 PM
    this made my day. little things like this go a long way for a companies user base. Reminds me of Pixar's stint for a little girls dying request to see the movie (

    Mar 29, 02:32 PM
    A well written statement on Obama's illegal war.

    Statement of Thomas P. Kilgannon
    President, Freedom Alliance

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